The Urbanist 20+ Chapter 8 “Toto” part 4

After Don Juan party, the party of seduction was ended, now this time was after party!!!

Toto who interested 3 girls who was so gorgeous and sexy brought Toto to her home that was at Ratchada district. At Ratchada, that was brand new place of nightlife. Many students were coming to here everyday. And many hotel of having sex were here a lot. For nightlife community, they said this place was “virgin slaughterhouse”.

For Toto, that was special case. He was so handsome. Many girls who wanted to have one-night stand relationship wished to sleep with Toto. Not only one, two, three or four… Sometimes Toto slept with many girls per night. He felt proud and happy when he got orgasm. Girls desired Toto very much. Toto was only one who made many girls to be the orgasm easily. Until many girls said about Toto who was the symbol of real orgasm.

And this night… 3 girls will request the greatest happiness too.

“Yeah!!! Aom said and she parked her car to parking area before her friend Gift and Aun were bringing Toto to the room in hotel.

Aom managed everything to check in at hotel simply. Looked like she brought many guys to the hotel and she wanted dirty happiness from the many guys. Actually, Aom was 32 years old, but Toto was 2o years old, so her sweetness was so luscious more than Toto, but Toto didn’t know Aom already married, but Aom’s husband wasn’t great at sex moment. After she was orgasm, she will pay 10,000 Baht to Toto. Aom was so rich, but she needed some boys who enjoyed her.

“Hi Honey!!” Aom called Toto as her lover. Now Toto, Aom, Gift and Aun walked to the room that Aom already checked in. Aom opened room door and she saw many items or stuffs inside the room. That was so romantic and readied to have sex certainly. Whip, handcuffs, chain, red bed… Woah!!! First time Toto saw this weird stuff he feared immediately.

“What are you doing?” Toto asked. “Or you mean I must imprison you and I use whip to hit you? No way!”

“Hey!!! That was alternative option. But I like this room very much. Let’s give the true happiness together, boy.” Aom said.

Actually, Toto’s income came from Aom. She fed Toto with money. Although Aom was older, but her sex moment was so wonderful. Rules of relationship between Aom and Toto was … “Don’t reveal relationship between Aom and Toto.” because Aom was already married with famous colonel who came to home only once per month. Toto had to please Aom, Gift and Aun if Aom had lust to explode it.

Although Toto had sex and he got 10,000 Baht per night, but when he still stayed with Aom, Gift and Aun, he felt he lacked of dignity. After Toto had sex with 3 ladies, that 3 ladies often talked about their husband who didn’t have sense of sex. Toto felt he should do something to get out from this weird cycle that would be happened all of time.

This night was too.

Toto had sex with 3 ladies.

Toto felt happy very much. He touched their warmth and received it to his heart.

That was so powerful happy. Their skin was so soft and aroused his sex drive to the climax extremely.

But when Toto reached orgasm, his sex drive ended, but ladies wanted more.

He bored to have sex with 3 girls, but for money, he wanted it.

Today Toto received 30,000 Baht for entertaining 3 ladies. Toto felt appreciated a lot, but he didn’t know he was being as same as whore who sold dignity and get money from the most happiness in life.

“Ah… Look like my husband will come to my home today.” Aom said.

“My husband too.” Aun said again.

“Hey!!! This night is very fun, Toto. This is money we give to you. See you again, Toto.” Gift said and she gave 30 banknotes with 1,000 Baht to Toto. “Oh!! Look like my boyfriend will coming. Let’s go!!”

After that 3 girls went away from Toto and got out from room. Toto was alone, but getting 30,000 Baht was awesome. So he will use this money to feed another girls he wanted.

April 12 2009

In the morning, Dada woke up early. She still was sad about Toto. When she remembered about Toto a lot, Toto still haunted in her mind relentlessly. When she came to the bathroom, Toto’s face haunted her as a ghost. She felt exhausted and no hope to do anything. That was so worthless. Toto cheated her. Toto betrayed her.

Until someone called to Dada’s phone. That was her best friend named “Toto.”

“Toto. What are you needing for me?” Dada asked to Toto directly.

“Hey!!! What are you talking about.” Toto asked back to Dada who asked with explicit question.

“Can you receive me at the hotel in Ratchada?” Toto asked.

“Last night you sleep with another girl?” Dada asked. “No way!! Why don’t you tell your girl to send you?”

“Hey Dada.” Toto still requested Dada, but Dada refused.

“Enough, Toto. I really disappoint you.” Dada blamed. “I think wrong to meet you.”

“Why? Because of tonight? I always warn you to beware that party, but you didn’t believe me.” Toto said.

“I already know you’re so womanizer, but last night I couldn’t tolerate to see my boyfriend who tried to have sex with another girl.” Dada described.

“Come on, Dada!!! Please…” Toto tried to request again, but Dada hung up and she opened her Facebook on her notebook to block Toto’s account. She didn’t want to call a guy who wasn’t sure about relationship. A guy who was Dada’s soulmate but he tried to have sex with another girls. That was so creepy.

Now Dada and Toto didn’t talk together more. Dada was still sad and didn’t wanted to do anything. Toto who was blamed by Dada tried to call Akiko for talking together. Now he had only Akiko.

But Akiko didn’t receive Toto’s call. She was busy and she didn’t say what was she doing.

“Damn!! Akiko.” Toto swore. “What is she doing?”

Now Toto was alone again. No one could help him now. Only thing he could do was… “Do it yourself.” He got 30,000 Baht from Aom buy why did he feel unhappy? So looked like another facts he should know. Money, sex couldn’t make him to be happy forever. And that 3 girls who gave money from having sex were already in a relationship and let Toto away from them.

So he tried to call Dada again.

He dialed to Dada’s phone, but Dada didn’t know Toto called to her due to she blocked Toto’s incoming call.

He searched Dada Cupcake on Facebook, but he didn’t see Dada Cupcake account.

“Come on Dada. Please don’t block me.” Toto said.

Then he opened his notebook to access Don Juan Club website. When he typed and pressed enter, Some error message showed up first. It said.

“Sorry, your account is banned due to do inappropriate moments. We fear you will be bad idol for newbie Don Juan.”

No!!! Toto confused a lot. Why was his account banned? He didn’t do anything wrong but he was banned. He tried to refresh webpage and tried to login again.

Username : TotoDJ
Password : jdKwp03Ial?bNwP

His password was so very strict. He didn’t want anyone to hack his ID.  When he pressed Enter button, it still showed same error.

“Thanks god who tease me to the trouble.” Toto said.

Finally someone called him. Toto grabbed his smartphone and hang up.

“Hello.” Toto said.

“Hi!!! That’s you!! Toto. Can you remember me?” ??? said.

“What’s your name?” Toto asked girl’s name.

“Victoria.” Victoria answered her name. “Can you remember me?”

“Victoria? Um… Hey!!! I remember you!!” Toto answered and he felt happy very much. “Long time no see. How about you when you worked at Miami?”

“Hahaha!” Victoria laughed and she continued to talk. “There’re many lusty guys who wanted to talk with me. That was so really creepy.”

“Really? I always know you’re also beautiful.” Toto said. “And now where are you?”

“Thailand.” Victoria answered and she smiled. “I come with my friends from Miami. They wanted to enjoy Songkran Festival. Can you be our guide?”

“Guide? Hey!!! Why do you trust my travel guide skill?” Toto asked.

“I know your explorer skill is very well.” Victoria said. “Hey!!! I ever heard Songkran festival at RCA will start tonight. And where are you?”

“Ekamai.” Toto answered.

“Hey!!! I’m staying at hostel in Thonglor. That is very great!!! I want to meet you again, Toto.” Victoria said. Toto laughed together.

“Really?” Toto asked.

“Yeah.” Victoria answered.

“Don’t lie me.” Toto wanted to confirm.

“Yeah!” Victoria said.

“Good. ”

Victoria was one of Toto’s close friend who met Toto since he came to Don Juan club at first time. She was very beautiful. And she was Toto’s first girlfriend when he was Don Juan. Now she broke up Toto because she wanted to walk with way of her dream. Victoria was very beautiful girl that Toto ever met. Now she came back to Thailand to travel with friends.

This is some another information about Victoria.


Real name & Last name : Ornarmol Sukhumtavisarn
Date of Birth : June 15 1988
Generation : Millennials
Age : 21
Zodiac : Gemini (count with tropical time)
Blood type : B (The Rebel)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Graduation : None
Habit : Love to travel nightclubs with friends, Love to listen musics, Love to wander.

Note : Many Thai people are blood type B, but blood type O are higher. Blood type B are higher in Bangkok.

At 12:00 hrs. at Starbucks, Thonglor. Victoria appointed Toto to this place. Now her friends from Miami were shopping at Siam Paragon. So she can appointed Toto privately.

“How are you, Toto?” Victoria asked Toto after she and Toto reserved table.

“Victoria.” Looked like Toto wanted to ask serious question. “Have you ever felt you’re alone although you are surrounded with many people?”

“Never.” Victoria answered. “Why?”

“I feel weird in my mind.” Toto tried to describe what happened with him inside his mind. “That was so freak. I …. I sleep with many girls, but why am I alone? Is it the truth of love?” Toto described. Victoria thought with 3 seconds and she said “Hey!!! You slept with many girl? Are you kidding me?”

“That is so serious. I know you ever have sex with one-night stand relationship. I want you know your opinion.” Toto still wanted to know information.

“Toto should divide who is playmate, who is real girlfriend, but morality make our to be in a relationship only one, not two or more. girlfriend can be everything you want, but playmate is only one-night stand mate. When the sun rises, they separated to their home. Actually one-night stand is really suck. I don’t know how to fix this loneliness.” Victoria described.

Toto stopped and didn’t say anything more. He silenced with his doubting.

“Hey!” Victoria snapped her fingers in front of Toto. “Don’t think a lot, Toto. Tonight let’s fun together. Do you ever go to Songkran Festival in RCA?”

“No.” Toto answered. “I never. How about that?”

“I never go too. But I saw many pictures in Google. That was so awesome. And if we come with a lot of friends, we enjoyed very much.” Victoria said. “So I wanted to invited you to come with me. My friend will meet us at 19:00 hrs at RCA.”

“Look like that is so fun.” Toto said.

“Yeah.” Victoria said.

Now Toto and Victoria met again and their former feeling will activated together. Victoria was so beautiful and she needed Toto to travel at nightlife together. He will start relationship with Victoria soon as he can.

And Dada? Let her pungent with long time. Don’t pay attention much. She was so unpredictable.


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