The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” part 7

“Sir Cheesecake.” Some big bodyguard walked to Cheesecake. “We are ready to start wedding ceremony.”

Cheesecake smiled and said. “Thanks. Ah… I forget the time. What time will we start?”

“21:00 hrs. Now 19:30 hrs.” Big bodyguard said.

“Tell your team to announce my precious guests to stay at lobby.” Cheesecake said before she saw to Kate and hooked Kate’s arm. “Kate. Let’s go.”

“Yeah.” Kate said. Inside Kate’s heart, she wanted to see the horizon or sky more. But this time limited her to face with the reality. The reality that came from the fake again. Her mind thought very complex.

Meanwhile Chris and Roxanne had plan to go to media room at Heaven Bangkok. It was so complex to go. There were many guards who were inspecting everything. They saw and detect. Not only mouse, they could kill it.

“Hey Badger, What do you think about Cheesecake and Kate?” 2 Guards talked together and walked to Chris and Roxanne who was hiding from guard’s sight. That sound was so wide and Chris & Roxanne could hear.

“Kate should be my girlfriend.” another guard said. “She is my friend from university.”

“Huh? Did you learn at university? I think you only graduated at high school.”

“Sh…. Don’t say more. Guard job is my part time.”

“Hahaha. And how about Kate?”

“She is so introvert and not friendly much. Actually, she is very selfish.”


“I ever flirted her.”

“Huh? How about that?”

“I failed. She didn’t know what is love.”

“What? That is so crazy.”

That sound was near Chris and Roxanne. Both were hiding at another side of wall.

“That is so annoying.” Roxanne blamed silently. Chris heard what Roxanne said so he poked Roxanne and said. “Shhh….”

“They are coming here.” Chris said. “Ready to capture them.”

“Yeah.” Roxanne said.

“But this is really unavailable when Kate loves butch.” One of 2 security guards said.

“I don’t believe too.”

“Hey!!! But I confirmed Kate love that DJ.”

“What DJ do you mention?”

“I don’t know, but he ever had Tingting as his MC.”


“Yeah!! That’s it.”

Chris heard that security guard said about him, but he still steady.

“But… Finally that DJ couldn’t handle Kate. Hahaha.”


Chris blamed immediately when that security guard insulted him that didn’t have guts more to handle Kate. That Chris’s swearing made that security guard heard.

“Huh? Someone said FUCK.” Security guard said.

“What are you doing?” Roxanne asked to Chris.

“Be careful.” Security guard said to another security guard who wanted to take down Chris.


After that, security guard walked to that sound. Chris and Roxanne ready to CQC.

“Come on.” Chris said inside his mind.

That security guard walked stealthy, but his shadow told Chris knew that security guard was coming. Chris decided to CQC that unlucky security guard immediately.


“Shit!” Another security guard exclaimed. But Roxanne did CQC to that another security guard again with her taser. That made security guard was shocked with electricity before he fell down to the floor.

2 security guard was taken down. Chris and Roxanne continued to walk.

“That is so dangerous.” Chris said to Roxanne.

“Yeah.” Roxanne said. “But for Praewa and your revenge.”

“Revenge? What’s that?” Chris asked.

“Cheesecake seized your ex-girlfriend from you. Can’t you remember that?” Roxanne asked.

“I don’t think a lot with this.” Chris said. “But I felt curious something.”

“Curious!!!?” Roxanne exclaimed. “What are you curious?”

“Dada ever said ‘I am Salvador’s son’.” Chris said. “Is it true? Do you know?”

“I don’t know.” Roxanne answered. “She may lie you.”

“But she warned me I was targeted to eliminate due to be Salvador’s son.” Chris said.

“You’re overthinking. Calm down Chris.” Roxanne didn’t want Chris to think more.

“Yeah.” Chris smiled and both walked to the secret room.

“Dada.” Toto called to his girlfriend when he and Dada were at lobby of wedding ceremony. He interested to that dishes of dessert.

“What?” Dada asked to Toto back.

“Look at this.” Toto said. “Do you want to eat this?”

“That dessert?” Dada asked and she focused to that dishes of desserts that were put on the table. There were many guests picked many dishes and ate them. Um. Looked at that big guy. He enjoyed his eating a lot. he smelled at that dessert too.

“Wow!!! It is strawberry cheesecake.” Dada said.

“Hey!” But Praewa interfered Dada and Toto.

“Praewa!” Dada yelled to Praewa immediately when she saw her closed friend. “Where is Ben?”

“He is going to toilet.” Praewa answered. “Do you know our classmates came to this wedding ceremony!”

“Who?” Dada asked curiously.

“Zen and his girlfriend, Dolly.” Praewa answered.

“But where is Best? Do you know, Praewa?” But Toto started to talk about best, his closed friend. Now he was hidden away from Toto.

“Best? Who’s that?” Praewa asked.

“I’m sorry.” Toto said.

“But I know.” Zen said.


Dada, Praewa and Toto turned their head to Zen immediately. They wanted to know where Best was.

“Where?” Dada asked. “I missed him. We ever went to nightclub with him.”


Meanwhile, Chris and Roxanne was busted. Mission failed?

4 security guards surrounded Chris and Roxanne. They have very big muscle. Looked like they ate Mutant whey protein that was so freak!

“Put the gun down DJ.”

Chris and Roxanne laid their gun and didn’t do anything stupid.

“DJ? You change yourself to be thief. That is so committing suicide.”

“Stop barking muscle dog.” Chris insulted to security guards who tied him. That bodies was so very freak as same as Pit Bull. If that security guards had fur, that was same as the dog.

“Go fuck yourself!” That security guard who felt pungent with Chris’s insulting. He angered and wanted to throw Chris to the ground for experimenting Chris’s mutant gene. Now he was walking to Chris and picked Chris to throw. Chris tried to release that security guard’s picking, but security guard’s force was so tough more than he thought. That was same as the beast.


Roxanne yelled immediately with her fear when she saw Chris who was thrown by muscle security guards violently. Chris’s body was flied as same as the A4 paper. It was so very hurt and very tough when Chris was fallen to the floor.


Chris screamed with his pain extremely, but luckily, his bones weren’t broken. He could stand up and readied to fight with security guards again. That wasn’t so fun, but he wanted to take down with that bastards who tried to seized him and Roxanne.

Roxanne was in trouble as same as Chris. She was seized and tied by another muscle security guards. She couldn’t help Chris to go away from security guards. Was this mission failed?

For Roxanne, she never gave up with this little trouble. She kicked security guard’s ass and escape from security guard before he tried to catch Roxanne again. Roxanne ran to Chris and said. “Are you OK?”

“Maybe.” Chris answered. “That security guards are so badass.”

“Incoming!” Roxanne exclaimed and pulled Chris to stand up before they ran from that security guards from hell. Now they were running to the generator room that had slideshow controller. For Roxanne’s plan, she wanted Chris to change slideshow that would show about Cheesecake’s demonic businesses. That was so weird and pity that Cheesecake did that.

The way to go to generator room is so linear and there were many security guards were coming to Chris and Roxanne liked a zombies. They were so very rant.
“There are many!” Chris blamed.

“Do you have any weapons?” Roxanne asked to Chris.

“Nothing. Only my stupid martial arts.” Chris answered. “Don’t focus to weapons. We must escape from that damn chasing us.”

“Fuck!” Then Roxanne exclaimed with strong language when she saw at the front of her had many security guards who was waiting for smacking Chris and Roxanne.

“What happened?” Chris asked.

“We are surrounded!” Roxanne answered immediately.

“What are you doing in this place?” Fat security guard asked to Chris and Roxanne. But Chris and Roxanne didn’t say anything stupid. Only smiling he did to security guards. He wanted security guards to be cool down temper, but looked like his smile wasn’t worked.

“What are you smiling? I’m not bozo!” That security guard yelled to Chris and Roxanne and made angry face.

“Fuck yeah! Because you’re ogre!” Chris said.

“What’s that?” Yeah! That made security guard felt confused. Chris got opportunity to take down that security guard instantly. Chris punched to security guard’s stomach that might be security guard’s weak point. Yeah! That made security guard fell down to the floor.

“Wow!” Roxanne said. “Nice shot!”

“Hahaha.” Chris smiled to Roxanne, but looked like hot tempered was at all of security guards’ mind. Everyone picked their pistol to shoot Chris and Roxanne.

“Fuck!” Chris exclaimed. “How can I do?”

Looked like Chris and Roxanne thought to give up that many security guards. They had weapons to kill them. That was so very dangerous.

“Am I dream? Can I restart last checkpoint?” Roxanne asked to Chris. She thought that was only some missions in video games.

“Roxanne. That isn’t video game!” Chris blamed immediately. “But that is really enough. There are many people.”

“Why? Do you give up?” Roxanne asked.

“No way!” Chris said and he ran to many security guards and fight with them. They were so very powerful. Result was… Chris was defeated. His body fell down to the floor and he couldn’t move himself. Only thing he could do was seeing around him with his pain from his body.

And he heard something that was Roxanne’s voice.

“Chris.” Roxanne said when she was smacked.






“Chris….” Roxanne said.

But Chris’s heroic spirit made him to walk to Roxanne although his body was hurt very much. He wanted to protect Roxanne with his body.

“Roxanne.” Chris yelled. “I will come to you.”

“Yeah.” Roxanne said. But when Chris was walking with his pain that made his walking to be slow, he was punched with muscle security guards extremely. But his body hugged Roxanne to protect.

“Chris… ” Roxanne couldn’t say anything more. She was shocked with Chris’s spirit although his body was damaged. She hugged Chris’s body and started to cry.

“I shouldn’t make you to be hurt like this.” Roxanne said.

Security guard’s maniacs was so crazy. Now he tried to kick Roxanne to hurt more, but someone who came from the darkness shot all of security guards with taser gun. Every security guards was shocked from taser cartridges. They had seizure from electroshock that couldn’t do anything.

When security guards were taken down to the floor, that guy who helped Chris and Roxanne appeared. That was male who wore tuxedo.

“Thank you.” Roxanne said and she stood up.

“Is Chris OK?” ??? asked.

“He was damaged a lot.” Roxanne answered. “But what is your name?”

“Best.” Best answered. “I’m Dada’s friend.”

“Dada? That net idol?” Roxanne asked.

“Yes. I have my real things to tell you.” Best said.


“Why have you come to this place?” Best asked.

“That’s my story.” Roxanne answered.

“This way is going to the generator’s room.” Best told. “And generator room have projector that show Cheesecake’s presentation. Look like you want to change video, don’t you?”

Roxanne didn’t say anything more, but her bullshit skill wasn’t enough to use. She answered “Yes.”

“Why?” Best asked.

“Cheesecake made my sister to be heartbroken.” Roxanne answered. “Back off! I must do my mission.”

“Mission?” Best asked. “What mission do you do?”

“You’re so annoying!” Roxanne blamed to Best.

“Hey!!! And do you let this guy away from you?” Best asked to Roxanne who abandoned Chris.

“Generator room was near. He will wake up soon.” Roxanne answered and walk away from Best.

“Hahaha.” Best laughed. Actually he tried to pick up Roxanne, but Roxanne didn’t interest Best very much because Chris was closer than Best and she didn’t know who was Best.

Sometimes making good things couldn’t make love.

After that Roxanne ran to the generator room to hack videos in computer. She already saved at her USB flash drive. Um… that computer didn’t have password to enter, that was so easy.

“No password? Are you kidding me?” Roxanne blamed to computer owner. Then Roxanne inserted USB flash drive to the USB port and changed video files from her USB flash drive.

“Hahaha! Take that Cheesecake!” Roxanne said. “You make my sister felt sad!”

Roxanne changed video files to Cheesecake’s demonic business that might be chaos in future. That was so funny and Cheesecake will be infamous.

After Roxanne changed video files, Roxanne kept going out from generator room immediately and she ran to Chris. Was Chris cured? But Roxanne frightened a lot when Chris was lost. Where was Chris?

“Chris. Where are you?” Roxanne asked.



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