The Urbanist Chapter 11 “Chris”

6 years later…

February 14 2015. At Cielo Sky Bar, Sky Walk Condominium.

“Ah…. What the fuck is that?” Someone complained to game console that in front of him. “That game is very hard.”

Now someone was playing Super Mario Bros. from real Famicom console. This game was published since 1985 but looked like this guy still played this retro game.

“Holy crap!!! Hey!! can you play that shit?” That guy asked to his nearest friend.

“Yeah… I’m professional game player.” That nerdy guy said. His appearance was really nerd or geek. He wore glasses with black frame and his body was fatty. But… looked like everyone wore gentle suits. Every guys wore tuxedo and every ladies wore white costume.

Yes!!! This was wedding ceremony!

2 guys who played Famicom were at retro game room. Looked like groom and bride addicted game a lot. They addicted game since in Famicom era. That was long time ago when game was appeared to mankind. In retro game room, not having only one Famicom console, but there were 5 Famicom consoles in retro gaming room for letting guests to play Famicom games.

But… looked like guys interested games. That room didn’t have ladies in here.

So… Where were ladies?


“Hey!!! Look at this! You’re very beautiful!”

“Really? let me watch your selfie photos!”

“Wow!!! I’m the best…”

Some ladies groups were saying about their photos they took in wedding ceremony. Now every wedding ceremonies had backdrop that fulfilled with white roses, red roses, pink roses. Many guests were coming to this ceremony to take photos or selfies with backdrop. It was really beautiful and had memories to tell later in future.


Many guests were taking photos with backdrop as background. Looked like this ceremonies, guests were groom and bride hahaha.

“Hey!!! Why am I fat?” That lady who was fatty and she didn’t agree she was fat asked to photographer.

“OK!! I will retouch in Photoshop.” Photographer said.

“Thank you sweetie!” That fatty lady lied herself.

“Hey!!!” Looked like fatty lady disagreed about you were lying! So she said. “You fat? Don’t worry because your face is beautiful!”

Yes, indeed! Fatty lady was really beautiful. Only fat body was her flaw. No!!! her lacking of confidence was her flaw too.

“Really?” Fatty lady asked. That friend smiled and didn’t say anything to let fatty lady thought herself.

This wedding ceremony was mixed with luxury, alternative atmosphere. This was only wedding ceremony that you can dress with costumes you want. Except you dressed with bras and underwear or only boxer and show your muscle (or fat). Groom wasn’t gay!

So why?

Because wedding ceremony was made for Chris and Roxanne. They were one of the greatest celebrity in Thailand that made indie lifestyle to be popular. So… if you was invited to this wedding ceremony, you can dress costume as you want.

And where was Chris and Roxanne?

At groom dressing room. Chris was being changed hairstyle from stylist who was gay but don’t blame him. His works were awesome.

“Finish!” Stylish said when he finished styling Chris’s hairstyle. Chris saw to mirror that installed in front of him and he saw to stylist to say. “Thank you Ben.”

“Hahahaha. That is for you my friend.” Ben said and he touched to Chris’s shoulder. “Sometimes I missed Kate very much.”

“Kate!!!?” Chris interjected…

“If Kate can stay with us, this ceremony will be fun more.”

Looked like Chris remembered something about Kate. But… That was 6 years ago. He remembered that time was so tough to forget, but it was so…

“Yes.” Chris said. “I miss Kate too.”

Ben smiled to Chris. He knew this day is so good because Chris will marry with Roxanne. That’s it. 2 DJ loved together as same as soulmate.

“Do you believe about soulmate?” Ben still asked when he was styling Chris’s hair.

“Maybe.” Chris thought what Ben was talking…

“Look like you answer with annoying voice.”

“Um… Why our experiences still haunt me?” Chris asked to Ben. “My bad experiences… Kate, Tingting, my mom were died.”

“But you have your soulmate, isn’t she?” Ben asked back to Chris.

Chris smiled and said “Hahaha, ber her boobs are fake.”

“Hahaha.” Ben said.

Meanwhile at dressing room of woman.

“Praewa.” Roxanne said to her adopted sister who was dressing her.


“Thank you for being my sister. I never be alone because of you.” Roxanne said and she smiled to Praewa. Praewa smiled with her happiness from Roxanne’s compliment.


“Actually you’re changed when you have relationship with Ben, isn’t he?”

“Stop saying with the truth!” Praewa said back.

“But… how about Cheesecake? I have never seen her since that time.”

“She started her life at New York.” Praewa answered.

“Really? And… Kate house?”

“Someone bought it.” Praewa answered. “She couldn’t tolerate when she had same experiences with Kate. So she moved herself to different place. My big sister, don’t worry about Cheesecake, finally she married with lesbian girls at New York.”

“Why do you know about Cheesecake well?”

“She said to me via LINE… But… 2 years ago, she never connected to me.”

“Really? Why?”

“I don’t know. Last sentences she sent to me is “When will Roxanne marry with Chris? I will wait for you.”

Roxanne smiled to Praewa. Actually, she was ever Cheesecake’s friend. When Roxanne knew her friends got the better life, she felt happy and nothing to worry about her. Now she paid attention to the wedding ceremony with Chris.

“Roxanne.” Praewa said to her big sister.


“Can I ask something?”

“Yeah. Please ask.”

“Why do you love Chris?” Praewa asked to Roxanne. Roxanne stopped and think with a little time. Until she answered.

“Because my chemistry and his chemistry can go together.” Roxanne answered. “I know that’s the soulmate.”

“Really?” Praewa asked.

“Yes.” Roxanne answered. “I don’t know why, Why I still interest with this guy only…? Can I ask my question?”

“Yep.” Praewa answered.

“Why do you interest guys? Don’t you have relationship with another girls?” Roxanne asked with her doubt.

“Ben should be my soulmate. He reveal the truth of love.” Praewa answered. “That is so happy too much.”

“Really?” Roxanne asked back.

“Yes. But sadly Ben doesn’t interest about wedding.”

“Hahaha. Because Ben is interesting his working more than everything.” Roxanne said. Then Praewa saw to the engagement ring that Roxanne was wearing. It was so shiny and glittered.

“Big sis… I am jealous to you.” Praewa said.


“Your engagement ring is so very very beautiful.” Praewa said.

“Because I will marry with the son of godfather.” Roxanne answered. “When I just know Chris is son of the godfather, Salvador, I felt shocked a lot.”

“Hahaha.” Praewa laughed.

“That’s Chris’s heritage.” Roxanne said. She smiled to her boyfriend that will turn to be her husband.

Meanwhile at the balcony of Sky Bar. This time was night. Dada who was 25 years old and she was standing to see the view from Sky Bar with Freya, her sister. Now Freya was grown a lot. Now she educated at the famous university in Bangkok.

“Big sister.” Freya said.

“What?” Dada asked to Freya.

“Do you think Bangkok is so beautiful in tonight?”

“Yeah.” Dada answered. “Bangkok never sleeps.”

“I think I can invest some room at brand new condominiums in Bangkok.” Finally Freya said about her investment. “But damn it! I am 19 years old. I can do any financial transactions when I will be 20.”

“Only 1 year left.” Dada said to Freya and padded to her sister’s head. “Can’t you wait it?”

“Yeah. I want to be rich. As same as my dad taught me.”

“Sometimes money is the real demon. I don’t know why we must be rich?” Dada said.

“Wh…Why do you say with this?” Freya disagreed Dada’s opinion much.

“Money… let my friends die, die and die.” Dada talked about her friends who wanted to be rich, but they must sacrificed. “Kate, Tingting, my mom.”

Freya felt sad to her sister. She smiled and said “Don’t worry about that. Now you already have Toto that will marry with you for 3 months, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but I think marriage isn’t important as same as what is the meaning of life. I can’t answer it.” Dada still think a lot. “Toto is good, but… until……..”

“You want to say about… Your dream?” Freya asked.

“Yeah.” Dada answered and smiled to her sister. “Actually, my dream about my soulmate, finally I get it. But… I felt boring… Not boring Toto, but boring about my life. I don’t know what is my dream or my target of my life. You’re futurologist. Can you give your suggestion to me?”

“Huh? I’m just high school girl! Don’t say about this hahaha.” Freya said. “But I always know you’re good to manage Funky Villa, isn’t it? And you love to travel in nightclub, so you should open more nightclubs as you want.”

“But now I feel boring. I don’t know why….?” Dada asked.

“Boring? Don’t lie yourself, my sister. Yesterday you create insane party with you friends.” Freya said. “That’s so funny. I already captured your action from last night.”

“Where?” Dada felt interested with her unconscious action on yesterday. She needed to look what she did from Freya’s smartphone. Freya unlocked her iPhone 6 Plus and she opened her video clip to Dada. That video clip showed about Dada was dancing dirtily with her boyfriend, Toto insanely. Dada was lying herself and she flashed her underwear to another one. Oh no!!!! But that was so safe. Dada wore her underwear.

What the fuck was I doing with this? Alcohol’s effect?

“Hahahaha.” Freya laughed and smiled to Dada.

“What are you laughing?” Dada asked to Freya and she smiled with her love to her sister. “Your laughing sound is so really nice.”

“Oh.. Really?” Freya asked back. “Look like you never criticize to anyone. You always compliments everyone, don’t you?”

“Why do I always criticize? Make myself better?” Dada asked and she answered her reason. “Now many people want to criticize for making themselves better, but that method is so worse. I love to compliment because I can make them to be higher. That’s law of love.”

“If you say about these in Pantip webboard, you will be insulted you’re come from beautiful world.”

“But that’s better than real world of the waste?” Dada asked back again. Finally, Freya stopped arguing with Dada. Looked like Dada’s spirit isn’t suitable for her much.”

“Maybe.” Freya answered and didn’t say anything more. Then she walked away from Dada.

“What is Freya thinking?” Dada asked. Then Toto who was 26 years old and he was so handsome came to Dada at the balcony of Cielo Sky Bar.

“What are you doing at this place?” Toto called to Dada. “Let’s come to the ceremony. It has just started.”

“Huh?” Dada exclaimed and went with Toto to the ceremony.

Finally, wedding ceremony was started. Chris and Roxanne decided to marry with Christian ceremony due to both already were Christianity. And now this wedding ceremony will be started!!

Pastor from the church said about swearing to the god. And Chris, Roxanne accepted to swear. Then Chris and Roxanne cut the wedding cake to finish the wedding ceremony. Actually, there were 40 guests who were invited to come this place. But when Roxanne was cutting the cake, she saw to someone aimed his gun to the Chris. That was danger solution. Roxanne must do something. She doesn’t let Chris to be in danger!


Roxanne yelled to Chris with her panic and she jumped and covered herself from the bullet travel way. With a few second, that guy who aimed to Chris triggered the gunfire. It’s sound was so very very loud that made scream sound with panic appeared immediately. Now this place was so very dangerous.

Finally, that bullet pierced to Roxanne’s body severely. She was shocked a lot when the bullet pierced her. That was very painful damage. She wanted to scream with her pain, but her pain was so massive until she couldn’t scream it. Her face was really hurt a lot. But her sacrifice let Chris to be safe. With screaming sound from panic appeared around Chris and Roxanne, it made Roxanne felt worse.

“Chris!!!! Are you OK?” Roxanne asked to Chris when she hugged Chris and smacked down to the floor. Although Roxanne was hurt a lot, but she needed to take care Chris first.

“Chris, answer me.”

But Roxanne was hurt a lot!!!


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