The Urbanist 20+ Chapter 8 “Toto” part 5

“Why do you go back to Thailand?” Toto asked to Victoria when he and Victoria was traveling to RCA by bus for the beautiful night with early access of Songkran Festival. Now they were sitting at the seat in the bus.

“I miss Thailand.” Victoria answered. “Actually I miss Som Tam.”

“Som Tam? Hahaha. I love it too!” Toto cheered it up and embraced Victoria’s shoulder. “Look at it. Sunset is so beautiful.” And he pointed with his hand to the sun that was going down to the ground. Victoria smiled when Toto embraced her again for a year.

“Your embracing is still warm.” Victoria complimented to Toto. “Let me remember again.”

“I want to know more. Why do you go back to Thailand.” Toto asked to Victoria again. “I know you have some reason. Please tell me. I don’t blame you.”

“You think a lot. I need relaxing.” Victoria answered. Then her friend who was black called to her phone. That ringtone was so fun. She never changed this ringtone since Toto and Victoria were in a relationship. It made Toto remembered that romantic moments in the past. Then Victoria received call.

“Hello James.” Victoria said.

“Yo!! What’s up Victoria? Where are you?” James asked.

“I’m coming to RCA. And you.”

“I, Jazz and Bulldog are already at RCA. Damn!!! There are many people at here and they…. FUCK!!!” James described about atmosphere in RCA. That was so crazy. Many people were playing water and someone splashed water to James’s face. That was reason why James swore “FUCK!”

“Hey!!! Calm down man. Look like at RCA fulfills with volcano boobs!!” Victoria teased James.

“No!!! I never see that volcano boobs as you say.” Jame started to blame. “But that motherfucking kid from the hell splash cool water to me. Damn it!”

“Really?” Victoria asked and she thought when she was a child and she splashed water to everyone who passed her in Songkran’s day. That was really fun. “Hey!!! Actually, that kid want to play with you as a dog.”

“Dog from the hell!!!?” James blamed again. “But!!! Hey!!! You’re right, Victoria. I see some interested girls.” And he saw that gorgeous girls who was tall and white skin. Looked like she was Chinese race and her charm was so perfect. Her hairstyle was long and black. Her eyes was so small but fulfilled with charm. Her body wasn’t thin much. She had fat but wasn’t obese. Ah!!! Why did she so adorable?

Jame decided to talk with her. Looked like this girl was really suitable for him.

“Hi. Do you speak English?” James asked that Chinese girl.

“Yeah!” Chinese girl answered. “Who come with you?”

“My friend from Miami. I ever heard Songkran Day in Thailand is so fun. Actually, she is Thai and she loves to travel a lot. Please wait. She will be coming. And who come with you?”

“I come lonely.” Chinese girl answered. “Ah… What’s your name?”

“James.” He answered his name.

“I’m Cheesy.” Cheesy answered. “I am seeking friends who travel with me. Finally I find you.” And she smiled to James.

“Hahaha.” James laughed and he touched Cheesy’s arm with fat. “What is it?”

“Hey!!! Don’t tease me with this.” Cheesy warned James and she smiled. “I’m fat hahaha.”

Cheesy talked with English very well. That could convey easily.

Meanwhile Victoria hung up. She knew James were flirting another girls.

“My friend love to flirt another girls as you.” Victoria said to Toto.

“No! Actually I love only one.” Toto objected immediately.

“Hahaha.” Victoria laughed. “Perhaps I want to be fat more than this.”

“Why?” Toto asked curiously.

“I want you to hug me warmly.” Victoria answered and she poked Toto’s chin.

“Hahaha.” Toto laughed. That was so sweet moment. Until his love chose to Victoria who was so naughty as same as puppy.


Um… That was same as James ever said. April 12 2009, at RCA. There were many people who travel in this place a lot. That was so crowded. Water guns in RCA was so damned expensive than another place. Looked like merchants ripped off to every travelers, especially foreigners. Now Victoria and Toto were walking in RCA. They were coming to ROUTE 66, the main destination from every travelers. Now Victoria was calling to James and Ceres.

“Hi James. Where are you?” Victoria asked.

“I’m waiting you at Route 66 entrance.” James answered loudly due to compete with noise around him.

“Huh? Are you waiting me? That is really unbelievable.” Victoria insulted to James who always came lately. James didn’t care and he smiled before he said. “Except this time.”

“That’s good.” Victoria said and she saw to another girls who stayed near James that Victoria didn’t know about her. Actually, Cheesy were going with James. Victoria suspected that Asian girl so she greeted with nice saying.

“Hi, Asian girl. What are you thinking to come with my friends?” Victoria asked to Cheesy.

“I think James is funny and I laughed out loud every time when I stayed with him. But what’s your name?” Cheesy answered.

“Victoria.” Victoria answered. “And Caucasian girl that stay with James is Ceres.”

“Nice to meet you, Ceres, Victoria.” Cheesy said with Asian accent and she smiled with her eyes and her mouth before she shook her hand with Victoria’s hand and Ceres’s hand.

“But.” Cheesy suspected to Victoria’s appearance that wasn’t same as Caucasian. Looked like Cheesy was same as Thai people. “Are you Thai, Victoria.”

“Yeah.” Victoria answered and she smiled.

“Why do you have western name?” Cheesy doubted. “I think Victoria’s name is so luxurious very much.”

“My father is Caucasian. I’m half.” Victoria answered. “Am I beautiful? Hahaha.”

“Hey, Cheesy. My friend is so narcissism.” James said and he clapped Cheesy. “Don’t believe her a lot hahaha.”

“Wow yeah!” Victoria said. “You brought Asian traveler to go with you? You’re so badass.”

“And who is that?” James asked the guy who was staying with Victoria.

“My ex-boyfriend, Toto.” Victoria answered. “Long time I don’t see him.”

“Woah!! He is so handsome.” James complimented about Toto’s handsomeness. “But why the hell did you break up him?”

“I went to Miami.” Victoria answered. “That time I want to see my new experiences. And Toto accepted me to go to another countries.”

Toto smiled and he started to describe. “Actually, Victoria wanted something that was so really fun. And she promised me to be in a relationship when she will ready to be in a relationship again.”

“Toto.” James said something to Toto. “I wanted to say the truth…”

But Toto didn’t hear what James said. He paid attention to some girl who had bang hairstyle and she dressed with sexy costume who was buying water gun at some water gun shop. Toto saw to her curiously although she turned her body away from him.

“Hey!!!” Victoria said and she pulled Toto. “Where are you going? We will enter to Route 66.”

“My friend are coming. I want to greet her.” Toto described and he was sure that girl was Dada. Dada blocked Toto’s contacts, such as phone, Facebook that Toto couldn’t contact to her. Now Toto wanted to say something to Dada.

He walked to that girl he thought that was Dada and he called her.

“Hi Dada.” Toto said.


She didn’t respond anything from Toto. And she said some words he didn’t know due to that language she said wasn’t Thai.

“Nǐ shì shuí?” That girl said with this. Toto guessed that girl was Chinese.

“Damn!!! She isn’t Dada.” Toto said himself and some guy that might be girl’s boyfriend pushed Toto’s body away from him and he said something with Chinese. Looked like he angered very much. That was really insane. Dada wasn’t at here.

Toto thought this wasn’t fun. He needed Dada to be here.

“Come on, Toto.” Victoria said and she pulled Toto to stay with her. Now Victoria, Toto, James, Cheesy and Ceres were queuing to the Route 66 Entry. That was so insane. There were many people at here.


Inside Toto’s heart, he still want this party. This party was so fun and there were many people at here. They were so beautiful and very sexy. But inside his another heart, he still wanted to stay with Dada. Because Dada was his friend who stayed with him when he was trouble or traveled together. He remembered when he tutored with Dada since he and Dada was at high school. Or sometimes they watched movie together. That time Toto thought Dada was only friend, but now Toto thought Dada was more than friend. She should be some status that was more than friend or more than girlfriend. For him, Dada shouldn’t be only girlfriend.

Or Dada was right. She ever said she was Toto’s soulmate.

“Hey!!! What the hell are you waiting for?” Victoria snapped her finger in front of Toto’s head. “Let’s go.”

Toto, Victoria and Victoria’s friends were entering to Route 66 with extreme event. That was Songkran Day with early access. Many people were coming to Route 66 insanely. They dressed with sexy style that started to explode their stress. Some girls wore with fluorescent bras. Damn!!! That was same as Disney Land for adult. Some girl wore glasses. That was so cute. Not only girls who enjoyed the music, another guys were really thought as same as Toto who sought another girl to make one-night stand relationship. It was so rude but that was really enjoyable. Entry fee was 300 THB but enjoyment was really insane. EDM music or live music made everyone jump and were fun together.

Toto, Victoria and Victoria’s friends were choosing table to reserve, but looked like many people already reserved. Damn it!

“Shit!! Everyone reserved table.” Victoria said. “But… Hey!!! Look at that. Water tank will be our area!”


Victoria invited her friends to stay at free water tank. Yeah!! That was it. They had unlimited water to tease everyone who were passing them. Victoria smiled and used her water gun to splash everyone. That was so really motherfucking insane. Oh! Yeah! Fuck yeah.

“Shoot and drench them mate!” James said to his friends and Cheesy who enjoyed to splash water to everyone. Sometimes James hugged Cheesy because Cheesy was so adorable. That was so really same as Teddy bear.

Everyone enjoyed Songkran very much. Why did they enjoyed a lot? Because everyone drank alcohol drinking. That was the shortcut way to the insane. With EDM, Live music, talking to someone in this place was so worse, except conveying with body language. Sometimes Toto hugged Victoria and kissed romantically without thinking anything. Toto didn’t care anyone surrounded him. That was awkward and ready to tell about “I don’t care!”

“Sh!!!” But Victoria cared sights from everyone. She saw around her and she felt that was really unsafe. “Stop Toto. I think someone is watching you.”

She said to stop Toto’s inappropriate moment. Actually, she didn’t see who were seeing her. But looked like she and Toto will be busted by bouncers.

“I’m sorry.” Toto said. “But your mouth was so sweet.”

Victoria smiled with Toto’s compliment. “Hey!! Someone will be teasing us. Let’s shoot them!”

Toto saw to someone who was shooting with water gun. That was Chinese people who carried big water gun to splash extremely. That was so really hard to encounter them. All Chinese people used high pressure water gun to shoot Toto relentlessly. They shot to Toto’s head. Fuck! Why did they aim heartlessly!!!?

“Fuck that bastard!” Toto blamed and he saw to another direction. That pressure was really severe. He couldn’t tolerate to high pressure water. It made Toto’s eyes were turned to red.

“Toto. Are you OK?” Victoria asked.

“I’m OK.” Toto answered. “That Chinese are really rude.”

“Hahaha.” Victoria laughed.

Then Toto and Victoria played water very fun. That was really enjoyable event in Thailand. Foreigners went to Thailand for needing this. That was really fucking awesome. And when customers went to Route 66, they got free towel. No one forbade customers who was doing inappropriate actions. Because everyone knew why they came to this place.

Ah… Alcohol smell. Woah!!

Meanwhile Akiko, Miyuki, and another Japanese friends came to Route 66 too as Japanese travelers. They dressed with very sexy and cute costume. But looked like Miyuki saw Toto who was hugging Victoria. Miyuki felt that was really fucking awkward. She called Akiko who was dancing. “Hey Akiko. Your lover is hugging another girl.”

Akiko saw to Toto. That was shocked picture she ever saw. Toto was kissing Victoria relentlessly. Akiko angered to Toto very much and she didn’t say anything more. She disappointed to Toto.

“Toto…” Akiko said Toto’s name. Inside her heart, she was painful. That made Akiko cried a lot. With happiness she just exploded, she turned her mood to be sad. What the fuck did Toto doing? Then Miyuki who couldn’t tolerate someone made her friend cried wanted to encounter with Toto mercilessly. That was enough for Toto.

“No.” Akiko said and she pulled Miyuki for stopping her vengeance. “Stop Miyuki. It’s over.”

“Over?” Miyuki asked loudly and she released Akiko’s hand. “Let me go.”

Now nothing could stop Miyuki. She walked to Toto who was far from her within 100 Meters. She passed many people who were enjoying with music together. Naru, Mayumi, Akiko followed Miyuki for stopping Miyuki’s bad moment.

“Miyuki. Please…” Naru said and she pulled Miyuki to get back. But Miyuki denied.

Now Toto was hugging Victoria. He didn’t know what would be happened next.

“Hey!!!” Victoria said. “Pay attention to prank another people hahaha.”

“Yeah, but…” Toto tried to say with Victoria, but Miyuki walked against Toto and she slapped to Toto immediately without saying anything. That made Toto, Victoria and Victoria’s friend shocked together.

“Fuck Miyuki.” Toto blamed to Miyuki. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Don’t you know? I should to ask you ‘What the fuck are you doing!!!?'” Miyuki answered. “Which this girl you kiss and hug is she? Huh? Tenth? or Hundredth?”

Akiko didn’t agree to let Miyuki blamed to Toto directly. Victoria didn’t care Toto so she said “Who the fuck are you?”

“Don’t you know this guy already have girlfriend?” Miyuki asked to Victoria. “Why are you so stupid?”

“I don’t know and I don’t want Toto to be my boyfriend because I already have a boyfriend from America.” Victoria answered. “Toto is my friend. Not more than you think.”

“Friend?” Miyuki answered. “Really friend? You suck that bastard’s mouth and do you still dare to say he is your friend? What the fuck are you thinking? Are you really motherfucking stupid?”

“Shut the fuck up Japanese.” Victoria blamed back and she said to Toto. “Toto, please said the truth. Do you already have girlfriend?”

Now Toto stressed very much. Akiko who felt sad and she saw behind Miyuki disappointed to Toto. Toto couldn’t say anything more. He thought everything about girls who ever had sex with him since first girl until latest girl who was his best friend named Dada. When he had sex with Dada, he felt appreciated a lot. More than another one, but he didn’t say he was already in a relationship with Dada. Akiko was obstacle to make Toto and Dada’ relationship was struggling.

“No.” Toto answered. “I don’t have girlfriend.”

“And how about Akiko?” Miyuki asked about Akiko. “If she isn’t your girlfriend, so what relationship status do you say with Akiko?”

Toto didn’t say anything more. He saw to everything around him. He couldn’t answer.

“Speak, motherfucker!” Mayumi shouted to Toto. Now his Japanese friends were his enemy. Damn it.

“I just only like you, Akiko.” Toto said. “But I never love you.”


Akiko heard that Toto’s voice, she cried a lot and she didn’t want to see Toto forever. She cried with her sadness from false love. Toto felt stressed to tell the truth. But he said right because he never loved Akiko. He only “liked” her. Akiko was so cute, but Toto didn’t want to love this girl. He didn’t know why, but this situation revealed his heart directly.

Akiko cried until Miyuki couldn’t tolerate to waste her tear from womanizer guy more. She hated Toto very much so she slapped Toto again. Toto fell down to the ground and he didn’t payback.

“You’re so fucking adultery! You never see the truth of love. You waste my friend’s heart to be painful. You are motherfucking dickhead. Your brain also is at the cock!” Miyuki tried to insult Toto relentlessly. Until Victoria forbade Miyuki’s madness.

“Get out of here. Don’t blame to my friend more.” Victoria said to Miyuki. But Toto said to Victoria. “Let me go, Victoria.” And Toto stood up to get out from Route 66.

“Where are you going,” Victoria asked to Toto, but he went lonely from Route 66.

“Toto.” Victoria said. But now he escaped from Route 66.

Inside Toto’s heart, he did worse things. Looked like his picking up skill was so great, but he used wrong method. He seduced everyone for….? Victory? Or reputation? His having sex was a game of the honor. Actually, he ever had sex with president’s daughter that was so very beautiful. He ever said that president’s daughter was so sweet. Her boobs was really beautiful, but his relationship would be ended when he took cumshot to her.

Another famous girl Toto ever had sex was famous actress. She was very beautiful. She had sex with Toto because Toto was so handsome and very proud, but his relationship will be ended after that night. For another day, Toto and that girl didn’t say anything.

Sometimes he ever had sex with more than 4 girls per night that called “Gangbang.” He thought that was real paradise of the sex. He licked beautiful girls and made another girls orgasm. Some girls used their boobs scrubbed Toto’s back. That was same as nude sex.

But when they finished sex mission, they went away from Toto.

No smiling at next morning.

No lying on the bed.

No making breakfast together.

No kissing to their forehead.

Toto never kiss to girl’s forehead as same as Dada. He didn’t know why, but now he needed Dada, so he dialed to Dada immediately.

“Damn it! She still blocks me.” Toto blamed when he dialed to Dada and she blocked Toto’s phone number.

Around Toto, there were many beautiful girls who saw to Toto. Someone greeted Toto, but Toto only waved his hand to greet back. Looked like another one already had boyfriend. Victoria had boyfriend too.

So… He still doubted. Why did he had sex with another girl, but he still be alone?

Actually Toto wanted to flirt Victoria to be in a relationship again, but that was so fake.

Except… having sex with Dada. That night he had very powerful happiness.

When he woke up, he saw to Dada who was sleeping. She didn’t go away from him as same as one-night stand girls who woke up and went away before Toto woke up. That morning he kissed Dada’s forehead. He had real happiness from inside his mind. Actually, Dada made breakfast to Toto too. That was so sweet.

And now what the fuck was Toto doing?

Now he needed black service to wipe his stress… Named “secret sex party”


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