The Urbanist 20+ Chapter 8 “Toto”

Near Songkran Festival in 2009.

April 8 2009.

At night, weather was so rainy. Thunder appeared more than another one thought. Toto who was staying alone in his home just came out from the bathroom. He was using towel to clean his body. Then he wore only gray boxer. After that, he opened his notebook to chat with another users in Seduction Community Webboard named “Don Juan Club”.

After he turned on his notebook, someone dialed to his iPhone 3G. Toto saw to his iPhone and he knew Dada was calling to him. He received Dada’s calling immediately.

“Hi Dada.” Toto said.

“Toto. Can I say with you? Are you busy?” Dada asked to Toto. She feared Toto was busy because another time she ever called to Toto, Toto never received Dada’s calling. Dada feared her relationship with Toto will be far away.

“Yeah.” Toto answered.

“Really?” Dada asked to Toto again. “And how about Akiko?”

When Dada said about Akiko to Toto, Toto stopped saying temporary. Inside his heart, he didn’t ready to be in a relationship with someone. Akiko, the girl from Japan, looked like he didn’t interest much. He hesitated who was suitable to him very much.

“I and Akiko are looking for relationship. Not being in a relationship.” Toto answered.

“Feel good.” Dada said. Toto knew Dada wasn’t as this. Dada was so confident more than this time. Why she lacked confidence? What was she thinking? He doubted to Dada so he asked to Dada directly.

“Dada.” Toto called to Dada first.


“What are you thinking with me?” Toto asked to Dada.

“Long time you don’t talk together.” Dada said. “When you will be in a relationship with Akiko, I felt something blocked our relationship. I ever remembered when I went to travel with you and Best, that time was so very fun, but… now Best addicted to his girlfriend a lot. And my new friends such as Akiko, Miyuki, Mayumi, Naru or Praewa wasn’t same as you. I don’t know why… I feel alone very much.”

“Dada.” Toto called to Dada, but he didn’t say anything more.

“Toto. Can you stay with me at Funky Villa?” Dada asked to Toto. Inside her heart, she wanted to stay Toto more than another one. For Salvador who was Dada’s dad, he never came to Dada’s home often. Dada was alone.

“And… Why don’t you invite Praewa? I think you are closer to her.” Toto gave suggestion to Dada, but Dada denied. She wanted to talk with Toto. Inside Dada’s heart, she needed Toto more than Praewa because she closed to Toto with long time. But now, her friendship with Toto was faded a little. She didn’t want this fading happened severely until she lost her best friend.

“Toto…” Dada said with sound of lacking hope. “Please…”

Inside Toto’s unconscious mind, he hesitated what Dada was thinking to him. Actually, Dada wasn’t as this. He thought to himself about when he was staying with Dada and Akiko. When he stayed with Dada, he felt free, but when he stayed with Akiko, he felt uncomfortable. For Toto’s personality, he loved to be free more than thinking very much. When he thought a lot, his thinking was so useless, so he decided with his heart.

That was going to meet Dada.

“Dada. See you at Funky Villa.” Toto said and he hung up. He thought this decision was so useful. Dada was Toto’s friend, not girlfriend, so Akiko didn’t think much. He reviewed his friendship with long time. He couldn’t let Dada away from him. Dada was his precious friends who had to take care her.

Meanwhile at Funky Villa, Dada who just hung up smiled with her happiness when she connected to Toto again for 1 month. She was honest to her heart. She decided to dial to Toto. She thought this night will be greater than another night.

Because… Toto will stay with her when she was alone.

Now Toto decided to take a bath for coming to Dada at Funky Villa. Before he went to bathroom, he checked messages from Don Juan Club’s messages. Looked like someone sent message to Toto. Toto stopped going to bathroom and used his hand to drag cursor on notebook display to click new message link. He didn’t know who sent message in Don Juan Club webboard. This was first time that someone decided to talk with him.

Until… he clicked that link.

“Boy4545?” Toto opened his mouth when he saw username “Boy4545” sent message to Toto. With topic, that user wrote “Can you help me to in-field picking up girls?”

Toto suspected that message. He wanted to be only “commentator” on Don Juan Club because 2 weeks later, he will cancel member of Pick Up Artist. But this user pulled him to the seduction community again. And looked like he respected Toto a lot. Toto didn’t know who was that user… But being arrogant wasn’t Toto’s habit.

Toto clicked that message and he read that.

Dear Toto.

I’m Boy, the newbie Don Juan. I studied Don Juan lessons a lot but I don’t have any guts to flirt another girls. I sought many Don Juan lessons on internet and I found Don Juan Club. This community had very great Don Juan are here. And I choose you to teach me. Can you teach me? Please teach me with basic lesson to advance lesson simply.


Actually, In Don Juan Club, one of the biggest seduction community in Thailand, Toto was one of the VIP members of Don Juan Club. First time he wrote tips to be great Don Juan. His article in each topics were really useful. Many people in Don Juan Club voted Toto to be the VIP. If someone could be VIP of Don Juan Club, many people thought they were “master” of Don Juan and many newbies wanted VIP users to teach them. For teaching fee, that was pending by VIP users. Some VIPs used with high fees, but some VIPs taught to newbie free.

For Toto, he wanted to get out from seduction community and wanted to start his normal life by being in a relationship with Akiko.

But having Akiko as his girlfriend had some flaws he didn’t know.

What flaw did he get?

He didn’t know.

Toto saw to that message from Boy and he deleted that message immediately. Then he turned off computer and readied to meet Dada at Funky Villa. He thought seduction community such as Don Juan Club was so useless. He thought his best friends and someone who stayed near him was more necessary to focus. And he didn’t talk with Dada with long time. If Dada was Toto’s girlfriend, she might blamed relentlessly.

Toto changed his cloth to Tuxedo costume and went to Funky Villa with his BMW car. Don’t forget about Toto’s dad was ambassador so his money was very much. That made Toto to be luxurious and rich. Many girls loved him.

Inside his car, he saw many photos he took selfie with girls in nightclub. He took with Anne, Bell, Pompam, Tangyo, Thanya, Richy, Mungming, Moomin, Toey and Dada. No selfie photos with Akiko. Actually, when he came to ABAC, he didn’t use his owned car to go because he bored with bad traffic that happened everyday.

Today rain were falling heavily. And now Toto was sticking at the junction with red light. He turned on wiper to wipe raindrops on the car glass before he was picking selfie photos with Dada near him. He thought when he took selfie with Dada, he and Dada were very cute as same as coming from Japanese photo booth.

That picture he and Dada took since they were at grade 10 at Triam Udom Suksa school. He thought Dada will go away from him when graduated at high school class, but now Dada were learning with Toto at same place. Although Dada and Toto were best friend, but some moments they had romantic feeling they didn’t know themselves. Toto often blamed Dada about she had small boobs, but Dada didn’t care. Toto ever remembered someday Dada used papers at bra to increase boobs size. Toto detected and he laughed to Dada relentlessly.

Or… this thing was love?

He didn’t know.

At Funky Villa in the day of heavy rain.

One problem when the rain was falling, bad traffic always occurred. Toto came to Funky Villa at 22:19 hrs. With very wet rain. It made Toto’s cloth was wet too. No one helped Toto to entering Funky Villa.

But… Hey hey hey hey hey!!! Bouncers remembered that license plate. This car was Dada’s close friend’s car. Nearest bouncers clapped to another bouncers who were staying at the door and said.

“Hey man, Mr.Toto is coming to Funky Villa. Please bring him with umbrella.”

“Huh? Really?” Another bouncers said and they picked umbrella to Toto’s car. Toto saw bouncers from inside his car and he prepared to get out from his car. With heavy rain, that bouncers had to go to him quickly before he will be wet. Bouncers walked to Toto’s car with holding umbrella and they said. “Welcome Mr. Toto.”

“Thank you very much.” Toto opened car door and said to bouncers. He felt appreciated when that bouncers knew about him.

“Miss Dada is waiting to you at VIP room.” Right bouncers said to Toto.

“Where is VIP room?” Toto asked.

“Follow me, sir.” Left bouncers said and he walked to VIP room. Now they and Toto were staying inside Funky Villa. This day was always crowded although this day was Wednesday. Many beautiful girls saw to Toto from his attraction and bouncers walked to cover him as bodyguards. Everyone watched Toto as VIP guest in Funky Villa. They enjoyed great music together, but they didn’t know where was VIP room. Yeah!! Beautiful girls in Funky Villa was a lot. But they were arrogant. They came to somebody with money only.

Then bouncers were walking to downstairs inside Funky Villa. Toto followed bouncers. He saw around him and he thought this place was so dark. Lights from light bulb was so little. At the downstairs, it had small door that was black and had “VIP” text. Bouncer used keycard to open VIP door and they came to VIP room with Toto.

Inside VIP room, there are really beautiful. Everyone shined with fluorescent. Dada was sitting at the center of VIP room. She sat at luxurious armchair. Dada dressed with luxurious costume. She was so cute and very beautiful. Toto saw Dada and he felt appreciated to her a lot. She was really beautiful. That wasn’t same as when Dada was at university.

“Bouncers. Please get back.” Dada commanded bouncers.

“Yes, madame.” Bouncers said and they got out from VIP room.

Now Toto and Dada was stay together at VIP room. Today Dada was so very very beautiful. Actually, Dada should be cute, but why in this day she was so beautiful? Who did this? Dada saw to Toto and she smiled with sincere heart. Then she stood up and walked to Toto immediately.

“Dada… You….” Toto said with his doubt. He confused what Dada was thinking about. He was seeing Dada who was coming to him and hugged instantly. Toto got good smell from Dada’s perfume. That was so romantic. Toto touched to Dada’s soft arms and hugged her gently. Then he kissed to Dada’s forehead unconsciously. He did without thinking anything, but he forgot something about kissing.

If someone kissed at mouth, this was so appreciated.

But if someone kissed at forehead, this was promising to stay together forever.

“Toto….” Dada said. “I miss you very much. Do you know? I secretly love you. When I knew you have Akiko as girlfriend, my heart is so sad very much. I can’t let you to go away forever. Although I do this and I feel guilty, but my heart choose you. Do you know?”

“Dada…” Toto said. Now Dada was crying. He didn’t know how to say with her. That was so complex. Inside his heart, he love Dada, but now he was in a relationship with Akiko. He didn’t know how to do. But this time opportunity of luring Toto to have sex with Dada was so high. He didn’t want to have sex with Dada because Dada was his friend. Not a girl who can have one-night stand relationship. Dada shouldn’t have one-night stand relationship. Dada was more value than that one-night stand girls.

Toto only hugged Dada… With his warmth and had more kissing.

“Dada. I can’t do as you think.” Toto confessed. “You’re not a girl with one-night stand relationship. You’re my friend, not a bin of lust.”

Dada didn’t say anything. She cried again. She didn’t know how to say. But now she was so happy very much. She couldn’t describe how happiness she got from Toto’s hugging. That was so warm, sweet and fulfilled with hope. Dada’s skin was so soft and had little fat.

“Thank you very much, Toto.” Dada said to Toto. Then Toto gave photo with Dada and him from Japanese photo booth to Dada and he said. “Do you remember this? I always kept it. But.. look like this is suitable for you. Keep it Dada.”

“Huh!!!? Do you keep this?” Dada asked surprisingly. She thought it will be lost when this photos was at Toto’s hand.

Dada remembered her moments with Toto when she and Toto came to Central Point before it will be defunct. Central Point was a place of teen community who loved to dress fashion costume and date together. New fashions started at here. Everyone loved to date at this place due to there were so chic.

June 13 2006. At Triam Udom Suksa school, 15:00 hrs.


“Hey!!! Toto.” Dada who learned with English & Math program with Toto at Grade 10 room asked to her friend. “Can you date with me?”

“Huh? What are you saying?” Toto confused when Dada wanted him to date together. Now this time was finishing learning time. Everyone in classroom prepared to go home. Toto in this time didn’t know what is love and what is romance. He paid attention to learning more than loving.

“Hey!!! My friends already has boyfriend, but I want some romantic moments. I want to write romantic fiction do you know? But I don’t have imagination to do. Please…. Toto.”

Toto who didn’t know how to make love to any girls said to Dada “OK. And… How to date with you…?”

“Um… Yes!!! I just know at Central Point has new photo booth that is imported from Japan. I want to play it with you.” Dada said excitedly. “I don’t have anyone to take photos. I choose you, Toto.”

Toto didn’t know anything what Dada was wanting. He doubted with girl’s desire. For Toto, he was interesting games, playing football. No any bullshit romantic love. But looked like Dada requested him to take photos, so he accepted Dada’s requested. He smiled when he was standing near his seat and said “Me?”

“Yes, indeed.” Dada answered certainly and she smiled excitedly before she desired to go with Toto by holding Toto’s hand and said “Let’s go, Toto.”

Toto temporally frightened when Dada was so offensive to touch his body. Then Dada brought Toto to Siam Square that was near Triam Udom Suksa. In this school, there were many students went out from school to go home or do something. Some students wanted to sing Karaoke. Some students wanted to play arcade games. Some students wanted to shopping. But Dada and Toto were going to Siam Square for trying brand new Japanese photo booth that stayed at Center Point.

15 minutes later.

Dada saw some fried pork and sticky rice to purchase. That smell from fried pork was so allure. She couldn’t tolerate that luscious smell, so she said to Toto excitedly “Toto. Let’s eat this together.” and brought Toto to that fried pork shop.

“Hello!!! I want 2 sets of fried pork and sticky rice.” Dada ordered that simple meal to merchant. After that merchant picked 2 sets of fried pork and sticky rice successfully. This merchant was so kind although she was so auntie.

“How much?” Dada asked to merchant.

“50 Baht.” Merchant answered before Dada picked her wallet and gave 50 Baht bank note to merchant.

“Thank you.” Merchant said.

Then Dada and Toto walked out from this shop and continued to walk to Siam Square and go to Center Point. Looked like today was so very crowded. There were many couples and many people were walking at Siam Square. Um…. Dada heard some sound that appeared from Siam Square. It was drum hitting sound, vocal sound, guitar sound. That was it! At Siam Square was showing concert!!! Toto and Dada came to Siam Square with being against many people who were paying attention to artists on stage. That was really fun.

“Hey!!! That is…. Four Mod!!!” Dada said and she smiled to Four Mod. Four Mod was a pop singers from RS Promotion. They had very nice songs to sing. Everyone always knew about her because Four and Mod was so cute!!

“Four Mod?” Toto asked. “Who’s that?”

“Huh?” Dada doubted immediately. “Why don’t you know about her? They are so very popular!”

“I don’t know. I know only One Piece, Naruto, Dragonball, Doraemon!”

“You’re same as Otaku!!” Dada blamed. “Let’s dance together!”

Toto didn’t know who were Four Mod. But when he saw to Four and Mod, they were really cute! Wow yeah! Four smiled very very great! That made Toto stunted immediately.

“Hey!!!” Dada said to Toto.”What are you seeing?”

Toto didn’t respond himself.

“Toto.” Dada said.

“TOTO!” Dada screamed to Toto until Toto panic. “Hey!!! Let’s go to Japanese photo booth.”

Toto nodded his head and Dada brought Toto who was confusing environments in Siam Square because he never went to this place. Dada pulled Toto to Japanese photo booth service at Center Point successfully. Photo Booth design was so awesome with Japanese feeling. That was very cute!

Dada told to a girl who control the machine for taking photos from Japanese photo booth. She was really cute and lovely to service. Now Dada and Toto were staying at photo booth area to take photos.

“Are you ready?” Service girl asked to Dada and Toto.

“Yes.” Dada answered.

“Yeah.” Toto answered. He doubted with many objects in this photo booth.

“So if you’re ready, see to the camera.” Service girl gave introduction to Dada and Toto.


When service girls said “2”, Dada intruded Toto by kissing Toto’s cheek quickly.


Finally shutter from camera activated. It took Dada and Toto’s photos. Actually, Dada ever decorated with cute pictures inside photos. That was very cute photos when Dada kissed Toto’s cheek. That time Toto was panic. His movement was so funny because he opened his eyes widely and his mouth opened with confusing what Dada did.

“What are you doing, Dada?” Toto asked.

“I kissed your cheek.” Dada answered. “Hey!!! Why did you panic with my kissing?”


Toto didn’t answered with talking. He answered with smiling. Dada knew what Toto conveyed about. That was so sweet, luscious and  cute moment Dada was ever found. Although Toto didn’t like this photos from Japanese photo booth, but in future, this photo was so valuable.

“Dada. Why did you let me to take photo with you?” Toto asked.

“Do you know you’re my best friend.” Dada answered. “I fear when we will graduate from this school and we will be separated to learn another universities, this photos was the greatest memorial you should keep it up forever.”

“Why do you interest me?” Toto asked to Dada. He wanted to know why Dada interested nerdy dude as him.

“I don’t know.” Dada answered. “But you have something that is really special. And I want to keep you with long time.”

“Really?” Toto asked.

“Yes!” Dada answered.

“That’s pretty good.” Toto said. “You’re my first girl who still take care me.”

“Really?” Dada said and she laughed.

Then Dada and Toto talked together. Although this was unofficial dating, but inside Toto and Dada’s heart, that was so awesome. Dada loved Toto and Toto loved Dada.


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