BEAM, can this save the Thonglor’s nightlife community?

2012, First time I went to Thonglor.

2013, Thonglor’s nightlife community is the greatest.

2014, Look like Thonglor’s nightlife community is changed…

2015, Residence took down some places to build condominium…



R.I.P. Safe House & Funky Villa.

This year, is Thonglor’s nightlife community died?

If not, who can save Thonglor’s nightlife community?

Long time ago, I didn’t write blog about nightlife due to I made “The Urbanist”, my owned novel about nightlife community. I used 9 months to finish it because my life was always busy from full-time working as graphic designer. My dream was making money from my owned job, such as writing article, making content marketing or do anything with contents due to I loved to write a lot. That was one of the art of releasing. I loved to release something and made that was so art. I didn’t know that was so beautiful, but I hope my writing was so simple to read, recognize and enjoyable from my mood.


I loved Thonglor. I really love this district. I don’t know why!!!? But when my friend said about nightlife destination, I preferred to Thonglor first. There were so popular… And have mysterious in this place that you didn’t know clearly. It was same as the magic inside it. When I come to Thonglor, looked like my mind was floated away as same as the balloon, and I couln’t be tied to anything. I was free, free and free. No headphones needed in Thonglor because songs from pubs were really nice. I love so much.

Real start point of the adventure

I recommend you to go to Sukhumvit 49 first because this place can link to the Japanese village that has many Japanese people who is so very kind and friendly.

Sukhumvit 49’s entrance

I ever walked to this alley and I didn’t equip earphones to listen music because I wanted to hear sound from the natural. Actually, I feared cars that came and passed without caring someone. That was so very dangerous when I walked lonely in Sukhumvit 49 alley due to very bad footpath. Somewhere no footpath, I had to walk to the road with many cars. Um… It was so really dangerous! I WARN YOU FIRST. IF YOU’RE WOMAN, call Taxi.

What is BEAM?

Someone doubt…

Someone answer immediately.

Actually, that is brand new nightclub in brand new space in Thonglor.


72 courtyard’s earlier place is ever the wedding shop. But now it is changed to brand new nightlife space as same as seenspace13 in Thonglor 13th district. This idea is so cool, but nightlife space in Thonglor is so a lot. Penny’s balcony is too.

But… 72 courtyard has super nightclub named “BEAM”. This nightclub will change the dimension of touring nightlife to be the best ever in Thonglor. Someone claimed this. Um… Sound is so great and I want to touch the another experiences.

No nonsense restrictions to enter. Only have national ID (Thai) or passport (Foreigner)

Don’t think about how to enter the nightclub without being detected. Bouncers at BEAM are so nice and very friendly, but they will bounce only someone who troll or doing inappropriate more than social agreement.


And… no foreign charge as same as another nightclub.

OK, let’s move!!

Inside the BEAM

First thing I thought about BEAM, atmosphere or smell was same as BADMOTEL when BADMOTEL had special events from some beer brand. I sniffed air in BEAM, um… It mixed with Route 66 and BADMOTEL. Actually, Route 66’s smell was so very awesome and many people came to this place and they remembered immediately about this was Route 66. BEAM was too. Wow yeah!! Inside the BEAM club, smell was so awesome.


I came to the first floor of BEAM, Yeah, the darkness harmonized to me without say anything, but sound from the second floor was telling something to everyone who come to inside of BEAM. The bass beats always show together. It indirectly says “Hey, what’s up? Let’s go to second floor. I will wait you.”

Yeah, at second floor, no one said “Hey, what’s up? Let’s go to second floor. I will wait you.”

But I felt it was telling this to me.

At first floor, it was suitable for nightlife group who came to BEAM nightclub and enjoyed together because there were many seats in here. For hanging out, BEAM was one of the greatest place ever. With the darkness… and… the dream atmosphere shined and harmonized everyone. It let you came to the dream together…. Are you ready to go to another world? Let’s go to the second floor.

Yeah, second floor! Let’s go.

Safe zone before second floor


Do you know what is “Safe Zone”? If you don’t have experience of nightlife, I’ll tell you clearly. Safe Zone is the zone that you can say hi to another one and that people respond your greeting without yelling with competing the loud music from DJ in the dance floor. Actually, dance floor is really big trap to make relationship! I warn you! I really warn you! Step out from the dance floor and keep to the safe zone now!

Then!!! Welcome to the reality of BEAM!

“Hey everybody!! Do you want to enjoy our world? Sorry I don’t have any EDM songs to you!! But house, soul electronic songs is awesome because I want you to be seized your soul and come to our world of euphoria!”


No one said this, but my mind recognized what BE

Signature atmosphere of BE


Long time ago I never see any nightclubs in Thonglor that don’t have tables at the dance floor. But not BEAM! BE


But one flaw… girls in BEAM isn’t beautiful much, but they can make you feel the euphoria.

WARNING! Drinking is so expensive.

Because this is at Thonglor, so drinking is so expensive, but not much. 1 shot start with 3xx Baht and 1 bottle of liquor starts with 1,xxx Baht. Very expensive! But don’t care, let’s dance without drinking anything. You can do it.

Final verdict… Is this can save the nightlife community at Thonglor?


Yes!! This can save the nightlife community of Thonglor with dancing genre. Although Thonglor is the land of hangout, but BE

Safe House closed because of ending agreement.

Nunglen closed because it maybe renovated.

Funky Villa closed because of burning.


Entering to BE

But I recommend you to go to Ratchada zone if you love EDM songs.



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