The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” final part

At the taxi station of Zen, Central World, Ben stayed with Praewa who was drunken extremely to wait taxi.

“Praewa.” Ben said to Praewa. “How about you?” But Praewa didn’t say anything. She still slept with alcohol smell.

“Cheesecake…” Praewa still said about Cheesecake. “Why?”

But drunken human couldn’t respond anything. They still said something that they just knew.

“Praewa. Cheesecake already has lover.” Ben said. “Stay with me, Praewa.”

“Why!!! Why Cheesecake lied me!!! Why!!!?” But Praewa still blamed to Cheesecake who lied her and broke her heart extremely. She said because she was drunken.

Then Roxanne who just ran out from Zen, Central World walked to Ben to say with Praewa.

“Ben. Is Praewa OK?” Roxanne asked.

“No.” Ben answered. “She still be sad. How can I help her?”

“Stay with her for a few weeks.” Roxanne answered. “Don’t let her alone because she will commit suicide.”

“Huh? Commit suicide?” Ben doubted and asked to Roxanne.

“Don’t forget Praewa love or hate extremely. Her love is sacrificing herself and invest to someone strongly. I tried to tell the truth of love to her, but she couldn’t believe.”

“Really? Why?” Ben asked.

“I don’t know.” Roxanne answered. “Look like Praewa want to stay with you.”

“But Praewa is lesbian.” Ben objected.

“She is bisexual, not lesbian.” Roxanne said. “She ever had boyfriend, but that boyfriends broke her heart.”

“Really?” Ben asked.

With Roxanne and Ben’s talking, some taxi came to Roxanne and Ben immediately.

“Taxi comes to us.” Roxanne said.

“Yeah.” Ben said and told to taxi to stop at him. Taxi driver saw to Ben, Roxanne and Praewa before he stopped.

“Go to Thonglor.” Roxanne said to taxi driver and taxi driver accepted to bring Roxanne, Ben and Praewa to go to Thonglor. Roxanne felt very happy when everything in this day passed away. When taxi moved, Roxanne saw outside the car and let her mind to relax. She thought everything about revenging Cheesecake but it was over. She was failed and everything was gone to the chaos, so she stopped revenging Cheesecake because she didn’t want to make chaos more.

“I’m sorry, everyone.” Roxanne said with herself.

“What?” Ben asked curiously.

“Nothing.” Roxanne answered immediately and smiled to Ben. Ben knew what Roxanne said about. He hoped this bad day didn’t appeared again.

Next day at the morning….

Dada’s smartphone was rung at the Dada’s bed when she was sleeping. Dada was awaken and saw to her smartphone to look who called to her. Smartphone was ringing unstoppable. She saw to contact number and looked like that was stranger’s phone number, but receiving call should do.

“Hi…” Dada greeted.

“Dada, I’m Kate.” Kate introduced herself. “Aren’t you busy?”

“Maybe. I have just waken up.” Dada answered. “What do you have something?”

“Can you go to my home?” Kate asked to Dada.

“Why?” Dada asked.

“I have something to give you.” Kate answered. She felt in love to something.

“Huh?” Dada doubted. “And how about last night?”

“I feel happy very much, Dada. But when I sought my lost necklace, I found something that is so more important to you… and Toto.”

“Toto?” Dada asked.

“Where is your home? Today I’m available.” Dada said.

“At Akkaraphat alley.” Kate answered. “Near Nihonmura.”

Dada felt happy very much when Kate was at Akkaraphat alley that was near her residence much. Only walking could reach to Kate’s home easily.

“Really? Your home is near my home very much.” Dada said and smiled.


“Look like I must meet you now, Kate. See ya.” Dada said and she hung up immediately. After that, she got out from her home to Kate’s home. This was first time she came to Kate’s home. But cars in Akkaraphat alley were a lot because people in Thonglor were very much. Then Dada walked on small footpath carefully. She ever was near to be crashed and she felt fear.

Then she was at front of front door of Kate’s home. Dada saw to bell button to press it.

Ting Ting…

30 seconds later, Kate’s door was opened. Dada saw someone who opened the door. That was Kate. Looked like Kate didn’t do any makeup, but she was so beautiful and cute as natural looking. Kate smiled to Dada and said. “Hi, Dada.”

“Kate. What’s up?” Dada asked.

“I have something to show you.” Kate said. “Come here.”

After that, Kate brought Dada to go inside her home. Kate’s home was so natural. There were many plants or trees at her land. Look at that statue. Did Kate make it? It was so very beautiful and gorgeous because that statue was the fairy. Dada could touch nature at here. Atmosphere was same as the forest. This was forest at the center of urban she had ever seen.

“Hong Hong!!” Oh!!! Barking sound appeared. It was treble tone. Looked like it was puppy or some toy dog.

“Hey!!! Pookie!! Stop barking.” Kate said to her dog.

Dada smiled and asked to Kate immediately when Kate was going to inside her home. “Kate, How do you think about Chris?”

“Chris?” Kate asked.

“Yeah. Chris ever told me he was your ex-girlfriend.” Dada described.

“First time I love him very much.” Kate told.

“But now?” Dada asked curiously.

Kate didn’t say anything more. She felt sad to say something, but she still was strong and say her reason to Dada.

“I still love him.” Kate answered.

“But why did you marry to Cheesecake although you love Chris?” Dada asked. “Do you know Chris loves you very much?”

But Kate smiled to Dada and didn’t say anything more.

“Come here.” Kate said and called Dada to her room. Now both was at the lobby that decorated with many paintings and sculptures. Kate’s home didn’t use air conditioner, but temperature was still cold and warm in same time, not so hot.

“Your home is so cool.” Dada said.

“Thanks.” Kate answered. “Actually, architect designed my home to be natural and closed to nature a lot. That was same as heaven at the center of Bangkok.

“Are you an artist?” Dada asked. “Many paintings and sculptures are here.”

“Yes.” Kate answered. “Actually, my profit got from being writer. Have you read my books? I used “Pink fairy” as my pseudonym.”

“Pink fairy…” Dada still remembered “Pink fairy” pseudonym, finally she knew!!! She ever read “Wanderer’s dream” since Dada was at library in ABAC. Wanderer’s dream was very fantastic and imaginative fiction she had ever read.

“You wrote Wanderer’s dream, did it?” Dada asked to Kate.

“Yes.” Kate answered and smiled. “Did you like it?”

“I like very much.” Dada answered.

Then Kate brought Dada to her room at second floor. Today Manaw didn’t stay with Kate. She had a job to check security at Poseidon Entertainment Complex. At the second floor, wallpaper used light color. It was so fresh when sleep at this place.

“Your home is beautiful.” Dada complimented to Kate.

“Thank you.” Kate said and she opened her bedroom. Looked like Kate loved Hello Kitty a lot. There were many Kitty at here, but it couldn’t attract Dada much due to Dada love cats or dogs more than any mascots.

“Wow!!!” Dada exclaimed. “There are pink, pink and pink.”

“I love Hello Kitty.” Kate said. “And Mickey Mouse. Those are my favorite cartoon since I was a child.” Then Kate walked to the chest and gave envelope to her.

“What is this?” Dada asked.

“Open and you may love it.” Kate answered. Dada received brown envelope from Kate before she opened it to pick something in envelope. And it made Dada shocked immediately.

Then Dada cried with her joy until Kate doubted.

“Dada.” Kate said. “Why are you crying?”

“I miss this picture with long time.” Dada said. “This picture is really beautiful.”

Photo that made Dada cried was a photo that Kate took when Dada and Toto were at grade 10 in 2005. In this photo, Dada jumped and rode Toto’s back as same as couple. Dada never knew Kate still kept this picture to her.

“Kate. Do you know I secretly loved Toto with long time. Since Toto was nerdy. I didn’t know why I loved Toto a lot.” Dada told her love story to Kate.

“I still listen.” Kate said.

“But Toto wanted busty women. I don’t know why. First time he flirted Praewa. Actually Praewa, Toto were same high school. Toto loved Praewa very much, but he failed to flirt her. He cried a lot. I couldn’t tolerate to see this so I help him for wiping his sadness. After Toto wasn’t sad, he still say another girl who was beautiful. Yeah, he flirted that girl again and failed again.”

“Did he say ‘I love you’ to you?” Kate asked and smiled.

“Never.” Dada answered. “Finally, he improved himself extremely. From nerdy… to smart people. I felt in love with him a lot, but Toto still sought girls with only their beauty. I couldn’t pull him to stay with me.”

“Really?” Kate asked. “Why didn’t you seek another men?”

“I didn’t know.” Dada answered immediately and did sulky face. “I can’t describe to any sentences. Only one sentence I must say is ‘I love you'”

“Wow!!!”  Kate said. “So sweet.” Kate felt lovable when Dada said I love you. But Dada’s tear still fell down.

“Kate. You think Toto changed himself was better? No. That was worse than I thought. He flirted with many girls and had one night stand relationship.”

“Wait… What is one night stand relationship?”

“Meet and have sex in one night, then in the morning, they separate.” Dada answered. Kate shook her head for being disappointed. That was unbelievable when Toto changed himself for getting one night stand relationships. She felt regret.

“Oh!!!” Kate exclaimed.

“But I still love him. I wait him to be usual guy again. Am I foolish?” Dada asked.

“No.” Kate answered. “Because you believe, not ignore. Fool come from ignorance.” For Dada, she still believe Toto might know the truth of love again. This time, he was lost the way of life. Dada still pulled him to the right way.

“Last time before he turned himself, He had sex with very beautiful ladies, but…. That ladies tied Toto and used whip to hit him. They were sadistic. And they uploaded porn video to porn website. Toto was drunken with Absinthe, the psychedelic liquor. But I helped him lonely.”

“You help him?” Kate asked and felt surprise. She smiled with her happiness when Dada had holy mind to help someone who had the darkness without any condition.

“Yes.” Dada answered.

“If I am Toto, I will be fallen in love with you extremely. You are very cute mind.” Kate complimented to Dada before she held Dada’s hand. “Finally, I saw you walked with holding your hand with Toto together. How about that? Did you decide to be in a relationship with Toto?”

“Yes.” Dada answered and smiled. “I have loved him.”

Kate smiled again and looked like she wanted to say something, but Kate didn’t sulky face Dada could feel that.

“What happened? Why do you do this face?” Dada asked.

“Dada.” Kate felt sad and said with sad voice. “This is reason why I separate from Chris to make love with Cheesecake. Actually, I love Chris more than Cheesecake, but… I can’t tolerate to see Chris that marry with me.”

“Why?” Dada asked.

Finally, Kate said her real reason to Dada.

I have Leukemia symptom.

Dada felt shocked a lot when she knew Kate’s symptom that made her decided to separate from Chris. Dada was muted and didn’t say anything more.

“I will die soon.” Kate said to Dada. “Doctor can’t same me. I know my life is short, so I do everything with my happiness. For wedding ceremony on yesterday, I paid to organizer with 70%, 30% came from Cheesecake. I married with Cheesecake because Cheesecake can own everything from me to keep. Sometimes knowing myself to die is better than don’t know what day to die. But I can’t let Chris to feel sad. I give opportunity to Chris for meeting new lady that is suitable than me.”

Kate said her true reason with crying. She cried unstoppable. Dada picked paper napkin to absorb Kate’s tear. Then Kate hugged Dada.

“I love Chris very much, but I can’t stay with him forever. That is my pain that stick inside my mind all of time.” Kate described her pain.

“Have Cheesecake known about this?” Dada asked.

“She already knew.” Kate answered. “Because she is my close friend. I requested her to create wedding ceremony before I will die.”

When Kate said about death, Dada felt sad too. She cried with Kate together. Then Dada hugged Kate with her warmth. At least this made Kate felt better.

“Actually…” Kate said. “Cheesecake loves Praewa very much, but Cheesecake tries to connect Praewa, but Praewa still rejects. Praewa misunderstood about Cheesecake’s love. Can you say this to Praewa?”

“Yes, I can.” Dada answered. “But Praewa is choosing Ben. It has opportunity to return relationship harder.”

“Really?” Kate asked. “Actually, I’m Ben’s friend. Ben doesn’t love Praewa.”

“Huh?” Dada said.

“He thinks Praewa is his sister.” Kate revealed.

“But who love Ben?” Dada asked to Kate curiously. Kate smiled and answered immediately.

“I don’t know. But I pray to Ben for getting his soulmate soon.”

“Can I ask something to you?” Dada asked and smiled.


“Is Ben gay?” Dada asked.

Kate was stunted with a few seconds for Dada’s question. Then she answered,

“He isn’t gay. He love female, but his job is good at aesthetic. He love the aesthetics since he learned at the university.” Kate answered.

Dada blew her breathe. She felt didn’t worry to Ben.

“Keep this picture because when you will marry with Toto, you can use it for nostalgia.” Kate said about photo she took when Dada and Toto were at high school. Then Kate gave sealed envelope to Dada.

“Give this to Chris.” Kate said.

“Thank you Kate.” Dada said.

“Kate.” Dada wanted to ask Kate again. “Do you know about Tiger Mafia? Tiger Mafia wanted to hunt me and my brother. I don’t know why, but do you know reason from Tiger Mafia?”

Kate knew only some information about Tiger Mafia from Cheesecake.

“I ever heard Tiger Mafia is only contractor.” Kate said. “Actually, Tiger Mafia didn’t want to do this because there is secret about Tiger Mafia leader.”

“Who is Tiger Mafia Leader.” Dada asked.

“Athena.” Kate answered.

Dada surprised when Athena, her mom was Tiger Mafia leader. That was impossible. Now Athena was changed a lot. Dada didn’t know how to cure her mom.

“Kate. Actually, Tiger Mafia leader is my mom.” Dada said.

“Your mom?” Kate doubted. “That is impossible. She never said she had children.”

“I don’t believe.” Dada yelled to Kate spontaneously. “Athena is my mom. I have sought her since I was 6 years old. But I found her at Motor Show Event, but she didn’t say anything. She pushed me away from me. I don’t know why, but that was so impossible. Mom must remember her children. But what is this?”

“Calm down, Dada.” Kate said. “I know something, she was controlled her mind.”

“Mind control?” Dada remembered to yesterday she rescued Best at the basement of Zen, Central World. Best was hyped with mind controller that attached at his back. Now that mind controller was wasted and Salvador’s scientists analyzed them.

Finally, now Kate was fainted. She closed her eyes and sniff unusually. Dada felt shocked a lot and try to shake Kate.

“Kate….” Dada said and shook Kate’s body. “Kate… Are you OK?”

“Call…the…ambulance…now…..” Kate said with her weird pain. She knew she was dying, but going to the hospital is greater than everything.

“Yeah.” Dada said and she called to ambulance immediately.

After that ambulance from Samitivej hospital came to Kate’s house. Nurses and doctors brought Kate to the examination couch immediately. They did first aid to Kate, but she didn’t feel good more. Dada sent messages to her friends, Chris, Roxanne, Toto, Best, Zen, Praewa, Ben and Cheesecake.

15 minutes later.

Dada still ran to the hospital for following Kate who was sleeping at the examination couch that nurses and doctors were helping her. Then they entered to the emergency room. Dada sat at the seat in front of emergency room.

“Dada.” Chris called Dada after he ran to the hospital. “How about Kate? What happened to her.”

“She has Leukemia symptom.” Dada answered.

“Leukemia? Why didn’t she say to me.” Chris asked.

“Long story. I will talk about this to you soon.” Dada answered.

Then Cheesecake who was married with Kate on yesterday ran to the hospital and met Dada, Chris too.

“Where is Kate?” Cheesecake asked excitedly.

“At emergency room.” Dada answered.

Then Roxanne, Praewa, Best, Toto came to the hospital. Meanwhile in emergency room, doctors and nurses tried to revive Kate from the dying.


Doctors still used defibrillator to revive Kate’s heartbeat. Now Kate’s heartbeat was critical.


But Kate’s heartbeat didn’t respond although Doctors used defibrillator again. Doctor and nurses confused and worried to Kate. Kate’s heartbeat was lower.

Until doctor opened the door. Dada and Cheesecake ran to doctor immediately.

“How about Kate?” Cheesecake asked to doctor.

Doctor felt sad to say “I’m sorry. She is died.”

“Huh?” Chris heard doctor’s saying. He was upset a lot and asked immediately. “Kate must stay alive. Why?”

“Why didn’t you revive Kate? Why!!!? How doctor have you been?” Chris was crazy and ran to doctor with the madness. However, Dada pulled Chris to stay away from doctor.

“Stop, Chris.” Dada said.

“First time when I know Kate is alive, I feel happy very much. But what is this?” Chris blamed to Dada immediately. Dada knew Chris’s feeling well when lover was lost. Dada didn’t say anything, but she hugged to Chris for calm down.

“Chris….” Dada said. “I feel sad too. Do you know Kate love you very much. But she knew herself she will die, so she choose to marry with Cheesecake. Kate want you to meet new girlfriend that is better than her. Everything she did because of you, do you know?”

“But why didn’t she say about this to me?” Chris asked.

“Kate is timider than saying about this to you.” Dada said.

“I want to say something to Kate. At least, Kate might know how I feel.” Chris gave the opinion to Dada.

“I see.” Dada said. “But Kate said everything in this letter. Have you read this?”

When Dada recommended Chris to read letter that Kate wrote, Chris opened the sealed envelope and picked the letter. Chris read letter and he felt sad to Kate very much.

Dear Chris, my love

Thank you for being my boyfriend. Do you know I love you very much. Do you remember the time we travel at the Phuket together? I love it very much. My life is also peaceful and happy when I met you. You’re everything in my life. Although you’re not perfect from another one’s sight, but for me, you still be perfect.

With your perfection, I also be timid to reveal my truth. I’m so bad when I will die soon because I have Leukemia symptom. Doctor couldn’t help me well. You’re so precious to pair with suitable woman. You must continue to live in this world.

But for me, I have less time to stay with this world. Look like God calls me to the heaven faster. I don’t know God can forgive my lie to you about I’m died after burnt nightclub Sanctuary.

You’re a great DJ who give the happiness to audiences. Although you lost Tingting and me from you, don’t be sad, because happiness will come to you again.

Good luck, Chris. I love you.

See you again in the heaven.


Chris cried a lot and he put the paper to the seat. Roxanne walked to Chris and said “Chris. Are you alright?”

“Maybe. Kate should tell this time me before she will die.” Chris said. “Is this mentioned to Tiger Mafia?”

“No.” Cheesecake answered. “I will say the truth for you. Listen carefully.”

Then everyone listened to Cheesecake’s saying.

“You may know Dada and Chris are targeted to kill. But it has reason to kill. Actually, my Tiger Mafia leader, Athena….. She is targeted to kill too.”

“Huh?” Dada said. “Are you kidding me?”

“Although she is Tiger Mafia’s leader, but she was hired from unidentified organization. When she achieved missions, she will die soon.”

“What mission does Athena do?” Chris asked.

“Kill Dada and Chris.” Cheesecake answered. “Now Athena was hyped with something. I don’t know how to encounter with her.”

“Wait…” Chris asked to Cheesecake. “Best ever said… I and Dada is experimental mutant human. Is this true?”

Finally, Cheesecake revealed the truth to everyone. From sadness, it turned to be curious the truth.

“Yes.” Cheesecake answered. “Not only Dada and Chris who is experimental mutant human, Athena, Chris and Dada’s mom is too.”

The revelation made Chris and Dada stunted together. Chris doubted when he was near Dada and he felt chemistry was same. Dada felt too. Actually, Chris and Dada had same mom.

“Are you sure?” Chris asked.


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