The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” part 5

Chris just knew reason of killing him.

Tiger mafia believed Chris was Salvador’s son. Why Tiger mafia hated Salvador a lot until Tiger mafia wanted to kill Salvador’s daughter (Dada) and son (Chris). But Chris didn’t sure he was really Salvador’s sun because long time ago he didn’t have his dad and mom. His memory was lost without reason.

Or Roxanne tried to tease Chris, he didn’t know.

If Tingting was Tiger mafia member, why Tingting loved Chris sincerely?

Or she forgot her mission?

Kate? How do you feel?

21:00 hrs. at Funky Villa.


Kate appointed Chris to hangout together. Today Kate dressed very beautiful. She did a little makeup with red lipstick and CC cream. First time when Chris saw Kate who was walking to him, Chris felt in love to her immediately. Her smile was so gentle and sweet. That feeling was same as when Kate and Chris were in a relationship together.

Kate was so gorgeous.

“Kate.” Chris called to Kate. Today Chris wore Tuxedo suit. Looked like he wanted to be perfect in this night. With stellar and stars on the sky, they shined a little that made atmosphere to be beautiful and luscious sweetly.

Kate walked to Chris and she hugged Chris immediately. Kate’s breasts touch Chris’s chest that made Chris like it. Kate’s perfume was so good. That was same as perfume from the heaven. That was so beautiful, not being perfect because Kate was limited edition.

“Chris.” Kate called Chris. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too, Kate.” Chris said. “First time I think you’re dead. But you’re not.”

“Hey!!” Kate said. “But I’m sorry on Bangkok Motor Show’s day that I denied you. Actually, that time I don’t dare to decide what is my real decision. I loved Manaw, but I felt… I’m not ready to marry. And Manaw is butch, not real men.”

“But she love you. Think it again. First time when I knew you will marry, I congratulate you immediately, but why? Why don’t you decide?” Chris asked.

Kate said “I’m not ready. I hesitated what is my sex orientation. Sometimes I love you very much, but sometimes I love butch very much. I couldn’t decide.”

Finally, Chris decided to hugged Kate again. He wanted to give his warmth to Kate.

“How do you feel?” Chris asked to Kate.

But Kate didn’t answer immediately. She smiled to Chris only and didn’t say anything. Looked like Kate couldn’t describe what she felt so she picked Chris’s hand and said. “Touch my hand, Chris.”

Chris touched Kate’s 2 hands and he felt something that was Kate’s heartbeat. Looked like Kate wanted Chris to be with her in this time. Then Chris hugged Kate again and he kissed to Kate’s forehead. Kate felt frightened and happy in same time. She was never kissed at her forehead. That Chris’s kiss was so gentle and sweet. That kiss said about Chris will stay with Kate forever.

“Chris.” Kate said. “If you love me really, can you stop Manaw’s plan to marry me?”

Chris heard Kate’s request and he thought with a few minutes.

But someone touched to Chris’s shoulder and punched to Chris’s face extremely. Chris didn’t evade to that punch. It was so heavy and very hurt. Chris’s body fell down to the glass table that made broken. Breaking glass sound was so loud and everyone watched to Chris immediately.

“Fuck!” Chris interjected. “Who are you?”

“You dare to hug my girlfriend! What the fuck are you thinking bastard?” Manaw insulted and yelled to Chris.

“Fuck you bitch!” Chris said and he stood up to fight with Manaw, but Chris’s martial art skill was so weak. He was punched and kicked by Manaw relentlessly.

“Enough, Manaw.” Kate tried to stop Manaw’s madness, but Manaw didn’t stop.

“Enough?” Manaw said. “This asshole must die!”

But when Manaw was attacking Chris until Chris hurt a lot, bouncer tried to stop Manaw’s madness, but Manaw used Taser gun to shoot that bouncer until bouncer was shocked on the floor. For Chris, he saw some wood that could hit to Manaw before he grabbed it and hit to Manaw, but Manaw saw that quickly and she picked that wood and hit to Chris quickly.

“Enough, Manaw.” Kate tried to stop Manaw, but Manaw said. “I engaged you and next week we will marry, but what the fuck why this motherfucking asshole try to seize you from me? Why!!!?”

“That’s enough. He could know result of adultery.” Kate said.

“Really?” Manaw said. “I want to…”

Looked like Chris hit Manaw with nearest chair extremely. Until Manaw hurt a lot. But Manaw ran and took CQC to Chris immediately.

“Gentlemen shouldn’t make lady hurt! Or you want to wear skirt?” Manaw said.

“You’re butch, not fucking lady!” Chris said and he tried to fight with Manaw with his fist. Manaw had very high skill of martial art so she took down Chris again.

Game Over, Chris!

And Manaw threw glass table to Chris strongly until Chris was KO.













“Chris.” Someone called Chris.


“Wake up now Chris…”

“Please stop, Roxanne.” Someone said to Roxanne.

Then Chris was awaken. He saw around him and he thought he was at hospital again.

“Where am I?” Chris asked.

Samitivej Hospital.” Roxanne answered. “Who make you hurt? That fucking butch?”

“I can’t fight with her.” Chris said. “She is really badass!”

“Badass?” Roxanne asked. “What the fuck? Is she is badass? She is more piece of shit!”

“Yeah!” Chris said. “I’m really hurt.”

“And how about Kate?” Roxanne asked.

“She hesitated to me and Manaw.” Chris said. “But looked like she will choose Manaw. Manaw’s martial art is so really dangerous.” After that, Chris screamed with his painful hurt again.

“Are you OK?’ Roxanne asked.

“I’m OK.” Chris answered. “When I see your face.”

“Hey!” Roxanne felt happy and shy in same time due to Chris compliment her. “What are you saying?”

“Thank you Roxanne who stay with me.” Chris said.

After that Roxanne held to Chris’s hand and she said. “I believe you will be well soon. I will stay with you, OK?”

“Yeah.” Chris said. “Thank you.”

“Chris.” Then Roxanne said to Chris again.


Roxanne didn’t say anything. She only smiled to Chris.

“What are you smiling to me?”

“I like you when you complimented to me directly.” Roxanne said.

“Because you are beautiful, so I should say the truth.” Chris said.

“Yeah!” Roxanne agree Chris’s opinion and continued to tell.

Then both paused talking with a few seconds. Looked like topic to say was empty.

“Can you stay with me?” Chris asked to Roxanne.

“Yeah.” Roxanne answered. “I’m not busy.”

Then Chris wanted something from Roxanne. He said. “Can you contact my eyes with long time?”

“Huh? Why? What are you thinking?” Roxanne asked when Chris wanted something weirdly.

“Please.” Chris request again.

“OK OK OK.” Roxanne said and she contacted to Chris’s eyes. Chris still watched Roxanne’s beautiful eyes. Yeah, Roxanne had 2 eyelid and not small as Chinese girls. Sometimes Roxanne smiled to Chris. Chris felt appreciated a lot and he got more spirit to feel better.

“Why is your smile so sweet?” Chris asked to Roxanne.

“Hey!!! Do you love me?” Roxanne asked directly because Chris asked to her a lot. But Chris stopped saying temporally. Looked like when Chris wanted to say love to someone, that was very hard because he ever loved Tingting, but Tingting was dead from him and Chris didn’t ready to start new relationship to someone. That was so freak feeling Chris ever seen.

“I can’t tell you, but I feel good when I stay with you.” Chris said.

“Huh?” Roxanne said. “That mean you love me, Chris.”

“Love?” Chris confused.

“Hey! Don’t think a lot. Feeling of love is same as this. You may think love me but if you aren’t ready to be in a relationship with me, that is never mind.”

Chris paused talking again. Roxanne was paying attention to Chris’s decision, but Chirs didn’t talk more than 10 seconds. Until…

“I never date with you, Roxanne. After I am healed, are you available to date with me?” Chris asked to Roxanne. That was brave question to say. Roxanne smiled with Chris’s decision that he gave his heart to Roxanne. Looked like Chris interested her so she was blushed with her happiness of achievement.

“Yes!” Roxanne answered and she felt happy crazily. “But after Kate and Manaw’s wedding ceremony?”

“Yeah.” Chris answered.

For Kate, she had some plans to invade Kate and Manaw’s ceremony. Chris told Manaw’s illegal business or darkside behavior to Roxanne. But he didn’t have more evidence to make Manaw guilt, so Chris called to Dada via his smartphone. Next day Dada gave more evidences to Chris and Roxanne until Chris could do something that revenged Manaw shamefully.

1 week later.


Chris was healed from pain that Manaw attacked him. Now he was staying at his home for preparing to revenge Manaw. He burned DVD-R to change video when it will be opened at wedding ceremony. That made Manaw to be infamous.

Actually, Chris wasn’t invited to wedding ceremony due to he didn’t get invitation card from Manaw and Kate. Although Kate knew Chris, but she feared Chris to be trouble in wedding ceremony again.

Meanwhile Dada, Toto and Roxanne got invitation card, so they could go to wedding ceremony, but looked like Chris got opportunity to enter wedding ceremony.

“Hi.” Roxanne called with her smartphone to Chris.

“Good morning.” Chris said back to Roxanne. “Do you eat breakfast?”

“Yeah.” Roxanne said.

“Hey! You call me in morning, so do you have something?” Chris asked to Roxanne freaky.

“Don’t you like your darling to greet at morning?” Roxanne asked with bored voice. Now Chris thought to Roxanne only friend that will be girlfriend in future. Roxanne was so fast.

“I like, but I want to stay with you more.” Chris said.

“Actually, I call you because I have more wedding ceremony invitation card. Kate sent it stealthy to me. She said ‘Give this to Chris if he is healed.'” Roxanne said.

“Really? And isn’t she feared Manaw when Manaw will know?” Chris asked back.

“I don’t know.” Roxanne answered. “So if you come to wedding ceremony, don’t forget to do our plans, OK?”

“OK.” Chris answered.

“And… when you come to wedding ceremony, stay with me and do as same as we’re couple.” Roxanne said. Chris felt surprised when he will hold Roxanne’s hand when he and Roxanne walked together.

“Huh?” Chris interjected.

“Holding my hand when walking together.” Roxanne said. “Can you do?”

“Um…” Chris said a little and he smiled with his happiness when Roxanne wanted to perform couple action with him.

Actually Chris agreed to hold Roxanne’s hand. Sometimes he felt alone. But Roxanne will help him to get out of loneliness. No one want loneliness because human wanted society. And looked like Roxanne felt safe when she stayed with Chris.

Roxanne’s smile was so sweet.

19:00 at Heaven Bangkok, one of the most luxurious nightclub at the Zen, Central World, Bangkok.


Manaw reserved all zones in Heaven Bangkok. Actually, Heaven Bangkok had 4 floors started at floor 17th to 20th. Manaw planned to use Heaven Bangkok as her greatest wedding ceremony in Bangkok. She paid more 5 million Baht with this ultimate wedding ceremony. Don’t worry with Manaw’s money. She had more than 1 billion Baht so this wedding ceremony was so little for her. She wanted Kate to be the luckiest girl who had been in a relationship with her.

For Kate, she felt it was so controlled. She felt uneasy and wanted freedom more. Although she had rich lover who might stay with her forever, but her sixth sense said that was temporal love. She didn’t know why she felt about this, but that was bad signal. Now Kate was sitting at dressing room. She wore white bride costume that was very beautiful. Her hairstyle was decorated to be gorgeous. For everyone who watched Kate in this time, they said she was so lucky and beautiful as angel, but inside Kate’s mind, she was hesitating.

Because she didn’t sure she really love Manaw.

Meanwhile, Chris was dressing tuxedo in dressing room. Although this event didn’t invite him, but Chris wanted to go for meeting Kate again. That night Chris didn’t completely say with Kate. More topic he wanted to say immediately. If he didn’t say, he felt stressed.

After Chris dressed tuxedo, he walked to outside home. Looked like he was luxurious guest in wedding ceremony because limousine came to his house exclusively. Wow!!! That was first time someone greeted Chris with limousine. That limousine was very long car. It was black pearl color that looked luxurious. Then male driver opened car door and said hi to Chris immediately.

“Hello, sir Chris.” Driver said.

Chris was never called with “sir” first. That made him to be surprised.

“Hi.” Chris greeted back.

“Madame Roxanne is waiting for you. Come here sir.” Driver said and he brought Chris to limousine. Inside limousine had Roxanne, Dada, Toto, Praewa and Ben who dressed luxuriously. That was so fantastic to visit Kate & Manaw’s wedding ceremony.

“Wow!!! Ben!!” Chris felt surprised when he met Ben at limousine. Ben smiled to Chris immediately.

“Our friend will be married.” Ben said and he mentioned to Kate who will be married. “Let’s congratulate together.”

But Chris was calm and didn’t say anything to Ben until Ben could feel what was wrong with Chris.

“Chris?” Ben asked to Chris. “What happened? Or you miss your ex-girlfriend?”

“Maybe.” Chris answered calmly. “But that was past. Really past.”

“Hahaha.” Ben laughed. “I miss Kate very much. When I have known Kate wasn’t dead, I jumped with my joy.”

Chris smiled to Ben. He felt that luxurious joy too because his friend will be married in tonight. Then he saw Dada who held Toto’s hand together and they smiled as same as couple. So he doubted and asked. “Hey!!! How about you? Or….?”

“My boyfriend, brother.” Dada answered, but Chris suspected immediately when Dada said to him “brother”.

“Don’t call me brother, Dada.” Chris warned to Dada. “I’m not your brother.”

“But I believe you’re my brother since he was lost with my mom.” Dada confirmed Chris was her brother. “Your habit was same as my brother.”

“No way!” Chris said. “Change topic to say.”

“Yeah.” Inside Dada’s heart, she confirmed Chris was her real brother who lost from her with her mom “Athena”. “Someday you will know the truth.”

“Truth?” Chris asked.

“Enough, Dada.” Toto said to Dada. “If he doesn’t agree he is your brother, don’t ask more. Sometimes your brother’s face isn’t same as Chris.”

“Um. I see.” Dada said.

Finally, Chris didn’t confirm he was Dada’s brother. Inside his memory, he didn’t have dad, mom, sister. He was orphan. When he tried to remember old days, he couldn’t remember anything.

He knew only, rescue Kate and eliminate Manaw, one of Tiger mafia’s agent.


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