The charm of “Kira Kira Star Night (キラキラスターナイト)”

Now games in this world have many genres to choose. From AAA games such as Call Of Duty, Fallout 4, The Witcher or another games until indie games that developed with affordable budgets. I focus to indie games more than AAA games because now graphic doesn’t matter for me due to I have seen many games with very great graphics but gameplay and story are so suck.

In Japan, some stores sell used game console. You can be nostalgic again when you see this.

I find and research many indies game around the world to play or pay attention to them, but look like some game from Japan is so very very unique for me. Not only me, everyone!!

Because this game has made to Famicom platform. Famicom or real name is Family Computer is Japanese game console from Nintendo that everyone may play it well. In North America, this called “Nintendo Entertainment System” or “NES”. Special feature in Famicom that NES never have it is Famicom accepts 3rd party cartridge that customized better, such as music, sound or graphics. So Kira Kira Star Night reaches its game to the limited of console’s hardware.

That means musics in this game can compose beautifully.


Title Screen or Kira Kira Star Night. Character can love that is so cute!!

Graphic in Kira Kira Star Night is very superb. Game developer use vivid colors to show with 30 years old Famicom hardware. Technology never gets old when someone use it usefully. Illustrations in Kira Kira Star Night is very lively and lovable. From game history, rare games can put anime stuffs to the illustrations in Famicom (NES) game.


Actually, Kira Kira Star Night use advanced ROM cartridge that never appeared at Famicom or NES age, so graphics, color can use extremely and never gets old in modern indie games.


MUSIC IS KIRA KIRA STAR NIGHT’S PROTAGONIST. I’m sure a lot because all music I hear from Kira Kira star night never get old. Beats come from modern age, and have 8 Bit’s identity very well.

Please listen to musics in promotional video (PV).

No more comments to Kira Kira Star Night’s music, but no one make music as CD or digital download to stores. I tried to search Kira Kira Star Night BGM and I couldn’t find it.

Big issue : Very rare to find outside Japan.

Only shipping from Japan is so available to get Kira Kira Star Night cartridge, but more issue is requiring Famicom console or game console that can read game ROM from Famicom cartridge, such as Retrofreak, retro games console that accepted Famicom, Super Famicom and Mega Drive cartridge.

Furthermore, Kira Kira Star Night isn’t mainstream game. It is indie game that is sold only in some festivals, not be sold in game shop regularly. So finding this game is so very hard to do. You come to Japan and I can’t guarantee you to get it 100%

Big issue #2 : Casual game but have near AAA game price.

This game’s price is more than 5,300 Yen (Near $40). With simple game such as jumping to collect stars and listen very beautiful songs from 8 bit system. Actually, Kira Kira Star Night’s gameplay has casual or arcade style. You can let your friends to play and challenge score together, but it is so very simple that someone thinks it is so stupid because of silly graphics and dumb musics.

Kira Kira Star Night is made for retro gamers who seek new games in classic game console. Nostalgia will come again when you hear the BGM from this game and will be in love to vivid graphics from the positive world. If you come to Japan, don’t forget to purchase this and play with your old console.

Kira Kira Star Night Version 1 (published in 2013) with Enhanced CD. ROM file in CD can be played in NES emulator.

Who is RIKI?

Someone may suspect who is RIKI because title screen of Kira Kira Star Night shows colorful RIKI. RIKI is Japanese illustrator who draw girl characters very very cute and adorable. I love their works faithfully. He is so awesome.

You can check RIKI’s illustration works at

Kira Kira Star Night First Version’s PV


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