The Urbanist Chapter 7 “Roxanne” Part 2

Finally, the greatest car expo that everyone were waiting and this was the greatest booth babe competition revealed.

It named “Bangkok Motor Show 2009”.


At BITEC Bangna, there were many people parked their cars at parking zone. Looked like BITEC Bangna had limited car parking. But another parking had more service to park your car near BITEC Bangna. Chris knew this can say “Booth Babe Expo” as alternate name.


Oh!!! There were many gorgeous booth babes in here.



But Chris didn’t pay attention to booth babes as same as another time because he felt in love with Tingting. But… Kate… He started to forget her. Chris was staying at present. Many booth babes were welcoming to guests who visited their booth. In 2009 was rare to meet booth babe with enhanced boobs because that time didn’t have any experienced surgeons. For great surgeons, they were Korean that were staying at Korea.

Chris went near some booth babes and they gazed their eyes to Chris and smiled for calling him, but Chris didn’t respond back. He was paying attention to find Tingting.

But Bangkok Motor Show was very very wide, so he chose to call with his smartphone immediately.

“Tingting.” Chris called. “Where are you?”

“I’m at Alpine booth.” Tingting answered. “I just picked my smartphone from my boobs.”

“Hey!!!” Chris interjected. Ah!!! He couldn’t do this.

“Do you pick up your camera?” Tingting asked.

“Yes.” Chris answered.”Damn it… There are many people surround me!!”

Because Chris was one of famous DJ, so many people who loved to travel at nightlife saw to Chris and wanted to selfie together. Oh No!!! But many people were really gorgeous. There were many beautiful girls!!!

“Can you open music in my house?”

“Chris!!! Please selfie with me.”

“Can you go with me?”

What the fuck are they doing?

Chris didn’t ever think he should be famous as this. Although they were beautiful girls, but they fulfilled with lust to rape him. That was near the nightmare. For another one, it was OK to stay with many gorgeous as harem, but for Chris, he thought it was really weird. He also said to everyone “Hey!!! Be patient.”

He didn’t have his personal security guard, so looked like this time was so chaos. Chris never handled with this situation, so in this time he just thought to silenced and smiled together. Damn them!!! They were same as zombies.

“Can you selfie with our?” Some aunties asked to Chris.

“Yes, you can.” Chris answered.

Although this aunties were also aunties, but they were still beautiful. They supported Chris very much but Chris didn’t know they still supported him. They were great fanclub.

“And where is your girlfriend?” Aunties asked.

But… I don’t know who is my girlfriend too. Or they mentioned to Tingting?

Finally, real chaos appeared. A fatty lady ran to Chris relentlessly. She crashed another one without forgiving anyone. She ran to Chris for requesting signature and taking selfie.

Oh No!

“Chris, please sign your signature to this paper.” Fatty lady said and she smiled. She wanted to be near Chris very much. Chris felt confused a little and he saw to that fatty lady, then he picked pen from that fatty lady and he signed his signature to that paper with confusing feeling. Then fatty lady paced against Chris and she picked her smartphone and opened front camera to take selfie photos.

“Let’s selfie!!” Fatty lady said. Chris shocked a little, but he didn’t say anything. He was controlled by that fatty lady.


Finally, fatty lady went away from Chris and Chris continued to walk to Tingting immediately. Many people still interested to Chris a lot because he was professional DJ that many people shared his clips on social networks until they knew about Chris well. In Bangkok Motor Show, many people still took photos to Chris relentlessly as same as Chris was walking on red carpet. Chris was superstar!!

Chris didn’t know how to do next. He smiled only!! Because smiling was the greatest way to make positive appearance. Then he walked to Alpine Booth.

At Alpine booth, Tingting who just dressed booth babe costume opened the door. She saw outside the secret room in Alpine booth and she saw many journalists and Chris’s fanclubs were surrounding Chris relentlessly.

What are they doing? Huh? Chris!!!?

Tingting said herself in her mind. She was so stunted when she saw. But… looked like journalists and fanclubs were paying attention to Tingting. Chris was survived, but Tingting wasn’t.

“Tingting.” Chris said.

“Hi Chris.” Tingting said and saw to Chris immediately, but she….

What are they surrounding me? Oh no!


Many people wanted Chris and Tingting stay together and let photographers from presses took photos for using at newspapers. Chris ran to Tingting and Tingting held Chris’s hand to stay together.

“What are you doing, Tingting?” Chris asked.

Tingting didn’t say anything, but she nodded her head.

“What event will you appear?” Another journalists asked to Chris.

“Songkran Festival at Route 66 Day 13.” Chris answered. “Don’t miss this event. I will prepare great songs to everyone.”

“Thank you.” That journalist answered.

But Chris saw someone who had long and blond hair. She was so very beautiful. She saw to Chris and she walked away from surrounded people. Chris frightened immediately because that lady was “Kate.”

Kate is alive!!!

Chris said himself and he rushed out from surrounded people, but Tingting pulled him and said. “Where are you going?”

“I will talk with her.” Chris answered.

“Your girlfriend?” Tingting asked.

Chris was stunted and he didn’t say anything with a few seconds. Then he said. “Maybe.” and he ran away from Tingting. For Tingting, she was so stunted. Chris had girlfriend, but he never said about this to Tingting. Although Tingting was surrounded to take photos that was good signal to be popular, but for Tingting, she didn’t know how to do next with Chris. If Chris had girlfriend, she felt sad. Or she will do bad method by seizing Chris from Kate.

Now Kate ran away from Chris to somewhere, but Chris still chased Kate relentlessly. Until Chris seized Kate, but Kate release Chris’s held hand and didn’t say anything.

“Kate.” Chris said. “Long time no see.”

Kate didn’t say immediately. She passed with 3 seconds and said. “Yeah.”

“How are you?” Chris asked.

“I’m fine.” Kate answered. But Chris felt his relationship between Kate and him was problematic. Kate felt to Chris as same as someone who wasn’t her boyfriend. Then Kate asked back. “And you?”

“I’m fine. Please sit down.” Chris said with script from high school students when they greeted to English teacher.

“Hey! No No No! I’m not teacher.” Kate said and smiled. “And what are you doing at Motor Show?”

“My friend want me to take photos. She is booth babe.” Chris said.

“That girl who held your hand?” Kate asked.

“Yes. She is Tingting.” Chris said. Then he hugged to Kate with missing feeling and he said “Do you know Kate? I miss you a lot!! I love you do you know?”

Kate felt in love when she was hugged again. She smiled to Chris and didn’t say anything. Chris didn’t want Kate to go away from him forever.

“Yeah.” Kate started to say. “I tried to contact you, but you never received my call.”

“My phone was lost from burnt Sanctuary club.” Chris said. “I’m sorry.”

“Really?” Kate asked. “Kate, do you want to go to cat cafe? At Ratchatewi, there is new cat cafe at here. You love to feed pets, don’t you?”

Kate didn’t say anything and she did usual face. She feared if she said the truth, was Chris angry? But she chose to reveal the truth to Chris.

“Chris.” Kate said.

“What? Do you accept my dating?” Chris asked.

Kate smiled and she said. “I’m sorry. I have new boyfriend.”

!!!!!? What the fuck is that? !!!!?

“Not true.” Chris still stayed at present. “No way! Kate. I ever said I will be right back, and what is this?”

Kate started to cry. And she started to tell anything to Chris. “Chris. Do you know I find myself how about I, I love you very much Chris, but I felt strange and weird when I was near you. I didn’t know why… But… when I was waiting you, someone who said she will love me forever said to me. Actually, he wasn’t male, but he was female. He was butch.”

“Butch?” Chris confused a lot. She chose to be in a relationship with a lady who transformed to be a guy. Chris felt lost dignity a lot because he was real guy but Kate chose butch to be in a relationship. But Chris didn’t cry. He still his disappointment from this and said “Why?”

Kate cried again. And she said. “I’m sorry.”

“Kate!!!?” Chris said and he tried to pull Kate to him, but he can’t. For Kate, she felt sad very much when she chose to stay with butch. That butch wasn’t real man. But she didn’t know why she loved butch more than real guy. She couldn’t answer this question, but her heart wished to say with that. For Chris… Finally, his relationship between him and Kate revealed. Chris couldn’t lie himself forever. Chris should agree the truth that old girlfriend never returned again. That was so sad.


Chris swore. But someone touched his shoulder. Chris saw behind and that was Roxanne. Roxanne smiled and she said “Do you throw the F-bomb to me!!!? Hey!! Take it easy. Let’s go to meet Tingting!”

“Yeah.” Chris said.

“Ah!!!! Finally, we come to BITEC.” Praewa said when Dada parked her car to parking zone. Oh!!! Weather was very hot and very high ultraviolet.

“Do you have umbrella?” Praewa asked Dada.

“No.” Dada answered. “Actually, I walk among sunlight without UV protected umbrella.”

“Huh? Why us your skin still white?” Praewa asked.

“I don’t know.” Dada answered. Then Dada and Praewa got out from the car and ready to enter Bangkok Motor Show. Today Dada dressed with luxury cloth because she will come with her dad for the society. Meanwhile Praewa didn’t dressed with booth babe costume, but she dressed with casual costume. She will dress booth babe costume when she was at booth.

“Let’s go.” Praewa said.

After that Praewa and Dada walked to halls in BITEC Bangna. Dada felt confused what is car expo or booth babe expo. There were many booth babes at here. Many photographers were taking booth babe photos privately.

“I’m not sure this is car expo.” Dada said.

“That is private taking photo.” Praewa said.

“Huh? Private?” Dada confused. “Damn!!! Their boobs are bigger than me…”

“Hey!!! Don’t worry Dada. Although you have small boobs, but you’re always cute.” Praewa continued to compliment Dada.

“Really?” Dada asked.

“Yes!!!” Praewa answered. “Your smile is so luscious. I want to pinch your cheeks!” Then Praewa pinched Dada’s cheeks tenderly.

“What are you doing? Hey!!! It hurt!” Dada said and blamed to Praewa.

“Hahaha!!!” Praewa laughed.

Then some photographers walked to Praewa and they greeted her by saying “Hi, Praewa. Now are you a booth babe?”

“Yes.” Praewa said.

“Really!!!? You comeback!!! But when you’re MC with Roxanne, you’re so badass. I’m big fanclub to you.”

“Hahaha!!” Praewa said. Then that photographers clapped Praewa’s shoulder and said. “So change your cloth first, Praewa.”

“See you again, Nob.” Praewa said and she went to BITEC with Dada. “But can I selfie with your friend?”

“Selfie with Dada?” Praewa asked.


Then Praewa called Dada “Hey!!! Dada!!! Where are you going? That guy want you to take selfie with you.”

“Huh? Selfie?” Dada asked and smiled. Then she ran to that guy immediately. That guy picked his Nekomimi headband to Dada.

Nekomimi headband

“What is this?” Dada asked about Nekomimi.

“It’s Nekomimi headband.” That guy answered. “If you equip this, you will be more cuter.”

Dada felt weird because she never wore any headband on her head. But now she will try to equip. She wore Nekomimi headband and prepare to take selfie photo. That guy embraced to Dada’s shoulder and Dada felt that warmth well. Praewa saw to that guy about that was so pervert but she didn’t say anything because Dada allowed everyone can embraced her shoulder and waists.


“Great!!” That guy said. “What is your name?”

“Dada Cupcake.” Dada answered.

“Hey!!! Don’t you know she is net idol.” Another photographers said to that guy. “She is Dada Cupcake. Now she is featuring to her best friend name Praewa.”

“Huh? Really?” That guy said.

“Yeah.” Photographer said.

Looked like Praewa and Dada wanted to leave from that 2 guys because organizer will blame to Praewa if she came lately.

“Let’s go Dada. I fear my organizers will blame me.” Praewa said.

“Yeah.” Dada said and she went with Praewa to event zone.

Luckily, Dada and Praewa had free access to enter to Bangkok Motor Show because Dada had VIP access and Praewa had Exhibitor access. Everyone welcomed Dada and Praewa warmly because everyone knew Dada and Praewa were famous. Dada was Salvador’s daughter and Praewa was famous MC from DJ named Roxanne.

“Dada” Praewa said to Dada when both came to inside of Bangkok Motor Show zone. “I will go to my booth. See you again Dada.”

“Good bye.” Dada said and she waved her hand. Now Praewa ran to Hyundai booth instantly. She let Dada away from her. Then Dada saw someone who was so very gorgeous. She was sure that was her mom so she ran to that lady Dada thought she was mom immediately.

Athena, Dada’s mom.


“Mom!!!” Dada said to that lady. Actually she was Athena. She was walking with her assistant name Patrick. Many people said Athena was leader of Tiger organized crime. But why she was walking at Bangkok Motor Show.

When Dada called to Athena, Athena didn’t see back to Dada. She still walked to another place.

Mom…. No!!! Athena!!! Can you remember me? I am Dada, your daughter.

Dada yelled to Athena loudly until Patrick saw to Dada.

“Who is that?” Patrick asked, but when he saw to Dada, he angered immediately and said. “Oh!!! You again, Dada!!”

“She is my mom.” Dada said. “I want to talk with her.”

“Stop!!! Are you drunken?” Patrick asked.

“No way!” Dada answered. “Athena is my mom.”

“Useless.” Finally, Athena said and she turned her body to Dada. Dada shocked when Athena was so beautiful as same as 13 years ago. “Who are you?”


Dada felt confused when Athena didn’t remember Dada was her daughter. Then Athena said “I never had any children.”

“No way Athena!” Dada said and she ran to hug Athena. “Do you remember when I and you travel at Dream World? I always remembered this forever. But you hid away from me. Finally I see you and why do you abandon me?”

“Back off!” Athena said.

“No!!” Dada said and she still pulled Athena.

I said Fuck Off!

Dada was shoved away from Athena. Athena walked away from Dada with her assistant.

“Mom!!!” Dada sat to the floor and cry. She felt sad very much when she saw her mom but her mom abandoned Dada cruelly. Dada was speechless. Why Athena was so cruel? Dada stunted and she cried a lot. She waited to see her mom again with 13 years, but she got answer “I never had any children”. That was so painful when mom said this to her children.

Are you OK, Dada?

Then someone said to Dada when she was crying. He brought his hand to Dada for standing up. He was Dada’s dad named Salvador.

“Why are you crying? Who tease you?” Salvador asked Dada and he hugged his daughter.

“Dad. I found my mom.” Dada answered and she cried.

“Really? Athena?” Salvador asked. “Where?”

“These.” Dada pointed to Athena who was walking with Patrick and she still crying.

“Don’t cry Dada.” Salvador said. “Actually, I felt sad as same as you because Athena was dead since she came to that place. You saw that Athena. That wasn’t real Athena because she was brainwashed!”

“Brainwashed!!!?” Dada said. “Impossible!! No way!!! She is Athena, my mom!”

Salvador didn’t know how to help Athena from the brainwashed situation. Actually, he was painful too when he saw Athena as brainwashed girl and got new information to be Tiger organized crime leader.


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