Finally I choose “Layla” as female protagonist of “The Urbanist 2”

I hardly decided this a lot because I planned Freya’s story in The Urbanist 2 a lot, but looked like Layla’s character was suitable for being protagonist more than Freya due to she encountered with many troubles with her friends and herself. Not same as Freya who was born from the mafia’s family as same as Chris and Dada.

With changing protagonist, so I changed story of the Urbanist 2 too, but it was so more violent than season 1 due to story in season 2 had political and contrast contents. With greedy, envy, they made influencers seized the gold opportunity to be the millionaire of the Thailand in 2020.

Her basic story

Layla was Roxanne‘s sister that her mom didn’t same as Roxanne’s mom. She was born at Bangkok and moved to New York, USA since she was young. She absorbed American’s cultures a lot, but many racists teased Layla until her friends in USA, Jessica and Andre helped her. Both loved Layla a lot because Layla was easy to smile.

Until she came back to Bangkok after she graduated at New York University in year 2020 for seeking murderer who killed Roxanne, her elder sister.

Layla’s skill was so very marvelous. She could read books with 3,200 words per minute as same as Dada. Someday in library at New York University, she was recorded a video and shared in Facebook as viral video. That day she showed everyone to read as her style. Impossibly, she finished reading Harry Potter 7 with 45 minutes! So she was one of the cleverest student of New York University.

Her main job in New York was “DJ”. In New York, she didn’t have any MC to help her. Many her fans thumbed up for her incredible song mixing. Actually, Layla had “Absolute Pitch”, one of the greatest phenomenon of human that could knew notes instantly and her song mixing could control every audiences to do as she wanted. Someone said “using ecstasy drug with Layla’s song mixing could go to the heaven!”

For more information, see Layla (The Urbanist 2 Character)


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