Fon & Belle fan meeting at Hangzhou

Look like Fon & Belle fanclubs are a lot from China. That is really great when Dao & Koi, lesbian couple from Hormones the series are very popular. When I translated “Dao & Koi (Hormones Character)” I felt surprised a lot when Dao & Koi (Hormones Character) article got most views ever in my blog. Wow!!!

But actually, Hormones The Series producers focused to make this TV series only in Thailand, so many advertisements or products used Thai language. Yeah, they thought wrong. Dao & Koi stories is the most popular ever around the world due to TV series with LBGT contents are rare to find and this is the best LBGT story.

Until Fon & Belle wanted to meet fans from Hangzhou, China. This was first time of fan meeting outside Thailand. Wow!!! Fon & Belle were very popular as same as K-Pop singers or superstars!

I couldn’t describe with text more due to that is less than watching real fancam video. So let’s watch it!

June 19 2016

At big meeting room in somewhere, Hangzhou, China.

Many Fon & Belle fanclubs prepared to take Fon & Belle photos. They were girls who opened camera application and closed smartphone screen. Everyone in meeting room were waiting for their superstar in their heart.

They were waiting with a few seconds, later, later and later….


Everyone focused to the white door that behind the meeting room. If that door was opened, that meant Fon and Belle (and their staffs) were coming to the mini stage inside meeting room.


5 seconds later…

White door from the heaven opened. Music started. Everyone held their smartphone and pressed shutter button on smartphone rapidly. Some fanclubs who had camera zoomed to Fon & Belle and pressed shutter too. Inside meeting room fulfilled with scream sound of happiness when Fon & Belle walked passed fanclubs. Cameramen still took photos around meeting room.


No fanclubs were rude to intrude Fon & Belle walkway. Fon & Belle still walked to the stage slowly because they greeted to every fanclubs around them with smiling or waving their hand.

Until Chinese male MC started to say something. Ah!! I couldn’t translate. Meanwhile, Belle smiled and send victory fingers gesture to her fanclubs. Then background music stopped and Fon & Belle’s female interpreter said something to Fon & Belle. Fon said back and smiled shyly before she looked around meeting room. Belle still gazed to her fanclubs.


After that male MC said something I couldn’t translate again, but I knew only “Fon & Belle” and when male MC said successfully, everyone clapped their hand together. Fon & Belle walked to main stage and they greeted to everyone. Interpreter said to Fon & Belle again and Fon turned on her microphone. Actually, Fon’s microphone was broken so she wanted to change another new microphone before she tested microphone again.

Looked like this microphone was usable!


“Hello!” Fon tested her microphone. Then she said with Chinese language. Looked like she greeted with Chinese fanclubs. Fon said with lacking her confidence so she might laugh for covering her shy feeling. Everyone laughed with Fon too before Fon waved her hand to her fanclub again.

“Hi~~~” Belle started to greet Chinese fanclubs! Everyone said Hi together loudly inside meeting room. “Neehao… (Hello in Chinese) Souchianghao (Ah… I don’t know what Belle said…but her fanclubs laughed.)”


Then male MC said with Chinese language. I could hear he said “Sawaddee Kaa (Hello in Thai that used by female)” and he counted Ei Arr San (1,2,3)

~~Sawaddeeeee Khaaaaa~~

Fanclubs said hi together loudly.

“Sawaddee Khaaa” Fon and Belle said back to fanclubs.

Then male MC said with Chinese that I couldn’t translate (again…). Luckily, interpreter translated with Thai that I could hear so I could know what they said.

“I want to interview with you a little about when you have come to Hangzhou, how do you feel?” Interpreter asked to Fon & Belle with Thai. “Fon says first.”

“I and Belle never come to China.” Fon started to tell her feeling. “First time we have come, we feel excited and happy to meet every Chinese fans.”

Then interpreter said with Chinese before she said successfully, Fon sent hand signal to every fans and they screamed to Fon & Belle.

“For me, this is first time I come to China. I felt warm since many Chinese fanclubs greeted me at Chinese airport. They welcomed me warmly. Everyone were very nice.” Belle said and interpreter translated to Chinese language. After interpreter finished to say, male MC said something to audiences and audiences yelled.

Meanwhile, interpreter translated male MC’s dialogue to Fon & Belle. “He said when have you come to China, how about Chinese food? What would you like?”

“I’ve never eaten any Chinese food.” Belle answered, but looked like Fon poked to Belle with something. Then Belle said again. “Last night had Chinese food. I loved to eat many vegetables. But I like milk tea more than everything.”

Then interpreter translated to Chinese. Every audiences yelled together.

“………….. (I can’t translate what Fon was saying due to she said quietly.) But we can’t eat foods with vegetable oil much because we will be obese.”


Interpreter translated to Chinese again, but looked like audiences laughed when Fon said about “obese”.

“Today we come to meeting room and there are many people welcome to you. How do you feel?” Interpreter asked to Fon and Belle after Chinese male MC said.

“Thank you Fun Thai Culture that we can meet Chinese fans at here and we feel happy very much. Everyone are so very nice.” Fon said before interpreter translated to Chinese.

“For me, I feel as same as Fon that many fans welcomed to me a lot and I thank to Fun Thai culture” Belle said after Fon. Then interpreter said Chinese again.

Bonus video : Dao & Koi’s performance at “Oh! Your mouth is so dirty” scene.

“Today am I beautiful?” Fon asked to Belle.

Belle smiled and laughed before she said “You’re already beautiful.”

After that, I couldn’t translate due to I didn’t know what Fon & Belle said. I recommended you to watch this video because video could say greater.

Organized by

Fun Thai Culture

Fancam by

JustForFon (Weibo / Twitter)
榴莲味的汪星人 (I can’t find!! Please give link)

Video edited and published by

Mystar Box (Twitter / YouTube)
About Fon Sananthachat

Translated to English by

Campzzz (in the name of Dada Cupcake) (Twitter / Facebook)


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