The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” Part 1

3 weeks later after Kate was died.

At laboratory inside Phoenix Mafia headquarter.

Scientists and researchers were analyzing mind controller that attached to Best’s body. It could control human mind to do everything. Mind controller’s appearance was same as octopus. It made from brass. They were seeking the origin of this device. Looked like Tiger Mafia was only nominee.

“Do you already decode?” Male researcher asked to female scientist.

“No.” Female scientist answered sulky when she was using steel decoder. “I don’t know any information.”

It was so strange when nobody knew the origin of mind controller.

Now Chris was at Dada’s home. He was MDD and need to cure closely. Dada felt Chris when he was alone, he will commit suicide. She still entertained her brother and looked like Chris was cured a little.

Chris was lying on the bed. He saw many things on the ceiling and remember the old days with Kate, such as dating at Siam, travelling to the sea, dancing in nightclubs. When he remembered to Kate, he still cried, cried and cried again.

“Kate.” Chris said.

But someone knocked the door. Yeah, Dada came to Chris’s bed room with serving breakfast (Sandwich, sausage and milk.)

“Chris.” Dada said. “Do you feel better?”

“Yeah.” Chris answered. “But I feel weird. Long time I never stay with many people as this. I never stay with my sister. But I feel good when I know you’re my sister. Salvador said about this when I came to his home. I don’t know why God chose me to be with you.”

“Don’t worry, Chris.” Dada said. “Long time I still sought my brother who was lost from me since I was 6 years old. I don’t know who is my brother. Then Salvador revealed the truth to me. The truth that we aren’t usual human. We are mutant human that were born in experimental mutant human project. But who I care? Because I have perfect pitch and sixth sense abilities. Do you have special abilities as same as me?”

“Dada. You’re right. Look like we have miracle.” Chris said. “I have perfect pitch as same as me. I know notes, scale to compose any songs.”

“Yeah!!” Dada said. “Eat this before it isn’t delicious.”

Dada brought breakfast to Chris. Then Chris ate it. For Chris, he felt happy when his real sister he never known took care him when he was sad. Long time Chris was alone. But now he had Dada who was so cute and lovable. Chris still smiled to Dada and Dada smiled back. That was the warmth Chris never touched it.

“Is it delicious?” Dada asked after Chris had breakfast a bit.

“Yeah.” Chris answered. “Did you make this? It is very delicious. No No No… Actually, I never have someone who make breakfast and serve to me as this.”

Dada smiled and hugged to Chris’s back immediately.

“Hey!!!” Chris exclaimed when Dada hugged him. “What are you doing?”

“Hug.” Dada answered. “This is my love action. Do you ever hug someone? For me, when I love to someone, I hug with this.”

“That mean… You love me? Hey!!! You’re my sister.” Chris blamed.

“Love isn’t limited only boyfriend or girlfriend. I love you as brother that can hug with this together.” Dada said.

“Hahaha.” Chris laughed. “So I hug you now!” Then Chris hugged Dada immediately. Dada smiled and received Chris’s hug without pushing Chris. Chris’s first hug was so warm and fulfilled with love he never felt.

“How do you feel?” Dada asked.

“I can’t say with any words.” Chris answered. “That is so peaceful.” Then Chris groped Dada’s head with his hand. Dada felt his brother is so warm and kind.

“I can feel.” Dada said. “If you feel sad, don’t forget to hug me, OK?”

“Thanks.” Chris said. Although he felt weird, but his joy fulfilled in his body weirdly. Chris didn’t know why, but when he agreed Dada was his sister, her felt happy more than staying alone. However, he wanted to know who was his mom.

12 : 00 hrs. At dessert cafe in Siam Paragon.

Praewa and Cheesecake dated together. Looked like Praewa felt sulky and didn’t say anything to Cheesecake more.

“Hey!!!” Cheesecake said. “I don’t know how to cure your sulky mood? I do everything as you want and what is this?” Looked like Cheesecake blamed to Praewa who was sitting at opposite side.

“Cheesecake.” Praewa said. “You don’t answer my question.”

“What question?”

“Do you stop to do illegal businesses?” Praewa asked. “Being Mamasan isn’t good as you think. Please…”

Cheesecake was stunted and didn’t say anything. Actually, she had her objectives to do something that Praewa didn’t know. She hoped Praewa will understand what she wanted to do.

“I will do, but before I will stop being Mamasan…” Cheesecake said with having condition. Praewa saw to Cheesecake’s eyes and she felt Cheesecake wanted to stopped exactly.

“What will you do?” Praewa asked curiously.

“I want to rescue my Tiger Mafia leader.” Cheesecake answered. Actually, she wanted Athena, Tiger Mafia leader to rescue from being targeted to kill by White.

“Mafia Leader.” Praewa asked. “Who is that?”

“Athena.” Cheesecake answered and she showed Athena from her smartphone. Praewa saw Athena photo and she felt in love to her because she was so very beautiful. As same as goddess from the heaven. Her eyes, her mouth, her hair, her skin, her shape was so very perfect. It made Praewa in love with her.

“Your leader? Why is she beautiful?” Praewa asked to Cheesecake immediately. She in love very much.

“She wasn’t born from the women’s womb.” Cheesecake answered. Praewa confused. Was Cheesecake created new fairy tale to her?

“And where place was she born?” Praewa asked.

“Biological birth box.” Cheesecake answered. She hoped Praewa had to believe her.

“You’re lying me.” Praewa said immediately. “You create shitty stories to tell reason for staying as mafia member. What are you doing?”

“It isn’t bullshit. It is true story. Athena was born from the biological birth box.”

“What is biological birth box?” Praewa asked.

“It looked like big egg.” Cheesecake answered. “Athena was born from the biological experiment under Dr. Wayne project. Her genes came from famous celebrities, musicians, scientists, explorers in history. Everything were merged to angel’s gene.”

Praewa still confused about story Cheesecake told her was same as sci-fi movies. Cheesecake knew Athena’s story because she secretly read Athena’s diary in Athena’s room. Athena’s diary was so impressive and unbelievable. This diary was true story.

“Are you high from marijuana?” Praewa asked to Cheesecake immediately.

“Look like you want the truth? Yeah.” Cheesecake said. “Athena is Chris and Dada’s mom. Actually, Chris and Dada are twin.”

“Huh? Really?”

“Yes.” Cheesecake answered. “And they will be killed soon.”

“Huh? Why?” Praewa doubted.

“Athena, Chris and Dada are the failure of experiment.” Cheesecake answered. “They are mutant people and government wanted to eliminate them.”

“Really? Why Dada is mutant girl?” Praewa asked. “I see her and nothing is different than another girl. She is so cute.”

“Her gene isn’t human’s gene, but Dada and Chris fulfilled with angel’s gene.” Cheesecake said. “So their mind and their appearance was same as the angel. They were very clever and their cleverness will be dangerous with national security. I talk about this to Pratrick and he will support me. He said Athena was changed.”

“Oh.” Praewa said.

Then Cheesecake held Praewa’s hand with her take care mind and contact to Praewa’s eyes before she said. “Trust me. I will stop illegal businesses from your request. After that, you can return our relationship.”

Praewa nodded and smiled.

Finally, mind controller that Salvador picked from Best was decoded by Salvador’s scientists. They analyzed completely and decoded to human’s language with PDF files.

“Wow!!! Success!!” Female scientist said.

“Let’s celebrate!!!” Another male scientist yelled. “Need some Shabu?”

“Yeah.” Female scientist answered. “Where Shabu restaurant do you want to go?”

“Um… Somewhere in Siam Center.”

Meanwhile at Salvador’s room. He got email at his notebook. He checked mail immediately because that mail came from (Email from science teams)

Dear Sir Salvador.

Finally, we decoded important information from mind controller. It was made for controlling agents to do missions and tuned consciousness to feel super and greater than human. It was developed by Black Dragon Co., Ltd. We still sought information about Black Dragon Co., Ltd. And looked like no information to show in yellow pages or any websites. We gave presumption about Black Dragon Co., Ltd. is using Tiger Mafia as nominee.

One things we were shocked together was… Another mind controllers was using at Tiger Mafia’s leader name Athena. Looked like Athena was your wife, isn’t she?

We think she is in danger. Please rescue her before she will be severe more than you think.

Best regards.

Science team

After Salvador just read this mail, he picked up his phone and called to science team in Phoenix Mafia team.

“Hi… In the afternoon, we will have conference. This clue is so very necessary.” Salvador called to science team. He felt worried when his wife, Athena was in danger. She was controlled with mind controller that made by Black Dragon organization.

“Yeah, my boss.” Scientist said.

Then Salvador hung up. He thought about how to rescue Athena from the mind controller. That device was so very dangerous. And destroying mind controller was so risk if someone shot to it.

“Athena…” Salvador said and he remember the day when he stayed with Athena before she was arrested to do something. Then he picked Athena’s crystal necklace that she forgot before she was arrested. That necklace was made for Athena only. When Athena wore this crystal necklace, she will be gorgeous, graceful and looked like the angel.

At the conference room inside Phoenix Mafia Team.

“Hello.” Salvador started to meet every science team. Looked like he had necessary moments to share. “Finally, we know the origin of mind controller. I know and I feel shocked very much. My love, Athena is controlled and she will be in danger. I can’t tolerate to let my wife for suffering this shit together. And… When I knew Athena, my wife was Tiger Mafia leader and she wanted to kill my son and daughter named Chris and Dada, I feel bad very much. When dad knew his wife to kill her son or daughter, how can I feel? Yeah!!!! If you have a child, you may know my feeling.”

“Sir.” Then lady scientist called to Salvador. She raised her hand to ask a question.

“Tell me.” Salvador said.

“Do you know where is Athena?” Lady scientist asked.

“I know. Information comes from decoding mind controller. It comes from black dragon. And I know where black dragon is.”


“Poseidon Entertainment Complex.”

At Poseidon Entertainment Complex. This was the place of releasing the pressure for men. There were many beautiful and gorgeous girls who did plastic surgery and made men’s dream to be real. They entertained their customers very well. Goal of entertaining was having orgasm. Although this was evil method, but male’s orgasm was one of the greatest joy of male. You could take selfie with many girls you want. You could touch their boobs as you can. You could call many girls to make your happiness as you want. They had very good smell that made you were attracted. Some entertainment girls were lack of beauty, but they had luscious smile that made you felt good and got the euphoria. Everything would be unlocked with this place.

Actually, arousal massage was illegal in Thailand, but Poseidon Entertainment Complex was registered in the name of spa resort. So Poseidon Entertainment Complex was passed from commercial registration. Cheesecake and Marshall invested to Poseidon Entertainment Complex together and today, looked like this place was in trouble.

At the Poseidon Entrance, bouncers who kept the door saw to the cars that were driving to parking lot. They were black car with same manufacturer. Looked like cars were beautiful and luxurious. But bouncers doubted what it was. It was so unusual and needed to report to the CEO named Marshall now.

“Boss.” Bouncer said. “There are many black cars come to parking lot.”

Marshall who was kissing his entertaining girl heard bouncer’s report, but he paid attention to kiss that chick at his room. She was so very sexy and wanted to explode his sex drive immediately.

“Boss. Can you hear me?” Bouncer still asked to his boss. Marshall felt angry extremely so he turned on his radio communication and yelled to bouncer “What the fuck are you calling? I am fucking this chick! Go fuck yourself motherfucker!”

“I’m sorry.” Bouncer said and hung up. Bouncer confused why Marshall was so angry. He didn’t know his boss had secret mission to do. But he didn’t stop to warn another security guards. He called to another security guards for checking suspicious cars. They armed to protect the Poseidon Entertainment Complex strictly.

“Alpha Bravo Charles Delta. Warning… inspect that black cars now. They are suspicious.” Bouncer said.

“Yes, sir.” Alpha team leader said.

“OK.” Bravo team leader accepted.

“As you say. Driver is opening door car.” Charles told to bouncer.

“As same as Charles.” Delta said.

When Bouncer knew suspicious cars were parked and many people came down to the entrance door, security guards held the fire to ask suspicious guys.

“Look like you want to release your stress.” Delta team leader said.

“No.” Salvador third team leader said. “Sorry, I already have my wife.”

“Doesn’t your wife know you are going to Poseidon Entertainment Complex?” Delta asked. “But don’t fear. Girls in Poseidon Entertainment Complex is greater than everything.”

“Really?” Salvador third team leader asked. “I see only moved silicone. And… the big breast that was same as the balloon.”

“Shut the fuck up!”

“No way!”

And Delta team held their weapons. They started to shoot the Salvador’s team. Gun sound appeared and started to battle instantly.

“Weapon free!” Salvador’s third team shouted and opened gunfire to shoot everyone from Tiger Mafia. Now gun sound appeared at the parking lot. This sound appeared to the main stage of Poseidon Entertainment Complex. Entertaining girls were panic and stopped to do their job. Customers felt afraid and arousal feeling turned to be panic feeling immediately. They screamed and ran to the fire exit.

Meanwhile Alpha, Bravo and Charles heard gun sound, they fired too. Gun sound appeared around the Poseidon Entertainment Complex. This place was so chaos and very dangerous.

“Shit!” Salvador blamed immediately. “They are so aggressive.”

“Yeah.” Salvador’s bodyguard said. Now Salvador and his bodyguards were at the van. They didn’t go out from the van now.

Battle with Salvador’s  team and Tiger mafia team was so chaos. Now customers and entertainment girls ran away completely.

“Sir Salvador, entrance is clear.” Salvador army said via radio communication.

“Yeah.” Salvador said and he brought his bodyguards to come with him. Salvador walked to the entrance of Poseidon Entertainment Complex as same as the hero. When Salvador and his bodyguards enter to the entrance, he saw to the lobby who didn’t have any entertaining girls on the seats. Feeling was same as abandoned place.

“Go to the next floor.” Salvador said and he ran to the elevator immediately. When Salvador pressed up button, damn it! Elevator was stopped due to chaos.

“Shit!” Salvador blamed immediately. “Go to fire exit. We must walk to the 8th floor.”

“Yes sir.” Salvador’s bodyguard said. Then Salvador’s alliances 3 teams followed their boss to eliminate Tiger’s den. At the fire exit, when Salvador and his teams were walking to the next floor, many Tiger Mafia’s mercenaries armed with heavy weapons. They equipped grenade launcher and Super assault rifles to eliminate Salvador’s team.

“Damn it!” Salvador exclaimed. “They are shooting.”

Finally, Tiger Mafia’s mercenaries shot the grenades from grenade launcher. They exploded strongly.

“Fuck!” Salvador’s bodyguards blamed. “It used gas mask. Cannot use euphoria bomb.”

“Yeah.” Salvador said. “I know, but I don’t care.”

“Don’t care?” Salvador’s bodyguard felt confused.

“Don’t forget I’m gunslinger.” Salvador said and he used his revolver shot to the mercenaries. Then they would be fallen.

“Great.” Salvador’s bodyguard said. He felt surprised to Salvador a lot.

“Let’s go.” Salvador said before he brought everyone to the 8th floor.

Nothing encountered to Salvador’s team. Now Salvador’s team went to the 8th floor. They came to the last room that looked like this was Athena’s room. Salvador walked to the door to knock, but he heard some sounds that would trigger the disaster. That sound…. Oh no!!!

“Everyone… Run!” Salvador shouted his team immediately because that door attached with breaching charge. Finally, the door exploded and Salvador ran to that room immediately. Salvador seized someone immediately. But that was Marshall. In Athena’s room, no Athena was here. There were only Marshall and his sideline girls.

“Who are you? Where is Athena?” Salvador asked to Marshall after he took down Marshall to the floor.

“Athena?” Marshall asked. “What are you saying? Why do you want to meet her?”

“I’m husband!” Salvador answered. “Where is she?”

“Hahaha. You ask wrong person.” Marshall answered. “And what the fuck are you destroying my lovely time?”

“Tell me. Where is Athena?” Now Salvador asked and he held his revolver to shoot Marshall. “I know Athena is your boss. Where? Tell me immediately!”

“I don’t fucking know!” Marshall answered. “Although I can know where Athena is, but I can’t tell to our hostile!”

“So… You know where Athena is.” Salvador said.

“Hahaha. Are you fool? I don’t know where Athena is.”

“Fuck you!” Salvador blamed with strong language. Meanwhile, Marshall’s sideline girls equipped big woods to hit Salvador’s back violently, but Salvador’s bodyguard covered Salvador instantly. He was taken damage and screamed with his pain.

“Shit!!! Damning motherfucking bitch!” Salvador’s bodyguard blamed.

“What do you hurt my bodyguard? What the fuck are you doing?” Salvador asked and blamed to Marshall with strong language.

“It is so hard when you try to get out from tiger den. And this bullet can sent you to the heaven or hell.” Marshall said and he fired his revolver to Salvador. With gun sound, no one said anything and everything were silent.

What will it be happened?


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