The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” part 4

Meanwhile at Kate’s house.

Kate was lying herself at bedroom. She saw to the ceiling and thought something. Actually, she didn’t ready to marry with Manaw because inside her heart, she didn’t only love girl. She was bisexuality. Sometimes she loved Chris, but Manaw came to her first.

“I’m so sorry, Chris.” Kate said with herself. “But I chose to stay with Manaw because I am controlled. I don’t know how to liberate from Manaw?”

Huh? Or Kate didn’t love Manaw?

June 13 2006 at Siam Square.

This day was same as the day that Dada and Toto went to take photos at Japanese photo booth since Dada and Toto were grade 10.

But for Kate, she was freshman of Chulalongkorn University. That time she came to Siam Square lonely with her favorite mirrorless camera. She loved to take pictures and read some novels. She didn’t have friends much so she was so freedom.

“Hey!!! You’re so naughty.” Toto said to Dada after they came out from photo booth at Center Point, Siam Square.

“Hahaha.” Dada laughed. But Toto embraced to Dada’s back quickly before he smiled to Dada.

“What are you doing!!!?” Dada asked and hit Toto with her hand.

Meanwhile Kate picked her mirrorless camera from her bag and prepare to take photos to Dada and Toto. That picture was so beautiful. That was pretty little couple until Kate wanted to meet Dada and Toto immediately.

“Hi….” Kate greeted to Dada and Toto after she walked to them.

“Who are you?” Dada asked to Kate.

“I’m Kate. I took photos and looked like you had sweet moments.” Kate said.

“Huh?” Dada asked. “Me and Toto?”

“Yeah? Haven’t you been in a relationship?” Kate asked Toto and Dada.

“We’re closed friend.” Toto answered.

“But that time your movement is same as soulmate.” Kate said. “That is so natural and beautiful. Can you take photo again?”

Dada thought again but Toto didn’t agree.

“Yes.” Dada answered.

“Huh?” Toto asked to Dada immediately. “What are you thinking?”

“Hey!!!” Dada said to Toto. “She love our movement.”

“Huh?” Toto still doubted again. Finally, he agreed to take photos with Dada as a couple.

“So you do something together as a couple, such as eating desserts together, or holding hand and walk together.” Kate said because she wanted natural photos from Dada and Kate.

Dada felt sweet and she smiled to Kate. “Thanks, but what’s your name? I forget.”

“Kate.” Kate said her name again.

“I’m sorry.” Dada said before she turned her head to Toto and said. “Toto. Let’s go.”

“Where are you going?” Toto asked to Dada.

“Hey! Don’t ask a lot baby.” Dada said back and she brought Toto to buy ice cream before they ate together to let Kate took photos with sweet moment. Kate didn’t count to Dada and Toto before she pressed shutter button. She released Dada and Toto to relax and be natural.

Kate pressed shutter button and she smiled with her happiness due to she saw Dada and Toto made sweet moment together.

“Hey! I have taken photos.” Kate said after she walked to Dada who was eating ice cream with Toto.

“Can I watch photos you have taken?” Dada asked to Kate.

“Yeah.” Kate answered and she open slideshow view at LCD screen on Kate’s mirrorless camera. Dada saw to that picture and she said. “That is really beautiful!”

“But I will decorate and change color in my computer.” Kate said. “Thank you very much cute girl…. Um… What is your name?”

“Dada.” Dada answered.

“Nice to see you, Dada.” Kate said and she went away from Dada and Toto.

“Dada. Can I meet you again?” Kate asked lonely.

Finally, she just knew how to connect with Dada. She opened computer in her room and opened Facebook website. Then she search Facebook with keyword “Dada”.

There were many “Dada” results, such as Dada Racohvig, Dada Isafrel, Dada Chaloenkung, Itsme Dada, etc.

“Damn!! Where is Dada?” Kate blamed herself.

But… looked like she saw some account that said “Dada Cupcake”. That was same as Dada as she thought.

“Dada? Why is she so cute?” Kate asked again before she moved mouse to click Dada Cupcake’s profile on Facebook. On Dada Cupcake’s Facebook profile that Kate entered was Facebook page. There were more than 400,000 users who become a fan with Dada (in 2009, when you want to connect any pages, you had to press “become a fan” button that today it changed to “Like”) After that Kate sent message to Dada’s page immediately.

“Hi, Dada. I’m Kate. Do you remember me? I ever took photo with you at Center Point, Siam Square that in this time it was changed to be some brand new department store named “Digital Gateway”. Can you go to my wedding ceremony? I will give present to you.”

Kate sent message via inbox at Dada’s Facebook page and waited with more times.

10 minutes later.

“Damn! What are you doing, Dada?” Kate blamed immediately when Dada couldn’t reply back to Dada. Then she scrolled down at Dada’s Facebook page to watch Dada’s posts. She stopped scrolling when she saw her selfie photo with Chris.

“Chris!!!?” Kate interjected immediately when she saw Chris that took selfie with Dada. Then she saw description above this photo. Dada said “I and my lovely elder brother, Chris!!” 

“Chris is Dada’s elder brother?” Kate doubted again.

That picture had more than 3,000 likes and there were many people commented. But Kate just thought to enter Chris’s Facebook profile because Dada tagged him. Then she sent friend request to Chris’s Facebook profile.

“Where is your home?” Dada asked to Chris when she drove Toyota VIOS, her car after talking at dessert cafe in RCA that Zen, Praewa and Toto sat behind Chris and Dada.

“Akaraphat alley at Thonglor Soi 13.” Chris answered. “You’re so good, Dada. You can drive a car!”

“Because university I learn must use a car.” Dada answered.

“Actually Dada uses Ferrari.” Praewa said. “She drove very fast!”

“Huh? Really Dada?” Chris asked.

“Don’t forget she is Salvador’s daughter.” Toto said. “First time I just know I respect her immediately.”

“Salvador?” Chris said. “Dada is Salvador’s daughter? That is really impossible.”

“But it is possible.” Dada said. “I just know too. First time the truth revealed, I felt shocked a lot, but finally, I should agree who I am. Although my dad is darkside guy, but… I don’t care.”

“Wait! Someone sent friend request to me.” Chris said and he checked his Facebook at his smartphone. He saw friend request section and…. That is… Mintra Poonsub

“Kate?” Chris said.

“Huh?” Dada asked to Chris.

“Kate added me on Facebook.” Chris said.

“Huh?” Dada interjected. “Kate added you?”

“Yeah.” Chris answered.

“Accept it now.” Dada said.

“OK.” Chris said and he pressed accept friend request button with agree button on Blackberry smartphone. After that Chris sent message to Kate immediately.

Chris : Hi.

Chris : What are you thinking to add me on Facebook?

Kate waited Chris to reply her. Finally, Chris’s messages were sent to Kate successfully. She felt appreciated a lot. Then she sent message back.

Kate : Hi Chris. I glad to meet you again.

Chris : Kate. I glad to meet you too. Long time no see. So what happened with you to say with me?

Kate : Tonight will you be available? I want to say with you privately.

Chris : But you already have lover and I am your ex-boyfriend.

Kate : Hey! This is important. I want to say with you privately.

Chris : Yeah. I know your home is at Thonglor. Will you go to Funky Villa?

Kate : Funky Villa again?

Chris : Or your home?

Kate : No No No! Funky Villa is good, but I am boring. Can you change place?

Chris : Or you mean Route 66? I am really boring.

Kate : As you want. Funky Villa is Funky Villa.

Chris : OK. See you again, Kate.

Then Chris said to Dada to reserve seat in Funky Villa. “Dada. Can you reserve seat at Funky Villa? Kate appoints me to hangout.”

“Yeah. What time?” Dada agreed and asked again.

“Tonight 21:00 hrs.” Chris said.

“OK.” Dada said. “I will tell to seat manager.”

“Thanks.” Chris said.

Then Dada drove her car to Chris’s home at Thonglor. That wasn’t so complex to go. Chris’s home was at Akaraphat alley that was near Funky Villa very much.

“Thanks.” Chris said to Dada. “See you again tonight.”

“I’m sorry Chris. Tonight I won’t go to Funky Villa. Praewa invite me to go to her party.” Dada said.

“I see.” Chris said. Then Dada’s car was at Chris’s home. Chris opened Dada’s car after Dada stopped her car in front of Chris’s home door. But looked like someone entered to Chris’s home. He saw deeply and nothing was unusual. He walked to inside his home stealthy and looked like no one appeared. He tried to investigate living room and looked like that smell from perfume… Chris knew it!”

“Hi!!” Someone appeared to Chris. Actually, that was Roxanne.

“Roxanne. What do you want something?” Chris asked.

“I can’t trust Kate and that fucking butch.” Roxanne blamed. “That butch broke my sister’s heart.”

“Who is your sister, Roxanne?” Chris asked.

“Praewa.” Roxanne answered.

“I don’t know who is.” Chris said directly.

“That isn’t matter. Listen to me, Chris.” Roxanne said. “I will tell the truth to you.”

“What is your truth?” Chris asked. “Truth of Kate?”

“Not only Kate.” Roxanne said. “That fucking butch too.”

“Manaw?” Chris asked.

“Is this her name, Manaw?” Roxanne asked. “Yeah. That butch isn’t good as you think. Actually I want to tell the truth to you and I want to confess something. Please don’t hate me. OK?”

“Hate? What are you talking about?” Chris doubted when Kate said about “Don’t hate me.”

Kate felt stressed when she wanted to say something that let Chris hated her. Chris got pressure more when Kate didn’t start to say. Chris also hugged Roxanne immediately and said “Don’t think a lot.”

Roxanne felt comfortable when Chris hugged her. Looked like Chris trusted Roxanne certainly.

“Do you feel better?” Chris asked to Roxanne after he released himself from hugging Roxanne. Roxanne felt loved to Chris instantly. She didn’t know why happiness came from Chris’s hugging, but that was really awesome.

“Yeah.” Roxanne answered before she held Chris’s hand to say the truth.

“Don’t hate me, Chris.” Roxanne said again. She didn’t sure Chris to think.

“But I will hate you if you still fear your truth. If you are my friend, don’t be timid.” Chris bored Roxanne who fear her truth.

I’m Tiger mafia’s member!!

Chris stopped thinking instantly. Tiger mafia was a team that wanted to kill Dada and used June to burn Sanctuary club. When Roxanne revealed Tiger mafia, Chris didn’t hate Roxanne, but he doubted more about Tiger mafia.

“Are you kidding me?” Chris asked strongly. His voice was more calm and wanted to exploded all of time.

“No, I aren’t.” Roxanne said. “But listen to me. This story is really important. Kate wanted to be in a relationship for knowing about you more due to you close to Salvador. Actually, my group want to kill Dada and you.”

“Really?” Chris said. “Why?”

“After Tingting was dead, Tiger mafia’s plan was failed a little. I felt it was so waste to make you trouble. Actually I and Tingting had duty to investigate you and White will eliminate you to die. Everything are planned by Tiger Mafia.”

“But how about Kate?” Chris asked about Kate.

“Kate isn’t Tiger mafia member.” Roxanne said. “She is forced!!”

“Forced?” Chris asked.

“Yep.” Roxanne answered.

“Roxanne. I curious something.” Chris felt doubted instantly. “Why Tiger mafia want to kill me?”

Roxanne stopped saying temporally with 3 seconds. Finally she said the truth to Chris.

“Because Tiger mafia believe you’re Salvador’s son.”

Huh? What the fuck!!!?


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