The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” Part 1

After Songkran day was ended, everyone separated to their owned life. For couples, they dated together. For single people, they were walking to their dreams.  Songkran was the day of releasing dark mood inside their mind. After that day, they were imprisoned in the law of community.

Everything turned to be usual.

As this day.

In Kate’s house at Thonglor. In the morning.

Kate was playing with her dog named Pookie. Actually, she was painting her surrealistic pictures with water color. Actually she was artist. Many people who knew about her liked to purchase Kate’s artwork. Some critic said Kate’s painting revealed the life inside the paintings without saying anything as a magic.

She loved to use purple, violet, pink blue and red color in her work. She ever said purple was the middle of hot and cold color tone. Blue was calm. violet was mystic. pink was the faith. red was passionate. Every colors Kate used already had meanings inside them. She imagined everything in her mind and created as the surrealistic objects. She smiled sincerely for making new artwork.

Then someone opened door.

“Hi, darling.” Manaw opened the door. She smiled and brought breakfast set with fried egg, milk to Kate. “Hey Hey Hey artist. Aren’t you hungry? Let’s have breakfast.”

Kate smiled and she answered. “Put to that table.” Then Manaw put breakfast tray to the table that stayed near Kate’s door. “Thank you my love.”

“Hahaha. Hey Kate. Don’t say this much. I’m shy.” Manaw said and she smiled shyly. “I made this breakfast from my heart, but I don’t know can you get my feeling inside this breakfast? Kate, let’s eat this.”

“No…” Kate answered. “I’m painting marvelous flower.”

“Do you care delicious breakfast of your marvelous flower?” Manaw asked to let Kate decided clearly. She contacted Kate’s eyes to get decision. Kate just felt hungry. She got smell from Manaw’s breakfast that was so good and it attracted Kate to put brush down to the toolbox.

“I changed my mind.” Kate stood up and said to Manaw before she smiled with her happiness. “Look like that breakfast is so delicious and very good smell.”

“Hahaha.” Manaw laughed and smiled. “I know you will say with this.”

Kate smiled because Manaw always knew her mind. That was so profound when Manaw remembered and paid attention Kate’s details that made romance moment unpredictably.

“Hey!! You passed stage 1, so this is stage 2.” Huh? or Manaw was playing Kate’s game? Damn Kate. She was playing Manaw’s feeling. But looked like Manaw didn’t want to play Kate’s game much. She cut Manaw’s conversation with saying “So I eat these if you still take care your 2D flower.”

“No No No!!!” Kate hurried to talk. “I eat it. I eat it.”

“Good.” Manaw said.

Then Kate walked to Manaw and she received breakfast tray with delicious toasted sliced bread and fried egg.

“Why do you make breakfast very beautifully?” Kate asked Manaw curiously.

“Don’t you know what is today?” Manaw asked back. Kate doubted with this day. Um… Today was Wednesday and nothing was so special. Only her painting will be finished soon. But what was Manaw surprising? Looked like Manaw was so handsome more than another day and today why Manaw wore tuxedo suit? Why?

“I don’t know. Your friend’s wedding ceremony day?” Kate asked curiously.

“No.” Manaw answered.

Answer me, Manaw. So what is this day!!!?

“If you want to know the answer? Take a bath and wore beautiful cloth to go with me.”

“Dating?” Kate tried to answer again.

“No.” But Manaw smiled and said with this.

“Anniversary day?” Kate answered again.

“Yes!!!” Manaw answered immediately until she hugged Kate with her love. “But…”

“How about but?” Kate asked immediately when she heard “but” from Manaw’s mouth.

“I’m just kidding.” Manaw answered. “I’m making you to be surprised.”

“Surprised?” Kate asked.

“Don’t ask much my love. Eat this before it will be rotten.” Manaw warned Kate. She wanted her love to pay attention to love more than asking some shitty question and stopped doing anything.

“Yeah.” Kate said and she ate breakfast hurry.

What are you thinking, Manaw?

With Kate’s doubting, she still created many questions that asked to Manaw what she was doing. Now she was sitting at Manaw’s car. Manaw was driving to someplace she ever planned, but Kate didn’t know. Kate inserted some CD song to music player in Manaw’s car before she was paying attention to listen her favorite songs.

“Japanese songs?” Manaw asked.

“Yeah.” Kate answered. “That was really great.”

“Hey!!! You should listen ‘Nobody’ by Wonder Girls. They are Korean singers that are really beautiful.” Manaw gave suggestion about music to Kate. But Kate still listened Japanese songs.

“Thank you darling.” Kate said. “For your sweet suggestion. Actually, I interested Japanese songs more than Korean songs.”

“Yeah.” Manaw said. “If your songs will be ended, I want to open my favorite songs. OK?”

“Yeah.” Kate answered.

Then Manaw drove her car to the expressway with less of cars. In this time, that could call the expressway really because on the morning or evening (rush hour), there were many cars on the expressway. That was really terrible.

Until Manaw drove her car to the RCA. RCA in daytime was so different than nighttime.

“Ah!!!” Manaw said before she parked her car at the parking of dessert cafe in RCA named “Sweet Doughnut”. “I missed RCA very much.”

“Don’t lie Manaw.” Kate teased Manaw. “You often went to this place since you’re learning.”

“But now I have my darling as you. So nightclubs haven’t been necessary for me forever.” Manaw said back before she kissed Kate’s cheek. That was so sweet. Although Manaw was a butch, but she took care herself by using good perfume.

RCA at daytime was so hot. Sunlight had very high UV that made everyone’s skin was so scorched. Kate feared her skin would be tanned so she opened UV protection umbrella and held it against the sunlight. But Manaw didn’t care with sunlight much.

“Look like RCA at daytime is so freaky different.” Manaw described about RCA. “As same as another avenue that had shopping mall or cafe. I like RCA at 2000-2003 more than this year.”

“So… You ever entered to RCA since your age was under 20 years old?” Kate doubted.

“Yeah. That time no laws about minor restriction.” Manaw said. “I drank alcoholic drink since my age is 15. Bad taste but that could wipe my stress.”

“Really?” Kate confused. “But why many adults said alcoholic drink harm health?”

“They have talked with bullshit belief.” Manaw insulted and she saw to Sweet Doughnut cafe. “Hey!!! Don’t talk a lot. Let’s go to Sweet Doughnut.”

“Yeah.” Kate said.

Actually, Sweet Doughnut wasn’t generic dessert cafe because this place had cats that wanted to play every customers who visit Sweet Doughnut. Many review bloggers confirmed about Sweet Doughnut was one of the best cafe in Bangkok that had cats. There were many races of cat you could choose to adore them. Kate loved to hug Exotic shorthair very much. She ever said it was so really cute.

Both took off their shoes at shoes shelf before they entered to Sweet Doughnut cafe. Manaw slid door and she felt fantastic when she saw many cats were walking to her. Kate smiled warmly and she used her hand to scrub cat’s body. There were many cat types she loved it, such as Persian, Kao Manee, Siamese cat, Exotic shorthair, 3 colors from Japan, etc. Cats said “Meow” and Kate felt adorable to them. Then waitress came from backside of the cafe to greet Kate and Manaw.

“Hi Manaw. Long time no see.” Grace, waitress who was Manaw’s friend said.

“Hey!!! Grace!!! Since we were graduated, I never met you.” Manaw felt happy very much when she met her old friend. “How are you?”

“I’m pretty well.” Grace answered. “I miss you very much!!! You’re more handsome.” Then Grace hugged Manaw. That didn’t make Kate felt jealous much.

“I reserve this place. Look like it isn’t noisy.” Manaw said and she pointed to her wanted seat.

“OK. Please sit.” Grace said. Then Manaw and Kate sat to the seat in Sweet Doughnut cafe. When they sat, many cats ran to Manaw and Kate immediately before they said “Meow”. Looked like they wanted to play something. Persian cat laid itself to Kate and scrubbed Kate’s lap.

“Manaw. Look at this Persian cat.” Kate said. “It is playing with me.”

“Hahahaha.” Manaw laughed. “Look like Kate has magnet to lure another cats. They are really cute!”

“Hey!” Kate interjected. “What are you doing?” But some cats bit to Kate’s leg. Kate hurt tenderly.

30 Minutes later, Kate and Manaw ate meal until they were stuffed, but cat still surrounded Kate and Manaw. Kate still played cats, but Manaw picked something from her bag to Kate.

“Kate.” Manaw called Kate.

“What?” Kate asked.

Then Manaw showed red ring box with diamond ring to Kate. Kate saw that diamond ring on the box and she asked immediately. “Huh?”

“Will you marry me?”

After Manaw asked to Kate, she frightened a lot and got many happiness from Manaw’s surprising. Kate felt in love with Manaw a lot. Kate used her hand to close her mouth and didn’t say anything. After seconds, she cried from her happiness when she saw that the ring of marry.

“Thank you so much.” Kate said and she hugged to Manaw. Now Kate paid attention to Manaw. Cats that ever played with Kate now they ran to new customers. Manaw hugged back to Kate and she said. “How about you? Do you love this?”

“I love you very much, Manaw.” Kate said.

“Don’t cry, baby. I will stay with you forever.” Manaw said.

With Kate’s happiness, that made everyone in Sweet Doughnut cafe felt in love with Manaw’s confession. She dared to confess Kate because she loved Kate very much.

But for Praewa? Manaw thought Praewa was only one-night stand relationship.


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