The Urbanist 20+ Chapter 8 “Toto” part 3

“Hahahaha” Sega laughed without any reason. He saw around him and start to talk next topic. “How about your father who is ambassador? How is he?”

“He’s fine.” Toto answered. “Always fine.”

“Do you know we should thank to God who made us to be male. I love male personality. That is really cool.” Sega felt proud to be male.

“Yeah.” Toto said and agree Sega’s opinion. “I love male too.”

“If we are a girl, we must be beautiful to attract another men. I don’t know why, but being male although we aren’t handsome, but if we want to protect someone, we will be hero in girls’ heart. That is so awesome. I love it a lot.”

Toto smiled Sega’s opinion. Sega was real womanizer who eat many girls as meals.

“Hey boy, let’s drink some cocktail. Look like bartender is waiting us.” Sega invited Toto to order a cup of cocktail at bartender’s counter. He and Toto walked and talked with their owned stories. Don Juan Club was a seduction community that picked up girls very well. They were talkative.

Meanwhile at bartender counter.

“Dada. Why do you come here?” Zen, Dada’s friend who was bartender of Nunglen & Escobar nightclub at Thonglor asked Dada who was coming to him. “Do you know this….”

“Shhhh!!!” Dada used her hand to close Zen’s mouth that was talking about her. She didn’t want Zen to say more about her. She didn’t want another one knew she came with Toto because if Sega knew Dada came to this place, that meant she will be in danger. Sega will payback to her. Look like Toto and Sega were coming to bartender counter. Dada hid herself inside bartender counter immediately.

“What are you doing?” Zen asked to Dada.

“Long story. I will tell to you.” Dada answered.

“Hey!!!” Toto said with Sega. “Look like she is so arrogant.”

“Yeah.” Sega answered. “She isn’t beautiful, but she said ‘I already had husband’. That is really explicit. Actually, for my experiences to pickup many girls, beautiful girls are suitable very much. They are confident. And we are confident to join together. That is really compatible. Ah!!! I need some alcohol. And this cocktail is also awesome.”

Then Sega ordered alcoholic drinks to bartender.

“I need Blue Hawaii.” Sega said. Then he said to Toto. “Which do you want?”

“Lemon cocktail.” Toto answered. “That is really good.”

Dada who was hiding inside bartender counter heard Toto’s sound. But she couldn’t do anything. Then Zen mixed vodka and Blue Hawaii ingredients together at glass. That smell, it was also awesome.

“Do you love Blue Hawaii?” Toto asked to Sega.

“Yes.” Sega answered and smiled. Then he described. “I addicted this deliciousness a lot. But do you love lemon?”

“My friend love it.” Toto answered. That made Dada feared more. Toto might mention to her. “Someday my friend teased me by extracting lemon water to my soda. But that water taste was so awesome.”

“Hahaha” Sega smiled. “How long do you come to Don Juan Club?”

“3 years.” Toto answered. Dada heard what Toto said felt hesitated. He never said about this to Dada. She only knew Toto was heartbroken with Praewa when he learned at grade 10. But when he was grade 11, looked like Toto was changed to be smarter and more handsome. Finally, Dada knew reason that Toto changed.

Actually, Toto joined Don Juan Club to be great guy.

“Hey!!! That girl’s perfume. Look like some girl is here.” Sega said. Damn it!!! Dada will be detected with her perfume. If Sega knew Dada was here, she will be dead.

“Huh? Girl’s perfume!!!?” Zen said and he doubted with ignoring someone who was a girl that used perfume. He knew Dada used perfume. That smell was so very wide.

“Someone who is inside bartender counter.” Sega said and he walked to bartender counter to look inside. Dada hesitated how she could be. That was so very weird and very feared. Finally, someone grabbed Sega’s arm and hook. Yeah, that was Soda Ice, the most sexy model who anyone said she was Sega’s girlfriend. Sega saw to someone who grabbed him and that was Soda Ice.

Huh? And… Pomelo? Sega broke up her?

“Finally, my love will enjoy with us.” Sega said.

“What is her name?” Toto asked.

“Soda Ice.” Sega answered. “I don’t know is she my real girlfriend, but her shape and her beauty can poke me directly. That is my type. When I talked to her, I felt I am compatible to her, Doesn’t it?”

“Yeah.” Soda Ice answered. Toto saw to Soda Ice and she was so very beautiful. Praewa who was so sexy and had perfect boob shape couldn’t compare with this. She was same as the angel from the heaven. Her smile, her voice, her identity. Dada couldn’t compare with her too. Her beauty was so awesome and she was so really charmed. No arrogance to everyone.

“Can I ask you something?” Toto asked.

“Yeah.” Soda Ice answered.

“What is your blood type?” Toto asked.

“Why do you want to know?” Soda Ice answered back and she wanted to do shit test with Toto. Looked like Soda Ice was very hard.

“My Japanese friend who ever traveled in Thailand ever said. ‘If you want to know some personality, ask blood type.'”

“But I don’t want you to know about me more. I’m sorry.” Soda Ice answered mercilessly and she walked to Sega. “Hi, honey. Where is interested place?”

“I’m sorry my friend.” Sega answered and he walked away from Toto. That made Toto felt shame on him. But looked like Dada was so safe.

“Toto.” Zen called to him. “Can you know me?”

“Zen?” Toto asked. “That’s you!!”

“I don’t know why Dada hides inside bartender counter. But look like she feared a lot.” Zen said to Toto.

“Really? You learned at faculty of manager?” Toto asked about Zen. “Sometimes I see you too.”

“Yeah.” Zen answered. Then Dada stood up and walked to Toto.

“Dada. What are you doing?” Toto asked to Dada who came to him. He confused why Dada hid herself to bartender counter. Dada felt stressed. She didn’t say anything more, but she held Toto’s hand firmly with her fear.

“Toto. That guy you ever said ever wanted to rape Praewa.” Dada told the truth to Toto and Zen. “But I rescued Praewa to the safe place. That was very awkward.

“Huh? Praewa?” Toto confused immediately. “That was impossible.”

“Don’t think a lot, Toto.” Dada said. “Look like not only that guy who ever made Praewa to be trouble. But Zen, give me lemon cocktail to me. I’m thirsty.”

“OK.” Zen said and he made lemon cocktail to Dada. He made cocktail very fun, such as spinning body, turning glass, mixing with song rhythm. That was really fun and gorgeous. Zen maybe entertainer in the future.

“Here.” Zen said and he poured lemon cocktail to cocktail glass before he decorated with sliced lemon onto the glass. That was so sour and sweet in same time. Dada loved to drink with sour tasting. And this… was so awesome.

“Thank you.” Dada said to Zen. “You’re so cute every time.”

“Hahaha!!! Don’t compliment me a lot, Dada. I will by shy.” Zen said and smiled with his shy. Then Dada received a glass of lemon cocktail and drink with little. Oh!!! Looked like Dada felt blurred. Alcohol in this drinking was so very severe!

“Ah!!! How much did you pour vodka?” Dada asked to Zen.

“Actually this isn’t vodka.” Zen answered. “But I know you tolerate with alcohol so I used Absinthe to mix your drink.”

“That’s crazy!!” Dada said. “If I’m high and see more hallucinations, I will blame to you first!”

“Hahaha.” Zen laughed. “Drink it, Dada.” Then Dada drank lemon cocktail that mixed with Absinthe, the liquor that can bring drinker to another world. She felt high and see everything to be colorful. Absinthe was same as LSD. Oh!!! That will be dangerous to Toto. Dada lost controlling her body and she will free her cocktail glass to drop on the floor before she laughed madly. Toto saw her inappropriate action so he helped Dada by holding Dada’s body and hold Dada’s drink immediately.

“What the fuck are you doing? Zen?” Toto asked to Zen aggressively.

“Hey!!! That isn’t harm to her, Toto.” Zen said. “In this world, Absinthe was suitable for Dada certainly. I don’t know why.”

“Toto, look out!!” Dada said and she pointed to Sega, Soda Ice and some butch who dressed as same as real dude. Damn!!! She was so handsome more than another dude.

“Who is that butch?” Toto asked to Dada.

“Manaw, Praewa’s boyfriend.” Dada answered. “What is she doing in this place? And why does she know Sega?”

“Huh? Praewa love butch? Oh No!” Toto interjected when that motherfucking butch seized Praewa’s heart. Why Praewa didn’t interest to another guys? Why?

“I think that was so freak.” Dada said. “She should bring Praewa to travel at the party. But she doesn’t.”

“She may be working.” Zen said with optimistic. “As MC.”

“MC?” Toto doubted. But looked like another gorgeous girls came to Toto and they embraced to Toto’s body. Oh!!! That 2 girls who embraced Toto was so hot. Yeah, they enhanced boobs to be beautiful shape and lure to touch them. Their skin was so white. Their face was so perfect. They were really beautiful. Ah!!! Their voice was so sweet. That made Toto felt high when he stayed with that 2 sexy girls.

“I’ll be right back, Dada, Zen.” Toto said and he walked with that 2 girls. Ah!!! What was Toto doing with 2 girls? But… pool was near and his feeling was staying with that 2 girls.

“Toto.” Dada said and she wanted to seize Toto back to her, but Zen forbade Dada by holding Dada’s hand. Zen knew Dada worried Toto a lot.

“Trust me.” Zen said. “He will be right back.” And he nodded to Dada.

“Thanks.” Dada sad.

“Let he enjoy with girls.” Zen said. But Dada’s heart didn’t want Toto to stay with that 2 girls from the hell. Yeah, their boobs shape were so beautiful, and Toto had many lust to blow out. He couldn’t tolerate charm from that 2 girls. Oh!! Why!!!?

“Hey hey hey!!!” Toto interjected. “What are you doing?” Because that 2 girls were pulling Toto to the pool with many girls Toto dreamed to stay at pool party. Many girls were so sexy. Some girls had big thighs, but that was so loved. Toto dived into the pool and he hugged and scrubbed that big thighs girl. She was so fat, but not fat much. Her boobs was natural. Her skin was white. Um… That was so delicious. Toto embraced and hugged that girl from behind and he said. “Hi”

“Toto!!! Long time no see. Do you remember my name?”

“No!!” Toto answered.

“Why!!!” That fat girl asked and she angered.

“Calm down Aom.” Toto said. “Long time no see, so tonight I will bring you to the real happiness.”

“Or you mean…. As you think?” Aom asked to Toto.

“Yeah.” Toto said. “I love fat girl as you. You’re so soft and can bounce.” before he embrace Aom and kiss her with his lust. That wasn’t love, but his feeling came from the lust 100%. This was a reason why he felt lucky when he was born as male. Toto thought he could give the dirty happiness to every girl. Now Toto was touching Aom’s back and kiss to Aom’s neck. He was arousing Aom to have sex mood. Everything from Aom was so soft as pudding, so Toto’s mood fulfilled with lust extremely.

But he braked himself by saying “Sh…. Want more? Wait to after party.” He smiled and opened for next girls.

Oh!!! That 2 girls who was so slender shape had big boobs. Ah!!! Nice to touch it. Toto touched to that 2 girls in the pool and hugged to their boobs. That was so soft and hard in same time. Looked like surgeon used low quality silicone to enhance their boobs. That was so big, but looked like she put watermelon into it.

“You’re so beautiful!” Toto said to 2 girls.

“Really? How about my boobs? Are they allure?” Some girl asked.

“Low quality silicone.” Toto said. “But not bad.”

Now that 2 girls were kissing Toto relentlessly. Toto felt like in a heaven of sex. He didn’t do anything. He let 2 girls in a pool kissed and aroused him to the extreme happiness. That was same as nude massage in nude spa at RCA or Petchaburi road.

Dada came to the pool and she saw Toto who played with 3 girls. She felt confused very much and she wanted to get out from this place immediately. She should believe Toto this place wasn’t place for Dada. Dada felt sad a lot when Toto was also womanizer. She ever knew Toto wasn’t same as this. But why did he turned to be bad guy. Why was he same as Sega. Why didn’t he know the truth of love. Why..!!!?

Many question in Dada’s mind spread and grew relentlessly. She felt stressed and she needed to get out of here lonely. She couldn’t tolerate to see Toto who she believed as a soulmate to meet another girl and aroused as this. But for Dada, Toto was a guy who knew her mind very well. If she leaved in this time, Toto will be in danger. Dada wanted to warn Toto, but she couldn’t. She let Toto to encounter fake love with a few days. If Toto wanted real love, he will come to her and she payback immediately.

“Dada.” Zen who followed Dada asked to her.

“I will go home.” Dada said.

“Dada. Hey!!! Let’s enjoy together.” Zen said.

“It is worthless.” Dada said and cried in same time and she walked out from Don Juan Club. “See you again, Zen.”

“Dada.” Zen tried to call Dada, but he couldn’t. Dada drove her car and go to anywhere with thinking many stories. She allowed Toto to have sex, but Toto saw that was a game. Dada sad very much and she wanted to stay alone.

“Dada.” Zen felt confused, but he heard what Manaw, Sega and Soda Ice were talking about. He came to nearest place where Manaw, Sega and Soda Ice were talking together. Zen ever heard “Dada” from Sega that made him interested.

“Damn it!!!” Sega said to Manaw. “Praewa was so cute and gorgeous, but she escaped from me.”

“Hahaha.” Manaw laughed. “She always hate all men.”

“Why? And money I purchased to you?” Sega asked to Manaw. “Bring me back.”

“Yes, you can. But only half.” Manaw said. “I will transfer to your deposit account in tomorrow.”

“And…. Which another hot girls?” Sega asked.

“Here.” Manaw said and she opened her smartphone to show a girl that Sega wanted to buy.

“I recommend you to buy Numcha. She is so sexy in tonight. With great price, 4,000 Baht per night.” Manaw offered Sega to buy Numcha who was noble whore in black market. Actually Numcha wasn’t real Praewa’s girlfriend. Actually she wanted to sell Praewa as a whore, but Praewa wasn’t love male and Manaw got very great profit from Praewa who had value 10,000 Baht per night. That was so rude.

Meanwhile Zen heard that Manaw and Sega’s deal. He texted to Dada immediately.

Dada : Hey Dada. I have big clue to tell you. Tomorrow will you be available?

Dada who was driving to her home was sad and didn’t responded anything. She cried cried and cried. This day was the saddest day she ever found. That was so nightmare and she didn’t want to be happened in her life again.

“Toto. I hate you!! I hate you very much. Fuck you Toto!!!” With her hope to love Toto, now Dada’s heart hurt a lot. With her pain, she couldn’t say anything more forever. Toto was motherfucking bullshit who broke her virginity and leaved away without coming again.

“You ever fucked me, you can’t leave me forever, Toto.” Dada still said with strong language. Actually, her life never said with swear words as this, but this time, she felt enough with Toto.

In another size, Toto was so pity. He shouldn’t be womanizer as this. And looked like he was controlled with many gorgeous girls. That wasn’t fair. Dada wanted to help Toto now, but not this time. However, she didn’t focus to help Toto because Toto ever had sex with her, but she helped Toto who was falling in the big trap. And Toto was her real love. Letting soulmate to encounter the illusion trap as this wasn’t suitable to do.

Toto was wrong since he paced to the world of fake famous.


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