The Urbanist 20+ Chapter 8 “Toto” Part 2

That was origin of photos from Japanese photo booth.

Dada and Toto felt themselves again when they laid themselves on the bed in Dada’s room at her rented home in next day.

Actually on last night, they did inappropriately. Toto and Dada had sex together without no one knew. Toto ever said in VIP room at Funky Villa wasn’t suitable to have sex. Dada didn’t know why she allowed Toto to have sex with her. So Toto drove his car with Dada to Dada’s home. At last night, Dada felt happy very much. That was mysterious happy when she had sex with Toto. This was Dada’s  first time. It was hurt, but… her heart, mind and spirit combined with Toto successfully.

Having sex with soulmate was the best thing Dada ever found in her life.

But for Toto, although he used condom to have sex with Dada, but for him, he felt proud to have sex with mafia’s daughter who many guys wanted to fuck Dada.

Toto was so lucky. Or not?

“Why I love her?” Toto asked himself in his mind when he sat at the bed that Dada was sleeping. “Dada has small boobs, but why I love her a lot? Why did I have sex with another gorgeous girls with big boobs and I didn’t feel love them? Why?” He hesitated to himself. He didn’t know why he loved Dada more than another girl. That was so complex.

With happiness, in Toto’s mind fulfilled with confusion. He couldn’t describe how he felt. He felt proud and guilty in same time. Yeah, he loved to have one-night stand relationship, but one-night stand shouldn’t occur with his friend. He made big fault. But actually, he used condom, so pregnancy didn’t happened with Dada certainly.

For Toto, Dada was 50th girl who had sex with him. This one-night stand relationship was the best moment ever because Dada was mafia’s daughter and she was so cute.

“Toto.” Dada woke up, opened her eyes and called Toto who was sitting and seeing to opposite side from Dada. Looked like Toto was stressed from something. “Hey!!! Please lie your body and see me.”

Toto did as same as Dada said. He lain himself and contacted to Dada’s eyes. Then he hugged Dada and said “Dada, I don’t know why I am happy to stay with you. I can’t describe how I feel.”

“I feel as same as you too, Toto.” Dada said. “But.. Don’t let Akiko know about this. I fear….” For Dada, she felt guilty when she betrayed Akiko who was Toto’s girlfriend, but Toto answered something that let Dada didn’t worry.

“Dada. Don’t think a lot. I ever said Akiko and me aren’t in a relationship.”

“Hey!!! You don’t fear Akiko?” Dada asked again.

“I don’t fear. Why do I fear her? I and Akiko don’t think more than friend.” Toto answered.

“Really?” Dada asked. “So… Can I ask some question to you?”

“Yeah.” Toto answered. Dada thought a lot to asked this question. Finally, she opened her mouth.

“How do you think about me?” Dada asked.


Toto was stunted immediately when he had to tell about Dada. But he answered without thinking anything.

“I don’t know Dada.” Toto answered.


“Listen to me, Dada. I think we are not friend, but… Our relationship is more than friend… No No No! Our relationship is more than couple before marry.”


“I don’t know what it says.” Toto described with his real feeling with Dada.

“Toto.” Dada said to Toto and smiled. “I just remember something.”


“Or… Our relationship is…… Soulmate?”

“Soulmate?” Toto asked again. “That is impossible.”

“Hey!!! You try thinking about our relationship deeply.” Dada said and smiled. “If you don’t know, please hug me.”

Toto tried to hug Dada gently. Dada’s skin was so very soft. Actually Dada’s body had little fat. Although her boobs were small, but her skin was so very soft as same as boobs. That was so tender. Dada was different than another girl. When Toto hugged Dada, his lust was controlled by love, but another girl who fucked with Toto, his love was controlled by lust. Toto’s love with Dada was mixed with love & sex together.

“How do you feel?” Dada asked.

Toto paused his talking temporally. Then he said “Why I love you a lot?”

Perhaps Dada felt proud when she could control Toto who flirted a lot of girl and he felt appreciated with her. Toto never said with this to any girls. But for Dada, he said this that meant he knew about real love that wasn’t 100% real due to having sex combined.

“I believe we’re soulmate.” Finally, Dada opened her mouth and told her true feeling with Toto.

“Soulmate?” Toto asked. Then someone called to Toto’s phone immediately. Romantic feeling between Dada and Toto was ended instantly. Now we were coming to the real world.

“Hi.” Toto said to someone called him. Looked like that phone number Toto didn’t save.

“Hey!! Toto. Do you want to go to Don Juan Club party? You’re our VIP who can teach techniques of picking up girls.” ???? said.

“Who are you?” Toto asked.

“I’m Mission 3.” Mission 3 introduced his name. “I’m moderator of Don Juan Club webboard. You should know about me because I’m also popular in Don Juan Club. This party make for you and every VIP users. Do you interest this?”

“Yeah!!! And where?” Toto asked about Don Juan Party to Mission 3.

“At Novotel hotel.” Mission 3 answered. “Hey!!! Many sexy and gorgeous girls will be here. Famous booth babes such as Ploy, Anna, Jele will go to this event. Don’t worry, Toto. This event is free for VIP users in Don Juan club.”

“That’s good. And how cost for another guest?” Toto doubted about entry fee of this party.

“200 Baht.” Mission 3 answered. “Do you want to invite another one?”

“No…” Toto answered. “I just want to know cost.”

“OK. And… this event you must wear Tuxedo suit. I know you already have it.”

“Yeah. And when?”

“On Saturday. April 11 2009.” Mission 3 answered. “Oh!!! You prepare your swim short too. This is pool party.”

“OK Huh? Pool party!!! Wow!!! Yes!!” Toto felt appreciated a lot when he will meet sexy girls with swimsuit. Looked like he will go to the paradise of adult.

“See you again, Toto. I will invite another VIP users in Don Juan Club.” Mission 3 said and hung up. After that Dada said to Toto for something. Now she dressed her cloth.

“Who called to you?” Dada asked. “Look like you will go to party. Hey!!! Please invite to me.”

“My friend.” Toto answered. “He say this party is for dude only.”

“Or mean…. Gay Party!!! Oh no!!” Dada thought a lot.

“Hey!!!” Toto made his face panic. “Don’t think that. I mean this is small party from Triam Udom Suksa school. Actually I have my friends who are male and they interest to learn. Look like they are stressed and they need to explode their stress.”

“Really?” Dada asked. “But I get the smell of lying.”

“Hey!!! I don’t lie you!!” Toto said.

“OK. I trust you don’t lie me.” Dada said. Toto smiled when Dada believed his bullshit. Until Dada said.

“But I know you well Toto. You’re lying me! You will go to pool party!! Why do you lie me huh? I hear that voice from your smartphone. Why?”

Now Dada felt angry. She said with rough sound to Toto until Toto said back “Yeah. I lied you. Actually I will go to pool party.”

“That’s interesting!!!” Dada said. “I feel hot and I am looking for some pool party.”

“Actually your age is 19.” Toto told reason. “If…”

“Hey!!!! Age issue? Don’t mind it!” Dada said and smiled to Toto before she picked her fake national ID card to Toto. That fake national ID card cheated Dada’s birth date. Actually, her real birth date was May 1 1990, but fake national ID card told her birth date with May 1 1988.

“Are you so serious?” Toto asked to Dada when he saw to Dada’s new national ID card. “Where did you make this?”

“I have some alliances who made national ID card. Don’t tell this to anyone.” Dada said.

“Hahaha.” Toto laughed and he laid himself near Dada. “Finally we travel at nightclub together. I always fear this.”

“Toto. And what will you do with Akiko?” Dada doubted about Akiko who might think Toto more than friend.

“Don’t mind her, Dada. I will say to her.” Toto said and he clapped his hand to Dada’s shoulder. That meant he wanted Dada to stop worrying about Akiko. “Actually, I interested Akiko, not love her.”

“And me?” Dada asked.

Toto thought a lot. That was so complicated. His feeling with Dada wasn’t told as any sentences. He hesitated to another girl who liked them.

“I can’t tell.” Toto answered. “That is so complex. But if you stay with me with long time, my mind will change.”

Dada heard what Toto said and she smiled with her love although Toto’s saying meant low opportunity to love. Meanwhile, Toto doubted what he have sex with Dada, his best friend at last night. Dada wasn’t same as another sexy girls. Looked like he gave his unconscious love to someone who didn’t have very high feminine. Was Toto thinking wrong? He should be suitable to sexy girls who had big boobs and perfect shape.

He still doubted.

Until April 11 2009. At Novotel Hotel.

Dada drove her Ferrari car with Toto to parking zone inside hotel after they tolerated with very bad traffic at Sukhumvit road. Although Dada’s home was at Thonglor, but going to Novotel Bangkok that was length 3 kilometers used 1 hours to go. That was really freaky!

“Damn… Traffic is really bad!” Dada complained to Toto. “I need some lemon soda. I’m thirsty.”

“Lemon soda?” Toto asked. “Hey!! My friend who is bartender will come to party too. He will make lemon soda to you.”

“Really? That’s good!” Dada said. “Let’s get out from my car.”

Then Toto and Dada got out from Dada’s car and wanted to go to party zone at Novotel Bangkok. This party was really private. For another guests, they had to pay 300 Baht to enter this party, except guest from VIP that also free entry too (limited only 1 person). So Dada can join this party with free entry. Today Dada dressed with little sexy costume. She readied to enjoy at the pool.

When Toto and Dada was walking from parking zone to party zone, Dada seized Toto’s hand to hold. Toto doubted what Dada was doing. He contacted to Dada’s eyes with his confusing.

Dada smiled and she nodded her head. She conveyed about she always be with Toto. With speechless conversation, Toto and Dada knew together. But look like Toto confused his relationship and everything because he never had girlfriend. Only heartbroken and failure of love always happened to him. No successful relationship happened to his life. Dada will be true soulmate, but Toto was choosing how about Dada. That was so complex and complicated to describe. No one helped him from the void of ignorance.

“Dada’s hand was so warm.”

Toto thought about this. Actually he never held hand with another girl. Although he had sex with another girl with one-night stand relationship at night, he never held hand with any girl due to he always embrace girl’s body to walk together. Look like Dada’s hand gave the spirit of warmth extremely. No any speeches to talk with his best friend in last week.

“How do you feel?” Dada asked when she held Toto’s hand.

“I felt strange.” Toto answered.

“Hey!!! Don’t think a lot, Toto. Let’s stick together.” Dada said. “Where is party?”

“Go to pool zone.” Toto answered. “I will bring you.” Then Toto released his hand that was holding Dada’s hand and he changed direction to touch Dada’s left’s ass. Dada felt that was really pervert!!! What was Toto doing!!!? No way!!

“What are you doing, Toto?” Dada asked and she put Toto’s hand to another way. “That is really pervert.”

Toto confused about Dada’s reserved level. Sometimes she held his hand, but he couldn’t touch to Dada’s ass. But that was so pervert as same as Dada’s saying. He continued to hold Dada’s hand and walked together.

Then Toto and Dada walked to the lobby of Novotel hotel. He contacted to reception.

“Where is pool zone? I come from Don Juan Club.” Toto said to reception.

“Go to top floor.” Reception said and she gave 2 keycards to Toto and Dada for entering to Don Juan Club party.

“Thank you.” Toto said and he gave keycard to Dada.

“Let’s go.” Dada said before both touch to elevator button. With 1 minute, elevator that will bring Dada and Toto to the rooftop came to Lobby floor. Bell sound rang from the elevator that was the elevator signal. Then elevator’s door opened. Toto and Dada came inside elevator to enter exclusive party.

When the elevator was going to rooftop floor, Dada said something to Toto.

“Look like you’re changed a lot, Toto.” Dada said and smiled. “I remembered you when you was high school student. Um… You loved to go to library and read manga.”

“Yeah.” Toto said.

“You’re more handsome than I think.” Dada said.

“Hahaha” Toto laughed. “Certainly.”

“Hey!!!” Dada said when Toto smiled extremely. Toto’s face was so funny.

Until elevator door opened with ringing bell sound. EDM songs breakthrough to Toto and Dada immediately. Deep bass made floor shook. There were many gorgeous and very good shape girl were playing water at swimming pool. They were so white and attractive very much. That girls at pool made Toto stunted. He didn’t respond to walk forward until Dada called him.


“Toto.” Dada said.

Toto still watched to that girls at the pool.

“Toto!!! What are you doing?” Dada said again, but now she said louder. Looked like Toto didn’t listen Dada’s saying. He still gazed to that girls relentlessly.


Until Dada shouted and squeezed Toto’s right ear. Toto temporally shocked and he responded himself. He saw to Dada and said. “What do you want?”

“Let’s go, Toto.” Dada said and she brought Toto to pool party. But looked like 2 bouncers were blocking entrance. Toto and Dada came to the door with blocked bouncers and they gave their national ID card to let bouncers checked.

“Happy enjoying our party.” 2 Bouncers said to Dada and Toto and they gave national ID card back. Yeah, Dada’s fake national ID card could use. Now Toto and Dada came to Don Juan Club exclusive party.

“Hey!!! What is party’s name?” Dada asked to Toto.

“Don Juan Club party.” Toto answered. “This is the best party for every guys who want to know the alternative life of staying with girl.”

“Hey!” Dada interjected.

“Do you know about Don Juan?” Toto asked.

“Who’s that?” Dada doubted.

“Don Juan was fictional character who loved every girls. With his very high male attitude, so another girls wanted to sleep with him.”

“Or you mean this party is sex party?” Dada asked.

“No No No!” Toto answered immediately when Dada misunderstood.

“But I get bad smell in this party.” Dada told to Toto. “Atmosphere is same as sex party. Yeah!!! Finally I know why didn’t you invite me to this event. You wanna have sex with another one!!!? What are you thinking?”

“Stop Dada. You think a lot!!” Toto said. “Don Juan Club is seduction community that teach everyone to know how to pickup girls. Not having sex as you think.”


“I’m VIP member of Don Juan Club. Like a teacher.” Toto said.

“Huh? Are you a picking up girl teacher? That is really ridiculous!” Dada said and she laughed to Toto.

“Hey! Don’t think about this.” Toto said.

Then someone came to Toto and he greeted.

“Hi, Toto.” That guy said and shook Toto’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, Rocky.” Toto said. “And who is this?”

“Dada, my friend.” Toto answered, but when Dada heard “My friend”, she hit with her elbow to Toto. That meant she didn’t satisfied, so Toto said again.

“Actually, he is my girlfriend.” Toto said.

“Girlfriend? Wow!!! That’s cool.” Rocky compliment to Toto. “Long time Don Juan have girlfriend. You’re so lucky.”

“Maybe. Actually, I come to this place for teaching another rookies who want to learn about Don Juan skills.”

“Wow!!! That is really great.” Rocky said. “OK, see you again, Toto.” Then Rocky left from Toto and met another guests. Toto saw to Dada, but… where was Dada?”

“Dada? Where are you?” Toto said.

Until another VIP people came to say hi. This guy was so very very handsome. Looked like he had more experiences to be Don Juan.

“Hi, Toto. Long time no see.” That guy said.

“Hi, Sega.” Toto said.

“How about you? How much times do you have sex with one-night stand relationship?” Sega asked to Toto directly.

“49 times.” Toto answered. He didn’t count when he had sex with Dada.

Meanwhile Dada hid herself at someplace and she heard what Toto was talking with Sega. If Sega saw to Dada, Dada was in danger. And she felt bad when Toto ever had sex with many girls. And she is 50th girl who Toto had sex.

“Hey!!! Look at girls at the pool.” Sega said to Toto and he pointed to girls at pool. They were really sexy. “Which girls do you want to sleep?”

Dada felt worse. Why Toto changed to be a guy who eat girls as the meal. He changed a lot. And he was Sega’s friend. Sega was a guy who ever wanted to fuck Praewa. She started to fear Toto. Sometimes Toto wanted to have sex with her and he leaved without saying anything.

For Dada, she didn’t allow Toto to do worse things more.
“Toto.” Dada said to herself. “You’re not playboy. When do you wake to real world again? Your real soulmate is me, not another one!”


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