Patrick (The Urbanist Character)

Hey! What’s up?

Do you want to release your stress?

Come with me.

I will bring you to the heaven.

Real name & Last name : Theerayuth Aekkasit
Date of Birth : June 17 1982
Generation : Millennial
Age : 27
Zodiac : Gemini (count with tropical time)
Blood type : O (The Hero)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality (Extreme)
Graduation : Unknown
Habit : Love to have sex with another girls
Occupations : Super Pussy Go go bar, Poseidon Entertainment Complex, Safe House
Nightclub influencer : Safe House
His weapons : Martial Arts (Karate, Muay Thai)
Her phone & personal gadget : Apple iPhone 3G
Appeared in  : The Urbanist
Like : Money that come from his businesses
Dislikes : His businesses are defunct
Facebook people counts : 5,000 friends (20,301 followers)
Instagram followers : 10,847 followers
Relationship : Athena (70% | Tiger Mafia leader), Sega (60% | Tiger Mafia member), Cheesecake (90% | Poseidon Entertainment Complex investor), White (60% | Tiger Mafia Spy)
Ever have sex : Never
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, Shochu, Sake, Absolut, Barcadi, Vodka)
Sucking cigarette : Never
Let someone get pregnancy : Never
Use drugs : Never
DISC Personaity : I (Influence)
Culture : Liberalism 50% | Conservatism 50%
Theme song : CAPSULE – More More More
Special ability : None
Special experience : None
Weakness : None
Similar characters in Hormones The Series : Win 50% | Tar 50%

If you think about Thailand, what things do you think first?

Foods? Massage? Muay Thai? Bangkok? Or another one?

If you know the darkside stories from each countries, you may know Thailand is the land of sex business.

Patrick felt proud a lot when he was male. He loved to have sex with another gorgeous girl from the nightclub. He was so womanizer since he learned at university. Everyday after finished learning at university, he often came to famous nightclub at RCA to seek gorgeous girls to make one-night stand relationship.

In nightclub, he was so very handsome as same as Asian superstar. Many girls wanted to hug or bring Patrick to be their husband. Actually, he was ever heartbroken from girl at high school, so this might be the revenge.

Until he bought lottery and he won first prize with 30 million Baht. That time he had more money to start his sex business that let everyone released sex drive to the happiness.

Super Pussy, Patrick’s go go bar.

His first bar was “Super Pussy” that opened at Patpong, one of the famous red light district in Thailand. Early opening of Super Pussy was so very famous because there were many sexy strippers that smiled very luscious and cost was so affordable. But 3 years later, Super Pussy income was so lower and looked like loss came from this business, so he opened second business named “Safe House.”

Safe House, Thonglor

Safe House was one of the most popular nightclub in Thonglor – Ekamai that every foreigners knew well. Patrick scoped target group of Safe House for adult age 20-28 who loved to explore nightlife experiences. Many people who every visit this place also said certainly about this nightclub was one of the best nightclub at Thonglor – Ekamai. Patrick got many profits from Safe House very much due to target group was very wide.

Until someday, Dada and her friends wanted to enter Safe House stealthy, but they were detected from Facebook users who watched video clips that Tingting argued with somebody at Safe House. That made Safe House was terminated.



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