Review : Sorry I’m hungry, the mysterious hamburger from the heaven!

Do you know I love cheese a lot! When I see ads on Facebook and I see Sorry I’m hungry’s ads post, I feel in love with that hamburger and I want to share immediately. Look at that cheese!! That is same as Niangara waterfall at the America. It is so soft and nice to touch!!! Oh!! Why this cheese is so soft? Can I eat it? Um… It lures me to taste unconsciously.

Where is Sorry I’m hungry?


Actually, Sorry I’m hungry opens with 2 shop. First shop is at Wongwianyai BTS station and second is at its food truck that now stands by at Tha Maharaj pier, Phra Nakorn district, Bangkok. You can eat luxurious menu at any places. But in this review, I came to food truck at Tha Maharaj pier.

Is it really delicious? Let’s check it out!

Coming to main cafe (Wongwianyai BTS station) is better.

First time I don’t know Sorry I’m hungry has own main cafe. I know Sorry I’m hungry is only at food truck due to Sorry I’m hungry always advertises their food truck on Facebook. Their ad pictures are so awesome and it calls every interested people to know about this. Someone on Facebook tags their friends’ name to announce simply and their friends reply them. I see many replies say about “Interesting and Wonderful cheese!”

When Sorry I’m hungry make my hyped, so after I work off, I come to the Tha Maharaj pier to eat this lava or waterfall cheese from Sorry I’m hungry.

At evening after working, it’s so usual when you come to BTS sky train or MRT subways and you see many people who are waiting trains to transport another place. They are so a lot due to many people in Bangkok work at this place. One of the reason is condominiums near BTS or MRT are grown as same as mushrooms. So this is reason who many people stay at the Bangkok more than you or I think.


And the latest news I know about Thailand is “Bangkok is first city many people come!” Congratulations to Bangkok!! We are so proud a lot. Let’s celebrate, baby.

Back to MRT station. Oh!!! Why are many people in this place? Train that comes to Bang Sue station, there are many people at here, but luckily, I come to Tha Maharaj with train that come to Hua Lumpong station.


Finally, I can enter to the train. Um!!! There are many people who don’t care environments. Someone played games on iPhone, or on Nintendo 3DS. Long time ago I never see Nintendo 3DS on public. But this time, I see! Because Nintendo doesn’t did marketing in Thailand, so 3DS I see is imported hardware.

With 15 minutes, I can reach to the Hua Lumpong station. There are many people at here.

After MRT subway, how to go next?

I want to say about… If you don’t know how to go to Phra Nakorn, it is so hard and waste money a lot. But don’t worry. Bus Route 1 can bring you to the Phra Nakorn easily.

But you must walk first. You walk to the Yao Warat road with this direction first. Only 500 meters, and you can see bus route 1 at here. Not wait for long time because bus route 1 comes very frequently.


Cost to go to Tha Maharaj is so very affordable. Only 9 Baht, but you must walk for more than 1.5 Kilometers to reach Tha Maharaj. If you love to walk, it isn’t make you annoy much. I love to walk so I don’t care how tired. Many people also love walking together. Yeah, I love to walk, walk and walk.

Although at Yaowarat road was fulfilled with delicious food from Chinese people at here, but that isn’t my destination to go.

And walk again (for 1.3 km)


I recommend you to walk near Wat Phra Kaew and follow with this direction. That is so easy! But if you feel tired, call taxi bike to come to Tha Maharaj easily.

First appearance



I see Sorry I’m hungry food truck and I just remember this food truck is so same as another luxurious flea market such as ART BOX. Look at that truck, it is so black and….

Where is my seat?

The seat of Sorry I’m hungry isn’t more luxurious, but it has nice lifestyle to sit. With wood seat, table, so owner can move easily.

Not affordable menus, but not expensive.

Menu in Sorry I’m hungry isn’t much than 300 Baht. No service charges and VAT. This is so really appreciated a lot when I order and have some burgers in Sorry I’m hungry. And signature menu (Extra Cheese) is only 199 Baht. With luxury cheese but price 199 Baht, I think that isn’t so expensive more than I think. It is really cool price. Try to compare with Pizza Company. Pizza with cheese’s price is 299 Baht and when you choose delivery, it charge to you 50 Baht. WTF?

OK, I reserve the seat. It is so fine. Actually, there are students who just finish learning are enjoying the exclusive meal at Sorry I’m Hungry. They say very loud and don’t care another customers! Um… How can I handle with these student? It is so annoying.

But actually, that is usual of teenager. I remember when I was at high school. I talked with my friend a lot. That was so really fun to do this because when I talked to someone, I am so relax a lot!! Ah!! I released my stress! Yey yey yey!

After that, waitress with cute smiling came to me.

“Hello customer. Which menu do you choose?” Ah!!! That waitress’s voice was so very cute! I loved her a lot when I listen her voice. After that, she gave menu list to me. Oh!!! There were very nice menus I could choose, but for me, I still sought extreme cheese I had ever saw in the Facebook ads!!

Where!!!? Where is it? Tell me now!

Ah!!! Finally, I see it!

“Hi, I want this.” I called to smiled waitress before she went to my seat.

“OK. Please wait for 10 minutes.” She said before she walked with shaking her ass.

Let’s talk about burger in Sorry I’m hungry. Burger in this cafe isn’t made as same as fast food in McDonald or KFC. Chef makes burger with original, no make a lot and warm again when someone order it. That is so slow, but it is so nice to wait.

When I was waiting, waitress served the cup of EST cola, the cola that taste like Pepsi. Um… That was so sweet! I drank it a little for waiting the extra cheese burger. Look at Mustard or Tabasco sauce. They were available to use it! That was so great!


I saw around my seat. Now this time was evening. No sun shined at here. Hahaha.

3 minutes later, same waitress came to me. She smiled to me and I felt happy so much.

“Here, customer.” She said with very nice voice.


Look at this menu! Did you know this was one of the best signature menu of the Sorry I’m hungry that was made from their heart. Cheese on the burger was so very very superb! You can touch or taste this cheese for only 199 Baht. (But I ordered French fries and EST cola.)

I ordered beef extra cheese burger, OK, let’s eat this.

First time I tasted it, I wanted to say…


OMG!!! This is burger from the heaven!

I didn’t lie you. I didn’t lie you, my friends. THIS BURGER SHOULD BE COME FROM THE HEAVEN TRULY!!!

With cheese, it was pure melted mozzarella cheese that used with premium grade. You can dip with French Fries and you eat it seriously, they your mind will be floated to another place. Don’t worry. This burger wasn’t put with marijuana. It was pure taste from the professional chef you will love him.


Not only cheese you could go to the heaven, beef was too. Beef with this burger used premium grade. I ate it first and I knew immediately this came from foreign country! That was so shining and very very delicious!

Designing label of Sorry I’m hungry wasn’t bad. THAT’S VERY GOOD! Looked like Sorry I’m hungry owner hired professional graphic designer to design corporate. So this brand was so very awesome forever.

After I ate this, I called to waitress who was serving another menu to another customers. Ah… My stomach was so full of burger.

“How much?” I asked to waitress.

“249 Baht.” She answered before I gave money to her.

“Thank you.” Waitress said.


I recommend you to go to main branch at Wongwianyai BTS Station because at food truck, that was very hard to reach it! I warn you first, baby. It was so hard to go. But if you loved to challenge, you should go to food truck at Sorry I’m Hungry.


+ Extra cheese is same as their name. Cheese is so very extra and you can dip cheese with french fries.

+ Corporate design is so awesome and attracted.

+ Not expensive price, not any service charges and VAT.

+ Waitress is so cute.

+ Premium grade ingredients. THIS ISN’T FAST FOOD.

+ Have spice sauce and tomatoes ketchup.


  • Very hard to go at Thra Maharaj pier.

Verdict 10/10!

Before you will die, you should taste this burger from the heaven first!

How score works?

Every reviews have base score with 5. Then find pros and cons and use (pros counts) – (cons counts). Such as Sorry I’m Hungry had pro’s counts are 6, but cons count is 1, so 6-1 = 5. Finally, use  5+(6-1) = 5+5 = 10.

  • If  (pros counts) – (cons counts) got minus and it reduced more than base score, such as 5-6, 5-7, result isn’t minus number, but locked to 0.
  • If  base score + [ (pros counts) – (cons counts) ] equal more than 10, it is locked with 10.

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