Stellar (The Urbanist 2 Character)

Real world is parallel worlds.

There are realistic and surrealistic.

Finally I discovered the world of happiness.

Can you interest it?

Know about Stellar

Inspired from Lynlyn

Real name & Last name : Phornchita Ngamcherdchai
Date of Birth : September 15 1996
Generation : Gen Z (fulfilled with liberalism)
Age : 24
Zodiac : Virgo (count with tropical time)
Blood type : AB (The Variety Star) 
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality (Extreme)
Boobs enhancement : Yes (300 cc)
Graduation : Bachelor of art, classified university
Habit : Love to listen music, love to party, love to stay at the rave
Occupations : Booth babe, Race Queen, Master of Ceremony, Passion giver
Nightclub influencer : DND, Route 66, Baby Blink return, All RCA zone
Her weapons : Martial arts (Taekwondo, Muay Thai), Katana, Secret of Mana
Her phone & personal gadget : iPhone 2020 model
Appeared in  : The Urbanist 2 “Revive the liberty”
Like : Fighting, battle, being winner
Dislikes : Defeated
Facebook people counts : 5,000 friends | 987,645 followers
Instagram followers : 3 million followers
Relationship : Freya (100% | 💎  best friend)
Her Idol : None
Ever have sex : Classified
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, Shochu, Sake, Absolut, Barcadi, Absinthe, Vodka)
Sucking cigarette : Never
Ever undecided pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Never
DISC Personaity :  D, I
Culture : Liberalism 50% | Conservatism 50%
Theme song : Perfume – Flash
Special ability : Parallel world vision
Special experience : Parallel travel
Weakness : Cigarette smoke (Make Stellar feels blurred temporally.)
Similar characters in Hormones The Series : Sprite (100%)

I don’t know why I was born in this world.

Because real world is so chaos and terrible.

Many people stick with the truth that is still be same, not revolt.

When I bring someone to the parallel world, many people deny and say “You’re so idiot.”

Parallel world is real. it still stay with us.

That is the truth of being in this world.

Trust me.

Stellar was born from the famous fortune teller family that her dad predicted very accurate. Actually, her family could connect to holy spirit strongly and knew how to use for rescuing the sins. When Stellar was child, someone in a village that Stellar and her family lived had dark spirit in their body. No one could help them. People in the village brought that people to Stellar’s dad. And then Stellar’s dad summoned the holy spirit to cure sickness. That was God’s love power from the heaven that everyone respected it. It was so pure and kind.


Due to Stellar was famous fortune teller’s family, she also had sixth sense of another dimensions that could see another world. That another world was the world of love and peace. But many people disagreed Stellar’s opinion. When she invited her friends at the university, many students insulted her about she was dumb or ridiculous.

But Freya trusted Stellar’s opinion. Freya ever touched mysterious power so she invited Stellar to find the truth of everything. Actually Stellar was Freya’s best friend from university.


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