When I has worked as YouTuber

My idea of creating my own channel on any media has been long time since I was a child. I loved to watch cartoon or anime. Every Saturday and Sunday at the morning, I turned on TV and watched anime at 08:30 AM to 10:00 AM. That was so usual for me before I had Playstation 1 game console. My favorite anime since I was a child and teenager were Digimon Adventure, Doraemon, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, etc. That was so long time I remembered this age.

Until at the school when I was grade 7, some teacher who teach Thai language asked all students in classroom about “What will you be in future?”

Someone who was a nerdy girl raised her hand and stood up before she said “I want to be a scientist.”

“Wow!! That’s so great. And you, Um?” That teacher complimented to that nerdy girl and she asked next to Um, the fatty boy.

“I want to be a chef! I love to make meals.” Um answered proudly. His motivation spread around the classroom until I could touch it. He was so powerful.

“Hahaha. And what kind of meal can you make?” Teacher asked.

“I can make Mama (Thai’s instant noodle brand).”

When Um answered, everyone laughed together. He was so funny!

But my laughing stuck immediately and I felt silent when teacher asked to me. “Camp, what will you be?”




Graphic Designer?

or… Channel owner?

But I answered to teacher “I want to be channel owner!” proudly.

Everyone saw to me. I felt I did something mistake? Look at my friend, he confused what I said something? Someone didn’t know what channel owner is…

“Really?” Teacher asked.

“I love to watch cartoon, Anime. I love a lot!” I said it.

Until today I have my channel, but it’s on YouTube.

Thank you YouTube who create to share or make clips and get momentizing (earning money from ads on clips). But making clips to upload on YouTube are so tough!

First year, I made gaming channel


Before I started this blog, I started making gaming channel first due to my brother’s request to gain more profit. First time he suggested me to get more money with upgrading VGA card. But I suggested my brother back to buy Sony Playstation 4 due to I wanted to buy Final Fantasy XV that now I has owned it.

First game I uploaded gameplay with Thai commentary video is “Infamous First Light”. That clip wasn’t interested as same as clips in today. Microphone I used was small talk microphone I had gotten free with PS4 package. It wasn’t good much, but it let me had gameplay video clips.

Damn it! No views!

I was struggling when my video clips wasn’t popular much. There were only lease than 100 views per clips. But… I wanted creating another clips that let another one shared a lot, so I consulted my friends who ever was YouTuber. He did cooking channel on YouTube.

He said…

First time, I didn’t know how to make my video clips to be popular. I tried to share every Facebook groups, but no one interested it. Until I saw Facebook’s algorithm that was so weird. When my friends on Facebook pressed any like buttons on any posts, that were shown on my News Feed. And I looked that contents, that was useful contents it could let another one share infinitely.

So I changed my contents on any clips. I put useful or mainstream contents to my clips, such as this time was summer, so I make summer meals, or I want to make contents for healthy women, so I show cooking healthy food. Let’s think it and try to do.

That’s it. Very nice suggestion.

First useful video clip.

My first useful video clip was “ข้อแนะนำในการซื้อ PS4” (Suggestions to buy PS4). PS4 was short term of PlayStation 4, Sony’s game console in this generation. It has been boomed in Thailand continuously when I uploaded this video clip.

Finally, my video clips raised views higher than subscription counts.

I felt happy a lot, and my subscription gained higher. From 100, to 500 in 1 months.

Sometimes I felt tired and bored to make YouTube channel.

This was reason why this blog was started. Actually, my earlier blog about dating suggestion was boomed more than every media, but it was terminated due to mentioned to some famous booth babe.

And I saw analytics on YouTube channel, it was stuck.

Finally, I abandoned YouTube channel and created contents on this blog seriously.

One of reason I temporally abandoned YouTube channel was many users from Thailand trolled my YouTube channel. They disliked my videos without any reason. And many users dramatized me. That made me annoyed a lot.

No one supports me… So I gave up making YouTube channel and I worked as blogger.

Until my brother gave his hand to help me continue YouTube channel

At July-September 2016, I stopped making YouTube channel.

Until my brother was graduated and started making YouTube channel seriously. That was same as I got out from the dark hole to the light of the exit.

This request was same as angel from the heaven gave the pure hope to me. I could make my blog and making YouTube channel with same time. For YouTube channel, my brother worked as video editor, and I has worked as voice and script writer. From playing game, I changed my style to let’s talk YouTuber. I picked hot dramatized topics to talk, such as “Top 10 dramatized news on gaming society.” or “Why adults controvert video games.”

Finally, my YouTube channel was boomed and many people subscribed me higher.

From 800 too 1,200

Now I got more 3,000 subscribers and it still increasing continuously.

My experiences to share with you.

When you want to do any contents to social network, first thing you should focus is “Do anything usefully for another one and let another one shared.”

YouTube is the best way to raise your popularity more than Facebook and Instagram due to anyone can search it with keyword search. As same as making searchable article names on blog and let Google index it. I don’t recommend you to be popular on Facebook or Instagram because no one see your past working. The see only your present. And no one wanted to look your earlier contents. But blog and YouTube channel can let audiences to look your earlier contents easily. That’s it!

For Thai people, Facebook or Instagram is the place of showing themselves, such as lifestyle or their portraits, selfies. Booth babes, model, net idols are boomed instantly when they use Facebook and Instagram. For Facebook Live, it’s the tool of online marketing campaign. And I think this is so fake society.

For creative people, Facebook and Instagram isn’t your place, but your blog and YouTube channel are yours.


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