The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” part 6

In Kate ❤ Manaw’s wedding ceremony at Heaven Bangkok.

Kate was seeing many building around Heaven Bangkok. They was so beautiful because that buildings had lights. She saw everything at the ground and she felt that was same as toys city she ever played since she was young. This was first time she saw Bangkok’s horizon that was so far away and rare to see.

Today weather was so fresh. On rooftop had strong breeze to blow everyone away. No cloud of raining. That was so very great day. Kate also walked from handrail of rooftop to some benches that she put her bag for picking her mirrorless camera to take the horizon of Bangkok.

She pressed shutter button and watched preview photos on LCD screen. That was so very beautiful. With her happiness from taking photos made her forgot wedding ceremony. Kate thought that was so more attractive than marry.

“Hey!” Manaw called Kate after she walked to Kate at rooftop. Kate turned her head to Manaw and said “Hi, Manaw.”

“What are you doing?” Manaw asked to Kate among of strong breeze. “Absorb air?”

“Yeah.” Kate answered. “Horizon is so beautiful. I have never seen it at Bangkok.”

“Don’t you know today we will marry.” Manaw warned Kate again. “Our guest are waiting us. Let’s go down.”

“Yeah.” Kate said and Manaw held Kate’s hand before she brought Kate to dressing room at downstairs. For Kate, she thought Manaw was controlling her strictly. When she was near Manaw, she felt stressed without reason. Only watching Manaw’s face, that was disturbing her mind.

She could reject Manaw’s wedding ceremony, but she couldn’t dare to reject. It’s too late.

Meanwhile luxurious limousine was driven to the parking inside Zen, Central World. At the parking had red carpet that welcome VIP guests. So Chris, Roxanne, Dada, Toto, Praewa and Ben were VIP guest of this place.

“Finally…” Driver said. “Everyone, welcome to the greatest wedding ceremony in Bangkok.”

Then driver got out from limousine and opened door car to bring everyone walked at the red carpet to the wedding ceremony.

“Chris.” Roxanne called to Chris and she held Chris’s hand together as same as couple. Chris saw to Roxanne’s face and Roxanne nodded to Chris. Looked like Roxanne wanted to stick with Chris together. Finally, Chris smiled to Roxanne back.

“Hey!” Dada said to Toto. “Let’s hold our hand together.” She wanted to walk with Toto at the red carpet with couple movement. That made Praewa felt jealous.

“No….” Praewa interjected. “Who can walk with me together?”

“Me?” Ben asked to Praewa. Praewa hesitated to hold hand together with Ben, so she said “You’re not my girlfriend.”

“Don’t care, Praewa. We need perfect performance.”

Praewa smiled and Ben held Praewa’s hand together. Everyone walked out from limousine and readied to walk at red carpet. Many photographers were taking photos relentlessly. That flash made Praewa’s eyes were blinded temporally.

“Ah!!” Praewa interjected.

But another one could tolerate many flashlight from photographers who took photos relentlessly. Yeah, that was Salvador, Dada’s dad. He was greeting everyone who took him by smiling and little saying to everyone. He copied fashion from Salvador Dali, Surrealism artist that his facial hair was the most featured from him. Sometimes he played his freak facial hair to tease everyone who were near him. When he saw to Dada at the red carpet, he yelled to Dada immediately.

“Dada.” Salvador yelled.

“Dad!” Dada said and she ran to her dad immediately. When Dada was near Salvador, he introduced Dada to another celebrities who was waiting him.

“This is my daughter, Dada.” Salvador said to his friend who was celebrity. Then Freya, Dada’s younger sister who was standing with Salvador said hi to her elder sister immediately.

“Dada!!” Freya greeted.

“Freya!!! My lovely sister.” Dada said and she hugged to Freya warmly. Freya felt comfortable with Dada who was warm elder sister. That was so cute moment. Now Freya was 14 years old.

“Dada, your younger sister is real teenager. She is so beautiful, isn’t she?” Salvador asked to Dada.

“Yeah, my dad.” Dada answered and smiled before Salvador’s friend greeted to Dada.

“Hello.” Dada said to Salvador’s friend.

“You’re so cute. As same as Korean girls.” Salvador’s friend who was female said. “Where do you learn?”

“Assumption University.” Dada answered.

“Wow!!! International university! So you talk English very well!” Another celebrities complimented to Dada and Salvador. Dada felt proud very much, but Salvador was only smiled because Dada managed herself to be students of Assumption University. No one helped her.

“Can you selfie with me?” Some celebrity asked to Dada. Dada smiled and she said. “Yeah.” After that, he took selfie with Dada. Everyone who was celebrities fanclubs took photos a lot. Someone posted in to Twitter or Facebook.

Meanwhile Toto who was smiling to everyone, he saw to Akiko who was standing at fanclub zone. She contacted to Toto’s eyes and she felt sad until her tear dropped down. She was crying.

“Akiko.” Toto said and he tried to run to Akiko, but she ran away from Toto.

“I’m sorry.” Toto said to Akiko, but that was too late. Dada saw Toto who was doing something inappropriately so she ran to Toto and said. “Hey!”

“Dada.” Toto said.

“Akiko?” Dada asked.

“Yeah.” Toto answered.

“Don’t worry. It’s over.” Dada said and she brought Toto to main side of red carpet.

“I want to apologize her, but she couldn’t listen to me. She chose to evade me all of time.” Toto blamed his feeling to Dada.

“Toto. Past can’t change. The best thing you can do is ‘Do the best in today.'” Dada said. “You have me as your girlfriend. Stick at the present, Toto.”

Inside Toto’s mind, Toto wanted to know clearly about Akiko’s feeling. He wanted to say and apologized everything he did worse, but Akiko evaded him.

“It’s over.” Dada said and she held Toto’s hand. “Let’s go.”

Looked like Dada believed Toto was her good boyfriend. She didn’t let Toto to go away from her. Toto felt hesitated to be lost his ex-girlfriend, but that was so over as same as Dada said.

Keep walking was better.

“I forget your name, dude. What’s your name?” Praewa asked to Ben.

“My name is Ben, Praewa.” Ben answered.

“Ah!!! You know my name!!” Praewa said.

For press’s vision. They thought Ben and Praewa was couple. Some journalists created bullshit news that said about Praewa had new boyfriend or “Oh! That is unbelievable! Praewa love boys!”

“How do you feel?” Ben asked to Praewa who was walking on the red carpet. He thought this was Praewa’s first time of walking on red carpet, so he wanted to tutor Praewa.

“Look like I’m the best.” Praewa answered and smiled. “But hey!! Please perform as couple, OK?”

“Huh?” Ben confused immediately. Praewa smiled to Ben and she hooked Ben before she waved her right hand. After that, Ben didn’t know what was Praewa doing so he asked to Praewa ” What are you doing?”

Praewa didn’t say anything, but she chose to smile to Ben and walked together. Praewa saw around her and she smiled to everyone who took photos. Only Ben still confused what happened after Praewa hooked him and walked together.

“Hey! Ben. Please smile.” Praewa said to Ben.

Many people still took photos beside red carpet. That was so high-social. Someone posted to their social network and announced widely. Yeah, gossip news still appeared at this time.

“Wow!! Chris has new girlfriend? That is Roxanne!” Chris’s fanclubs talked together at side of red carpet that many people still took photos. “They are compatible very much.”

They saw to Chris and Roxanne who were walking and hooking together. That made fanclubs imagined to be something that was so beautiful very much. They were really over-imagined.

“Do you love to walk at red carpet?” Roxanne asked to Chris near the elevator to the Heaven Bangkok.

“Maybe.” Chris answered. “But actually I don’t like this. It makes me felt uncomfortable and conservative.”

“But not everyone who can walk at red carpet. We’re celebrity!” Roxanne said. “Fake yourself for everyone is better.”

“No way!” Chris said. “Sometimes I felt bored when I was taken many photos from photographers like this.”

“Hahaha.” Roxanne laughed. “Think about you are at stage. Many people want to take photos. That is same.”

“No.” Chris tried to object again. “On stage, I stand only, but this red carpet, I must walk and smile to everyone. It is so freaky.”

“Hey!! That is temporal. Our fanclubs are waiting for us.” Roxanne said and she smiled to Chris. Chris smiled back. Meanwhile, their fanclubs or photographers still took photos that Chris and Kate had sweet moment on the red carpet. Now everyone pain attention to Chris and Roxanne immediately. Many social network celebrity started to write Tweets on Twitter with hashtag #KateManawWedding. Inside hashtag #KateManawWedding, there were many tweets about Chris and Roxanne that will be new couple due to both was so compatible. For Dada and Toto, that was quite popular, but not much. They were hot only at ABAC students. For Ben and Praewa, that wasn’t hot much although Praewa was famous MC with Roxanne.

Until Roxanne, Chris, Toto, Dada, Ben and Praewa prepared to enter elevator to the 19th floor of Zen building at the center of Bangkok. That was so very epic. Elevator was made with glass. It was so luxurious and valuable to touch it for every high-social people.

Finally, bell signal rang. Elevator moved to the floor that Chris’s team were waiting. Inside elevator’s floor, that was red carpet too. Chris’s team moved to elevator and started to talk something that was the plan of defeating Manaw.

“Praewa.” Roxanne called to her sister when they were in elevator that was moving from basement to 19th floor. “Don’t do anything stupid. Do everything as same as nothing happened. If Manaw said hi to you, you will do as same as lover. I and Chris will change video presentation. After that, you act as same as that is unbelievable. And Toto, Dada, greet to everyone as same as ambassador. Don’t do anything stupid too. This vengeance I will do it with Chris.”

“OK, big sister.” Praewa said.

“Yeah.” Dada said.

“Chris. You know what should you do.” Roxanne said. “Manaw killed my friend, seized your love. She is Tiger Mafia’s big member. Don’t make her to her survive.”

“Yeah.” Chris said.

Although this revenge was so demonic, but this was should do. Not only Manaw to die, everyone from Tiger mafia had to die. June was dead because of Tiger mafia, Now Tingting was too. That was so demonic.

Actually, Chris didn’t want to kill, but that was over.

Finally, elevator sent Chris’s team to floor 19. Signal rang and elevator opened to allow Chris’s team to Heaven Bangkok. Now at Heaven Bangkok was decorated with white and gold colors. Carved heart shaped ice stood at the entrance of Heaven Bangkok. It was placed at the golden pillar that have sign “Love forever Kate ❤ Manaw”. It was so cute and cold in same time. That showed how Manaw loved Kate well. Beside carving was decorated with rainbow rose. It might say about LBGT was usual.

“Wow!!” Dada said. “Manaw is so romantic.” She complimented immediately without thinking anything. She saw around ice carving to remember things to use in wedding ceremony in future. Inside her heart, she planned wedding ceremony day successfully because she was sure Toto was her real soulmate.

“Yeah.” Toto agreed Dada too. But Praewa wasn’t. She saw everything to be hatred. She couldn’t forget Manaw forever and she wanted to revenge with her hand. Roxanne saw to Praewa’s face and looked like Praewa still hated Manaw very much. She didn’t smiled to everyone, but she still did bored face until Roxanne warned Praewa about this wasn’t good things to do.

“Hey!! Be relax, Praewa.” Roxanne warned Praewa. “I know you hate Manaw, but this was my duty to revenge.”

“Really?” Praewa asked to Roxanne.

“Listen to me, Praewa.” Roxanne still warned to Praewa again. “This isn’t good to do. I felt guilt too, but Manaw was really evil. I don’t know if I will be married, will someone interrupt my wedding ceremony? I still hesitate.”

“Roxanne. Don’t think a lot. Let’s move out.” Chris said to Roxanne to stop worrying. He touched to Roxanne’s left shoulder and nodded to increase trustworthiness. Dada nodded back too.

“Yeah.” Roxanne said. Actually, Chris and Roxanne’s plan was changing video presentation of wedding ceremony. Looked like this work had to use 2 people to help together. There were many guards at this wedding ceremony. Looked like Manaw was elite mafia that had very high experiences!

Meanwhile, Manaw was watching Chris’s team with Kate at the 20th floor of Heaven Bangkok. That was “Horizon zone.” that everyone could watch horizon zone with 360 degrees!

“Hahaha.” Manaw laughed. “Preys are coming.”

“Hey!” Athena, Tiger Mafia leader felt that was so insane so she warned Manaw. “Are you sure to eliminate Chris at your wedding ceremony?”

“Yeah, Big Mom.” Manaw answered. “Actually, my target is Salvador, but that guy was so very fucking badass, I will test dad’s heart can feel when his son and daughter are in danger. I know real dad may feel sad when their son or daughter are hurt.”

“That is so heartless.” Athena said.

“Heartless?” Manaw asked. “Yeah, but this maybe Salvador’s weak point. I want to revenge Salvador, and Chris, Dada are my pawns.”


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