The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” Part 3

Next day at the entrance of Baiyoke 2 tower, Pratunam, Bangkok at 6:00 pm. This time was starting time of the mini nightlife. There were many Bangkok travelers came to buy accessories from Thailand to their home places at another countries. But this day, Cheesecake appointed Dada and Chris to this place due to Cheesecake knew Athena was here and she was waiting for her son and daughter.

“Um… Where is Cheesecake?” Chris asked to Dada, but he saw around him again, no Dada was here. Where was Dada?

“Dada. Where are you?” Chris asked again, but no sound answered his question back immediately. 1 minutes later, he saw Dada who bought Roti with banana at the hawker stall that placed at the street of the Pratunam. Oh!!! Dada presented that Roti cheerfully. Looked like it might be delicious a lot.

“Roti!!” Dada said to Chris and she picked a paper dish of Roti Banana from plastic bag before she picked a piece of Roti Banana to her mouth for eating. Um… Dada felt good a lot.

“That is so very delicious!” Dada yelled to Chris. “Chris, let’s eat this.”

Dada felt cheerful a lot. That made Chris tried to eat some pieces of Roti. Um…. Smell was so nice. It mixed with fried bread smell and banana smell to the best deliciousness he ever touched.

“How about it?” Dada asked to Chris curiously.

“Very very delicious!” Chris answered.”How much?”

“30 Baht.” Dada answered. “Do you need more?”

“No. I just asked. I never eat this delicious dessert ever.” Chris told about his experience to  Dada. Dada smiled and said. “Really?”

“You are the professor of desserts.” Chris said. “You eat it until you are fat!”

“Chris! Don’t say fat to me!!!” Dada angered when Chris teased her about saying “Fat” to Dada. Dada pinched Chris’s cheeks severely.

“Damn! It is so fucking hurt!” Chris swore with dirty language immediately.

Then someone embraced to Chris and Dada’s back warmly. Dada saw to someone who embraced her instantly. Yeah, Cheesecake came to them now.

“Hi, Cheesecake.” Dada said.

“Yeah. Follow me. Athena want to meet you safely. She doesn’t want another one to visit.” Cheesecake said.

Then Cheesecake brought Dada and Chris to the lobby of Baiyoke 2 tower. This tower was one of the tallest building in Bangkok. It was the hotel that made for great VIP tourists who came to Bangkok. There was 81 floors. Why was this place fulfilled with hotel room? Why were there many rooms at here?

Now Chris and Dada followed Cheesecake to the lobby. Baiyoke 2 lobby was so very enormous and elegant. Not luxurious but it was so epic.

“Sir Cheesecake, we are waiting for you. Which floors do you want to go?” Security guard of Baiyoke 2 lobby asked.

“Floor 6oth.” Cheesecake answered and smiled to security guard.

“Follow me.” Security guard brought Dada, Chris and Cheesecake to floor 60th. At Baiyoke 2, elevator moved so fast. You can go to floor 60th with only 1 minutes! Then they entered to the elevator and go to floor 60th.

After that, security guards asked to Cheesecake again.

“Which room do you want to go?” Security guard asked.

“Athena’s room. Where?” Cheesecake asked.

“Go to room 6001.” Security guard answered and he pointed to the room 6001 that Athena was living.

“Thank you.” Cheesecake said and she brought Dada and Chris to go to room 6001. Room 6001 was near elevator a lot. Cheesecake knocked the door to wait Athena opened the door. 20 seconds later, Athena opened the door.

She saw to Chris and Dada and asked to Cheesecake. “Cheesecake, who are these?”

“Dada and Chris, your son and daughter you ever sought. Now they are here.” Cheesecake said.

“Chris? Dada?” Athena asked again looked like she forgot.

“Yeah.” Dada said. “I am your daughter. Do you remember me?”

“Oh!! Looked like I am hungry so much. See you again, Chris, Dada.” But… hey! Why Cheesecake leaved out? Chris doubted but didn’t blame anything.

Meanwhile Athena stunned with Chris and Dada’s face. She never knew them.

“Yeah.” Athena answered Dada’s question. “I remember.” But Chris knew that was unusual. Athena answered so slow.

“And do you remember me?” Chris asked Athena although he didn’t really know Athena was his mother. “Your son?”

“Yeah.” Athena answered. “Certainly.”

Chris held Dada’s hand and gave some signal about that wasn’t OK. Dada saw to Chris and whispered. “What?”

But Chris didn’t say anything.

Athena walked to the door to look. After she locked door room, she saw to Chris and Dada slowly like a zombie.

“Dada.” Chris said.

“What? Tell me directly.” Dada blamed to Chris.

“That isn’t Athena.” Chris answered. “I know that hand. It was….”

“Huh?” Dada doubted.

“Male’s hand!” Chris revealed that fake Athena! Finally, Athena released her wig. Actually she wasn’t Athena, but looked like he was Marshall!

“You again!!!?” Dada blamed! “Fucking pervert!”

“Hahahahahahahaha! Hey my old friend!” Marshall laughed and smiled. “Don’t say this to me. I am you friend when you find the trouble.”

“You’re not Athena! Who are you!!?” Chris asked.

“Marshall,  Tiger mafia elite member.!” Marshall introduced himself.  “You’re so dumb a lot. Only dressing like Athena, you are teased easily. Very fool, loser.”

“Go fuck yourself.” Chris blamed with bad mood. “Where is Athena? Where?”

“You are same as USA president who ask to Bin Laden” Marshall said. “My job is making you to die by me.”

And this is my revenge!

Then Marshall picked his shuriken to throw to Dada and Chris, but both evaded them well.

“Damn!” Chris said. “He has shuriken. What the fuck is that?”

“You cannot tolerate this air hahaha!” Marshall laughed and he activated the toxic gas with toluene to Dada and Chris. Actually toluene was Chris and Dada’s strong weakness that made them to be suffocated.

“Damn! that dead smell?” Dada asked. “Shit!!! Thinner smell or something like a glue!”


Marshall wore the gas mask that protect toluene gas.

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” He laughed. “That is so very funny when you are weak with toluene. I know you well. You aren’t  born regularly. You are experimental human that were born from the experimental girl.”

Huh? So I and my mom is experimental human? Why?

“I know everything. You’re born from the illegal research project from Dr. Wayne. You were born for tolerating effects from any drugs, but it was so pity when tolerance of toluene was failed. Hahaha.” Marshall said.

Dada and Chris blew vomit extremely. They got hallucinations. Oh no!!!




















“Where are we?”

“Dada, where are you?”

Then Chris woke up from somewhere. Luckily, Dada was sleeping near him. He saw around himself and thought everything. Where was this place?

“Dada…” Chris still called Dada who was sleeping. He shook Dada’s body until she felt herself. Dada winked her eyes and said. “Where are we?” as same as Chris.

“I don’t know.” Chris said.

Now Chris and Dada were staying in some hut that roofs were the zinc. That was oxide zinc. Oh!!! house walls were made from old woods and looked like smell wasn’t good. It was bad smell around them.

“Why the hell is smell so bad?” Dada asked to Chris.

Chris explored all around this house. He saw many things that was dirty and… That calendar… It was shown….

“Damn it!” Chris blamed.

“What?” Dada asked.

“Are we dreaming?” Chris asked. “We are at someday in September 1985.”

“Huh? 24 years ago?” Dada blamed immediately. “Impossible. And I don’t know where we are.”

“Let’s get out from this home.” Chris said and held Dada’s hand to get out, but some drug dealers ran to that hut very fast.

“Shit!” Chris exclaimed, but drug dealers who held their guns walked passed Dada and Chris. “Huh? Are we ghost?”

“Really?” Dada asked. “I hope no one see us.”

“Yeah. But I don’t know where this place is.” Chris said. “Let’s get out of here.”

Then Chris walked to the exit at this place, but Chris and Dada didn’t know true exit. Meanwhile, that drug dealers tried to escape from someone.

“Damn it! Someone called police!” Drug dealers said together at the hut.

“We must escape from that dog!”


Now Dada and Toto ran to someplace. They saw the village sign and finally they knew this place was slum in Khlong Toei district, Bangkok.

“Are we in 1985? Dada asked Chris.

“Yeah. Everything is so outdated.” Chris said and he saw around him. Everything were in 1985. That was 80’s age in Thailand

“Damn it!! My iPhone 3G cannot be used. No signal.” Dada said when she checked her iPhone.

“I’m too. My Blackberry is dead.” Chris said. “Or this age isn’t have cell phone?”

“Maybe.” Dada answered. “After we sniff that fucking toluene gas, we are coming in this time. Um… Or we are dreaming?”

Chris paid attention to escape only. So he held Dada to the exit immediately.

“Let’s go Dada.” Chris said and ran away from this slum quickly. When they were running, looked like this slim was fulfilled with drug influence. There were many teenagers who use drug, such as using heroin with syringe or sniffing glue from the can. That was so pity a lot.

“What are you doing, Chris?” Dada asked when he tried to put plastic bag of glue away from teenager’s hand, but he forgot he and Dada were illusion that couldn’t touch anything in 1985.

“Damn it!!” Chris blamed. “They are sniffing glue. They don’t know what will happen with them in future.”

Dada felt pity to that teenagers who didn’t know what was the meaning of life. Looked like Dada and Chris were in the hell. That damn glue could make teen who sniffed felt happy and aggressive, but it destroyed teens’ brain strongly. They said something that was came from euphoria and hallucination from the effect of chemistry inside the glue.

“Hahahahahahahahahaha. I’m in the waterfall! Oh! Cool water cool water!”

That teen who sniffed glue laughed loudly. But actually he couldn’t stay at the waterfall. He did as same as staying in the waterfall.

“Oh no!” Dada blamed. Chris pulled Dada and call her to see something. “Look at that guy!”

“Who?” Chris asked to Dada curiously. Dada pointed with her left index finger to a guy who was walking with someone. Chris saw to that guy and he felt surprised that guy was similar as Salvador.

“Is he Salvador?” Chris asked to Dada.

“Maybe. But tail him.” Dada said and she wanted to follow that suspected guy. If that guy was real Salvador, that mean someone tried to tell something to Dada and Chris.

“Wait!!!” Dada suspected something. “Look at the guy who walked with our dad. Um… He is similar as White.”

“Who is White?” Chris asked.

“Master in my university.” Dada answered. “He is my dad’s friend?”

“Don’t think a lot, Dada. Follow him.” Chris said and let him and Dada tailed Salvador and White.

Yeah, that was Salvador and White. They held their gun to protect themselves. Looked like they did crime at this time.

“We must hurry, Salvador.” White said.

“Damn it!” Salvador exclaimed when mafia team came to shoot him.

“Drug dealer!!!” Another one yelled and pointed to Salvador and White. This time Dada felt bad a lot when she knew her dad was ever the drug dealer. Her face fulfilled with the sadness until Chris saw her.

“Dada.” Chris said. “Are you OK?”

“Why my dad did this? Why?” Dada asked to Chris. That was very hard question to answer. Chris hugged Dada and patted Dada’s head.

“Don’t be serious.” Chris said and smiled. “Look like we are seeing interested things more than I think. Follow Salvador.”

Chris din’t feel anything to Salvador, his dad who was drug dealer because he was born from the trouble a lot, so drug dealer was so usual from his life when he was teen.

“Shit!!! Black swan mafia is coming!” White said.

“Yeah. I have some revolver to fight them back.” Salvador said and he ran to the another place.

Looked like Salvador and White had some problem with Black swan mafia and they will be hunted extremely. Now they were hiding at the big tree inside the slum. But 2 Black swan mafia people used a bag to cover Salvador and White from behind instantly.

“Damn it!”

Chris blamed.

Chris and Dada only watched what happened with Salvador and White who were ever the drug dealer, but they weren’t taken down by police. They were taken down by mafia “Black swan”. After that they were brought to the van to go somewhere. Chris and Dada wanted to run following the van that arrived away from the slum.

“Damn it. It was so fast.” Chris said. But he and Dada saw everything were bright until everything was white. Looked like they were teleported to somewhere.


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