Dr. Wayne (The Urbanist Character)

I was ever the hippie.

I love peace, love, smile and dreams.

This world is so chaos. I don’t like it.

How to fix this problem? I have my own method. Come with me.

Know about Dr. Wayne

Real name & Last name : Wayne Iceberg
Date of Birth : October 3 1970
Generation : Generation X
Age : 39
Zodiac : Libra (Count with tropical time)
Blood type : (The Role Model)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Graduation : Master of Medicine, unknown university
Habit : Love to read many books, theories and explore to mysterious places
Occupations : Doctor, Researcher, Biologist
Nightclub influencer : None
His weapons : Psychedelic syringe gun
His phone & personal gadget : Nokia 3310
Appeared in  : The Urbanist
Like : Making new knowledge
Dislikes : Chaos
Facebook people counts :
Instagram followers : –
Relationship : Salvador (friend), Freya (daughter),  Athena (mutant human he created), Chris (mutant human he created), Dada (mutant human he created), Layla (mutant human he created), Euphoria (mutant human he created), Joanna (Wife)
His Idol : Salvador Dali
Ever have sex : Ever
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, Shochu, Sake, Absolut, Barcadi, Absinthe)
Sucking cigarette : Ever
Use drugs : Ever due to experiments (except toluene products due to he couldn’t tolerate)
DISC Personaity :  C
Culture : Liberalism 50% | Conservatism 50%
Theme song : Victoria’s secret
Special ability : Absolute Pitch, Sixth sense, Very quick sense, Luminous vision, Quickdraw, bridge from another world
Special experience : None
Weakness : None
Similar characters in Hormones The Series : Kwan (1oo%)

Wayne was one of elite scientist of government laboratory. He loved to read many books and wanted to make cloned human due to he ever watched sci-fi movies when he was kid. With his dream, he wanted to be scientist and preferred to create his knowledge from his precious researches.

Before he was real biologist, he was hippie who used weeds to know another world. Sometimes he used LSD for researching what seeing he got. That was so creepy and interesting.

Until he came to national library in London, United Kingdom. He used 2 weeks to research another theories of making cloned people. He trusted cloning human was exist. Until he knew to make cloning human.

With 3 years, he created cloning human. He failed to make cloned human more than 520 people. That was so illegal, but don’t worry. His laboratory was at underground that no one could know.

For 3 years, he could make prototype cloned human successfully. Her name was “Athena”. Reason to make cloned human because he wanted his cloned human to make love and peace together. Athena was born from the birth box that started with adult body that looked like 20 years old. First time Athena was born, she didn’t know anything as same as baby, but Dr. Wayne gave many knowledge to Athena immediately. Finally, her knowledge and mind was same as 20 years old lady.

To be continued


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