Something I want to say…

I love everyone…

I love everything…

Sometimes I am busy, but I still want to communicate to you…

Look like holiday is near… And I don’t create any posts more than you think… My projects I want to do in this blog are suspended because my YouTube channel is grown up continuously. Actually, I has started video game YouTube channel with Thai language. And I always think this game channel is alternate. Last year I focused to make this blog to be greater, greater and greater. But now I seldom stop creating any posts due to I focus to YouTube channel (with Thai language) first.

And my main problem that interfere my life is “time constraint”.

For me, I want to be “writer”, so I created this blog and I want this to be great again, but… time constraint is liked the devil who challenge my dream that over my energy.

I still find my personality to reveal myself. I want to be the writer…

And… YouTuber.

In Thailand, YouTubers are growing continuously. Because Thai people are so creative so YouTube is the greatest way of creative to make new video with their personality. I make my contents with knowledge of game. First time I made gameplay videos, but that is so repeated and feeling same.

And blog… In Thailand, blog isn’t grown much as same as earlier years due to many people love to broadcast their own life with Facebook LIVE. Facebook LIVE is one of the new way of making profit.

Actually, one of the greatest way to be popular in social network is… Letting another one share your content.

For my blog, I will change my writing to let another one share my articles. Because sharing with myself isn’t enough.

And next year, I will merge contents from this blog with my YouTube channel that change to variety contents. Now you will see me as video.

But if you want to see me more, let’s add me on my IG : @campzzzth

See you again on next day. Have fun with holiday!


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