When camera is my main item…

3 months I abandoned this blog… Where was I?

For girl… When they interest, they say about cosmetics, dressing, fashion, handsome artists, dramas with their loved superstar, fitness, healthy, selfie, etc.

For men… When they interest, they say about sports, men lifestyles, camera, IT gadgets, games, cartoon, comic, etc.

Finally, I have money to purchase my new item that will use for my job in future. Actually, I like to take photos a lot. But I don’t have any real cameras to take any photos. Actually, I ever was a photographer who worked as event photographers that take photos with booths, booth babes, events. But that camera I used was rented with my organizer. That time I used DSLR, the great camera with professional appearance. Who carry or use DSLR camera, that means you’re great photographer.

Event photographers are so insane for competing everyone.

Until I was accused about I was pervert photographer, so my jobs with photographer was banned and I was graphic designer until present.

But… This blog I have abandoned due to I pay attention to YouTube channel until my YouTube channel is success for more than 30,000 subscribers.

Now I comeback to my blog again… Due to this blog I want to say about traveling or saying with myself, or do anything about me. And I want my photos to use my blog is more professional, so I buy camera to use. But my owned camera must be smaller than DSLR.

Compact camera? That is similar as when I use camera from smartphone.

Compact camera (can’t change lens, so small, open and shoot immediately)

Bridge camera? I ever used it before I got photography job from organizer that gave DSLR camera to use. Bridge camera is so really nice, but that’s so fake. They sell “zoom” feature to customers who don’t know about camera well. Actually, they use very small image sensor as same as compact lens, but they use focal length from full frame camera and it multiple to get more zoom.

Bridge camera (can’t change lens, sensor size is same as compact camera, can zoom more)

DSLR camera? Never again. That doesn’t mean I hate DSLR, but DSLR isn’t my choice to use with my job. It is so big, fat and hard to be portable. But someone think about using this camera is like a pro, but no no no!!! DSLR are divided to be more levels, such as new entry, intermediate, professional, but all DSLR appearance is same as professional.

DSLR camera (Can change lens, only DLSR appearance, professional looking, more accessories, have medium to heavy weight)

Actually, I need camera with rangefinder appearance.  I think rangefinder style camera is more portable and more trendy. And it can use with all situations. So… camera brands that use rangefinder style camera to use mirrorless technology I preferred to FUJIFULM first.


In Thailand, FUJIFILM is very very popular. I don’t know why, but many lady users use FUJIFILM more than I think. One thing that is FUJIFILM’s signature is “color mood” from FUJIFILM’s camera, but big flaws from FUJIFILM mirrorless camera are new-entry level cameras have slow autofocus.

But I decided to use Sony alpha 6000. (Now I use name “Sony a6000”)

Sony a6000

Sony a6000 has great features about very fast AF (Auto Focus) and continuous shooting. This camera can shoot continuously 11 frame / sec. So alternative name of this camera about “Speed Monster” is so real. Actually, Sony lenses are so expensive and that are pro quality. Their prices are more than THB 10,000 and I can’t afford them well. But, I research about lens and I get very nice advise about legacy lens or lens without chip to access AF can use with Sony cameras well, but photographers must focus themselves.

Finally, I can seek lens shop that sell only affordable manual focus lens called “Geekster” that have been placed at 4th floor, MBK, Bangkok, Thailand.

Geekster shop

This lens shop sells a lot of camera accessories, lenses that their prices start at 990 Baht – 6,500 Baht. Popular lens is Geekster 35mm f1.6 that is latest upgrade from earlier version of 35mm f1.7. Photos from this lens are so sharp and have great tone. I stunned with quality of this lens and that is so awesome.

But first time I purchased Fujian 35mm f1.6 for trying depth of field. This was the cheapest lens from Geeskter shop. It was built for using with CCTV, but it could be used for taking photos. But built quality of Fujian 35mm f1.6 wasn’t great well because lens was made without multi-coated and focal area was only at center of the photo. at the edge of photo was blurred.

Fujian 35mm f1.6
Photos from Fujian lens
Photos from Fujian lens

My sis loved to let me taking photos to her a lot, and when she knew I had new camera, so she called me to take photos. She stunned photos I was taken, but that had problem when I shot this.


Her face was blurred and it was focused to only center. Oh No!!!

But another photos I was taken with Fujian 35mm f1.6 were awesome, but use only for focusing something.


Full review of Fujian 35mm f1.6 is coming soon.

So I purchased Geekster 35mm f1.6 for advanced quality of depth of field at the Geekster store.


Sellers were so really cute. They remembered me because I went to this shop often. You can try their products before you purchase it. That’s so awesome.

After that I went to another province for relaxing from working at office. And these are my shots that I feel good because camera from smartphone can’t do this well.



I can take a photos at low light area!

Why I purchase camera?

  • Upgrading my photos when I am traveling.
  • Take photos easier. Turn on camera and shoot it. No unlocking phone and go to camera application that use very long time.
  • Photos with depth of field can perform greater.
  • VLOG quality is very superb. You can change lens for recording video

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