The Urbanist Chapter 7 “Roxanne” Part 4





Where am I?





Why was I accused?





I didn’t do any perverts.




But who made me to be trouble?





Chris said himself when he couldn’t feel himself. He felt sad when he was accused although he didn’t do anything. He remembered he never took pervert photos to that booth babe, but why that pervert photos were at SD card in his camera?

He felt himself again when he was at someplace that was so cold.

He still hurt from damage on his body. When he wanted to move his body, he felt hurt a lot. Hurt until he had to scream from the pain. But… that screaming… someone was woken.

Chris saw around him. Finally, he knew he was tied with enormous rope in cold room. Beside him, that was some girl who was just woken. She saw around her with her doubt. She was a lady who had blue short hair and had big boobs. That lady Chris knew well.

“Roxanne.” Chris called to Roxanne who was tied as same as Chris. “Why was you tied? Who did this?”

Roxanne’s body was so slurred. She said slurry “Chris…”

“Yeah. I’m Chris.” Chris said to Roxanne and she smiled.

“I tried to help you… But I’m failed.” Roxanne described reason why she was captured to this cold room. “I felt myself again when I am at this place.”

“Can you tell me who captured me?” Chris asked to Roxanne.

“I don’t know.” Roxanne answered. “But that was very dangerous.”

“Yes. It’s dangerous very much. Someone changed SD card in my camera.” Chris doubted about SD card in his camera. He remembered he didn’t take pervert photos. But why many pervert photos was shown?

Roxanne didn’t say anything. She thought with 3 seconds and she said “Look like there are some people wanted you to decrease your dignity.”

“Dignity? What are you saying about?” Chris confused.

“Now many people knew you’re pervert guy.” Roxanne said and told stories she guessed. “I fear you will be cancelled DJ jobs at nightclubs and events.”

“Really?” Chris asked curiously.

“I pray it shouldn’t be that.” Roxanne tried to wish. “Ah… I’m cold!!”

“Yeah. Fucking cold.” Chris started to blame.

Chris and Roxanne tried to guess who captured them to this cold room. That was so pervert more than Chris was accused he took boobs photos. He felt shocked very much when many booth babes’ boobs were in SD card. Chris checked himself about his camera he ever equipped at his shoulder, but it was lost. What a pity!

“Damn it! My camera was lost.” Chris blamed to Praewa.

Then the big iron door in front of Roxanne and Chris was opened slowly. It was mechanical opening. Chris and Roxanne saw how to open this door. Many gears were moving, moving and moving. Finally, it was opened and someone appeared. It was a man who Chris knew well. He was handsome guy and dressed with tuxedo suit. Although his appearance was come from the heaven, but inside his heart, he was same as Satan.

Yeah!!! He ever killed Jane. He was “White.”

“You!!! Motherfucking White!” Chris blamed to White aggressively. He didn’t think he was tying with rope. White didn’t wait to strike Chris by kicking Chris severely.


“I know you’re Jane’s friend.” White said and smiled. “So you should die as same as Jane.”

“Damn White. You’re really demonic!” Chris yelled to White insanely. He was angering to White who made everything to be bad. “You kill my friend, but what the fuck do you want more?”

“I don’t want my top secret information will be leaked.” White said calmly. “Yeah!!! You will die soon, but not this time. I want you to be suffered before the death. Death is extreme pain and happened with short time, but suffering is more pain than the death.”

“You’re fucking mental disorder!” Chris blamed to White. “And Roxanne isn’t guilt. Why do you capture her? You want to kill me? Kill now!!!”

“I fear my secret will be leaked. Killing witnesses is better.” White said. “Good bye both.” Then White leaved from freak cold room. Now weather in this room was colder as same as in refrigerator .

“What the fuck are you leaving? Come back now motherfucker!” Chris blamed to White, but White closed iron door and didn’t reply anything. Then breeze of the frost was blowing to Chris and Roxanne. That was fucking cold more than Chris and Roxanne thought.

“Chris. Stop!!!” Roxanne said to Chris for being calm down. “It’s useless.”

“You’re not wrong, Roxanne. Why are you captured?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know. I’m finding escape plan.” Roxanne said. “But… When I was staying with you, I want to say something with you privately.”

Chris saw to Roxanne and he said “What do you want to say?”

“Did you take pervert photos?” Roxanne asked.

“No way.” Chris answered immediately. “Please trust me.”

“I always trust you, Chris.” Roxanne said. “Black society is this.”

“What do you mean?” Chris asked. Now Roxanne’s body was shivered.

“Don’t you know yourself you come to the world of darkness?” Roxanne asked.

“Word of darkness? What is that? Please explain. Don’t be cryptic.” Chris blamed to Roxanne.

Actually, Roxanne and Chris were in freezing room in somewhere. Chris and Roxanne shivered a lot.

“Our job, DJ. It brings us to the nightlife society. Actually, nightlife societies are influenced by many influencers. We don’t know what are they playing a game. But I feel we are some characters in chess.” Roxanne said. “I prepare to die. My dad separated my mom since I was a child. My mom felt sad a lot until she committed suicide by overdosing. I cried a lot. And my dad went to New York to start his new life. He abandoned me. My life is useless, so I think death can occur to me anytime it wants. I also come to the nightlife society. I get much money that can send Praewa to graduate at famous university. I feel happy when I can take care Praewa to be successful in her life although she is lesbian.”

“Can I ask something?” Chris asked to Roxanne.

“Ask to me, Chris.” Roxanne said.

“Where did you get Praewa?” Chris asked about Praewa.

Roxanne started to tell about Praewa.

“Actually I got Praewa when she was grade 10. Her dad and mom was killed by assassins at illegal casino. They addicted gambling a lot until they were gotten bankrupt status. I thought Praewa was so pity. I wanted to take care her, so I taught her about doing jobs. Chris. Don’t say about this to anyone. I don’t want anyone know about Praewa’s dark experiences.”

Chris smiled and he continued to listen Roxanne’s saying.

“Chris. I feel cold very much.”

“Be patient, Roxanne.” Chris said. Roxanne smiled and she cried for something she didn’t say to Chris. Chris saw that tears from Roxanne’s eyes and he said “Why do you cry?”

“Chris. If I will die because this fucking freezing, I want to say….” Roxanne tried to say something, but finally the big door was opened slowly. Looked like Roxanne and Chris was in trouble again.

Finally, the door was opened and there were 2 people came to freezing room. Wow yeah!!! Chris’s friends, Tingting and Ben helped Chris and Roxanne. Ben smiled to Chris immediately!

Ben!!! Tingting!!!

“Long time no see, Ben.” Chris forget his pain from freezing. He saw to Ben and said directly. “Where was you?”

“I came to New York. I competed “Hair Designer challenge.”” Ben said. “And I just decorated booth babe’s hairstyle. When I heard you were captured, I wanted to rescue you from the trouble.”

“Roxanne!!” Tingting said and she ran to Roxanne in freezing room. Tingting felt that was very cold that usual place. She released rope that tied Roxanne’s body at the pillar. Ben did as same as Tingting but he helped Chris.

Now… Here we go!!

“Chris. We don’t have more time.” Ben said. “We must get out from this place now.”

“Do you know….” Chris try to asked where was this place, but looked like this room was shaken as same as the truck. With that quaking, Chris just knew he and his friends were in the truck to go somewhere.

Shit!!! We’re in the truck!!

Chris blamed immediately. Tingting and Ben nodded with Chris’s blaming. Chris was right. This truck was just started, but not driving.

“Let’s get out of here.” Ben said and he tried to open container’s door, but now it was locked tightly. Container’s locking system was using computer system so no one could unlock with using force.

“Damn it!! It was locked!” Ben blamed immediately. It was so tight a lot.

“Hey!!! Don’t fear baby.” Tingting said and she showed some remote control. Looked like that was C4 detonator.

“Tingting… Did you plant C4? Where did you get that?” Ben asked.

“I planted before we came to this place.” Tingting said. “We passed Tiger camp, so I picked some C4 to use. Finally, we used this.”

“Thank you.” Ben said and Tingting detonated C4 to explode out. She set C4 at big iron door. So computer system that locked this container was useless.


Then the big iron door was opened with C4 explosion. It took damage very high. Chris, Roxanne, Tingting and Ben saw to outside the container. Yeah!!! This truck was moving at expressway. Now this truck moved very fast. For truck driver, he knew that unusual explosion from behind, so he called to White.

“Boss.” Truck driver said.

“Hi.” White said. “Do you start driving?”

“Yes sir, but looked like some explosion occurred at container.”

“What the fuck? OK!! I will call helicopter to inspect hostage.”

“Affirmative, sir.”

Meanwhile Roxanne could use her phone because phone signal was enabled. Roxanne’s phone connect to phone network and there are 5 SMS that warned about Praewa ever called to her.

“Praewa So cute (0653126597) dialed to you one time in March 26 2009 at 13:32 hrs.”

“Praewa So cute (0653126597) dialed to you one time in March 26 2009 at 13:39 hrs.”

“Praewa So cute (0653126597) dialed to you one time in March 26 2009 at 13:45 hrs.”

“Praewa So cute (0653126597) dialed to you one time in March 26 2009 at 13:48 hrs.”

“Praewa So cute (0653126597) dialed to you one time in March 26 2009 at 13:52 hrs.”

“Oh no!!!” Roxanne interjected. “I should call to Praewa.” Roxanne said and she dialed to Praewa immediately. She believed if Dada was real mafia’s daughter, she might helped her and her friends.

“Hi Praewa.” Roxanne said to Praewa with her Blackberry.

“Roxanne!!!?” Praewa asked with her excited voice. “Where are you? Do you know Alpine organizers are finding you.”

“I’m kidnapped.” Roxanne answered. “I’m kidnapped at the truck with red container. Can Dada help me? I ever heard she is mafia’s daughter. She may help me.”


Now Roxanne wanted help request to Dada. And now Praewa just was in the break. She was walking to rest zone in Hyundai booth. But many photographers were requesting Praewa to take photos.

“Praewa!!! Please pose to take photos.”

“That is very great!”

“You’re pretty good.”

“Wow!!! You’re so sexy.”

Many photographers complimented Praewa a lot. But Praewa posed to let another photographers took photos. There were many photographers who was waiting Praewa to take selfie. Now Praewa felt annoyed to many photographers who surrounded her. She wanted to meet Dada now. Luckily, Dada was coming, but many photographers were surrounding Praewa. They didn’t let Dada to meet Praewa. This was so disgusting. But blaming photographers wasn’t right. Praewa’s boobs were the reason why many people loved to take photos with Praewa.

Because Praewa’s boobs was so very beautiful!

“Oh no!” Dada blamed to many photographers who blocked her way.

“Back off girl.” Some photographers pushed Dada away from him.

“Please…” Dada tried to please maniac photographers, but they didn’t listen to Dada. They still took photos. But Praewa didn’t interrupt to another photographers. Until organizers walked from the rest room and he said “Hey you. Please stop taking photos. Praewa needed to be rest.”  And organizer tried to bring Praewa to the rest room, but some photographers from the hell pushed organizers and seized Praewa away from organizer. Damn!! They were so rude. Dada saw that chaos and she walked away. Looked like many photographers wanted to take photos with some parts on Praewa’s body. This was one of the reasons why Praewa didn’t love any male.

“Fuck!” Praewa swore when she was seized and stayed to the …

To be continued



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