5 things you should know about “I hate you I love you”

It is so sad when I hate you I love you will on air with episode 4 again on January 7 2017. It should on air again in November. But I collect trivia of I hate you I love you to you. How about that? Let’s check it out.

This TV series is available only LINE TV, Thailand as EXCLUSIVE CONTENT


Due to now many people choose to watch entertainments media on smart devices or computer, so LINE TV is one of the great way to watch any TV program. Although it includes ads, but not much, only 1 ad per video, then you watch until the end. You can rewind video meanwhile Digital TV can’t do that.


And Thai’s censorship of media law can’t control at LINE TV much because LINE TV isn’t at regular TV program, so some explicit content’s behavior or nonsense censorship such as alcoholic drinks, cigarette, homosexual contents, kissing and having sex scene (with softcore) are also available in any TV series in LINE TV. Yeah, I just know showing beer or wine’s bottle, cigarette in TV is illegal in Thailand. Thai’s law is also funny.

Actually, LINE TV have exclusive deals for content creator. Exclusive deal is the deal that make video contents only on LINE TV, not show on any video services, but it’s so bad when LINE TV show only on Thailand.

So LINE’s products, such as Brown, Sally, Cony are tied-in often in I Hate you I love you.

Brown & Sally door, LINE’s product at sofa.

Sequel is parallel as similar as Resident Evil 6 video game.


Although Resident Evil 6 is bad game in 2012, but story sequel is so parallel and it revolt the storytelling of the game.

In Resident Evil 6, there are 4 character and every character’s story happened in same time, but different places. In each character’s story, they also have cryptic scenes that will be solved when play another characters in same sequel.


For I hate you, I love you, cryptic scenes are also available a lot. Every characters’ sequel happened in same time. Their stories are parallel and the end story of I hate you, I love you is “Nana has died.”

But… who killed Nana?

Cryptic scenes will be solved in next chapter, but… next chapter (except final chapter) will have new cryptic scene again. That is attraction of I hate you I love you.

“Who fuck with you? Say now!” Nana said in episode 1 with cryptic camera angle, and episode 3 with same location solves the cryptic scene.

Actually this series is rated 15+ as same as Korean series’s rating.

In Thai, TV rating is available, but look like TV rating in Thailand is very sensitive. Actually, TV rating “น 18+” That happened with Hormones The Series is same as “15” TV rating in Korea. น 18+ is TV rating that suitable for someone who have 18 years old or later and it prefer to rate “R” in USA. When TV rate “R” can show graphic contents and strong language, but น 18+ still censors beer, cigarette or boobs’ valley. What are they thinking?

WARNING : Characters, behaviors, places and many moments in this drama are fictional that are created for entertainment without suggesting or support to do anything from this drama. Audiences should have your conscious to watch. THIS DRAMA WARNS YOU BEFORE IT STARTS!!

So graphic contents with “น 18+” rate always blinded with the moral glorified holy fog from the heaven. It’s Thailand only.

In I hate you I love you, at episode 3, Tiger, in first scene, they have drinking alcoholic, but it isn’t show amber water color. Meanwhile if this scene is at generic digital TV program, it will be banned or have moral glorified holy fog from the heaven blind you.

If LINE TV version, no censorship.
If in One channel that is generic TV digital, paper glass will be blurred with moral glorified holy fog from the heaven for avoiding illegal. (as same as censoring in Japanese AV with same reason)
Original version
If I hate you I love you in TV digital program. Blurred is answer. (or cut) although Tiger and Sol don’t kiss together.

Or in the scene of opening related pictures with having sex, it will be blurred in digital TV program too, but not on LINE TV.

Original Version
If it will on air at generic TV digital… Why it censor to boobs? (It happens really!!) Or her boobs are enhanced?

This TV series is independent from GDH59

This TV series developed by Nadao Bangkok 100%, no GDH59 manage it. So Nadao Bangkok deal with LINE TV directly.

Why this series is suspended 12 weeks?

Due to King Bhumibol Adulyadej came to the heaven in October 13 2016, that was the saddest day of Thailand that every Thais cried and lacked of spirit due to the greatest father go away from the world. Actually, king of Thailand have pronoun “father” as same as God in Christianity.

After that, the commandment of government commanded about suspending entertainment media, such as festival, dramas, nightclub event will be suspended, but nightclub or pub, bars could open since October 15, 2016, but don’t play music loudly.

And digital billboard in Bangkok have changed to condolence poems to late king for 1 month, regular billboards’ spotlight turned off in night. Events cannot announce loudly and booth babes dress without sexy feeling.

After 1 month, ads will show and still have condolence poem or late king’s documentaries. But everything will come back as usual.

Except, I hate You I love you.

Because this series needs very excitement, dramatic sequel, very explicit character’s actions, so I hate you I love you is suspended to on air until next year. It is so bad when you show the entertainment in the funeral. This is too.

Another fact is this TV series’ rating are so very great, and this may seize another dramas’ rating. On December, there are some TV series drama and movie that will on air, such as “My Little Boy 2” Starring Est and Thanaerng.

And “พรจากฟ้า” (The gift from the sky)

Brand new GDH59’s movie that is inspired from “New Year’s gift”, King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s song. GDH59 creates this movie for profound to the late king.

Stay tuned until January 7 2017 and let’s investigate who killed Nana.



  1. Hey I want to know where r u come from, and did u watch I Hate U I Love U series with English subtitle? If u did, may I ask where did u get the subs from? Coz now I’m watching it without subs and I’m lil bit confuse with the story, thanks

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