Euphoria (The Urbanist 2 Character)

Ah… my real world is really chaos.

But don’t worry, I have my own world.

My world is fulfilled with euphoria.

Are you ready to touch new experiences? OK Let’s go!

Know about Euphoria, the illusionist

Inspired from Ploychompoo (Jannine Wiegel), Mito Natsume , Thanaerng (Hipster style)

Real name & Last name : Experimental human Type B No. 004
Date of Birth : September 10 1998
Generation : Gen Z (fulfilled with liberalism)
Age : 22
Zodiac : Virgo (count with tropical time)
Blood type : B (The Rebel) Special blood type with spiritual hormone from Dr. Wayne
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality (Extreme)
Boobs enhancement : No
Graduation : Bachelor of art, Chulalongkorn university
Habit : Love to say something from another world or another experiences
Occupations : Writer, illustrator, artist, MC, musician
Nightclub influencer : DND, Route 66, Baby Blink return, All RCA zone
Her weapons : Martial art (Muay Thai), Carolina I revolver
Her phone & personal gadget : iPhone 2020 model, Radius HP-NHR11
Appeared in  : The Urbanist 2 “Revive the liberty”
Like : Listening musics, play music games, drawing pictures
Dislikes : Negative mind people
Facebook people counts : 5,000 friends | 1,946,875 followers
Instagram followers : 2,946,341 followers
Relationship : Layla (90% | close friend, work as Layla’s MC)
Her Idol : Palmy
Ever have sex : Never
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, Shochu, Sake, Absolut, Barcadi)
Sucking cigarette : Never
Ever undecided pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Ever due to experiment 
DISC Personaity :  S, C
Culture : Liberalism 100% | Conservatism 0%
Theme song : Mito Natsume – おでかけサマー
Special ability : Absolute Pitch, Sixth sense, Very quick sense, Luminous vision
Special experience : None
Weakness : Toluene products (sniff and instantly die due to Experimental human type B series’s issue. Toluene damages to Euphoria’s heart extremely, but not damages to Euphoria’s brain and nervous system.)
Similar characters in Hormones The Series : Dao (50%), Koi (50%)

Euphoria, one of another experimental human from “Karen”, illegal research & development from Dr. Wayne. She was born from biological birth box that created secretly. That was same as cloning human. Euphoria was the last experimental human product from Dr. Wayne before he was dead due to being murdered at his laboratory under the earth. After that, Euphoria was one of the target to eliminate experimental human type B due to type B might be dangerous for nation and mankind.

Huh? Is this girl so dangerous? (From this site)

She is Layla’s best friend. First time she met Layla at some pub in Thonglor. Layla invited Euphoria to be MC due to Euphoria was so cute and great to entertain another people. Actually, she didn’t know Layla was one of Experimental Human Type B, so Layla and Euphoria always escape from the arrest from government troopers.

From creator

I have made this character proudly for the hippie. Euphoria is the fairy of the hippie who can bring the truth of happiness to everyone with her art performance. Thailand in year 2020 is fulfilled with very high technology. There are many upgraded transport system that can bring civilians to their places they want. Look like real world is so chaos and uncomfortable, so she is built for curing people’s mind to the another world that they should know. That is the real world from another dimension inside their mind.

Jannie Wiegel (From #ทีมพลอยชมพู on Twitter)

I choose “Jannine Wiegel” or “Ploychompoo” in Thai to use inspiration for making Euphoria character. First time when I think about Euphoria character, I think to Jannine Wiegel first because her personality is really artist as same as Palmy. Her beauty is so mystic and wanted to know more about her. That is the magic when I choose Jannine Wiegel as Euphoria.

I bring Euphoria to pair with Layla. Don’t think about Layla and Euphoria is lesbian. Actually Layla ready to be in a relationship with male singer at the pub, so Euphoria and Layla are really best friends who encounter with many problems in Bangkok.

With her beauty, so many male people want to flirt her, but look like Euphoria fear if they will be in a relationship with her, they will die due to she is targeted to eliminate. That is so tough!


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