The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” part 8

“Where are you…. Chris?” Roxanne doubted. Let’s called to Chris now. He might answer.

Roxanne was waiting for Chris’s receiving her call, but he didn’t respond.

“Come on!” Where are you Chris? Tell me now! I couldn’t tolerate with this. But…. hey!!! That blood…. I should stalk with that blood.

The blood might tell me to go to somewhere. I should follow this. Damn it! That blood was so stinky as same as alien.

“He is Mafia Tiger’s spy.” Zen said to Dada and Toto at lobby with many people at here. Best wasn’t trusted people. He was so sincere.

“What?” Dada asked. No way! He couldn’t do this. He was Dada’s friend.

“How do you know?” Toto asked to Zen. He knew that guy was unusual. He knew everything. He might be badass spy.

“He wasn’t trusted people. Do you know what time did he meet you?” Zen asked to Dada and Toto. He thought relationship from Best to Dada and Toto was so fake. And Best’s relationship, that was so bullshit.

“Since we were freshmen.” Dada answered. When I met Best since I was freshmen at ABAC, he was so very nice.

“Really? And how did you feel differently?” Zen asked.

“Nothing. Why?” Toto answered and asked back. That guy who asked about Best I didn’t know what he was wanting.

After that, someone who was so very handsome and had ages greeted to Dada, Toto and Zen. That guy was so very polite, but Dada felt that had mafia attitude.

“Miss Dada.” That guy said to Dada. Looked like he wanted something from Dada. “Please come with me. Wedding ceremony will start soon.”

“Can I come with you?” Toto asked to that guy. He didn’t want to Dada went lonely from him. He was jealous.

“Yes. Are you Dada’s boyfriend? We welcome you.” This guy welcome Toto. Wow! That was so very great.

“And Praewa?” Dada asked to that guy. She wanted Praewa to come with her.

“I’m sorry. This permission is for Salvador’s exclusive guest.” That guy said and smiled. Praewa felt boring. Dada and Toto were invited.

“Wah!!” Praewa felt pungent. She was bad mood easily.

“Come here Dada and…. Dada’s girlfriend.” That guy tried to recognize Toto’s name, but looked like he didn’t know Toto’s name.

“I’m Toto.” Toto didn’t wait for his doubting so he introduced himself to that guy immediately.

“Nice to meet you, Toto.” That guy said. “Let’s go.”

Dada didn’t know what that guy brought her, but looked like that guy wasn’t trusted. Look at his face, that was some villain in movie. His face was so long and freaky. His eyes were seeing around him. But she tried to think simply.

“What’s wrong with you, Dada?” Toto asked to Dada immediately. Dada was unusual when she was staying with that guy. Toto observed to that guy too.

“I don’t know.” Dada answered. She couldn’t describe to any words. After that, Roxanne’s message was sent to Dada, Toto, and Praewa immediately.

Roxanne : We’re in trouble. Chris was lost from somewhere.

Dada, Praewa, Toto felt frightened immediately when they knew Chris was lost. Roxanne didn’t know how to find Chris. That was all over. Roxanne wanted to give up this mission.

Dada : Where are you?

Dada sent message to Roxanne. Now Roxanne was texting in somewhere. She was hurt from fighting. She tried to go back to lobby, but her body had many wound. That might let someone asked her.

Roxanne : I’m coming to lobby.

Dada : But I will be going to somewhere.

Because that guy who invited Dada and Toto were bringing to somewhere. He claimed that was Salvador’s command. Dada trusted because her dad’s command was greater than everything.

Until she met Salvador and his bodyguards.

“Dada.” Salvador said and smiled. “Where did you go? Don’t you know wedding ceremony will be started soon?”

“I know.” Dada answered. “But I felt hesitated. My brother was lost.”

“Chris?” Salvador asked. “Where is he? Has he come to this wedding ceremony?”

“Yes.” Dada answered. “He came with Roxanne.”

“Roxanne, that famous girl DJ?” Salvador asked curiously.

“Yes. But Roxanne said to me ‘Chris was lost’.”

“Huh? Doesn’t she know that?” Salvador asked. “Where is she?”

“At the rooftop of Heaven Bangkok.” Dada answered. “She will be coming.”

“Yeah.” Salvador said. “I knew my son well. He will survive.”

Finally, wedding ceremony was started. Every guests who dressed luxuriously paid attention to wedding ceremony at all. That guys who were talking about investments stopped and saw to Kate and Cheesecake who was standing proudly at the stage. Cheesecake who was butch dressed as the gentlemen very handsome. She had very cute smile that attract to lesbian in this event. Kate still watched Cheesecake with warm sight.

Meanwhile Roxanne who took a bath to wipe her wounds was coming to the lobby. She hurt herself a lot. That was so very awful pain she had ever seen.

“I don’t know how I can do next.” She said with herself. Chris was lost. Um… Call to Praewa now.

“Hi.” I called to Praewa, but Praewa didn’t receive my call. WTF?

Damn.. Praewa… Where are you doing?

Roxanne didn’t wait for long time. She decided to walk and do everything never happened to her at this event.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” Finally, master of ceremonies who wore tuxedo and stood at the stage started Kate and Cheesecake’s wedding ceremony. This was first wedding ceremony in Thailand that lovers were same sex.

“I feel appreciated a lot when I am seeing 2 women who love together. Love doesn’t limit only man and woman, but now man can love with a man or woman can love with woman together. Finally, let’s meet Kate and Cheesecake now!”

When master of ceremony finished to introduce wedding ceremony, EDM music appeared to let everyone listen.

“What the fuck is that?” Toto blamed immediately when he heard EDM music that was at wedding ceremony. Actually, this should be at some nightclubs, not holy ceremony as this. But looked like Cheesecake’s friend loved that EDM songs a lot. They heard that EDM sound and decided to dance crazily without caring anyone. Then something appeared on the stage. That was DJ desk and DJ who wore big headphone. That was girl DJ. Looked like everything in this event was suitable for women only, such as Kate, Cheesecake, DJ, waitress. There were a few men who came to this event. That few men were famous men named Salvador, White, Marshall and more people from Tiger Mafia team.

“I like it.” Dada said to Toto. She paid attention to that woman DJ and said “That girl is so gorgeous.”

“But you’re cuter than that DJ.” Toto compliment to Dada immediately as same as complimenting his girlfriend.

“Hey!!! When is your mouth so sweet?” Dada asked. “Long time I have never heard your compliment to me as this.”

But Salvador turned his head to Dada because he suspected that guy who said romantically to Dada before he asked to Dada “Who was that, Dada?”

“My boyfriend name ‘Toto’.” Dada answered.

Toto turned his head to Salvador and said hello to Salvador. Salvador smiled and said “Toto, do you know my daughter said about you to me a lot. I don’t know who is Toto, finally is you. If you want to make a relationship to my daughter, please take care her. Don’t make my daughter to be sad because of you, OK?”

Luckily, Salvador agreed Toto as Dada’s boyfriend. That was so very simple. Simple more than another dad.

“OK.” Toto answered. “I will take care Dada as I can.”

“Don’t forget Dada is mafia’s daughter. She always is in danger anytime. But you will be better if you join our mafia team. Don’t worry about your fame. We are mafia of the liberty that care the holy things.”

Toto felt confused when condition of being relationship with Dada should be member of mafia member. Dada never said about this, but thinking himself wasn’t sure.

“Don’t fear, Toto. My dad is kind.” Dada said to Toto immediately after Toto felt hesitated.

“I believe.” Toto said and smiled to Dada. “I always stay with you, Dada.” Only Dada knew Toto was very high womanizer that had sex with one night stand 50 people (Dada was last girl who Toto had sex), but Toto and Dada believed Salvador didn’t know Toto was womanizer.

“Hey!!! Toto. I ever heard you had sex with many people.” Salvador said to Toto.


Why!!!! Why Salvador knew Toto had sex with many girls. Toto felt hesitated a lot.

“I ask you curiously. Why don’t you love some booth babe girls who had big boobs and perfect shape?” Salvador wanted to test Toto’s attitude. “I respect your picking up skill that is same as monster. But why do you choose my daughter? For money? I regret you to say Dada doesn’t have big boobs and perfect body to you.”

Toto stunted with Salvador’s question, but for his experiences of love, he answered to Salvador curiously.

“Big boobs is only sex appeal, but only Dada know about me well. Being attracted with big boobs or beautiful face is teenager’s attitude to find some girlfriend. But I and Dada have met since I and Dada was high school. Dada was good at English, but I was good at math. When after learning, I and Dada tutored together. Perhaps I walked wrong way of life, but only Dada who rescued me from the darkness.”

Toto mentioned to his playboy lifestyle that was so dark and painful. Although he had sex with many people, but he confirmed he loved Dada only.

“That is so romantic.” Salvador answered. “Did you read some romantic books? Look like you copied some dialogues from romantic fictions.”

Damn!!! Salvador was so tough! He was so very high experiences. He knew everything.

“No. It comes from my experiences.” Toto confirmed everything he said was come from his experiences.

“Dad, please stop.” Dada tried to stop Salvador’s troll question he asked to Toto.

“No way my daughter. I’m testing your boyfriend.” Salvador replied back before he asked to Toto. Now Toto will encounter with many stories he ever did with bad things.

“Why did you know I was womanizer?” Toto asked Salvador.

“Someday Dada cried to me a lot.” Salvador answered. “She blamed to me about she love flirty guys. So I hired investigator to seek that bastard guy who made Dada cried all at night. Finally, I knew. That’s you.”

Toto felt hesitated a lot. He couldn’t do anything more, but Dada caught and held Toto’s hand for trusting her. She nodded to Toto after Toto saw her. Looked like Dada believe Toto could be her good boyfriend.

“I’m sorry.” Toto said. “Please forgive me.”

“Forgive?” Salvador asked to Toto.

On the stage of wedding ceremony, Cheesecake kissed to Kate very sweet. Cheesecake hugged Kate and kiss with her love as same as gentlemen. Every photographers from presses took photos for using at news on tomorrow. This wedding ceremony was so gentle and peaceful.

“I love you.” Cheesecake said to Kate and kissed. Everyone clapped their hand for congratulating Kate and Cheesecake’s love.

“Look at that couple.” Salvador said to Toto and Dada. “They are so very nice.”

Oh!!! Salvador didn’t mention about Toto who wanted to be Dada’s girlfriend more. But… No No No!!! He turned his head back to Toto again.

“Look like Dada trusted you a lot, Toto.” Salvador said. “I’m not the demon who interrupt my daughter’s love. Actually, Dada never loves someone easily, but if you are a man who Dada can love, that mean you are suitable for Dada. One condition from me, don’t make yourself to be disappointed.”

Totally, Salvador still gave chance to Toto. Dada loved Toto only and Toto ready to have Dada as girlfriend.

“Thank you very much.” Toto said thank you to Salvador immediately.


Suddenly, DJ on the stage started to turn on her EDM songs.

“EDM songs again?” Salvador blamed. “Ah…. I will go to my zone. Toto, take care my daughter.”

“Yes sir.” Toto said and smiled with his happiness when Salvador trusted Toto to be in a relationship with Dada. Dada smiled and hugged to Toto immediately.

“Dada… You’re also offensive!” Toto blamed to Dada immediately when Dada jumped and hugged Toto. Dada did this for her happiness.

“Don’t talk much, baby.” Dada said. “Let’s dance.”

Wedding ceremony was ended. This time was after party that Kate and Cheesecake proudly presented. Cheesecake hired famous DJ in Thailand to celebrate the wedding ceremony. Many celebrities still danced together. Praewa who was sad a lot was drunken because she drank many beers or vodka to wipe her bad memory. She still walk as the zombie. No one could help her, but Ben still control Praewa’s body to stay together.

“Enough, Praewa.” Ben said. “Are you OK?”

“I’m OK, need more drinks!!! Give me some drinks now.” Praewa said and tried to walk, but Ben didn’t do as Praewa wanted.

“Stay with me. Don’t be sad because that heart breaker.” Ben said. But now Praewa didn’t have mind to say forever. She was drunken and stopped to think everything.

For Praewa, she felt sad very much because she loved Cheesecake a lot. That was her first heartbroken that was so severe and need to rest with more times. Ben didn’t know how to take care this drunken girl, but looked like when Praewa was drunken, she was so very beautiful.

Then Roxanne who came to the lobby and saw to her adopted sister ran to Praewa and yelled “Praewa!”

“Roxanne.” Ben said. “She has been drunken.”

“Drunken?” Roxanne asked again.

“She felt sad for Cheesecake a lot.” Ben described what happened to Praewa. “I will take care her.”

“Thank you.” Roxanne said to Ben. “I will find Chris.”

“Huh?” When Roxanne said about Chris, Ben doubted immediately. “How about Chris?”

“He was lost from me. I don’t know…”

“Wait!” But Ben touched to Roxanne’s shoulder to tell her. “Look at that.”

Roxanne saw to that things with Ben. They were seeing the projector that show someone who was tied at the water tank. Water was rinsing unstoppable. And Roxanne watched to someone who was tied at the water tank.

“Wait!!!” Roxanne said. “That is Chris.”

“Huh? Chris is in that water tank!!!?” Ben asked. “No!!!!”

Then Ben wanted to rescue Chris from the water tank, but he didn’t know where water tank was.

“Shit!!! Chris!!!!!” Salvador yelled to that projector immediately. “Where are you?”

“Brother!!” Dada yelled after Salvador yelled!

“Chris!!!” Toto yelled too.

Now everyone were stuck to watch Chris who was tied at the water tank. Water was rinsing and it floated to Chris’s leg. No more time to panic, rescuing Chris immediately should do now or he will be drowned.


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