How to increase views on your blog

Do you know why some blogs get more views? But why I write anything I don’t get many views as same as that people?

Many newbie bloggers or writers on internet ask about this. That is generic problems they detect at first time. But this article is your solution.

Content is King

This is first importance to make your blog great. From Boshanka blog.

Quality articles make you come back to read again and readers can share to their social network and then friends of reader who share your article that make you get more views and more reputation. Contents you write if you use from another resources or another contents, please give credit to them.

Not only article, picture you use if you use from another one, give credit too. Reason to give credit is reader who read your article know another contents from origin. And original content owners feel happy when you give credit to them. Giving credits aren’t a thief.

So… someone may create question “Do I write with long article?” answer is “Not it all”. Some long article if it fulfills with nonsense contents, it is so wasted. Or there are many pictures but no article, that isn’t good content you are seeking.

I want to say your article should have your direct contents, example contents, pictures to make your article nice to read and follow later.

Words in the book is a bridge to another place in the world of imagination. From Memefest.

SEO is Queen

Someday Dao & Koi (Hormones Characters) reach to first place of top views in each day, but Home page / Archives is second.

Although you write some articles seriously, but if no one can’t reach to your blog or article, that is really wasted of time. Luckily, now SEO can help you to bring another writers to come to your blogs or articles you have written.

Now I want to tell my secret. Actually, many people don’t know who are you because you aren’t popular. Me too. Many views I get come from entering via Google search, not coming to website directly, so keyword in your article is important to let another one search and enter to your article.

For good keyword, you think about what are many people searching? Such as,

  • How to make delicious pizza
  • How to increase views on your blog
  • How to increase views on YouTube

First time you get low views, but one more days, you will get more views!

Not only using keywords to your article,

Trending is Jack

Trends is in Twitter. These trends shows when I am in Thailand, so some hashtags have Thai language.

Another method to get more views is “creating contents that are in the trend”. Open Twitter and check “Trends” bar. You will get more views if you create articles with hot trends, but I want to say don’t be serious to write contents with trends much because 1 week later, that trend will be outdated and no one want to read your article with trends.

Creating article with trends can get more views and will get new reader at here. But it is only temporal. You always need “Content is King” and “SEO is Queen” when you want to create new articles. That is permanent than creating contents only hot trends.

How to create contents with trending? That is so wide and you can create contents with trending for free. You can write about history of that trends or comment that trends. That is you. Show your opinion and let another one know!

Not only you get more views from using trends, that is one of the hottest SEO method!

Another methods

  • Review your article after you write successfully (not same as review products and say about pros, cons and give points). Review for my opinion is read again and check words compatibility, understanding.
  • Recommend word counts per article : 500 words – 1,000 words. Don’t be more.
  • Highlight important words with vivid color and make text bold. It is so contrast and that is more interesting.
  • Give credits when you use contents from another resources.
  • Know hot time. At 3:00 PM is the hottest time to post your new article.

So do you have cool techniques? Let’s share at comment section.


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