The Urbanist Chapter 7 “Roxanne” Part 3

Looked like Bangkok Motor Show was very famous event in Thailand. Actually, Thailand was the country of creating many cars and sold to another countries due to industrial area in Thailand was suitable to create cars. And car prices in Thailand was so cheap due to low tax price because cars were built in domestic. No imported tax included!

Not only Dada, Chris, Roxanne, Tingting, Praewa and Salvador came to Bangkok Motor Show, Toto and Akiko who brought her friends, such as Miyuki, Mayumi and Naru. They were going to drift zone in Bangkok Motor Show. Miyuki loved to watch car drifting very much since she was at Japan. And her idol of drifter “Miyamoto Sato” will be coming to Bangkok Motor Show too. He will be showing car drifting exclusively. That was so awesome!!!

“Damn!! Weather is very hot.” Akiko blamed to her friends. She and her friends were at outdoor of BITEC Bangna. That was true because this time was summer in Thailand and sunlight was really extreme.

“Be patient Akiko. My husband will be coming.” Miyuki said. Akiko confused when she said about Miyamoto was Miyuki’s husband. Damn!!! She was so hot!

“Who?” Toto asked. He was staying with Akiko.

“Miyamoto Sato.” Miyuki answered to Toto.

“Hey Akiko, Toto, I will go to toilet. Do you want some drinks?” Naru asked to Toto and Akiko. She will go to toilet with Mayumi and Miyuki.

“I need orange juice.” Akiko said. “And Toto?”

“I need green tea.” Toto said. “Oishi Green tea lemon flavor.”

“Oishi?” Mayumi doubted.

“It is bottle of greentea.” Toto said.

“OK.” Mayumi said. Then they went to LAWSON 108 at basement of BITEC Bangna. There were many people who were waiting drifter name “Miyamoto Sato”. He was so very popular in Japan. Now he will be showing his drifting skill to Thai people. Now Toto and Akiko stayed together. This time was a great time to have romantic moment together.

Toto saw to Akiko’s small eyes and he said. “Why are your eyes so small?”

“Huh?” Akiko doubted immediately and smiled with her shy. She didn’t say anything.

“Hey!!! Or you compliment me?” Akiko asked.

“I don’t know, but when I am near you, I felt I have something that is so special. I can’t describe.” Toto said. “Is it love?”

Akiko stunted and she didn’t answer immediately. She smiled to Toto and she said “I don’t know. But… this feeling… I felt comfortable very much.”

“So… You never love someone.” Toto said.

“No!! I love cat and dog, but for human, I felt this when I stay with you.” Akiko described and she smiled to Toto. For Toto, he wasn’t sure to love Akiko. First time he ever flirted Akiko, she was so beautiful and attractive very much, but for this, her charm was decreased. That wasn’t same as first day he met Akiko. Why!!!?

But Akiko’s smile made Toto felt good to her.

“Really?” Toto said and he embraced to Akiko’s back for giving his warmth. Akiko was shocked temporally and she saw to Toto before she smiled to Toto with her good feeling. She was never hugged from someone, and Toto was first person who embraced or hugged her. She felt that warmth from Toto well. That couldn’t describe to any words. It came from feeling extremely. Although weather was so hot, but Toto’s embracing was so warm, not hot as sunshine.

Toto felt Akiko was more special than another girl who did surgery and enhanced boobs. He was encountering to real charm from female. No enhancement!! No fake charm. Akiko was genuine charm!!

Hey!!! Toto!!! What are you doing with my friend!!!?

Finally, some voice appeared from Toto’s back. Oh!!! He knew that sound well. That cruel sound was so only Miyuki who was strict to her friends. She didn’t want Toto to touch Akiko much because now Akiko and Toto weren’t in a relationship together.

“I just embraced.” Toto answered immediately to Miyuki. Miyuki did pungent face and she said “Now you’re not Akiko’s girlfriend. If you do this again, you will die!”

Woah!!! She is so rude!

Toto doubted to Miyuki’s rage. He just only embraced Akiko, but not pinching Akiko’s butt. What was Miyuki thinking? Or Miyuki loved Akiko? Oh no!!! If she loved Akiko, she will be lesbian. No way! Akiko love male. Toto trusted her.

But… Hey!!! Why did Miyuki made that face? She saw excitedly to someone who walked out from his tuned car. Toto saw to Miyuki’s direction and finally he knew why Miyuki excited very very much. Wow! That was drifting driver who was walking slowly with his handsomeness. He had small eyes, but facial hair was a lot. Looked like he was Japanese. Or he was “Miyamoto Sato”!!!? He was so awesome!!! Toto felt with first impression extremely!!! But look at Miyuki!! She screamed relentlessly!!! What the hell did she doing?

Miyamoto Sato, the great drifter!!


Oh!!! Miyuki didn’t care herself. She still screamed to Miyamoto continuously. She screamed until another people saw to Miyuki with weird feeling. That sights from another people, Toto could feel. They were insulting Miyuki. Um… Toto needed to do something to stop Miyuki’s madness.

“Miyuki.” Toto said and he used his hand to close Miyuki’s screaming mouth, but….


Damn it! Miyuki bit Toto’s hand. It hurt more than dog bit him.

“What are you doing? Why don’t you care anyone?” Toto blamed to Miyuki.

“Who care? She is my idol. Do you know? At Japan, I cheer him a lot. I am big fan of Miyamoto Sato.”


But Toto didn’t know Miyuki’s feeling. Until he saw his performance that was so awesome!

Miyamoto Sato was a great drifting driver. He was 35 years old and already had his owned family. Many people in Japan thought he as a idol of drift society. He paid attention to car tuning and drifting all of his life. His first appearance? He had many facial hair and small eyes. He wore sponsored driver suit. Looked like Shell sponsored him. After that, um… what was that logo? Toto didn’t know. When Miyamoto Sato got in the car, he readied to drift at gymkhana course at some parking zone in BITEC Bangna. With very very hot weather and extreme ultraviolet, Miyamoto or car drifting’s fans could tolerate to watch this performance. They made for their passion.

Finally, Miyamoto accelerated the throttle. Performance start!

He drove and drifted at many cones in gymkhana course. Sound from tuned car was very loud. That was a reason why some nomad merchants walked and sold earplugs to watchers. Engine sound was very loud but drifting sound was louder!!! Damn it!!! Why was it so loud? Toto ever saw car drifting on Fast & Furious, Tokyo Drift or racing arcade game in department store. This was first time he saw in real life. Smoke from exhaust was really fucking bad smell. Toto, Akiko and Miyuki closed their nose to prevent that bad smell. It was toxic.


“Hey!! Toto, Akiko, Miyuki. I bought your ordered drinks.” Mayumi said and she brought drinks to Toto and Mayumi’s friends.

“Wow!!!” Akiko said when she saw that drinks.

“Damn!!! Why weather is very hot?” Naru blamed. Looked like she couldn’t tolerate to this. Actually, Naru never blamed easily. “At Japan, that isn’t hot as Thailand.”

“But look at Miyamoto, he can tolerate hot weather!!” Akiko said and pointed to Miyamoto who was driving at gymkhana.

“Hahaha.” Miyuki laughed. “Can he remember us?”

“I don’t know. So let’s wait him.” Akiko said.

“First time when he showed car drifting at Tokyo, I saw to front row of audiences.” Miyuki told her story when she was watching car drifting at Tokyo with her friends.

“Really?” Toto asked. “As same as K-POP fanclub.”

“Yes.” Miyuki said. “I love very much.”

Miyamoto still drifted his tuned car around the cone. He was doing doughnut drifting. He drifted his car until wheels were burnt on the asphalt and burnt smell spread it all. Finally, his performance ended. Miyamoto stopped his car and he walked out from the car. Everyone clapped their hand to welcome Miyamoto. He was so very very badass.

Then male MC appeared and he started to narrate about this event.

“So this is ended. How do you feel with this? Please scream to Miyamoto from Japan!”

Then audiences screamed extremely. Oh!!!! That feedback was so very severe. Screaming sound was so very powerful! Miyuki, Akiko, Mayumi screamed as same as another audiences. They didn’t care their dignity.

Until Mitamoto took off his safe helmet and saw to every audiences. Miyuki and her friends saw to Miyamoto and they smiled to him. Miyamoto felt surprised a little when his loyal fans came to Thailand and saw his driving.

“Hey!!!” Miyamoto said to Akiko, Miyuki and another Japanese friends. “You again!! At Tokyo. What are you doing at Thailand?” He asked when audiences got out from watching area to watch sexy car wash activity.

“I’m learning at international university named ABAC.” Akiko answered and she smiled.

“Really?” Miyamoto asked. “And do you love Thailand? Actually, my son want me to travel around Thailand. Can you suggest me about recommended place in Thailand?”

“He may know. He is Thai.” Miyuki said and she touched to Toto immediately. Toto saw to Miyuki and she said “Hey!!?”

“Can I asked question? What travel places in Thailand can you recommend me to travel?” Miyamoto asked to Toto. Toto just thought and he answered immediately. “There are many places. Look like your son love Dream World or some amusement park. Actually you should go to Phuket or some province at south of Thailand. Don’t forget the seas in Thailand is so very beautiful. And foods are very great.”

“Thank you.” Miyamoto said. “Actually, I ever heard Thailand has very beautiful sea. I will go to Phuket soon. Thank you for your information. But… What’s your name?”

Huh? He asked my name.

Toto confused why that guy asked his name. He just knew temporally and he wasn’t attractive to know him well. Oh no!!!

“Toto.” But Akiko answered. “He is my boyfriend.” Akiko said and she hugged to Toto’s arm.




Akiko’s friends and Toto felt shocked when she decided to say Toto was her girlfriend to Miyamoto. Looked like Akiko was sure to be in a relationship with Toto without any experiences she ever passed with Toto.

“Huh? Akiko… This Thai guy is your boyfriend? You’re so awesome!” Miyamoto complemented to Akiko and he smiled. “Because Thai people are kind.”

Toto didn’t say anything because now he was shocking for Akiko’s decision. But another side from his mind, he felt good. He smiled to Akiko shyly.

“If you will marry, don’t forget to invite me to wedding ceremony.” Miyamoto said to Akiko.

“Yeah.” Akiko said and she smiled. Then Miyamoto walked out from Akiko and Toto with his manager. Mayumi walked to Akiko and asked “Are you sure?”

“Hey!!! Don’t worry. This is the moment in future. Now I and Toto are learning our personalities.” Akiko said and she smiled to Mayumi. Miyuki smiled to Akiko too.

“Really?” Miyuki asked.

“Or do you love me as girlfriend?” Akiko asked back to Miyuki.

“No No No!” Miyuki answered spontaneously. “I worry to you. You and I always are friend.”

“Hahaha.” Akiko laughed. Meanwhile Toto opened his iPhone 3G to check his Faceboolk notifications, but looked like someone ever called to him and he didn’t receive any calls.

“Dada!” Toto said when he saw that missed calls counter. Dada ever called him. She called to Toto 5 times but Toto didn’t receive any calls from Dada. Looked like Dada had something that Toto should know, but he decided to saw car drifting and stayed with Akiko.



Back to Alpine booth at sound zone in Bangkok Motor Show 2009. Looked like Alpine booth was so hot. Roxanne was opening mixed songs with EDM style and Tingting who dressed sexily was Roxanne’s temporal DJ. Tingting entertained very well. Roxanne might think she was better than Praewa. This was the reason who Chris performed as DJ very well. And dancers from Alpine booth were dancing extremely! Many people were taking photos and photographers from any presses reserved to take Alpine event photos. Roxanne’s mixed songs was very very good and Tingting who was MC (and booth babe) entertained everyone very well too. Someone who was girl held LED sign about “Tingting” or “Roxanne”. Wow!!! Both were very popular.

For Chris, he was taking Roxanne and Tingting from Tingting’s request. His camera he was using was DSLR, so quality was very high to use. Photos he took were very beautiful. That fulfilled with the faithful. Roxanne and Tingting in photos were same as K-Pop superstar! Wow!!! Why were they very gorgeous!!!?

“Are you ready to jump?” Tingting asked to every audiences and she held her microphone to audiences.

“Yes.” Audiences answered.

“Are you ready?” Tingting cheered to audiences.



“Fuck yeah!!” Actually, everyone said “Yeah”, but Chris said “Fuck yeah!”

Now song from Roxanne came to breakdown sequences. Everyone showed their hands and shook their hand with rhythm. That was very fantastic and very exciting. Beats were very heavy!! That was special show from Alpine booth.

Then Chris went to another booths in Bangkok Motor Show. There were many booth babes who was very beautiful. Yeah, everyone agreed Thai people were the most beautiful ever! Chris took booth babes photos more than 4 people, but fifth booth babe, she was so aggressive.


“Hi.” Chris said to that booth babe. That booth babe didn’t say anything.

“I will take photo. Please get good posing.” Chris still said to that booth babe. Then that booth babe posed to let Chris took photos.


Then Chris took some photos, but…

Hey!!! What the fuck are you doing?

No…. That girl blamed to Chris strongly.

You are really fucking pervert. You took photos with zooming my boobs…..

“Huh? No!! No way!!! You’re bullshit!!”

Chris blamed back to that girl immediately.

“Hey!!” But some guys who came from behind said to Chris and he was doing something to Chris’s camera.

“What are you doing with my camera?” Chris asked.

That guy didn’t say anything. He opened Chris’s camera and he saw to pictures Chris took. Damn it!!! It included many booth babes’ boobs photos.

“Why are you so fucking pervert?” That guy said.

“Who are you?” Chris asked.

But that guy punched to Chris’s face immediately. Chris fell down to the floor and his camera fell down too, but luckily Chris’s camera wasn’t damaged.

“Fuck you bastard!!” Chris blamed and he punched back to that guy. That guy evaded and punched, kicked Chris severely. Chris didn’t know why that pervert photos  were in his camera. Looked like someone teased him. Chris hurt a lot. He couldn’t punch back to that guy. Then another guy who said he was booth babe’s girlfriend punched to Chris with his wrath. Chris was hurt a lot. His blood from the mouth fell down to the floor and he didn’t say anything more.


“Fuck you moron! You dare to do pervert to my girlfriend.” Booth babe’s boyfriend insulted to Chris who was tied buy first guy. “Die Die Die!!!”

And that booth babe slapped to Chris and said. “You’re great DJ, but you’re very fucking pervert. I disappointed you!”

“You tease me!” Chris said.

“Tease? Why do you think about this?” Booth babe’s girlfriend said. “That evidence can said directly, and why do you still lying?”

But Chris was punched to his face again.


Someone yelled to him, but too late. He was brought to someplace. Chris knew that sound. Roxanne was calling to him.


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