The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” part 4

Then the mighty light shined around Chris and Dada. Their sight couldn’t see anything temporally. It was faded away, away and away until everything turned to white. Looked like they came to another place.

1 minute later…

Their sight that temporally blinded turned to be black again. It was so dark and filthy that Chris and Dada never described as texts or any sentences to say because they didn’t see anything. They only knew this was a smell from the factory. And that smell was come from any thinner bottle.

“Damn!!! That smell again?” Dada blamed after she was teleported and gotten the bad smell.

“Are you OK?” Chris asked to Dada when she felt bad with that smell of evil. Actually, he felt sick with this thinner smell too.

“Maybe, but I don’t feel nausea much.” Dada answered. “But are you OK, brother?”

However, Chris felt stunned when Dada said to him as brother. Chris smiled and got goose bumps with Dada’s feeling and said “I am not OK as same as you. I don’t know why we are weak with thinner or some glue…? Why can that kids sniff glue and tolerate toxic chemistry? But we can’t!!”

“Chris…. Be quiet…!” Dada closed Chris’s mouth with her hand because she just heard someone who talked. Now Chris and Dada’s vision was bolder and could see something from the darkness. In front of them had yellow light from the light bulb. Chris stop talking and paid attention to that voice.

“What are you doing, Salvador and White?” Someone who had creepy voice asked to Salvador and White. But they didn’t answer anything.

“Say!” That creepy sound blamed directly until Chris and Dada felt scared although both stayed behind creepy sound’s owner. It made Chris feared a little.

“We…. we are failed, boss!!” White answered. “Another gang seized our drugs. It robbed us!!”

“Fuck!!! You failed again again and again, White.” That boss with creepy sound felt angry and turned his creepy sound to demonic sound instantly. He angered a lot until he picked the revolver to shoot White.

“No!!! Please!!! I’m wrong. I need more chance… I need more chance!!!” Salvador feared and said with fulfilled of the fear. Chris saw his father’s face and he felt shame a lot.

“What the fuck is that? Did my dad sell drugs? No!” Chris felt sad very much until he cried with his disappointment. He saw his dad who would be died in a few minutes. “No way!!! I need to rescue our dad.”

“Hey!!” But Dada held Chris’s hand firmly. She didn’t want Chris to go because she knew Chris felt sad more than she thought and everything will be bad more more and more.

“Why, Dada? Let me!” Chris blamed to Dada again.

“I feel sad as same as you, Chris. I know we are transparent in this world. We can’t do anything. Only watch what happened in this time.”

Meanwhile, Salvador and White’s boss walked around them and started to say again.

“Chance?” Boss said. “That is so funny when you request the chance of life again, but you ever failed more than 3 times. Your life is over, Salvador.”

“No No No” Salvador blamed when gun direction pointed to him slowly. It was so dangerous a lot. Oh No!! That fucking boss readied to press trigger.

“Shit!” Chris said when he saw inappropriate moment he shouldn’t see. That fucking boss tried to kill his dad! But Dada used her hand to close Chris’s eyes and she saw to another direction. She didn’t want Chris to see violate pictures.


That gun trigger with no bullet. Salvador was survived. Boss smiled and said “Hahaha. I know everyone fear the death. Hahaha. I see your face when you will die and I feel happy very much.”

“Bastard!!” Salvador blamed.

“Or you mean…?” White asked with angry face.

“Killing you are so stupid way to do.” Boss said with funny feeling. “Because your skill is so elite although you’re failed. But I trust you…”

“Trust?” Salvador thought his boss thought something that was so more severe.

“Do you get 100,000 Baht to me at next week?” Boss asked.

That was so unbelievable when getting 100,000 Baht for 1 weeks. Thailand in 1985, Baht currency was so weak. Paying 10 Baht could eat meals! Salvador felt struggled and serious with Boss’s condition.

“What are you thinking? That is so unbelievable to do. Use your brain to think probably first!!” White blamed to his boss.

“I carefully think! And I conclude you can do it!” Boss answered proudly. He smiled and showed his gun again. “Or you give up and eat leads?”

“Damn it!” Salvador blamed. “You’re cheating us!”

“Cheat?” Boss said. “Don’t be stupid. In this world, it has “law of attraction”. Don’t you know? Yeah!!! If you think you have 100,000 Baht, you have really 100,000 Baht really.”

“Fuck you Boss!! Stop saying like telling fairy tale to your daughter!” White blamed to his boss with strong word. That was so unbelievable when normal human could have 100,000 Baht in 1 weeks.

“Or you will die? Only week you can choose survive or die without anyone respect.” Boss said with teasing sound. That was so enough. Then he snapped his finger to let handcuffs that locked Salvador and White got away from the iron chair.

“You’re free. See you again next week…” Boss said to Salvador and White. “Oh!!! Don’t forget 100,000 Baht. Give it to me. I trust you. You can give it!”

Although Boss gave a little hope to Salvador and White, but it was so very hard to do. Meanwhile Dada and Chris who stayed beside Salvador and White followed them. Yeah, Dada and Chris was invincible on 1985, but they still stay carefully. Everything wasn’t sure.

“What are you smiling?” Chris asked to Dada who saw to her father (Salvador) and smiled from something Chris didn’t know.

“Our father in 1985 is so very handsome.” Dada said. “I am proud very much! And you?:”

Chris didn’t say anything to Dada, but he smiled.

“Hey!!! You smiled!” Dada said happily.

“What is mean?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know.” Dada answered spontaneously.

“Hey!” Chris exclaimed. So he didn’t know what woman thought. Dada changed her mind so fast.

But…. Oh no!!!  everything were turned to white again. Chris and Dada felt they will teleport to another place. That dark factory shined the light brighter, brighter and brighter. And light from the above shined to Dada and Chris again.

“Oh!!! We will come to another place again.” Chris said and he held Dada’s hand because he didn’t want Dada to go away from him. Dada was his sister he should stay with him.

Although Chris just knew Dada was his sister, but he didn’t think Dada had a deep connection to him much.

Everything was bright, bright and bright and now everything were white absolutely.

I don’t know where we are coming. I really don’t know.

Dada, are you OK?

Are you really my sister?

Why are you my sister?

Why is my dad named Salvador?

Why? I am not son of organized crime leader!!

Chris felt confused so much. Every questions he wanted to ask rushed to his mind continuously. He didn’t see what were questions, but his brain stunned with freak question.

Some question he doubted “Is Dada really his sister?” still asked him. But Dada felt Chris worried something she could touch Chris’s stressful mind so she asked to Chris among the shiny light.

“Chris, are you OK?”

Dada took care Chris as same as lovely brother. She saw positive vision that will be better. She held and hugged Chris. Although this was couple’s action, but Dada didn’t think this.

At Patpong, Bangkok, Thailand. Year 1985


Dada and Chris teleported to this place. Patpong was a place of adult entertainment that was targeted from foreigners who came to Thailand in 1985. Only this place you could see the land of lust. But sexy shows will perform at night.

This time was daytime. Looked like this time was 1:00 PM because Chris saw to the clock in snack shop in Patpong. Around the Patpong, there were many cafes or A Go Go bars in here. But in daytime, this place was so quiet. Why Dada and Chris transported to this place?

“Where is this?” Dada asked to Chris.

“Patpong.” Chris answered. “Have you walked to Patpong?”

“No.” Dada shook her head and answered immediately. “But I got bad smell in this place.”

“What? I hope thinner smell doesn’t exist at here.” Chris said.

“Yeah… That isn’t smell of the death.” Dada smiled and said. “But… Um… I can’t describe what smell is.”

But Chris didn’t know that smell Dada said about because he was watching Salvador and White who were talking someone at right footpath of Patpong red light district.

“Hey!!! Look at this.” Chris called Dada to see her father who was talking to someone who wore laboratory coat.

“Who is that?” Dada asked.

“Let’s come near them.” Chris answered and held Dada’s left hand to stand near Salvador, White and suspicious scientist.

Now that scientist tried to say something to Salvador and White. But looked like Salvador and White interested scientist’s condition very well. They paid attention to scientist’s suggestion without seeing anything.

“Do you think he can save us?” White asked to Salvador because he couldn’t trust to that scientist who came from the narrow door inside residence building in Patpong. That guy’s personality was so bad like the geek who never talked to people.

“Yes, I think.” Salvador answered back to White immediately. “Trust me, White. He can save us. We will free!”

“What are you saying?” White asked. “Free? Free without trusting this guy? And 100,000 Baht, how to get?” He feared a lot because he and Salvador will died if both couldn’t send 100,000 Baht to their boss.

“Shut up, White.” Salvador was annoyed with White’s fear.

Then that scientist called Salvador and White to come to his home.

“Come here, Salvador and White.” Scientists said before Salvador and White walked to upstairs. Dada and Chris followed Salvador and White to the upstairs of mystery.

Inside upstairs, it was fulfilled with elements’ smell from the chemical experiments. Dada closed her nose and kept going up to the next floor on the scientist’s residence.

“Damn it!” Dada blamed. “That smell likes drugs in the pharmacy.”

“Don’t worry.” Chris said. “No smell of thinner.” Looked like Chris feared thinner or toluene’s smell a lot. “Like drugs smell.”

“Yeah.” Dada said. “Can I ask to this scientist about why we are weak with thinner or toluene?”

“Maybe, but don’t forget we’re invisible.” Chris warned.

“Listen to that scientist.” Dada said. “He may say something.”

Then Salvador and White stopped to that scientist at the 3rd floor of scientist’s residence. In this room was so untidy. There were many documents and photos with experiment or illegal research stuck all around walls. And Salvador saw the big cube iron box that was so mysterious so much. Looked like that was the answer why Salvador and White came here.

“What’s that?” White asked to scientist.

“This is my illegal research.” scientist answered. “I researched this with long time. Actually, this research I want to be my masterpiece of dissertation when I learned of faculty of medicine, but illegally still be illegally everyday. So after I graduated from the university, I was creating the man who was born from the scientific experiment for increasing surrealistic skills. Yeah, this can listen pitch and this knows which note is. Or this can have sixth sense that eliminate enemies with their sixth sense.”

Looked like Dada tried to join the clue of herself.

“Or he is saying about our mom?” Dada asked.

“Maybe.” Chris answered.

“Dr. Wayne.” Salvador called to scientist. “Can you make this experiment man to eliminate mafia society?”

White blamed to Salvador immediately. “What the fuck are you thinking?”

“Actually, I have plan B. This is plan B. I ever said with Dr. Wayne about experimental human. I want this to eliminate our boss and mafia society.”

But White didn’t believe it was true.

“Do you want my experimental human to kill mafia’s society?” Dr. Wayne asked. “I can do it. This experimental human can do everything.”

“And can I have sex with this?” Salvador asked pervert question.

“Hey!!! I forget to make reproductive system.” Dr. Wayne answered. “I just think to do this. I want to know how she deliver children and what supernatural children get. But not in this time.”

“OK.” White said seriously. “Do you know we are hunted. I must give 100,000 Baht to my boss due to we are drug dealers. Someone tried to destroy our car with many drugs. Drug packages are eliminated a lot.”

“100,000 Baht?” Dr. Wayne asked. “You’re kidding me? Is it joke? It’s unbelievable to get 100,000 Baht. Cars or house are only 10,000 Baht, but what the hell your boss want 100,000 Baht? No way! That’s unbelievable. But don’t worry. Another solution is so tough and risk, but if your boss dies, you’re freedom, OK?”

“I’m thinking with this.” Salvador said. “And I think your experiment can defeat my boss.”

“I see.” Dr. Wayne said. “Please wait for 5 minute. I will set program to my experimental human.”

Then Dr. Wayne turned on Macintosh 128k, the first computer that had nice graphic user interface to put the special code to generate this experimental human. Dada saw Macintosh 128k that was so old school. That boot sound… So classic.

“That’s Steve Jobs’s computer.” Chris said. “I’ve ever seen on some Steve Jobs’s movie.”

Then Dr. Wayne was setting codes on the experimental human. But… At the Macintosh 128 screen, it blinked “Command failed.”

“Shit!” Dr. Wayne blamed. But he put code again.

3 minutes later… “Command failed.”

“Again?” Dr. Wayne blamed.

4 minutes later… “Command failed.”

“What the fuck!!?” Dr. Wayne angered when his experiment was failed continuously. Until he smacked to the iron box with his sadness. Everything he paid attention was failed again, again and again. But….

That iron box was shaking…

With Dr. Wayne’s disappointment, it turned to hope instantly. From crying and sobbing, now he saw the first step of achievement that was opening up. Iron box cover was opening slowly with gray smoke like dry ice. Oh!!! There was little sparking at here.

Now White, Salvador, Dada and Chris saw someone who was inside iron box. Cover opened slowly. With 2 minutes, it will opened successfully. Then a girl who was perfect shape walked out from the iron box with wearing only underwear. Dada felt happy very much because that was her mom who sought more than 15 years, but Chris felt nothing happened. He smiled with that sexy girl only.

“Mom!!!” Dada yelled to that experiment human. But she wasn’t responded.

“Mom!!!” Dada still yelled. But Chris saw to Dada and ticked to Dada’s left shoulder before he say. “That’s useless. We’re invisible.”

“Um!!! Finally, finally, my work!!! MY WORK IS SUCCESSFUL!!!!” Dr. Wayne opened his body and yelled loudly. Meanwhile, Salvador and White focused to experimental human’s beauty. That was so perfect.

“Woah!!! She is so sexy.” Salvador said and smiled to Dr. Wayne.

“But I don’t know what is her name. Can you create her name?” Dr. Wayne asked to Salvador. Salvador nodded his head and thought many things to create experimental human who was stand in front of him.

Um…. Look like this girl’s shape is same as some goddess from the Ancient Greek… Um… Aphrodite? No!! I want to use this experimental human to use as war! Um… Yeah!!! his name is….

“Dr. Wayne.” Salvador called to Dr. Wayne.

“What’s up?” Dr. Wayne asked.

“Her name is…. Athena.” Salvador chose that experimental human named “Athena”.

“Huh? My dad create my mom’s name?” Dada asked to herself.


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