The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” Part 2

At somewhere… (Lester’s POV)

“Lester… Are you alright?” Salvador said to Lester, bodyguard who used himself to protect Salvador. Now he was brought to somewhere that have many white neon on the ceiling.







“You do not have permission to go to emergency room.” Lester saw with faded picture from his mind. Looked like doctor said to Salvador. Now he was very hurt and have extreme pain on his body.

















Why was this so very hurt? Ah….

“Look like he is lost his blood a lot. Check his blood type.” Nurse said. Then Nurse used blood type checker to analyze what Lester’s blood type was. Used only 30 seconds, nurse could know immediately.

“Doctor.” Nurse said. “His blood type is AB Rh+”

“Lucky!” Doctor said. “Blood type AB can receive every blood type. Give me some blood bag.”












Where am I?

Where is Salvador?

Why is this room so clean?

Why this room is so cold?

I opened my eye and I saw around me. I saw to my body and I was wrapped for curing wound on my body. I felt hurt a lot. Although doctor used Morpheme, but I still hurt as same as someone was stabbing me insanely. I saw to the blood bag. In front of me, there was TV. Um… I wanna watch news. Who can turn on TV?

Huh? Who opened the door?

“Lester. Are you alright?” Ah… My boss opened the door and asked me. I didn’t know why I was transported to this place. Who? But my boss bought foods to me. Thank you very much boss.

“I’m OK, but I hurt.” I answered.

“Lester. I don’t know how to reward your kindness.” My boss said to me. “You saved my life by covering bullet. I feel sad when you hurt.”

“And how about Marshall?” I asked about Marshall. That bastard should be died.

“He was captured to our base.” My boss answered. But… Hey hey hey!! Why did my boss capture this shitty guy?

“Why did you capture? Why didn’t you kill him?” I felt hurt and wanted that motherfucking bastard had to die.

“I believe Tiger Mafia is nominee. And everyone from Tiger Mafia respected their boss a lot. Yeah, their boss is my wife, Athena who has been controlled with mind controller. Killing innocent people is fool.”

I didn’t think so about my boss’s opinion. He was calm more than I thought.

“I will give brave prize to you.” My boss said. “After your health is cured, I will talk later.

“Thank you very much sir.” I always knew I will get brave prize. But my boss said it himself. Looked like he cared me a lot. I thought right to stay with Salvador.

“Doctor said you aren’t paralyzed. Congratulations!” My boss said with me. “After you will be cured, you can rest for a month, but I still pay your salary. OK?”

If another one heard this, they felt happy very much, but for me….


I felt hurt again! Ah!!! I hurt a lot. Fuck me!

“Lester!!!” My boss yelled and ran to me. “Are you alright?”

“No!!! Call…nurses…now!” I said with the pain that fulfilled all my body. I hurt extremely.

“OK…” My boss said and ran to press emergency button at right side of me. He alerted a lot. He did everything to let me safe.

My hurt was so very severe. If I wanted, I wanted to die more than suffering this pain with long time. I couldn’t tolerate this shit for long time. I hurt… My body couldn’t move as I thought. Or I will be disabled? No way! No No No!










Meanwhile at Thonglor. (Dada’s POV)

Looked like my brother was better. He stayed at the present. He didn’t say about Kate more than I think. He was cured. I felt happy very much. Perhaps, I hugged my brother everyday, he might be loved my hugging.

Um… This morning Chris should eat this… Super breakfast made by Dada! It was sandwich with chicken steak. I hoped Chris loved this. Yeah, I opened Chris’s door room and… Wow! Chris was sitting at the bed.

“Hi, my sister.” My brother said. “Do you want to hug me again?”

“Yes!” I answered immediately before I laid the breakfast tray to Chris’s desk. Then I jumped to the bed and hugged Chris. I didn’t know why I loved to hug my brother, but when I hugged him, I felt happy a lot… I ever heard when I hugged someone, Oxytocin hormone inside my body injected.

“I know you hug me with this.” My brother said and he smiled before he received my body. “Don’t you fear my bed is broken?”

“I don’t fear.” I answered.

“Hey! Use this with your boyfriend, Dada.” My brother warned me hahaha.

“I see.” I answered before I picked breakfast. I needed my brother to be stronger. But actually, Roxanne should help him due to she was closer than me. Where was she?

“And…” I asked to Chris. I wanted to know how he felt about Roxanne.

“What?” Chris asked to me back.

“I want to know how about Roxanne?” I asked to Chris immediately. Although that was so intruding Chris’s privacy, but I was his sister, so I should know.

“Roxanne?” Chris said and stopped talking with a few seconds before he saw around him without any reason.

“I’m sorry.” I feared I intruded Chris’s privacy a lot.

“What do you sorry to me? How about Roxanne?” Oh! Looked like Chris wanted to know about Roxanne from me. That was so unbelievable. He didn’t blame to me.

“I ask you. What are you thinking about Roxanne? Friend, Girlfriend or someone?” I asked curiously to Chris. I wanted to know Chris’s relationship. It was so interfere, but I was curious with this.

“Do you want me to be Roxanne’s boyfriend?” Chris asked and smiled to me.

“Maybe.” I said immediately. “I think you and Roxanne are compatible.”

“Hahaha.” Chris said. “I know right. I may say about this to Roxanne.”

“Do you ever date with her?” Dada asked.

“No.” Chris answered and he did pungent face. “Hey!!! That is my privacy.”

“Really? I am your sister.” Dada said.

“Sister and why? I just know you’re my sister. Not know since I was born….” Chris said without thinking anything… Then he said with apologize voice. “I’m sorry. I never have sister.”

Dada was silent and thought to say anything to Chris. “Chris. Don’t worry. I never have brother too.”

“Hahaha.” Chris laughed. For Chris, Dada was so lovable sister. He didn’t know why God sent cute sister to him, but he thanked to God faithfully. Dada was so taken care him a lot. Then Chris heard mobile phone that was ringing. He saw to that phone and he said “Hey Dada. Is that your mobile phone?”

“Yep.” Dada answered and she stood up before she walked and received calling from her mobile phone. Yeah, Cheesecake was calling to her.

“Hi, Cheesecake.” Dada greeted to Cheesecake.

“Yeah, Dada. I know place to meet Athena.” Cheesecake said with excited voice.

“Really?” Dada interested what Cheesecake said. “Where?”

“At Baiyoke 2 building.” Cheesecake answered. “She said to me. Now she was evading everything.”

“Baiyoke 2? I never come. Where?” Dada asked to Cheescake.

“At Watergate zone.” Cheesecake answered. “What time are you available?”

“Tomorrow.” Dada said. Actually, she can say she is available today, but she wanted Chris to date and have more time with Roxanne.

“Tomorrow? Yeah.” Cheesecake said. “Feel free to stay with me. I will call my boss about my guess will come.”

“Yeah.” Dada said and she hung up. After that, she said to Chris. “Tomorrow Cheesecake will admire us to Baiyoke 2 tower.”

“For?” Chris asked.

“Meeting our mom.” Dada answered.

“Huh? Mom? That is impossible! My mom was died.” Chris said.

“She is alive and she is Tiger Mafia leader.” Dada said back immediately. “But she is controlled with Mind Controller. If we rescue our mom, everything is the end.”

“Um. I see.” Chris said. “I want to take a bath.”

“OK.” Dada said. “I will waiting you at the living room.” Then Dada walked out from Chris room before Chris picked his cloths to take a bath. But… Someone called to Chris via his phone. he put his cloth to the bed and caught his phone before he received call. Yeah, Roxanne was calling to him.

“Hi, Roxanne.” Chris said.

“Chris.” Roxanne said with sweet voice. “Can you date with me?”


What are you thinking, Roxanne?

Saturday at someday, Siam Square.

Chris didn’t know why Roxanne wanted to date with him. But… Chris didn’t make any cause and reason to answer that reason. Chris chose date location to Siam Square that had many cafe at here. Teens were dated at this place and they recommended in webboard.

Roxanne appointed Chris at the Siam BTS station. Chris who already arrived from BTS train waited at the entrance of Siam BTS station with seeing something. There were many people who wanted to go with BTS sky train a lot.

Finally, Roxanne came behind Chris and she held Chris’s hand immediately. That made Chris frighted a little. Chris saw to Roxanne who dressed as same as ordinal girls, not sexy. Her hair color was shined blue that was so freak, but her cuteness substituted with her short hairstyle. Roxanne’s eyes still contacted to Chris’s eye continuously.

“Hi, darling.” Roxanne said to Chris as same as lover. Chris confused and stunted a little.

“Roxanne!” Chris said directly. “Why are you so naughty? You approached me from behind. That made me panic a little.”

“Hey! Don’t think a lot. Let’s go with me.” Roxanne said and she pulled Chris to go somewhere in Siam Square.

Long time ago Chris didn’t date with any girls. This time was so precious for Chris. Roxanne was so naughty lady who enjoyed with dating a lot until Chris felt confused in sometimes.

Kate wasn’t same as this. But… Um… Or…. let’s ask about Roxanne’s blood type.

“Roxanne.” Chris said to Roxanne when he and his date mate were walking at inner street of Siam Square.

“What, Chris?” Roxanne smiled and asked back.

“What is your blood type?” Chris asked to Roxanne immediately. Although this question was so closed, but he wanted to know.

“B” Roxanne answered. “Why?”

“Finally I know.” Chris said.

“What do you know?” Roxanne asked curiously.

“You’re so offensive a lot, but your charm is so great.” Chris complimented to Roxanne immediately.

“Hey!!” Roxanne felt shy and hit to Chris’s arm with her hand.

“Or you agree?” Chris asked again.

“Yeah!” Roxanne answered. “But this is first time I heard compliment. I felt shy.”

“Hahaha.” Chris smiled and laughed. “But I think you are lying me. You’re so beautiful so you should have someone who compliment you.”

“No!” Roxanne objected immediately. “But.. Hey!!! Look at this cafe. I want to eat Shabu.”

“Shabu?” Chris asked and saw to Shabu cafe that Roxanne was paying attention. He saw to beef, chicken that another customers were eating, and now Chris felt hungry, so he decided to say to Roxanne immediately.

“Roxanne, but those Pizza cafe is better.” Chris changed Roxanne’s mind. He paid attention to The Pizza Company before he pointed to call Roxanne.

“Pizza?” Roxanne said and smiled to Chris. Looked like she was happy with something. “I feel hungry to cheese!”

Chris just knew Roxanne loved cheese very much. So Chris’s decision was so great.

“Let’s go.” Chris said and held Roxanne’s soft hand to go together. Roxanne saw to Chris’s hand and she felt wonderful that Chris decided to held her hand. Looked like Chris’s chemistry was so compatible to Roxanne more than past. He didn’t know why, but sometimes he remembered at the time he was with Tingting who was died.

That visions made Chris stopped holding his hand with Roxanne immediately.

“What’s wrong with you?” Roxanne asked curiously. “Please tell me.”

Not only dating with Tingting, dating with Kate’s flashbacks returned to Chris’s mind again. He missed and didn’t want to see that sad moment in this time.

“Hey, Chris?” Roxanne asked.

“Roxanne. I don’t know how to wipe my ex-girlfriends who were died in my mind?”  Chris asked to Roxanne. Roxanne felt worried to Chris again.

“Hey Chris.” Roxanne said. “Tingting ever said to me about if she was died, I will take care you.”

“Really?” Chris asked. “But Tingting is Tingting, cannot be Roxanne.”

“Cannot be me and why? What’s wrong?” Roxanne asked back. “Actually…..”

But Roxanne stopped saying to think something until Chris asked again.

“What is the actualization?” Chris asked.

“I…… I love you before Tingting love you!” Roxanne answered. Chris paid attention to Roxanne immediately when she revealed the truth.

“Are you kidding me?” Chris asked.

“No! But… Tingting is my close friend. I cared my close friend a lot until I … I secretly love you. I tell everything to Tingting how to flirt to you. I love you since you, Tingting and me learned at university. First time you were not Famous. I couldn’t know you well, I have Tingting who was my close friend. She liked to travel at nightclub that she always invited me. Until do you remember the day you sang a song with Baby Doom band? You were so smart and made me crushed extremely. I told to Tingting for requesting your phone number. I was also timid to greet you. I didn’t know why? When I saw you went with Tingting, I always felt sad. Sad very much. I want to say about this to you for long time, but I was timid.”

“You wait Tingting to be died and you say your secret love story to me?” Chris asked.

“Maybe.” Roxanne said, then she cried to Chris immediately. Chris felt sad too when Roxanne told her mind of love to him. Chris hugged to Roxanne with his warm heart and said. “Roxanne. I already know your love, but I fear you will die if you are in a relationship with me.”

“I don’t care. That is so better than I died without having any boyfriend.” Roxanne said. “At least, I ever hugged you. My life is completed.”

Chris didn’t know why Roxanne desired to love him very much, but that was so cute because Roxanne was near him. When guy and lady stuck together, if their chemistry inside their body activated, looked like they were compatible. Chris saw to Roxanne’s eyes and he said “Sometimes your opinion were so selfish, but selfishness always has inside everyone’s mind.”

“Yeah.” Roxanne said.

“But don’t worry. Tingting ever said to me about you love me very much.” Chris said and smiled. “Before she died, but I’m not ready to have any girlfriends since Kate and Tingting were died.”

“Do you still miss them?”Roxanne asked.

“Maybe.” Chris answered.

“Hey! Don’t make this dating to be boring. Stop talking about your ex-girlfriend and pay attention to me! OK?” Roxanne blamed to Chris immediately because his mind was made this date to be stressed. Chris saw to Roxanne’s face and saw to Roxanne’s breasts until she asked immediately. “What are you seeing?”

“Your boobs.” Chris said immediately.

“Hey! Stop being pervert!” Roxanne said and used her hands to close her big boobs she ever enhanced.

“Don’t worry, I always know that is enhanced boobs. Many girls in this time liked to enhance.” Chris said.

“You!” Roxanne yelled. But looked like Chris and Roxanne stayed together and they knew their mind without any contrasts. Finally, Roxanne’s secret love changed to be real love.

But this had just started.


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