The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” part 5

Dada saw her mom that was naked in front of her and she felt stunned because her mom never changed when she had more ages. Athena’s eyes, face was so very very beautiful without doing any surgery. Her breasts were so balanced, not so round as same as another model. Now the light covered Athena’s body and lighting sparked all around her. Meanwhile Salvador and White felt excited as same as Dada and Chris because this will be eliminated his mafia organization.

Yeah, this beautiful girl can eliminate mafia organization.

And this can make Salvador and White to be free.

“Dr. Wayne. Are you kidding me?” White asked curiously when he saw Dr. White’s experimental human that should be male. “You have created this shitty girl to eliminate mafia organization. What are you thinking?”

“I think carefully.” Dr. White answered. “I really think carefully!! This girl can do everything you want. Yeah, she can kill anyone, but I don’t recommend to do this because I create her for the love and peace, not for killing or doing crime.”

“I don’t care what you think, but this girl is so very cute.” Salvador commented to Athena’s shape.

Then Athena opened her eyes and she saw around her. Her vision wasn’t regular as same as another human due to her vision had HUD from microprocessor inside her body. That HUD could tell what that person thought or do something without saying first. She saw all around her and she greeted everyone in Dr. Wayne’s room (except Chris and Dada who were invisible.)

“Hi!!!” Dada greeted to her mom faithfully, but Athena didn’t respond. She just remembered her body was invisible to see in the world of 1985.

“Hello everyone.” Athena started greeting from her id that received from Dr. Wayne’s synthesized spontaneous nervous system. “Hi!!! You’re so handsome.”

Athena complimented to Salvador. Salvador smiled and waved his hand to greet Athena back.

“Hey!!! Dr. Wayne. She know I’m handsome hahaha.” Salvador felt happy and said to Dr. Wayne.

“Actually, that is my commandment inside nervous system. I created this girl for ambassador’s job. So her voice, her beauty, her shape, her smile make everyone love. Yeah, I have created this girl from my love.” Dr. Wayne described the origin of Athena.

“Can this girl use gun?” Salvador asked.

“What is gun?” Athena just asked to Salvador.

“Personal Defense Weapon.” Salvador answered.

“What is Personal Defense Weapon?” Athena asked again.

“Um!!!!” Salvador struggled and thought for long time. Damn Athena! What was you asking me? “Personal Defense Weapon is a thing that can protect yourself from the thief, murderer.

“What is murderer?” Athena asked again.

“Damn it!” Salvador blamed.

“What is Damn it?”

“STOP!!!” White blamed immediately.

“What are you doing?” Dr. Wayne blamed to White when White shouted to Athena. “Athena has just born. She is same as baby who just learn everything.”

“Baby? Can you put everything in this world to Athena’s brain. I want her to kill everyone in Mafia organization.” Salvador asked to Dr. Wayne. Dada heard Salvador misused Athena felt worried.

“What was my dad doing?” Dada asked to Chris.

“I can’t imagine how she will…” Chris said when he and Dada stood beside Salvador and Dr. Wayne.

“But I trust my mom is good person. She love me a lot.” Dada believed her mom was so kind.

“I feel pity to our mom too. She has been exploited. How can I save her?” Chris asked.

But Dada didn’t answer. Chris and Dada had to watch Athena’s story continuously. That was the movie it wasn’t paused.

“Do you know? Athena can learn experiences better than everyone.” Dr. Wayne started to tell Athena’s story again. “We must give a time, and see her evolution. Don’t blame her, OK?”

“Yeah.” Salvador answered. Because Salvador and White never had a child, so they didn’t know the evolution of child that grew up slowly.

But…. everything was so dark again. Dada and Chris couldn’t see anything. Dada saw left and right… Nothing to see! What was this? Everything was so black. But she only heard any sounds.

“Can you see me, Chris?” Dada asked. “Damn it! That toluene gas made us to daydream. I think this isn’t real. I am not drunken!”

“Me too. I can’t believe everything is real!” Chris said. “Someone is teasing us.”

“Where are you?” Dada asked. “I can’t see anything.”

“Here.” Chris answered. “Use your hand to hold my hand.”

Dada tried to reach Chris’s hand although she couldn’t see anything. Everything was so dark. She tried to reach Chris’s hand again because she didn’t reached yet.

“Where?” Dada asked to Chris.

“Here.” Chris answered.

Finally, Dada reached Chris’s hand successfully, but she knew instantly when Chris’s hand was so odd because that hand was so very soft as same as female’s hand. And… she got jasmine’s smell…

“Wait!!!” Dada exclaimed.

Then the dark was faded away slowly. Finally, Dada and Chris were at white room at somewhere. But not only Dada and Chris who were at the white room… Because… that hand, Dada knew instantly. That hand was Athena’s hand.

Athena appeared between Chris and Dada.

Dada saw to Athena and she yelled immediately “MOM!!!”. After that, she jumped and hugged to Athena immediately. Why did Athena appear to Chris and Dada? But looked like Athena’s costume was so very beautiful as same as mother of mankind.

I miss you a lot!! I miss you very much!!! Mom… Where are you? Why did you leave from me? Do you know I miss you everyday since you went away from me. You’re my heart, mom. I love you!!!

Dada blamed and said to her mom aggressively, but her aggressive mood, inside her heart fulfilled with unexpected happiness that appeared as same as using ecstasy drug. She hit Athena’s body and cried with sorrow and happiness in same time. That mood couldn’t tell clearly how Dada felt. Because Dada wanted to see her mom very much.

Now the light from above showed to Chris, Dada and Athena. Chris didn’t believe that was real Athena, but she might be demonic soul that transformed to Athena to lie Dada. Chris also asked to Athena


“Chris?” Athena asked back. “I’m sorry.”

“What are you saying sorry to me? What are you thinking?” But Chris still wanted more.

“Chris. Stop!” Dada yelled to Chris immediately when she was hugging Athena. “This is our mom you must know!”

But Chris didn’t believe.

“I’m really sorry, Chris, Dada.” Athena started to tell everything Dada and Chris didn’t know. After that, she sat to the ground simply. The ground that fulfilled with white dust as same as moon. Everything were in the darkness, except Dada, Chris and Athena who have spotlight from above.

“Chris, my son.” Athena said about Chris. “I also know you don’t believe me who is your mom because you’re brainwashed when you’re 6 years old.”

Chris knew he was brainwashed, he felt anger more and blamed to Athena directly without thinking anything. Now he saw Athena who was demon. That was so very crazy.

“Liar!” Chris blamed. “No way!!”

“Chris!!!” Dada said and she blamed to Chris directly due to Chris angered for the truth. “Why are you so rude?”

“That’s usual, Dada. Because Chris is tough guy. I love his bravery.” Athena said and smiled to Dada. “Chris make me proud a lot, but… he feel proud to himself more if his memory come back and know everything.”

“I know!!! I know everything in this place is fake. I and Dada were hallucinated from that toluene gas!” Chris blamed. “And you!!! Why do you appear in this world and can say to me and Dada? Are you demon who transforms to Athena?”

“What are you saying?” Athena asked.

Answer me!!! Are you a demon!?

But Chris’s hatred raised up more more and more. He continued to blame.

“No!!!” Athena shocked!

“Who are you?” Chris blamed again! “You’re not Athena!”

Finally, Dada couldn’t tolerate Chris’s aggressive forever. She ran to Chris and she slapped him forcefully until Chris fell down to the floor and vanished to another dimension he couldn’t imagine.

Chris!!! Chris!!! Where are you?

Too late! Chris was vanished with the mysterious blue flash light. He was sent to another dimension unconsciously. Dada saw around her and she didn’t see Chris.

“Chris… I’m sorry!” Dada said.










“Chris!!! Are you alright?”

Now Chris’s memory turned to the time since he was a child. That picture he saw wasn’t discovered until in this time. He cried because he lost playing football with his friends. Then Athena ran to Chris and asked “Chris, are you alright?”

“Maybe.” Chris answered.

Dada who was only 5 years old saw to Chris and she said “Chris. Keep it up. I’m cheering you.”

Chris saw to Dada and he heard Dada’s voice. He felt happy that his sister was cheering him.

“Thank you Dada.” Chris said and he smiled. That make another one felt jealous.

“Mom… What is it?” Chris who walked to the roller coaster with his mom (Athena) and Dada asked to Athena curiously.

“Roller coaster.” Athena answered. “Do you want to play?”

“Yes! I want.” Chris answered. “Please!!”

“Please too!” Dada said after Chris requested to play roller coaster.

“That is so dangerous!”Athena said.

“I don’t fear!” Chris said.

“OK!! So let’s go.”

After that, Chris held Athena’s left hand and Dada held Athena’s right hand to enter the roller coaster. That roller coaster was so very excited. But Chris didn’t know how about danger of roller coaster because Chris was so child. Dada was too.

Then Athena said when she sat with Chris and Dada at the roller coaster train.

“Chris, Dada, hold my hand and let’s excited together.” Athena said to her children. Then wheel of roller coaster train moved. It moved slowly at first time. Dada waited for 1 minute to see something that was so excited.

Finally, roller coaster train moved to the peak of starting. Then roller coaster moved faster than Chris and Dada thought.

Why Dada’s age was same as me?

May 1 1990. At Siriraj Hospital.

Then Chris saw moment that Athena was delivering a child at the hospital. That time Athena screamed very loud. Her stomach was so big!


Athena delivered children! Yeah!! Her children were twin! First was boy, but second was girl. Athena smiled to her children and looked like she felt in love with her children a lot.

After that at patient room.

Salvador came to the room and he gave cans of sterilized milk to his wife. He smiled to Athena and saw his children that was so cute and lovable.

“Athena.” Salvador called to Athena, but Athena was sleeping.

Salvador wanted to say something, but he only smiled to his wife who was so beautiful when she was sleeping.

“Your wife is so beautiful.” Salvador’s bodyguard said.

“Yes. I don’t disappoint when I choose Athena as my wife. Athena will rise our community to be the greatest white mafia of all time. And my children… I will give their attitude to be the real leader.” Salvador said.

“I see.” Salvador’s bodyguard said and he walked to Salvador and Athena’s children who were little baby that were so cute. He played them as same as his child.


“Are my children so cute?” Salvador asked to his bodyguard?

“Yes. they are very cute. They are same as my child who ever was a baby. Do you create their names?”

“Actually, I thought my child name for 5 months ago. If my baby is male, I’ll give his name is ‘Chris’, but if my baby is female, I’ll give her name is ‘Dada’.”

“Chris and Dada? What is Dada’s mean?” Salvador’s bodyguard asked.

“Dada is art movement before surrealism. I will make this girl to be fulfilled of liberalism. She is my vanguard rebel.”

“Is this good for her? She is also cute.” Bodyguard asked.

“Very good. But… look like I get twin… And… My twin is boy and girl, so my son’s name is ‘Chris’, and my daughter’s name is ‘Dada’.” Salvador said.

“Wow!! Very good.”

“I love my son and my daughter. These children will be the leader of Phoenix mafia. I love so much!”

“Hahaha.” Bodyguard laughed. “This feeling is same as my child who ever was a baby. Do you know treating my son was so very hard hahaha. And you get 2 children, that was so harder.”

“But I can handle. Do you believe power of love? Yeah. I and Athena will treat our children to be the leader as I think.”


Huh? I was born at May 1 1990? Not February 14 1985? Why I think I was born at 1985? Why?

So… Dada is my true sister.

I’m sorry Dada.

“So finally, you know everything. You’re my son, Chris.”

Chris heard Athena’s voice from behind again. Now picture from May 1 1990 moved away from Chris and around him turned to the dark again. Now he saw Dada who was beside him.

“Thank you Athena. No!!! I should say, ‘Thank you my mom.'” Chris said. Dada felt happy when Chris trusted Athena was his mom. “But I am curious why Dada and I are weak with toluene product?”

“Because I was poisoned.” Athena answered immediately.


Chris and Dada asked immediately. That was so doubted a lot. Why?

“Yeah!” Athena started to tell the truth why Dada and Chris was so weak with toluene product.

“I will tell you everything I can. First, I was created from the Salvador, my husband’s hope. He wanted to revolt the mafia society. He and his friend, White wanted me to assassinate Big Boss, the mafia leader that hired Salvador and White to be the drug dealer. When I got missions to assassinate, I did it with my professional skill from the A.I. inside me. I killed him with my cold blood. Then I killed everyone in Big Boss’s mafia society. I destroyed his business. That time I didn’t know why I did this. That was so ruthless.” Athena tell everything before she would marry with Salvador. Dada and Chris heard this, they felt bad to their mom who ever was assassin.

“When did you marry with my dad?” Dada asked curiously.

“After everything turned to balance.” Athena answered. “Salvador and White defeated mafia society. Everything turned to be the peace. No drugs, no influence, but my job was ended, so Dr. Wayne reset my memory to wipe my assassin’s mind. He wanted me to marry with Salvador.”

“Do you love Salvador?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know what love is.” Athena answered. “Until… I have my children. Dada and Chris. You make me to know what love is. But… having sex is so fun hahaha.”

Dada smiled to Athena. She knew well because she ever had sex with her boyfriend.

“What are you smiling, my daughter?” Athena asked. “Or… you know about?”

“Nothing. Take it easy, mom.” Dada answered immediately and she smiled before she paid attention to her mom’s story.

“After I delivered children, I taught you to be the leader. I see you, Dada. You will be leader soon. I confirm sincerely. And Chris? His leadership power is so weak, but Dada doesn’t.” Athena described.

Chris agreed because he loved to stay alone or do something. No leadership inside his heart. He was same as the bird who wanted to go somewhere without thinking anything. So Athena thought Dada will be leader at the future.

“I agree.” Chris said. “But can you tell me when you poisoned and made I and Dada are weak with toluene? You never say this to me.”

Athena silenced for 5 seconds, then she started to tell.

“When I was reset my memory, I thought White came to Dr. Wayne’s laboratory. He picked syringe of poison and he injected it to my arm. I thought he will give dope medicine, but he didn’t . He tried to kill me, but my antibody system was so strong, so poison affected only wiping my immunization of toluene, benzene hazard. Yeah, I was created for immunizing drug effects to fight against drug dealers.”

“And why am I at here? Where is this place?” Chris asked immediately.

“This place is synthesized memory inside your brain.” Athena answered. “You and Dada were kidnapped since you were 6 years old for brainwashing. For Chris, you were brainwashed for the greatest DJ and put new memory about you are orphan, but for Dada, she was brainwashed for the greatest leader but she wasn’t wiped family relationship memory.”

“Who did this? Why?” Chris asked again.

“Dr. Wayne did these.” Athena answered.

Dr. Wayne?

“Why did he brainwashed me? I am experiment as same as mice?” Dada felt hesitated to herself. Or she was born for the scientific experiment?

“Yeah, but…” Athena answered clearly. That made Dada felt upset a lot!

Why am I born in this world? Why am I born for the experiment? I think I am same as usual human, but why? 

Dada felt angry a lot when she just knew she was unusual girl who was born and she was victim of science experiment.

“Not only you, Dada. But me… and your brother… Chris.” Athena tried to keep Dada calm.

“Mom? If I am unusual human, can I have a boyfriend… and marry with usual human?” Dada asked. “I have a boyfriend that I love him a lot.”

Athena smiled and she patted Dada’s head before she said. “Do you have boyfriend? Congratulations.”

“Yeah.” Dada answered.

“And Chris?” Then Athena asked to Chris back, but Chris didn’t say anything until Dada said “Actually, my brother already have a girlfriend. His girlfriend is very beautiful!”

“But she was died.” Chris told reason.

“Huh? You say about… Tingting?” Dada asked. “And… Roxanne?”

Chris stopped talking and thought something about Roxanne before he said.

“Who is Roxanne?” Athena asked.

“Roxanne is famous DJ that love Chris.” Dada answered before she gave Roxanne’s picture to Athena. “If I am a Chris, I will love her a lot. Look at this hairstyle. Roxanne is so cool.”

“Hey!” Chris felt shy when Dada promoted his lovely girl. “Where did you get this picture?”

“At Funky Villa club.” Dada answered.

“Hahaha. She is so really beautiful!”

“Yeah! That is your girlfriend, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, my girlfriend hahaha.”

Then Chris told Athena for the exit of this world.

“Athena, how can I go to the real world?” Chris asked.

“Listen to me, Chris, Dada.” Now Athena gave importance to Dada and Chris. “Actually, when you were brainwashed, I gave special experiences to you. When you sniff some toluene or benzene’s vapor, you will be shifted to the another world. But that is your health’s risk. That another world have me. My body in real world was controlled with brain controller. I don’t know how to put this away from me. But if you see me in real world, that wasn’t me, but I don’t know who is controlling me as same as the puppet. But… First thing you go back to the real world, you must destroy brain controller at my back immediately. And my mind will come to my real body again. I think you can do it, Chris, Dada.”

“Yeah.” Dada said. “I can do it for saving my mom.”

“I miss Salvador and you a lot.” You’re my hope.

“I will destroy it.” Chris said.

“Thank you Chris, Dada.” Athena said before Chris and Dada was floated to above unconsciously. Then the light shined to Chris and Dada and glitter floated around them as same as angel who was going to the heaven.”

From another world, now they came to the real world again… For saving their mom!


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