High School Reunion (Belle’s episode) English translation

Long time ago I promised everyone about I will translate High School Reunion with Belle’s episode, but I couldn’t translate for 2 weeks due to I was busy very much. My works at office were so a lot and I couldn’t divide time to translate High School Reunion (Belle’s episode). Ah! I felt bad when I lost my time to something I couldn’t love it. OK!!! Finally, I have free time to translate Belle’s episode of High School Reunion. Yeah, Belle’s story was so more interesting than you predicted.

Because Belle was born to be brave more than feminine.

Left = Nicky Right = Leo

Nicky & Leo : Hello!!!!!

Nicky : Welcome to High School Reunion!!! Today you are with Nicky and Leo. We are at Vanilla Cafe because our guest appointed us to this place.

Leo : Sure! And do you suggest our uniform? Ah yeah!! Our uniform is changed

Nicky : Yeah.

Leo : Because we come to international school. Our guest is alumni of Ekamai International School. She is famous very much from Hormones The Series.

Nicky :  Ahah!

Leo : And our guest if Belle, Kemisara!

Belle Kemisara Poldech or Belle Hormones, actress and teenage master of ceremonies. She came to the entertainment society with winning “Friend for film” contest and she was more famous from being in role of “Koi” in Hormones The Series. After that, she had more works, such as “เพื่อนเฮี้ยนโรงเรียนหลอน” (Haunted friend from the haunted school), “I see you, special nurse + mysterious case”, Female protagonist of MV “คนมีเสน่ห์ (Charming girl)” by Pang Nakarin.

Belle’s introduction.

Nicky : Let’s meet Belle!!

Leo : Belle!!! Hi~~


Leo : Belle, how are you when you back to wear student uniform again?

Belle : That’s good.

Leo : Do you still wear student uniform?

Belle : Yeah. I can wear it!

Leo : So your shape isn’t taller and wider?

Belle : Not taller is better.

Leo : OK, so where is this place?


Belle : Vanilla Cafe. Opposite side of school.

Leo : We stand between this cafe!? So will we talk more at inside?

Belle : Yeah. let’s go.

Leo : OK.

67Leo : OK, so let’s talk something about you. Belle, why do you appoint us to this place?

Belle : This is my favorite cafe I always eat some bakery with my friends, but I only eat when I have affordable money. If I have little money, I will appoint my friends to go here, but if I and my friends didn’t have more money, I will eat at cafe at backside of school.

Leo : Backside of school? Look like it has some pancake stalls?

Belle : Yes.

Nicky : 20 Baht, isn’t it?

Leo : Belle always came this cafe when she and her friends have enough money.

Belle : Yeah. More than 100 Baht.

Nicky : Have you come to this cafe often?

Belle : Twice or three times per month.

Leo : So you have enough money to go at this cafe.

Nicky : When you come to Vanilla Cafe, which menus did you always order?

I will come for having money only.

Belle : I love to eat Daifuku.

Nicky : Is this?

Belle : Strawberry Daifuku.

Leo : So you always went to this cafe after finishing learning to eat some desserts.

Belle : Yeah. No any savories.

Leo : Belle, when you learned at high school, where was your home? Is your home near this school?

Belle : My home is so far away from the school. I don’t stay at this place. It was started when my brother learned at this school first, then my parents didn’t want me to go another schools, so they registered me to school as same as my brother. And that time, international school wasn’t boomed, so my parented sent me to this. Not expensive.

Leo : Oh!!! So let’s ask about Belle’s family. How many family members do you have?

Belle : I have a brother, dad and mom. Oh! I have grandmother too. So I have 5 people.

Leo : OK. So your family has 5 people, aren’t you?

Belle : Yeah.

Leo : What time do you wake up?

Belle : School starts to queue at 7:30 AM, so I wake up at 5:30 AM. But I move out from my home at 6:30 AM.

Leo : Do you take a bath at morning?

Belle : Yes, I take a bath, but I take a bath very fast. Only 5 minutes, I finish.

Leo : That is so fast!

Belle : But I wake up later when I am teenager.

Nicky : Belle. Where do you usually have breakfast?

Belle : If I am late, I have breakfast at the car. That is whole cooking.

Nicky : So you have rice and cooking?

Belle : Yeah.

Nicky : Is it real?

Leo : And cooking?

Belle : Yep.

Nicky : Who make breakfast?

Belle : My grandmother or my parents.

Nicky : What favorite menu do you always have?

Belle : Each menus. Sometimes I love Larb.

Leo : Huh? At morning, you eat Larb? Doesn’t it hurt your stomach?

Belle : Yep. I don’t eat spicy. I eat Larb with low spice.

Nicky : Sweet Larb, isn’t it?

Belle : Yes. But someday I miss, I drink milk.


Leo : That’s so good.

Belle : I am a girl who wake up at morning and eat a lot. Not only eat yogurt or cereals.

Leo : And you learned at Ekamai. How did you go?

Belle : My mom sent me first, then after learning each days, my grandmother brought me back to home.

Nicky : Huh? Can your grandmother drive a car?

Belle : Yeah, she can. She drives so fast.

Nicky : How old is your grandmother?

Belle : 80 years old.

Leo : OMG! 80 years old grandmother can drive a car. That is so unbelievable.

Belle : No! When she drove a car, she was 60 or 70 years old. No No No! 70 years.

Leo : Belle, when you was at high school, how much money do you get each days?

Belle : Most is 120 Baht.

Leo : 120? When did you get 120 Baht?

Belle : 120 Baht since I was grade 12. But I get 100 Baht since I was grade 10.

Leo : And when you was grade 12, money shifted to 120?

Nicky : Did you use enough?

Belle : Yeah, I used enough.

Nicky : What did you purchase with 120 Baht each days?

Belle : Foods.

Nicky : Did you like to eat desserts?

Belle : Food… Um… I like to eat desserts. For 3 times per day.

Leo : So you enjoyed eating than everything.

Belle : Yep.

Leo : Because Ekamai zone fulfills with many cafe and restaurants.

Nicky : After you graduated at high school, have you gone to school?

Belle : I never come to school seriously.

Leo : Huh? You never visit your teachers at high school? Why haven’t you have grateful feeling?

Belle : Yeah yeah yeah, but I didn’t come as same as touring similar this.

Nicky : You didn’t visit to teachers seriously as this, did you? Such as eating Vanilla dessert and you visit with little.

Belle : Yes.

Leo : So we will bring Belle to her nostalgia at Ekamai International  School. OK, we eat all of deserts on the table first, then we go.



Nicky : Yeah!!! Now we are coming to Ekamai International  School!


Ekamai International School was founded at 1946. First time was Christian kids training place, then evolved to Ekamai International School. This place accepted grade 1 students to grade 12 students. They used EIS as short name of Ekamai International School. Famous alumnus from Ekamai International School are Boy Kosiyakong, Willy McIntosh, Madame Kataleya and To Saksit, Haru Supakorb.

Ekamai International School’s introduction.

Nicky : Huh? Is that school sign?

Belle : Yes. It has been with long time, but that fences just appear.

Nicky : That fence covers school sign so can you see school sign?

Belle : I don’t know. It has just been built. Usually, it wasn’t appeared.

Nicky : Huh? It is just built?

Belle : Um?

Nicky : Really?

Leo : Usually, students arrive to school at here.


Nicky : Hey hey hey!!! Can you tell people behind me about we are on air.

Leo : He is teacher.

Nicky : Huh? OK? Let’s greet him. Hello…

Leo : Who’s that?

Belle : He is my teacher who closed to me a lot.

Leo : What is his name?

Belle : Mr. Tommy.

Leo & Nicky : Hello Mr. Tommy.


Leo : Why did you close to him?

Belle : I met him since I was grade 11. I met you at grade 11?

Tommy : Yes. Level 11.

Belle : When I was grade 12, I consult him to learn at university. And he ever taught Best.

Leo : Teach to your brother?

Belle : Yes.

Nicky : Can you talk about Belle?

Leo : How about she?

Tommy : She is good.

Belle : Absolutely.

Belle enjoys and be part of education very much.

Leo : Perfect?

Tommy : But she always comes late.

Leo : Always come late?

Nicky : She is stupid or clever?

Leo : She is clever.

Nicky :Clever.

Leo : Clever yes.

Nicky : She clever ahah.

Leo : She is a good student and enjoys to class so much, but she come late.

Nicky : Late, right?

Leo : So Belle paid attention everything about education, but she came late.

Belle : Yeah, I always came late.


Leo : Did you see Hormones? Hormones Wai Wa Wun (chaos age).

Tommy : Yes. She’s on Hormones. Yeah, I saw.

Leo : He also watched Hormones.

Nicky : How do you feeling when she is superstar now?

Tommy : Yes.

Nicky : How do you feeling?

Tommy : Belle is star. I’m happy.

Leo : So let’s tell your feeling when you meet Mr. Tommy again.

Belle : So happy to see you. I miss you very much!!!!

Tommy : Yes. Hahaha.

Leo : OK. Finally, Belle meets her teacher, so bring Belle to inside school to she how school has been changed after Belle graduated. Thank you Mr. Tommy.

Nicky & Leo : Thank you.

Leo : What’s that, Belle?


Belle : EIS Snack Bar, when student relax at break time, they come to eat some snack at here

Nicky : Sell only bakery and snacks.

Belle : Yes.

Nicky : What time do you eat from this shop? Morning, noon, after classroom?

Belle : Yes. Actually, students have break at morning at 8:00-8:15 AM.

Nicky  : And when do you buy something in this school, you use cash or coupon or smart card?

Belle : Use card. But I lost it so I borrow my friend’s card.

Leo : How to pay? Top-up?

Belle : Yeah, I top-up money to smart card.

Leo : So students got their personal smart card and top-up themselves.

Belle : Yes. But I lost it since I got.

Leo : And how to do?

Belle : I borrowed my friend’s smart card.

Leo : And your friends give your cash back?

Belle : No.

Now we let Belle and MC greet to students. So we will rank to Belle’s memorial moments at next break.

เสียงตามสาย (The announcer)


Hey what’s up my friends, let’s have fun with School Tour! We parked perfectly at Prajeenkalyanee school, Prajeenburi province. We didn’t come lonely. Hey!!! I didn’t come lonely! Because we brought MC, singers and U-Price the series actors made entertainment to students. A lot of joys were available with Ten, Mook, Mek, Gun and Kang. And appreciated activities with U-Price protagonists! This joy couldn’t bring to lovable students if we didn’t have big sponsors that paid attention fully.


Oh wow!! Thank you for joy and grateful students. Now time is out. See you again next week.

Second break


Leo : Come back again to High School Reunion with Belle Kemisara at EIS.

Belle : Yeah.

Nicky : Belle, what class have you started to learn?

Belle : Since before grade 1 to grade 12.

Leo : That’s too long!

Belle : With 13 years.

Leo : Why didn’t you think to move another school?

Belle : Actually, it had time to move, but I closed with my friends. If it had choices with move, I declined.

Nicky : So if you move, you will meet and greet new friends.

Belle : Yes. I am not good at making new friends.

Nicky : So she stay at here for 13 years.


Leo : When you learn at grade 10-12, which classes did you choose?

Belle : Lowest class. Actually, there were 5 classes.

Leo : Huh? Wasn’t this same as another Thai school?

Belle : Lowest class called General Diploma. Highest is engineer.

Leo : Engineer class is same as real engineer, isn’t it?

Belle : Yes, that’s it. Engineer class learned about chemistry, advanced math. I wouldn’t like to learn them.

Leo : Belle learned in EIS for 13 years. Don’t believe Belle’s cute face because she is so naughty! So we start to rank Belle’s memorial moments. Let’s start with Belle’s 5th memorial moment “Outlaw girl”

EIS is a school that have many different students so it has rules of student uniform for school’s regulation. This rule made Belle had 4th memorial moment “Outlaw girl”.

Nicky : Belle, what is “Outlaw girl?”

Belle : I dressed student uniform with wrong rule, such as skirt length to knee, but my skirts are shorter.

Leo : Really?

Belle : Yes.

Leo : Why did you want to show your thighs?

Belle : I feel hot when I wear long skirt.

Leo : You want something that is hippy, isn’t it?

Belle : I feel hot very much, OK?

Leo : Normally, skirt length is at the knee. So what another things did you break the rules?

Belle : Socks and shoes. Students must wear only EIS sock, but I wear it down to the feet. When I queue in front of flag, I still shift it up, but after that in classroom, I put socks down to the feet.


Nicky : Is it still hot?

Belle : Too long. I don’t like it.

Leo : And hairstyle?

Belle : For hairstyle, guidance counselor didn’t allow to have spice or cheesy hairstyle. But it wasn’t red as cosplay’s hairstyle. I changed my hair color to red-brown, but it was shown boldly when I was at sunshine area. Yeah, I was detected and guidance counselor called me to warn.

Leo : Because your hair violated the school rules, didn’t it?

Belle : Yes.

Leo : Actually, at front of school, there are teachers who verify dressing. And how did you enter to school?


Belle : I went at backside of school.

Leo : Climb or walk?

Belle : I walked. Because this door is for school vans. Only guard who keep at this area, but no teacher who detect rule violations. When I come late, I walk to the classroom without thinking anything.

Leo : Looks like letting Belle talks her story isn’t more enjoyable, so I call Belle’s friend to talk about Belle’s memorial moments together. Let’s meet Intou (Fern)!!!

Belle : HEY!!!!



Nicky : Hi, Intou.

Intou : Hi…

Leo : Do you have nickname?

Intou : Yes. My nickname is Fern.

Nicky : When have you been Belle’s friend?

Intou : I know her since she was before grade 1.

Belle : She stayed at another class room, but I met her closely when I was grade 5-6.

Leo : Why did you close to Intou?

Intou : At grade 5-6, classrooms merged so students would know closer.

Leo : You talk a lot until you closed her.


Nicky : Intou, please confirm Belle who was outlaw. What did Belle violate the rules?

Intou : Here, she doesn’t wear socks.

Nicky : Since she learned?

Intou : Yep. And unusual skirt length.

Nicky : Didn’t belle come to classroom?

Intou : Maybe, but if she didn’t come to classroom, she came to first aid room to take a nap.

Leo : Take a nap? Was she sick?

Intou : Yeah, she was sick too.

Belle : Sometimes I was truly sick, but sometimes I lied because I felt tired. Want to take a nap.

Leo : Only take a nap?

Belle : Yeah, I was headache and dizzy. It was so hot.

Leo : So when did you violate rules, what were penalties?

Belle : In this school had 4 terms. Each terms gave 50 points. If I get more penalties, guidance counselor will send pink slip.

Leo : What is pink slip?

Belle : Pink slip is penalties’ lists that tell decreasing points if you violate rules. And my score was always lost from 50 points.

Leo : If you lose all of score, what will you do?

Belle : I was called to clean dishes.

Leo : With cleaning dishes, there are also have penalties too. Or buy something?

Belle : For 2-3 weeks.

Leo : What did you wash to?

Belle : Everyone in canteen.

Leo : Such as someone give dishes, you clean immediately?

Belle : Yep.

Leo : For you who violate rules, please warn to somebody who watched High School reunion.

Belle : I want to say rules violation isn’t nice to do. Please follow rules because rules aren’t for break.

Nicky : And after you graduated at EIS, have you met old friends?

Intou : Actually, I and Belle is at same university.

Leo : Huh? So you still meet Belle?

Intou : Yes.

Belle : Actually I still have old friends because my old friends learn at Thammasart University as same as me.

Leo : Really?

Belle : Yeah, I find my all friends. And I don’t close to new friends in university much.

Leo : When Belle is popular, does she change herself?

Intou : No! She is same.

Leo : Are you proud when you have your friends that have many fanclubs?

Intou : I feel proud a lot.

Nicky : Now Belle’s friend confirmed she is so naughty, so let’s know better on memorial moment 3rd “Teasing girl”

High School (6th building) is a building for high school. It has 7 storeys and Belle usually learned at this place. And this place occurred 3rd memorial moment “Teasing girl”.


Leo : Yeyyyyy!!!! Teasing girl? So let’s meet Belle’s prey who was teased a lot. She is Prae!!!

Belle : Prae? No!!!!!


Nicky : Hi, Prae. I saw Belle who closed her eyes and screamed when you come to classroom. Why did she do this?

Belle : I never think she will come.

Nicky : Why?

Belle : She learns heavily. She learns architect and I think I forget her.

Prae : Yeah, I also forget you.

Belle : I teased her a lot when I was with her at grade 7-12. I don’t think her to come so I fear a little.

Nicky : Can you tell me did Belle tease you?

Prae : She picked my favorite bag to throw away and hide at the bush.


Leo : Premium bag?

Prae : Yes. I bought it from Korea. It’s name is Kanken. That time Korean bag wasn’t come to Thailand.

Leo : Looks like each bags price is more than 1,000 Baht.

Prae : Yes.

Nicky : Do you like it?

Prae : Yeah. I held with myself, but when I put away from me, oh!!! Where is it?

Leo : Did Belle throw it to the bush? Where was Belle’s heart made from?

Nicky : Why did you so naughty?

Belle : When Prae walked anywhere, she always equip her bag. That was so a lot. That time Prae didn’t feel herself, so she put it away from her and I threw it to the bush.

Nicky : Why did you throw it?

Belle : Actually, I hid myself first, then I threw Prae’s bag to the restricted area!

Prae : Very fucking evil!

Leo : That area is restricted that student doesn’t allow to enter. And how did you get Prae’s bag?

Belle : I called some auntie to pick Prae’s bag. I hid it for an hours.

Prae : And Belle recorded video clip when I attempted to reach my bag.


Nicky : Did you try to climb?

Leo : Did you anger to Belle?

Prae : That time I wanted to say to Belle “FUCK YOU BITCH!”

Leo : That’s inside your mind.

Prae : Usually, I argue or blame to her when I see Belle. Sometimes I blame “Devil girl!!”

Leo : Actually, you’re friend together although you usually blame or argue.

Belle : Yes.

Leo : Do you know this is first girl Belle teased.

Belle : Isn’t it empty?

Leo : No No No!!! There’s another one! Let’s meet Mimi!!



Nicky : Hi~~~~~ That’s another one.

Mimi : I was sulked a little.

Leo : Who sulked?

Mimi : Belle.

Leo : Why did Belle sulk? What was the reason?


Mimi : In Belle’s birthday, I bought t-shirt with dog design. I misunderstood to Belle, so she blamed to me ‘Do you insult me as a dog?'”

(Belle laughed out loud)

Nicky : Belle, was it real?

Leo : Why did you anger?

Belle : That time I didn’t think anything. Yeah, I sulked temporally. she bought t-shirt with her mom, she said ‘Hey! That is so cute’. But I said “No way! I sulk, OK?” With many months.

Nicky : How did you please her?

Mimi : First time I described to her, but she still sulked, so I let her. That was hard to please. Hmm….

Nicky : Finally?

Belle : I stop sulking. Now Mimi is my close friend at same faculty in university.

Nicky : At Thammasart university?

Belle : Yeah.

Nicky : Then?

Belle : I still close with Mimi. Another classmate, they don’t close to me much.

Mimi : Yeah.


Nicky : Belle, did you tease your teacher?

Belle : No! I didn’t tease her, but I payback. At the library, there are librarians? I talked loudly, but they said “Shuuuu”. So I said “Shuuuu” back immediately.

Nicky : Huh? Did you do really?

Belle : Yes.

Leo : Look like you didn’t dare to tease some teacher. And she will meet you, Belle. Let’s meet teacher “Lumyai”!!!!!


Leo : Lumyai, hello.

(Everyone said hello)

Leo : Teacher Lumyai, do you remember your student, Belle?

Lumyai : Yes, I can. Her name is so different when I call to her. Her friends call Belle, but I call to Belle as “Kemi”.

Nicky : Ke…mi? Hahaha.

Belle : Ah… I am panic.

Nicky : Huh? Are you panic?

Belle : Yes. I’m panic when teacher Lumyai call me.

Leo : Normally, you often tease your friends or teacher, except teacher Lumyai. Why?

Belle : Teacher Lumyai is so calm and conservative. I met her since I was a child. And… I fear her!


Leo : Really?

Belle : Yes. I remember teacher Lumyai ever scolded me.

Lumyai : No!!!

Leo : Huh? Really?

Nicky : Look at her sight!

Lumyai : Just a little.

Leo : How about Belle?

Lumyai : She is so cheerful and active. Very good with activities.

Nicky : And how about education?

Lumyai : Education is so minor.

Nicky : Minor or more?

Lumyai : More minor!

Belle : hahaha.


Leo : But your student now learn at Thammasart university. And she also works! How about your famous student?

Lumyai : I’m happy and proud to Belle who are good at reputation. Good with learning and performing. Yeah, I still follow Belle’s works.

Leo : Now Belle come back to school, so High School Reunion’s staff has garland to let Belle respects teacher Lumyai. Do you have something to tell? Let’s tell to Lumyai.

Then Belle held garland and sat below teacher Lumyai.

Belle : Thank you teacher Lumyai who teach Thai language since I was a child until teach Thai dancing at grade 12. I apologize to you about I am so stubborn at a child. Thank you very much, teacher Lumyai.


Lumyai : May the God bless you, Belle.

Then teacher Lumyai hugged Belle.

Nicky : Teacher Lumyai, please wish to Belle.

Lumyai : May the success be with you for everything. God bless to you!

Nicky : Belle, you just talk about feeling to your teacher, now let’s talk about your friends.

Belle : I often meet them. I don’t know how to say, but thank you to be my friends.

Leo : And do you want to apologize her for teasing?

Nicky : You ever threw her bag from Korea.

Belle : I’m sorry for teasing you. Please forgive me (Belle tried to poke Prae, but Prae denied.) Please meet me when you have free time. You learn hardly.

Prae : Yeah.

Belle : And that girl…. I still close to her. I meet her everyday.

Leo : Mimi, let’s share about Belle.

Mimi : Belle worked hardly, so please take care herself.

Prae : I wish you to be happy and successful with everything.

Leo : That’s so cute. when your friend cheer you together. Thank you to Mimi, Prae and Lumyai. Thank you!

Leo : This is Belle’s naughty moments you may see these are so cute. Now let’s see high school students who are naughtier than you think. Let’s see “Est Cold School Idol!”


This week we come to north of Thailand. He is so cute so let’s greet him now!


Gym : Hello, I’m Gym Parinyakorn Kansawa. Now I’m learning at Poly technique Lanna Chiangmai college, year 1st with faculty of electric power.

กิจกรรมที่เคยทำ / Activities he ever did


My activities ever did were competing singing in “To Be Number 1”, I won with first prize and was Chiang Mai’s representative to compete with national cup and I took a shoot of Chiang Mai’s travelling MV. Promoted at China.

วีรกรรม / Memorial moment


My memorial moment was walking behind my friend and put his short down. My friend got panic, so I put it up. After that, he teased me back.

กิจกรรมซ่าซี้ดสุดขั้ว / Most extreme activity

For the most extreme activity, I will show my dare about taking selfie with tiger.

OK, this is the time of testing his bravery. He is going to take selfie with enormous tiger lonely. Can he do it? Let’s cheer him!




Human is so brave and tiger is so kind. Yeah, both are cute so High School Reunion’s staff also give gift set of Est Korean Cola to drink for increasing your excitement extremely!


If you ever scream to these school idol, this year let’s meet Est School Idol 2016. Where do school have cute and great with activities students, I will show you to scream! That is so bigger with voting EST SCHOOL IDOL OF THE MONTH. And more about biggest finding EST SCHOOL IDOL OF THE YEAR. Not only voting and you pay fees, we will give the prize for voter and voted school idols. Please read more about rules at http://www.facebook.com/SchoolBusFB.


Now Nicky, Leo and Belle were coming to the canteen. Belle ordered international food, such as nugget, french fries. Belle brought piece of nugget, but she teased Nicky and Leo with pull it away from their mouth.

Nicky : Let’s say again about High School Reunion with Belle.

Belle : Yeah!!!!

Nicky : Or Belle Hormones, Belle, Best’s sister, or only Belle at International Ekamai School.

Leo : Yes, now we’re at canteen of International Ekamai School. Look like this canteen is so high-society because there are air conditioners make this canteen cool but it isn’t big.

Belle : Yes.

Leo : There are only 5-6 food shops at here.

Belle : Yeah.


Leo : When you learn at IES, did you have favorite food shop?

Belle : I liked to eat foods at this shop (Japanese and Korean food) and that shop with rice noodles.

Leo : What’s that food shop?

Belle : Grilled chicken.

Nicky : As same as Japanese or Korean foods?

Belle : I don’t know. It just include the name.

Nicky : And what another favorite shop?


Belle : Noodle.

Nicky : But there are inside zone and outside zone.


Belle : Yes.

Nicky : Inside is cooler, and outdoor is usual?

Belle : But I like to sit at outside because inside the cafeteria has bad smell.



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