The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate”Part 9

You cannot save him.

This guy should be died.

Not only Chris.

But everyone who are mutant human.

Finally mysterious sound appeared from the projector speaker. But Toto knew that voice. Looked like that voice was so similar as Best. Meanwhile many celebrity ran out from Kate and Cheesecake’s wedding ceremony.

“Best. Are you?” Toto asked. But that mysterious sound didn’t reply back.

“Toto, are you sure that sound is Best?” Dada asked to Toto curiously.

Toto was sure that sound was Best. He and Dada were sure that was Best sound.

“Best…” Roxanne opened her mouth. She remembered that sound. “That is you!”

“Huh?” Dada asked to Roxanne. “Really?”

“He saved me and Chris when I was doing missions and we were failed. Luckily, Best helped me and Chris, but I don’t believe Best kidnapped Chris to somewhere.” Roxanne said.

“Roxanne.” But looked like Salvador knew. He called to Roxanne. “I know where my son is.”

“Huh?” Roxanne felt confused instantly when Salvador said about Chris was Salvador’s son. “Is Chris your son?”

“Yes.” Salvador said. “I can’t let my son to be dangerous.” Then Salvador said to Dada. “Dada, come with me.”

“Yeah, dad.” Dada said.

“Follow me Roxanne and…” Salvador said before he saw to Praewa and Ben.

“Praewa and Ben.” Dada answered. “Praewa is my friend, Ben is my brother’s friend.”

“Ben.” Salvador called to Ben. “I warn you this place is very dangerous. Escort Praewa and get out from Central World as you can.”

“Yeah.” Ben said and he picked Praewa who was drunken to his back before he ran with Praewa to the exit of Central World.

Salvador thought looked like Tiger Mafia wanted to make a war with Phoenix mafia team. He didn’t know why Chris was kidnapped.

“Roxanne, why was Chris kidnapped?” Salvador asked.

“I don’t know. First time I transferred video clips in generator room, I picked Chris near generator room, but after I transferred data, I saw to Chris but Chris was lost in somewhere. I’m sorry.” Roxanne answered with her stress.

“Not enough time to accuse yourself.” Salvador said. “One thing we must do now is finding Chris and rescue him.”

“OK.” Roxanne said.

“Don’t talk more. Follow me.” Salvador called to everyone follow him to rescue Chris who was tying in the water tank in somewhere at the basement of Zen, Central World. Salvador was sure that water tank appeared at the projector was at basement. But how to go to basement was hard because now Salvador was at 19th floor, so the fastest way to go to basement was elevator.

Although Dada and Salvador believed about Chris was in Salvador’s family, but Chris didn’t believe. Salvador didn’t know how to make Chris believed him.

“Stop Roxanne. It is dangerous.” Salvador said to Roxanne.

Meanwhile at the basement of Zen, Central World. Only Chris and water tank were here. Chris was tied and water level rose to Chris’s thighs. Chris felt cold because that water was really cold. Looked like he was frozen soon.

“Damn!!!!” Chris exclaimed.

Then someone knocked the water tank.

“Hahaha.” Best laughed and smiled with Chris’s suffering. “You hire your friends to help? No chance to do that. Killing instantly isn’t suffered as drowning.”

“You’re motherfucking bastard!” Chris yelled to Best. “You’re fucking mental disorder!”

“And why?” Best asked to Chris back. “You are a son that was born from the fault.”

“Fault? You say about Salvador is my dad? Stop to say with this!” Chris blamed to Best.

“You’re lying yourself. Salvador is your real father.”


“You’re only experimental stuff in the laboratory. You was born because of experiment, not come from real human love.” Best said. “Actually, you are Dada’s brother. You and Dada are twin. Yeah!!! You and Dada are mutant human”

Shut the fuck up!! Dada isn’t my sister!! I never have any sisters! And I am not that shitty mutant human as you say!

Chris yelled to Best extremely. That made Best stunted.

“You said this to Dada, she may feel sad.” Best said.

“Do I care?” Chris asked.

“Hahaha. Dog always is a dog, that loves to bark anytime.” Best insulted to Chris who was a dog that still barked to stranger. “Don’t be serious, because you will die soon.”

“Fuck!” Chris swore again.

“Do you have lust? Want to fuck someone?” Best asked. “Yeah, I will open porn videos to let you see.”

Looked like Best was the king of trolling. He used Chris’s swear words to insult back. Actually, Best wasn’t same as this shit.

“You’re so fucking horrible!” Chris yelled to Best immediately.

“Why don’t you believe Dada is your cute sister?” Best asked and smiled. Inside his mind, he was confused about Chris didn’t believe Dada was his sister. “I’m Dada’s classmate and close friend. She blamed to me everyday about she wanted to see you. And why? Why do you refuse? Are you idiot!!!?”

“Why do you trust Dada is my sister? I don’t have mafia’s blood. And I don’t interest everything you say.” Chris said. Then Best walked to the generator supply at the water tank before he activated electroshock to Chris. Chris was shocked extremely.


“Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!” Best laughed. Why did Best did this? Chris screamed with his extreme pain he never touched. His body was temporally paralyzed.

“Do you know electroshock isn’t harm to you much.” Best said. “But if you sniff glue, you will die instantly.”

Chris thought Best was so very crazy. Sniffing glue could kill him? Chris knew sniffing glue made memory lost, but not harm to die instantly.

“I can force you to sniff glue, but I don’t want to do. Suffering before death is more painful than instant death, isn’t it?” Best told next.

Son of the bitch!

Chris couldn’t say anything. He blamed inside his mind. He hated this guy a lot. But he still thought only sniffing glue and die was ridiculous.

“Dada was near death because of that damned glue. You can die as same as Dada too.” Best said.

“What do you want?” Chris felt himself again and asked to Best.

“I want you to see your suffer when you are drowning.” Best answered. “What last sentence do you say to me before you will die?”

Yeah, Chris knew what word he should say to this guy…

Fuck you!

Meanwhile, Salvador, Dada, Toto were coming to the basement of Zen, Central World. They used express elevator that was at the exit of Heaven Bangkok. And looked like no one used it. That was very great opportunity to rescue Chris.

The elevator door opened with bell rang sound.

“Let’s go.” Salvador said before everyone came inside the elevator. This express elevator was so really beautiful and luxurious. Salvador pressed B1 button to go to the basement. Then elevator’s door was closed. Everyone saw outside the elevator due to this elevator was glass elevator. They saw Central World building and that view was so very beautiful when it was at night.

“I never see Central World at this angle.” Dada said.

“Yeah. That is really beautiful.” Salvador said. “This is one of the reason why Heaven Bangkok is the best nightclub in Bangkok.”

“Are you sure Chris was at basement?” Toto asked to Salvador.

“Yes.” Salvador answered.

Finally, obstacle encountered to Savador, Dada and Toto again. Elevator stopped at the floor 6. It couldn’t move and elevator’s door was opened widely. Salvador frightened what happened to this elevator. he hugged to Dada and Toto to protect them before he picked his revolver to fight against hostiles.

“Be careful.” Salvador said. “Look like we cannot go to basement as I think. We should go to fire exit.”

“Yeah.” Toto said. Then Salvador gave some pistols to Dada and Toto for protecting them before he said to Dada and Toto. “Do you know how to use?”

“I know.” Toto answered. “I and Dada always played airsoft guns at the field near ABAC.”

“Remember this gun is real gun. Bullets is lethal that make everyone die.” Salvador said. “Stay with me before we meet Chris.”

“Yeah.” Dada said.

After that, Salvador brought Dada and Toto to the basement. Now Zen department store was closed. Escalators and air conditioner turned off. Not only Zen department store was so hot, but no lights to guide.

“Shit!” Salvador exclaimed. “Dada, Toto, do you have some flashlight?”

Toto and Dada still sought some flashlights. Finally, Dada found it!

“Here.” Dada said and showed her flashlight that she picked from her small bag before she turned on it. Dada used flashlight and see around her. Nothing happened. She felt comfortable a little.

“But still be care….” Oh no!!! Salvador still warned Dada and Toto, but gun sound appeared in front on Salvador immediately. He protected Dada and Toto from that bullet travel before he saw to that bullet way.

“Get them!!!” Hostiles said and tried to eliminate Salvador, Dada and Toto. They used light machine guns to shoot. That was so very severe. Salvador, Dada and Toto hid themselves at the pillar. But pillar couldn’t tolerate light machine guns’ bullets.

“Fuck machine guns!!!” Salvador blamed, but he had euphoria grenade that he threw it to the hostiles.

“What is that?” Toto asked to Salvador when Salvador was throwing euphoria grenade.

“Euphoria grenade.” Salvador answered.

“It made from the marijuana.” Dada said to Toto. “Hostile may be high and they couldn’t attack us. But you must hold your breath or you are high too.”

“Marijuana?” Toto confused when marijuana could be made the grenade. “It is illegal!”

“All weapons we equip without government permissions are illegal too. Nothing can turn to be legal if we still equip weapons.” Salvador said. “But we did illegal for rescuing Chris, my son. For me, my son is more important than legal.”

Toto confused a lot. But he never had a child, so he didn’t know parents’ love.

“Shit… What was that?” Hostile blamed and asked to their friends who saw that euphoria’s grenade. At the grenade had crystal shape and made from high quality plastic. Then euphoria grenade activated with blowing green smoke that had vaporized marijuana. Marijuana’s smoke floated to hostiles’ nose and they were stunted and high immediately.

“I can fly!!”

“Oh!!! I am going to the moon!”

They got hallucination and saw their surrealistic vision. Actually, it came from marijuana’s effect.

“Go.” Salvador said and he moved himself with Dada and Toto to another place and let hostiles were high. Toto picked AK47 from hostile.

“Oh!!!” Toto exclaimed. “Real Ak47 is really heavy!”

“Do you really use it?” Dada asked.

“Yeah.” Toto answered.

Then another hostile came again. Looked like they had mercenaries who wore armor. They armed with super assault rifles that Salvador, Dada and Toto didn’t know what kind of that assault rifle, but that maybe very dangerous.

“Shit! Mercenaries.” Salvador said.  “Get this!” Then Salvador threw euphoria grenade again. He hoped his euphoria grenade could take damage to mercenaries, but it couldn’t because mercenaries wore gas mask that vaporized marijuana couldn’t harm to mercenaries’ vision. They still fired everything.

“Can it use?” Toto asked. Salvador saw to mercenaries’ reaction, but looked like euphoria grenade couldn’t harm to mercenaries.

“Shit!!! Euphoria grenade can’t harm to that shitty mercenaries.” Salvador blamed.

“Really?” Dada said.

“Don’t worry, I have lethal grenade.” Salvador said and he picked lethal grenade from his pocket to throw mercenaries. But that mercenaries were clever to throw it back to Salvador, Dada and Toto.

“Fuck!!!!” Salvador said. “Run!!”

Luckily, Dada and Toto ran to another desks and lethal bomb was exploded. Salvador picked his Carolina V revolver and shot to mercenaries’ head. That made them died instantly. Mercenaries who were shot fell down to the floor with bleeding.

“Great.” Dada complimented to her dad. After that, Dada, Salvador and Toto ran to the fire exit and kept to the basement immediately.

“Stop!!!” Salvador said and peeked to lower floors. Damn it! Hostiles were coming, but he threw euphoria grenade to make hostile were high again. Looked like this time euphoria grenade was effective because hostiles weren’t mercenaries.

“Hey!!! There are many cats at here.”

“Fuck yeah!!! Many sexy girls.”

“Ah… Ah… Ah….”

Euphoria grenade was also usable and could be non-lethal. Hostiles were in dreaming and let Salvador, Dada and Toto bypassed.

Back to the basement.

Water rose until Chris was nearing to be drowned. He suffered with cold water that was unstoppable. Now water level rinsed to Chris’s chests.

“Don’t you feel you are nearing to the death?” Best asked to Chris.

“I feel.” Chris answered. “But before I die, I want to know your answer.”

“What?” Best asked.

“Why do you kill me?” Chris asked. “Not only me, Dada too. Dada isn’t wrong. Dada isn’t dangerous.”

“Because you and your sister can harm national security.” Best answered. “You were born from the mistake. You were born from the illegal experiment. You and your sister is dangerous sinner from the hell.”

“Sinner? Fuck yeah. You can accuse me as you want. But I can’t die because of this motherfucking nonsense reason.”

“Hahaha.” Best laughed with Chris’s ridiculous mind. He still waited Dada and Toto to help him. But looked like no one could help Chris. “That is so pity when you don’t have your friends to help you.”

Now Best was drowning. Water rose to Chris’s nose. He couldn’t breathe in and hear anything. Only sound in the water he could know. Chris still saw Best’s moments in underwater. Luckily, someone came to help him. That was Dada, Toto and Salvador. Chris didn’t hear what they said. But Toto blamed something to Best and punched to Best extremely. Dada tried to stop water rising. She pressed deactivate button on the generator. Then Salvador used his revolver to shoot water tank until water tank was broken and water exploded extremely.

Finally, Chris could breathe in again.

“Thank you.” Chris said.

“Come here.” Salvador said and he released rope that tied Chris out away.

“Damn it…” Toto blamed to Best and he pulled something out from Best’s back. “Look like this controlled Best’s mind. He was hyped.”

“Give this to me.” Salvador said and got mind control device to analyze later. Then Toto saw to Best that he was awaken.

“Where am I?” Best asked.

“Best!!!!” Toto yelled and hugged him. “It’s you!!!”

“Best… Long time no see. What happened with you?” Dada asked to Best.

“Why am I here?” Looked like Best’s memory when brain controller activated was lost.

“You was hyped.” Toto said. “That is too long story.”

But Chris remembered something he had to do now. Yes, Kate… Where is Kate?

“Where is Kate?” Chris asked to Salvador, Dada, Best and Toto.

“She went back to home.” Dada answered. “Enough Chris. You already have Roxanne. Forget your ex-girlfriend is better.”

“No way.” Chris said. “Roxanne want Cheesecake to die.”

“This is so madness.” Dada blamed to Chris.

“Dada. Cheesecake broke Praewa’s heart. And Praewa was Roxanne’s sister. Praewa felt sad a lot.”

“Please stop.” Dada said and hugged to Chris. “Please, my brother.”

Brother again? Chris confused why Dada still believed him as Dada’s brother. Chris shook his head and said. “I don’t know why you still believe me as your brother, but thank you for saving me.”

“Actually, Dada is your real brother.” Salvador said.  “I can’t say it more. Let’s get out of here.

Then Dada, Salvador and Toto came out from basement, but Chris wanted to seize Kate from the Cheesecake.


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