Review ART BOX @The Em District (May phase)

I think Art Box at The Em District is the best location I have ever seen. It is near my workplace that is Interchange 21 Building. I can reach from my workplace to Art Box easily since December 2015. But after that Art Box was closed with 3 months until came again in March 2016 and it was closed again at near end of April 2016.


Actually, my love happened at this place when I came to Art Box (March phase).

Art Box (March phase) organized inside the Em District due to earlier place was replaced by enormous Jurassic amusement park named “Dinosaur Planet”. So way to the Art Box with March Phase and May Phase was so deep, but it replaced with beautiful light bubs that illuminated all of entrance. That was so sweet.


I would to say only “May phase” because “May phase” may final phase of Art Box at the Em District. But it should be ended due to organize with long time at here.


At May phase, Art Box used “Pop Art” theme. This theme was so fantastic and more colorized. You can go to anywhere and you can say hi to every girl with candy color wig. They were so really friendly and they let you to take photos with them. Selfie was the greatest way to use this.


Anyway, zone in May phase was different than March phase due to concert zone, fashion zone, food zone was changed formation. And some food cafe was changed and had new food cafe. I ever talked to merchant who sold cheese ball, but she left from Art Box at March phase. When I came to May phase again, I couldn’t see her.

I missed her very much.

After that, nice foods in this place still same as March phase. iFry, Bloody drink or anything that ever appeared in March phase often appeared in May phase, except cheese ball that changed merchant to the aunties. There were many Chinese or Korean people who loved to travel at flea market loved this place very much. Sometimes they walked and took photos in same time. Many people were a couple so don’t mind to this sweet moments that happened in Art Box Thailand.


But if you wanted to check in this place in social network, I warned you to check with opening GPS or GLONASS first, not check location with mobile data due to there were many people in this place and internet connection maybe failed.

One of the greatest recommended menu was this, Charcoal Crape. I didn’t know what bread was black as this.


That was so awesome. So I tried to eat this first. And looked like there were many luxurious ingredients I never found with generic crape shop. It was so black, but that was making my time to be delayed because crape makers lacked experiences to make crape.

I waited with long time. But I was a mercy customers.


“Look like crape favor is so sweet.” I decided to talk with crape chef who was butch. Yeah!! Many girls in Thailand turned to be butch and some girls loved that butch too. “It’s really black that same as paint color.”

“But this can eat.” crape chef said back and she smiled to me. “So what ingredients do you want to use with this crape?”


I saw to many glass jars that laid in front of me at the table. There were many ingredients that looked like delicious. And I saw to secret ingredients that contained my lovely ingredients as “Cheese”, I decided to put cheese to my black crape first, then Tuna and clams.


Wow!!! Very good smell.

I paid with 70 Baht for this crape, then I bit it!

Taste of this crape was so awesome. No flaws to criticize. I always loved crape because I ever ate it. Crispy and delicious were mixed together until I felt surprise. But only one flaw, slow making due to low experiences.

After that I wandered around Art Box Thailand. For fashion zone, I didn’t see with many details. Many stuffs in fashion zone was suitable for girls. For men, only Jeans are necessary, after that, you design your dressing style. Wearing black glasses or sneaker as you choose. This place was same as Center point for 10 years ago.

Until at the night. I was hungry and needed to eat something. Um… Finally I saw something that advertised formula came from Korea, so I tried to eat this. I didn’t know what was calling. It was same as fried egg with rice.


Price was 35 Baht. That was so awesome. But no taste to get. I felt disappointed a little, but it made me to be stuffed.

Many travelers in Art Box was Chinese. There were some Koreans or Japanese. Actually, this place was near Thonglor that was default Japanese home place in Bangkok and Japanese loved to walk, so sometimes Art Box fulfilled with Japanese in here.


But… I want to say… Food trucks in Art Box (May phase) were only two. Interested food trucks ran away due to they joined another flea market around Bangkok. Art Box in this time wasn’t interested since at December 2015 phase. This phase was narrower than March phase. Some food booth was so blank and some booth wasn’t decorated well. Some cafe was same as another cafe against pavement. No another interested event in this time. Same cafe, same food in Art Box. That was so boring.

If you ever come to Art Box Thailand, you may be bored as same as me. If you never come, please hurry because this phase was final phase to go at The Em District.



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