Ben (The Urbanist Character)

Hi, everyone.

Do you want your better hairstyle?

Oh!! Your hairstyle is outdated.

Don’t worry. I will fix this. Come here baby.

Real name & Last name : Korsak Jaisungma
Date of Birth : August 10 1985
Generation : Millennial
Age : 24
Zodiac : Leo (count with tropical time)
Blood type : O (The Hero)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Graduation : Bachelor’s degree of commercial art, Chulalongkorn University
Habit : Enjoy with many friends
Occupations : Hair stylist, writer
Nightclub influencer : Funky Villa
His weapons : Combat knife
Her phone & personal gadget : Apple iPhone 3G
Appeared in  : The Urbanist
Like : ?
Dislikes : Betrayer
Facebook people counts : 345 friends
Instagram followers : Ben doesn’t use Instagram
Relationship : Chris (close friend), Kate (close friend), June (his ex-girlfriend), Praewa (His girlfriend)
Ever have sex : Never
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, Shochu, Sake, Absolut, Barcadi, Vodka)
Sucking cigarette : Never
Let someone get pregnancy : Never
Use drugs : Never
DISC Personaity : I (Influence)
Culture : Liberalism 50% | Conservatism 50%
Theme song : CAPSULE – More More More
Special ability : None
Special experience : None
Weakness : None
Similar characters in Hormones The Series : Tar

He is Chris’s close friend who survived from burnt Sanctuary club with Chris. He still be with Chris before he felt sad when June was dead. After that, he traveled to USA to receive another experiences. That time he competed hair design contest and he was winner. That time he felt happy very much, but he will be happier if Chris stood with him. Someone thought he was gay, but actually he wasn’t. He loved perfect ladies who trusted about perfection. Finally he met Praewa, Roxanne’s adopted sister.


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