When foreigners come to Thailand a lot





Someone called to company’s phone.

At Interchange 21

“Damn it! Secretary came to toilet.” I swore myself. That company phone rang again, again and again. I couldn’t ignore this calling. Actually, I knew how to say with caller. I walked from my seat to secretary that had company’s phone to received that unknown calling due to that wasn’t smartphone.

“Hello.” I said.

“Can you tell me where is Avatar Residence?” Looked like Indian people asked me with English. I tried to recognize what he was telling about due to English with Indian accent was so very hard to listen.

“Avatar Residence is at Sukhumvit Soi 7.” I answered with English. “But you must enter to Soi 5 (5th alley) first due to One Way.”

“OK. Thank you.” Indian said and hung up.

This was one of my moment when I met foreigners from another countries. Now Thailand was fulfilled with many foreigners who worked or traveled together. So talking with English was so really necessary to connect with another foreigners and they will connect you back easily.

Actually, now Chinese came to Thailand a lot. I didn’t know how to say with Chinese…

Saturday at June 11 2016

At Sale Office, Sky Walk condominium.

Fah : Hey!! Camp.

Fah : I will go to Road To Ultra at BITEC Bangna. I will share experience to you on Monday.

I opened my smartphone and my friend who was secretary in company sent message via LINE application. She was so really rude but she was so sincere to everyone and she loved EDM concert a lot. I just knew when I said about EDM song genre and she knew every famous DJ. That was really hardcore EDM fans I had ever seen.

Camp : Really, but my friend will appoint me at CUBIC 63. That is hangout beer garden at Ekamai.

Camp : I heard this place had free beers. Hahaha.

Fah : You love free stuffs?

Fah : That is really stingy!

Camp : Hahaha.

Actually, I didn’t like to drink beer a lot. I seldom drank it. My drinking was so knowing my limit. If I drank a lot, I would be drunken and I couldn’t control myself. I came to bar lonely and no one could help me, so I had to help myself certainly.

But this night… I had my supporter. I smiled to myself when my old friend called to me. Long time I didn’t travel with him. His name was Korn.

“Hi.” ??? said. Looked like that was male voice. Now I was at Sky Walk condominium that was really tall. With 46 floors I could see extreme bird eye views around Bangkok.

“Who are you?” I answered this because I didn’t know who call me.

“I’m Korn. Do you remember me?” That guy who was telling with me asked.

“Korn?” I interjected and thought carefully. Who was Korn?

“I don’t remember you. Sorry.” I replied back to stranger.

“Hey Hey Hey!! Don’t you interest free beers? At CUBIC 69, there will be grand opening tonight.” Korn still pleased me, but I didn’t know who you were. Finally, I interest Korn’s invitation although I didn’t know who was Korn ever. First time I didn’t interest, but looked like this guy was also trusted.

“That is amazing.” I said.

“See you again at CUBIC 69. Good bye.” Korn said and he hung up.


“Who call you?”

My teammate named “Nim” asked me after I hung up my calling. Nim was sales consultant that was really beautiful. She had very high skill of selling. Every stories she ever heard, she wanted to know immediately.

“My friend from university.” I answered to Nim and smiled to her.

“Huh? Do you have friends?” Nim doubted about my society skill. She thought me about I didn’t have friends much.

“Yes. My friend from university.” I answered to Nim and smiled to her.

“Hahaha.” Nim laughed.

I didn’t say with this to Nim due to she wasn’t suitable for alcoholic drinks or parties. Nim was already in a relationship and she was more maturity than me although her age was more than a year. For me, I didn’t know why I wasn’t suitable to Nim much. That was also strange.

After that I had access to the rooftop of Sky Walk condominium. Nim gave key card to me and said. “Hey! Use this to access the rooftop floor.”

I received that key card and walked to the lobby of Sky Walk condominium immediately. Inside lobby, there were so wide and luxurious. It was really dark but that was really beautiful to watch or take some photos. Then I picked Sky Walk condominium key card from my pocket and opened the elevator room. And for extreme security, in elevator, when someone used elevator, they had to attach key card to choose floor(s). I attached key card again and looked like LED light shined all of floor button.

I saw to floor numbers. There were many floors at here. From 11 to 46. That was one of the highest condominium in Wattana – Klongtoey district. Actually when I went to my home everyday, I saw to Skywalk condominium and I dreamed to stay at the top floor of Sky Walk. Now I will be achieving my dream. Elevator were coming to the top floor and I felt my body was floated. Elevator shifted very fast. With 30 seconds, I came to floor 46.

The door opened and first appearance of darkness from Cielo bar appeared. It was so dark due to this time wasn’t the time of opening. Only air conditioner was still turning on. In the Cielo sky bar, that was so really cold and no one stay at here.

No music…

No bartenders…

Only WiFi router was opening.

I unlocked my phone and I saw to cellular data signal. There didn’t have. No signal of 3G at here.

“Damn it…” I swore myself around the silence. “Can I use internet?”

That was a reason why WiFi router was at Cielo sky bar. Now I was standing on the rooftop floor 46th and floor 46th was so very very high that cellular signal could reach to.


Then I explored around outside Cielo sky bar. Looked like I felt I was standing to the heaven. I saw everything at the ground as lively toys. No any batteries, they could move with natural A.I. that was born from the nature.

High rise view from Sky Walk condominium at 46th floor.

I saw around rooftop of Sky Walk condominium and I felt I could fly, but when I saw to the ground of the world, I felt adrenaline raised me up. I could feel. That was really weird to say.


“Huh?” I interjected immediately and saw to sound’s location. Looked like that was telephone’s ringing. I didn’t received that calling due to I wasn’t a maid who had duty to call.


That telephone still rang more. I tried to go slowly for bewaring myself. Inside sky bar, only my breath sound and phone ringing sound appeared. I didn’t think a lot so I walked and received that call immediately.

“Hi.” I said.

“Hey you, come to ground floor now.” Nim said strongly. “I will go to bank.”

When Nim said about this to me, my happy time terminated immediately. I wanted to stay at the top of Sky Walk more than 1 hours. I saw the strange eye view that I never found in my life. And breeze passed to my body continuously. That made me felt cold.

“OK.” But I didn’t object to Nim. I still doing my work, and my work was staying at the Sky Walk sales office until out of working time.

“Thank you.” Nim said and she hung up.

Then I walked to the dark elevator at the entrance of Cielo sky bar and touched to down button.with 1 minute, that elevator were coming to floor 46 before it opened itself to let me walked in elevator. Smell was very bad. Inside elevator, that smell I thought about gasoline or something that was toxic to sniff.

When elevator came to 25th floor, looked like cellular signal was available to use again. I tried to connect the internet again by unlocking my phone and open Data connection before internet came again. Yeah, many notification came to me a lot. And notifications from LINE appeared relentlessly until I felt annoyed with this.

Nim : Where are you?

Nim : I can’t connect to her.

Nim : Hey!!

I opened reading Nim’s messages on LINE, but I didn’t reply back to her because I already replied to her.

Finally, elevator door opened to welcome ground floor. That was so beautiful as same as locations on the Final Fantasy games. Lobby room used marble to decorate rooms. That was really calm and beautiful in same time. Looked like Nim was waiting me at the lobby room. She was standing against me and I couldn’t see her due to shadow covered her.

“Hey!!! Please stand at sale office. No one is here.” Nim said to me before she smiled. I nodded and walked to sale office table.

Only thing I could do was… waiting time to 6:00 PM. Now 2.30 PM. 4 hours left.

4 hours later.


“Good bye.” Nim said to me and she waved her hand. That was the sign of leaving to another place. I changed my cloth to checker style with red and black that I ever bought for 3 years ago. Now I still chose it because that cloth was so flexible. I changed my cloth in toilet and walk out to go to Cubic 63 at Ekamai.

Now this time was 6:01 PM. There were many people were walking at pavements or at Sky Walk. This place was so crowded. There were many Chinese were here. Um… That Chinese girl was really cute. I walked passing her and sent smiled, she smiled to me back. Her smile was really luscious and sincere although she didn’t say anything to me, but if she said, I always didn’t know what she said with Chinese.

Way to go to Ekamai road was so far with 1 kilometer. But I didn’t hurry a lot. I walked and saw around me. Looked like urban lifestyle was so competing together. Everyone went to their owned way. No chit chat. Although we were a man, but that man didn’t say together. Someone came with their couple. Someone came with many friends.


I listened with Bluetooth earphone. That was really suck. I couldn’t listen songs clearly because ear tips of Bluetooth earphone were really suck. They didn’t fit to my ears certainly. That was so weird and really bad. Until I had accident. That ear tip spread out from Bluetooth ear phone and it moved to the drain immediately.

“Fuck!!!” I blamed.

But my mind still sought solution. Luckily, I had second ear tips that was better. So I put Bluetooth ear phone to my bag first.

I saw to the sky and I felt rain will be falling as a storm soon. Sky was gray and weather was so cool. I knew what will be happened with me. Yeah, rain will be dropping soon.


Someone sent message from LINE application. I watched to my smartphone screen immediately.

Korn : Hell yeah my friend. I will go to CUBIC 63 now. Do you work-off?

I : Yeah!

Korn : Keep moving mate. Many gorgeous girls are here.

I : This is reason why I go to CUBIC 63!!

Then I finished chatting with Korn because Korn was also maniac of party. He was party animal that when he came to any nightclub, he wanted to flirt another girls he wanted. Actually, he loved a girl who had fat. He loved to hug girls.


For me, I loved girls who were real girls, not LB.

Then I walked to Ekamai road. With 1 kilometer, I could reach to CUBIC 63. That place was beer garden in raining season. Actually, at winter, that time was suitable for beer garden very much. First time when I came to CUBIC 63, I sought beautiful girls first. Damn!!! beer babes weren’t really interested. Except beer babe from Hoegaarden.


“Hi!!!” Korn said and high five to me when he found me at CUBIC 63. “You just arrive? How are you?”

“I’m fine.” I answered. “Which foods do you interest?”

“Cheese foods.” Korn answered. “I’m cheese eater.”

“Hahaha.” I laughed.

“Don’t forget today have free beer.” Korn described about this event in CUBIC 63. “I really love this very much.”

“Hahaha.” I laughed. “We came for waiting free beer.” I said.

“Yeah.” Korn said.


After that Red Bull sellers who came with Red Bull car got out from car and carried bag of Red Bull cans to give customers in CUBIC 63 for free. They were really cute because they smiled very very great. They wore Red Bull T-Shirt and cap with jeans trouser.

“Hey!!! Red Bull girls are coming.” I said to Korn and pointed to that Red Bull girls. That Red Bull girls smiled to me immediately and she brought Red Bull to me.

“Here.” Red Bull girl said and she gave Red Bull can to me.

“Thanks baby.” I said.

Then many foreigners were coming to CUBIC 69 and they wanted to go to me and Korn. They were Caucasian that was really rogue. Their group were 5 people. 3 men and 2 ladies.

“Hi. Where is toilet?” Look like group leader asked to me. He was fulfilled with facial hair.

“Go behind of CUBIC 69.” I answered.


“Thanks.” Group leader said and they came to the toilet at CUBIC 69. Inside CUBIC 69, atmosphere was suitable for hanging out very much. And this day was first day of football EURO Cup. That was so really crowded.


“Hi”. Another foreigners said to me. “Nice to meet you.” Looked like she was came from Japan. She wasn’t tall much, but she was so cute. Looked like I ever met her for last year. ¬†Um… Who was that?

I still remembered her name. Finally, I could remember her!! Hey!!! You, Miyuki!

“Miyuki!” I said and hugged to her immediately. “Nice to meet you. Long time no see. How about you?”

“I miss you very much.” Miyuki answered. “And who come with you? Your friend?”

“Yeah!” I said and pointed to Korn. “He’s Korn. He loved Anime or Manga very much.”

“Really?” Miyuki asked and she saw and said to Korn immediately. “Hi!! I’m Miyuki.”

“I’m Korn. Nice to meet you.” Korn said and shook Miyuki’s hand.


After that, I hung out with Miyuki and Korn with 2 hours. Miyuki said about her life when she was at Japan and came to Thailand. Miyuki said about she ever had her boyfriend, but her ex-boyfriend was really annoyed due to he was so stingy and over managed. Sometimes he slapped Miyuki violently until Miyuki couldn’t tolerate .

For Korn, he will marry!! I congratulated him. In this time, marrying was so very hard. Actually Korn ever met his girlfriend since he was learning at university, now he still love with her for 7 years. Wow!!


“What the fuck are you doing?” Someone blamed. I saw to that voice immediately. Looked like that guy was so angry. “Delete your picture now!”

“No!! Why don’t you let me taking booth babe photo?” Shit! My friend Korn was arguing with staff of cigarette booth. Korn didn’t know strict rule of taking booth babe photos was … “Don’t take cigarette booth babe at cigarette booth.” Due to it was illegal and booth babe were damaged to her job.

“It’s illegal.” Staff answered. “Law said about taking cigarette is prohibited. If you take photos, booth babe were busted.”

“So you should set ‘Don’t take photo’ to your booth.” Korn said. “I’m sorry.”


Then Korn leaved away from cigarette booth. I didn’t know why!!!? Why beer babes weren’t prohibited to be taken photos. That was funny facts.

But that night I felt very happy much. Another friend I met at CUBIC 63 were foreigners who came from Korea, Ukraine, England, US, etc.


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