When condominiums places near BTS & MRT a lot!

I stay in Bangkok, Thailand since I was born and looked like Bangkok is growing up faster. Now Bangkok is the most wanted place to travel in the world. I also feel proud and feel happy very much when I hear this good news. I don’t know this news is fake, but now many foreigners come to Bangkok a lot. Someone come for traveling or shopping at shopping district such as Siam or The EM District, someone come for living.

10 years ago, foreigners started to come to Thailand. But now, when people in Thailand stay at BTS train, 30 percents are foreigners, 70 percents are Thai. Someone see this people and you think that are Thai, but no! They say very loud and sound look like Ching Chang Chong. Yeah, they come from China and they want to live in Thailand forever.

Because Thai’s law allows foreigners to buy any rooms in condominiums, so don’t doubt why many condominiums ads in Bangkok use English. And price start is so very expensive for Thais. Condominiums near BTS or MRT starts at 3 million Baht. And look like condominiums developers or agencies compete harder. They give nice promotions to let clients decide harder. I know it because I am graphic designer at some real estate agency in Bangkok.

What happened when condominiums grow near BTS or MRT? Let’s read these.

Look like people use BTS and MRT a lot!


My predictions from 4 years ago now affect in this time. Yeah, many people use BTS trains more than 5 years ago. There are many people queue to enter the BTS at rush hours. I remember when I was learning at university and I used BTS train, people weren’t a lot as same as this year. That time was 6 years ago. I still remembered and trains used only 3 bogies. But in 2014 or later, BTS used 4 bogies to transports massive passengers in rush hours.

And if you’re boring massive passengers on BTS or MRT, bus or your personal car is answer, but not help much due to there are many people use their owned car to go somewhere in Bangkok. Actually, bicycle is one of great way to go somewhere. No any license plate needed, no any annual tax payment. You can go with it easily.


One of reason of massive passengers in BTS or MRT is there are many people stay at condominiums near BTS or MRT. Many places are expropriated to be condominiums and people in Bangkok don’t be serious for looking some residence much, so condominiums are great way to live.

Many people use only 1 way to go to working place. Every morning and evening at rush hours, only main road to go somewhere while many alleys can’t do that as same as capital cities in another countries due to alleys in Thailand aren’t joint together. So traffic jams still happen and it is so hard to fix this problem. Only solution to make alleys join together is expropriating some residences to make joint alleys. But who can allow this?

When BTS (and MRT) is in problem…


That is so very chaos. And looks like we’re coming to the nightmare. Passengers come to the pavilions and wait for the BTS trains. At the rush hours, BTS must come to station more frequent than normal time for 2 minutes / train. But if BTS never come to stations for 5 minutes or later (or never come), real doomed chaos occurred on the BTS system.

Not only BTS who have problem, MRT may have problem too, but not often as BTS.


And BTS or MRT don’t have apologized paper to come late. In Japan, train system is the most important thing. They do as professional because many Japanese always use train to go somewhere. And many CEO in Japan still use trains.

When BTS is in problem, that is same as apocalyptic day.

Is this solve bad traffic problem?

No. It still bad traffic. Many people still use personal cars to go somewhere in Bangkok and social values in Thailand is made Bangkok has bad traffic. If you have a car, you will have charm and easy to have girlfriend, but if you don’t have, it’s so hard to make relationship with any girls in Thailand.


Not only personal car. Because TAXI or bus stop at inappropriate place (especially TAXI). Actually, TAXI is one of the most severe problem of bad traffic in Bangkok. With 5 cars, there are always have a TAXI. At bus station, many TAXI park to wait passengers to use service. Parking with long time make traffic jam a lot!

BTS & MRT journey cost still increase!

2 or 3 years, BTS & MRT increase passage cost. First time I use BTS train, most expensive cost is 40 Baht. But now most expensive is 52 Baht. Meanwhile MRT isn’t expensive much due to MRT length isn’t long as same as BTS. Max price still 40 Baht.

They said reason to increase is maintenance cost is more expensive. I also agree this reason although this reason is so bullshit. BTS have more income from many ways. Advertising on BTS train, digital billboards are one of alternative way to get more profit, but BTS still have expensive price for low salary.

But standard of BTS and MRT stableness is so weak when it compares to train system in another countries.

Rooms at condominiums that places near BTS & MRT sell for investors.

Sadly, I just know why many condominiums are built a lot near train station in Bangkok. Some condominiums aren’t start construction and it advertises with “PRESALES”. Actually, read reason to go to condominium is living. Buying condominium at presales seasons and wait 2 or 3 years to live? No way!


Real reason is… investors buy units for resales or rent. That is one of investment that is so boomed in Thailand. It just booms in this time because in Bangkok, government creates project of constructing new train routes. Many condominium’s projects place near train station. Not only MRT, BTS or Airport Link, there are another train route. So many investors interest to invest with real estate.

Unfortunately, leasing price is so expensive for salaryman in Thailand due to salary is same as leasing price, but it’s so good for foreign clients.

This is my opinion to Bangkok in this time. Bangkok is changed. It will welcome many foreigners who come to Thailand. So for Thai people, let’s learn or use English language. Foreigners will mix with you.



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