The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” Part 2

“Hahaha. Movies we watched on yesterday was awesome.”

“Liar, Dada. You slept and I woke you to watch climax scenes.”

“I’m sorry. I ate popcorn a lot.”

“Yeah, so you bought Panna Cotta to me.”

“No way!!!”

Now Dada and Toto walked together at the pavement that near the entrance of ABAC. They were sophomore students in this year. Yeah, this day was opening new semester. They were walking to the cathedral of learning with talking together. Until Dada unconsciously held Toto’s hand. That made Toto stopped walking and he didn’t say anything.

“What happened? Toto, We are already in a relationship.” Dada asked to Toto. “Couple can hold hand together.”

“Dada.” Toto said with lacking of confidence. “Can you listen my hidden story?”

“Yeah. What?”

“Don’t anger to me, please…”

“I ready to listen you, Toto.”

Toto was sure to Dada. So he started to tell his story that it will occur to their relationship. But before Toto started to tell, he called Dada to sit at the marble bench near swamp in front of ABAC main entrance.

In real life, no one knew Dada as the net idol. Many students walked passed her, but it made Dada to be private more until Toto felt suitable to say his secret.

“Dada, actually I ever had sex with rich ladies to get more money. After I had sex, they said about their real husband. I thought my life was so low dignity. They came to me for having sex. I am same as the dirty whore. I am not sure if you know this, do you still love me?”

Toto Dada stunted with Toto’s story. She never thought Toto got dirty job as this. Not only girls who laid with rich men to get money, boy could lie with rich ladies to get money too.

“Tell me more.” Dada said clearly.

“They said I was adorable. I pleased to them successfully. They said they were alone and they needed me. But… When I had sex with them, why didn’t I have any happiness? I think sex isn’t real happiness. I doubted all of time. What is love? Love and sex are same?”

Dada still listened to Toto’s darkside story although she was stunning to Toto, but she couldn’t hate him.

“After I got money, I wanted to start new life. I picked up beautiful girl and I wanted her to be my girlfriend. But… I found many girls who were in a relationship. Why? I don’t have beautiful girls. That fucking butch had gorgeous girlfriends. But for me who are real male, why I can’t. I don’t know why am I living for?”

Looked like Toto’s problem was wanting to be celebrity who could have sex to everyone, but why didn’t he have happiness. Until Dada started to ask question.

“Toto. What is your dream?”

Toto didn’t answered immediately. He thought everything in his mind, but inside his mind, he had only “girls, sex, fake happiness”. No Dada in his mind.

“I don’t know what is my dream.” Toto said immediately. “Earlier time, I want to have Praewa as girlfriend.”

Toto mentioned to Praewa again. Dada agreed about Praewa was really beautiful since she was at high school. That time she loved to dress with sexy and beautiful stuffs. After that, looked like she enhanced her boobs to be bigger and more beautiful shape. She enhanced because she competed another one’s beauty. Until Dada saw to Toto’s hand and she held her boyfriend’s hand. She trusted to Toto and she wanted to reveal the truth. That truth was so awesome.

“Have you remembered since you were at high school? You ever said to me you will be the greatest entertainer. Although that time you were really nerd, but your dream contrasted with your appearance a lot, but I believed this will be real.” Dada described to Toto who was doubting. She smiled and made her eyes to be luscious.

Then Dada embraced to Toto’s waist warmly.

“What are you doing?” Toto asked Dada surprisingly before he was stunted with Dada’s feeling.

“I love you very much, Toto. And I always believe you. I love you because you always trust me all of time. You always protect me from the danger. Although you ever decided wrongly, that was usual faults. Everyone always have faults. Inside your heart, I know you love me too, Toto. You are lacked of warmth of hugging from sincere people. I am your truth of love. Don’t worry.”

Toto heard Dada’s opinion, he smiled widely and he kissed to Dada’s forehead again. Kissing to girl’s forehead meant he wanted to stay with his love forever.

“Dada, thanks!!” Toto said and he still hugged Dada with long time until Dada released herself.

“But, please open Facebook on your iPhone.” Dada said to Toto. Toto picked his iPhone and opened Facebook application. Now Toto’s iPhone screen appeared relationship request that Dada request “in a relationship” status to Toto. Toto saw to Dada before Dada nodded her head for saying “I am waiting for accept me.”

“In a relationship?” Toto asked. Dada nodded back.

Toto saw to his iPhone and he tap accept button. That meant Toto and Dada was in a relationship officially.

“Thank you, my love.” Dada said and she hugged to Toto again. With her small boobs, she didn’t care when she was staying with Toto. That was really romantic.

Hey!!! What are you doing? Look like you are so sweet!!

Then some ladies said to Toto and Dada who were hugging and spinning together. Dada saw to that sound. Oh!!! That was Praewa.

“Hi, Praewa.” Dada said to Praewa.

“Hi, Praewa.” Toto said to Praewa.

“Hey!!! Why don’t you tell me you are in a relationship together? I will congratulate you. So tonight let’s make party!!!”

“Toto just confessed to me.” Dada said. “Hey Praewa, let’s sit together.”

“Huh? That womanizer love you? I warn you this…” Praewa tried to warn Dada, but Dada shook her head for disagreeing and she objected to Praewa.

“Stop, Praewa. This guy I have owned.” Dada said.

“Fuck yeah!” Praewa said. Then she opened Facebook on her smartphone and she saw latest status that said about relationship status between Dada ♥ Toto. Then she said.

“Hey!!! If you will marry, don’t forget to invite me, OK?”

“Crazy!” Dada said and she pushed Praewa’s body. “We are learning, wait me for being graduated.”

“Hahaha.” Praewa said.

Now relationship status that Dada announced was boomed a lot. There were 4,294 likes and 359 comments. They commented about “Oh! I am heartbroken! My cutie, Dada.” a lot. But someone sued to Dada about Toto shouldn’t be suitable to her because he wasn’t virgin. Dada and Toto didn’t know what people in Facebook said to them.

“But I don’t know where is Manaw.” Then Praewa started to tell her story. Looked like she wanted Toto and Dada to help her because she didn’t connect to Manaw for a month.

“Manaw?” Toto said. “Who is that?”

“Praewa’s girlfriend.” Dada answered. “She is butch.”

“Huh? Butch?” Toto doubted and he inspected something in Don Juan Party. “Wait!!! My friend, Zen may know about this.”

“Zen?” Dada asked.

“Yeah. That night Dada came to her home first.” Toto said.

“Wait!!! That night!!!? Or you mean, Manaw traveled in nightclub lonely?” Praewa asked.

“That wasn’t nightclub, but private party.” Toto answered.

“Can you call him?” Praewa asked to Toto.


After that, Toto called his friend, Zen to appointed Praewa for telling Manaw’s secret moment on lunch time. Toto trusted Zen might have somethings from Manaw. That night at Don Juan party, Toto enjoyed with many girls at pool party, but Zen was bartender, so he could see everything that happened in Don Juan party.

At lunch time.

No alarm rang as same as the schools. Students and teachers were serious with time a lot. After teacher finished teaching by putting whiteboard marker to the console, every students were standing and put their chair into the desk before they were going to the canteen or restaurants inside ABAC. Don’t forget about ABAC was one of the most luxurious university in Thailand, so foods or meals were so expensive for international students. Dada ever bought sandwich with 35 Baht although that sandwich was 15-20 Baht. She ever blamed to Toto.

Then Zen, Toto, Dada, Praewa, Lookgade and Som-O were having lunch. They didn’t talk together because meals they purchased were so awesome. Before that time, Zen appointed his friends to secret meeting room inside cathedral of learning. Looked like he had some information to tell his friends. That was so very important.


“Dada.” Some freshman students walked to Dada’s table in canteen. They smiled very cute. Dada smiled sincerely, except Praewa, Som-O and Lookgade were confusing with these freshman students.

“Hi…” Dada greeted back with her love. She smiled widely.

“Can I take selfie with you? I miss you very much.” Freshman students asked.

“Yeah!” Dada answered and she walked to that freshman students with her warmth before she touched and embraced freshman students for telling she was so closed to everyone.


Freshman students said before they pressed shutter button on smartphone screen.

“Thank you.” Dada said.

“Dada. Actually I am administrator of Facebook page named “ABAC Cute Girls.”. I glad to take photo with you very much because you are so popular. But can I take photo to you? Only portrait?”

“Yeah.” Dada answered.

“Thank you very much.” ABAC Cute Girl admin said, but Praewa wanted to take photos together!

“Hey Hey Hey!!” What? Praewa didn’t let Dada to be famous than her!!! Hahaha. She wanted to be famous with Dada together!!! Hey freshman, let’s take photo with Dada now!

“OK.” Freshman students who prepared to take photo though as “Who is that girl? Who?”

After that, Praewa and Dada hugged together. Oh!!! Why Dada’s perfume was so good smell? What was perfume?

“1…” Dada, Praewa, freshman readied to take photos! Huh? What was that? Why Dada’s butt was really soft? Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey! Let’s touch it baby.

“Praewa!! What the fuck are you squeezing my ass?” Praewa was so naughty and Dada blamed back. Don’t put lesbian feeling to Dada!!

“Hey! Net Idol don’t say with strong language.” Praewa said. “I’m just kidding.”

“OK… 1…2…3!” Dada and Praewa’s sweet moments was so cute. Ah…. Freshman students will imagine this couple to be shipping in future.

“Thank you.” Freshman student said. Ah!! They were so cute!

“Trust me, Dada. Tomorrow we will be shipped.” Praewa said. inside her heart, Dada was so very cute. That let Praewa felt in love to Dada. Praewa wanted to hug Dada forever.

Dada doubted what is shipping? Delivering ordered products? Looked like this word was used with many girls. But hey!! she loved male, not being lesbian.

“No way!!! That’s crazy! I will sit near my love, Toto.” Dada blamed to Praewa who was nasty! She ever touched Dada’s butt. No way!! But Toto was so cute ♥

“You’re same as a cat.” Toto said to Dada. Ah… he wanted to scratch Dada’s chin. Dada will sleep as same as cat.

For Dada, She loved Toto very much. Toto should be her boyfriend and soulmate forever. He loved to play with her. Dada felt comfortable when she was with him. Toto stopped to be playboy because of Dada. Or she was defeated? She didn’t know. Looked like Dada brought Toto to be his real personality successfully. She felt proud very much. She love Toto ♥

For Toto, although Dada’s boobs were so small, but he didn’t mind to these. he loved her because she helped me and know the truth of relationship. Toto love Dada very much. That wasn’t kid’s relationship, but this was immortal relationship that he had just discovered immediately. Toto love Dada forever.

“What are you smiling?” Praewa asked to Toto and Dada who were appreciated together.

“Nothing.” Dada opened her mouth. She blamed to Praewa about why did she interrupted her!!!?

After that, Zen brought Praewa, Toto, Dada, Lookgade and Som-O to somewhere inside Cathedral of learning. Looked like that was secret meeting room. At cathedral of learning, this place was so very graceful and holy. We respected this place a lot because this place was ABAC’s landmark.

Way to secret meeting room was so dark. We came to downstairs and we didn’t see anything except fluorescent lights from ceiling. When we came to downstairs, we still walked forward until secret meeting room that was so dark and might be hard to reach. Zen picked door key from his pocket and opened the door before he turn on light inside secret meeting room. This place was so cold and comfortable to do conferences. No any cost to pay when some students wanted to meet.

Zen picked his Macbook pro from his bag before he turned it on to tell secret evidences he found at Don Juan club party.

“Toto, Dada. Can you remember that night of Donjuan Club party?” Zen started to asked to Toto and Dada who was sitting at conference seats. “I have some evidences to tell us.”

“Evidences?” Praewa asked. “What are you talking about?”

“Praewa. I warn you to relax, because this story will be disturbing you extremely.” Zen said. “Dada, take care to Praewa. She will be sad.”

“Yeah.” Dada said.

For Zen, he said to myself to Praewa. He was sorry. But he wanted to say the truth to Praewa.

Your lover, Manaw will marry soon.

First time Praewa didn’t believe Zen, but… Impossible!! No Way!! Did you me, Zen? Praewa thought she loved Manaw a lot. No way!!! So all of time when Manaw stood with me? As zero?

“Liar.” Praewa shouted to Zen. “Impossible.”

“But this may make Praewa sad very much.” Zen said and he opened video clips that recorded stealthy from his Macbook. Finally, the truth of Manaw will be revealed.

“Damn it!!!” Sega said to Manaw. “Praewa was so cute and gorgeous, but she escaped from me.”

“Hahaha.” Manaw laughed. “She always hate all men.”

“Why? And money I purchased to you?” Sega asked to Manaw. “Bring me back.”

“Yes, you can. But only half.” Manaw said. “I will transfer to your deposit account in tomorrow.”

“And…. Which another hot girls?” Sega asked.

“Here.” Manaw said and she opened her smartphone to show a girl that Sega wanted to buy.

“I recommend you to buy Numcha. She is so sexy in tonight. With great price, 4,000 Baht per night.” Manaw offered Sega to buy Numcha who was noble whore in black market. Actually Numcha wasn’t real Praewa’s girlfriend. Actually she wanted to sell Praewa as a whore, but Praewa wasn’t love male and Manaw got very great profit from Praewa who had value 10,000 Baht per night. That was so rude.

“OK. I will tell her later, but now Praewa isn’t available.” Manaw said.

“Yeah. But I doubt something. Is your business really good? I think this is really illegal.” Sega gave opinion. “That is same as human trafficking.”

“Do you know? One male’s problem is extreme sex drive that make arouse to male’s mind immediately. When they have lust, they want to have sex, not making relationship’s bullshit. That is so sad when males orgasm, sex mood decreased and lack of energy. I am perverting every male’s mindset to addict girl’s beauty. I know when they see beautiful girl as Praewa, they want to buy her and I get profit. Don’t lie yourself, Sega. You need sexy girl to take cumshot.” Manaw said.

“Yeah. But… What the fuck are you talking about? I already have girlfriend name Sodaice!”

“I guess you never love her. You need only having sex and orgasm.” Manaw said. 

“It’s so simple.” Sega said.

“But… hey!!! Actually I will marry soon.”

“Who? Praewa?”

“No! She is Kate.”


Manaw…? You ever said to me I am your soulmate. But what the fuck are you doing? You make me as the whore!!? Fuck you!!

Manaw blamed with strong language that made Dada to take care her immediately.

“Praewa. Keep calm.” Dada said to Praewa. But she still blamed again.

Manaw. You’re really motherfucking Mamasan. You use myself as your shitty product. I hate you! I fucking hate you!!


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