big update!

I created this blog for 1 years and I had many feedback about my blog. In December at last year, I did TV series translation contents and there were many people interested my blog a lot. After that, I saw the traffic of each article, but looked like my owned way with creating original fiction made traffic in the blog lower until I felt sad.

And my contents was so longer than recommended article length in blogs, so I changed my blog to have more varieties of contents (especially entertainment).

I know many people follow my blog from translating Pinky Promise or making any Fon & Belle’s contents, now it will come again. Stay tuned. So what contents will they be available in next years? Let’s check it out!

Review restaurants or travel place suggestions in Bangkok.


Event review is coming back! You can enjoy with many events in Bangkok and have great experiences. Thai’s food is so very delicious. I will review and suggest what event is so great to you.

TV series’ and celebrities’ articles

Featured Image -- 25320

It will come back again. With review or let’s share opinions of each TV series in Thailand. Due to story or actor, actress is so very nice. That are great advantage of Thai actors and actresses you love them.

For stories’ translation as same as Hormones The Series, it will come back! But only synopsis, not full dialogue due to I don’t have more time to translate.

Nightlife contents


Do you have to dance or hangout with friends? will have nightlife contents you can read and enjoy it together. Because nightlife society is so very enjoyable and not dangerous much in Bangkok, so you can release your stress and think it only happiness, colorful environment, very deep bass rhythm. So every Friday is #TGIF. What are you waiting for? Take a bath and dress nice costume to meet friends at nightclub now!

More simple language, less texts.

I know many people love to read my article on your smartphone or tablets. My website is responsive system so you can read my articles at any devices. For people who don’t have experiences of English language much, my articles welcome you because I use very simple English language as same as talking together. Less of difficult vocabularies and let’s read it fun.

New will be available at December 2016.


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