Layla (The Urbanist 2 Protagonist)

Roxanne!!!? Who kill you?

I can’t forgive them forever.

She is my love… You can kill my sister but you can’t kill me!

Know about Layla, Roxanne’s hope

Inspired from DJ Faahsai (Clip)

Real name & Last name : Thanyarat Korkietcharoenpon (Experimental human Type B No. 003)
Date of Birth : May 1 1998
Generation : Gen Z (fulfilled with liberalism)
Age : 22
Zodiac : Taurus (count with tropical time)
Blood type : B (The Rebel) Special blood type with spiritual hormone from Dr. Wayne
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Boobs enhancement : No
Graduation : Bachelor’s degree of …. , New York University
Habit : Love to travel nightclubs with friends, Love to listen musics, Love to wander.
Occupations : DJ
Nightclub influencer : DND, Route 66, Baby Blink return, All RCA zone
Her weapons : None
Her phone & personal gadget : Samsung Galaxy S10 Edge, Pioneer HDJ-2000, JH Audio ✕ Astell & Kern – Layla II (Legacy gadget from Roxanne)
Appeared in  : The Urbanist 2 “Revive the liberty”
Like : EDM Musics, Electric music, dancing, drinking, stay at raves
Dislikes : Disappointments
Facebook people counts : 120 friends (private account)| 40 millions likes (Page)
Instagram followers : 50 millions followers
Relationship : Andre, Jessica, Carissa, Jim (Immortal friends), Freya (friend in Thailand), Aek (friend in Thailand), Roxanne (her elder sister), Euphoria (best friend from Thailand)
Her Idol : Jessica Jung
Ever have sex : Never
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, Shochu, Sake, Absolut, Barcadi)
Sucking cigarette : Never
Ever undecided pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Ever (Ecstasy, LSD)
DISC Personaity : D (Dominance)
Culture : Liberalism 100% | Conservatism 0%
Theme song : CAPSULE – Hello , Kevin Sherwood – Dead Again
Special ability : Absolute Pitch, Sixth sense, Very quick sense,
Special experience : None
Weakness : Glue, rubber cement or another products that contain toluene (sniff and instantly die as same as Dada, damage to Layla’s heart but Layla’s brain isn’t taken damage, so euphoria can’t affect to Layla’s vision.), Heroin (use and instantly die, damage to Layla’s heart extremely.), Crystal Meth (used and suffer with long time)
Similar characters in Hormones The Series : Jane (100%)
Similar friend in real life : Mook (100%)

Badass character alert!

Roxanne… Do you know? 

Although my mom isn’t same as you,

but I always think you’re my elder sister forever.

I don’t know who kill you.

I want to revenge!!

Layla was Roxanne’s sister, but her mom wasn’t same as Roxanne. After Roxanne’s dad broke up his wife in Thailand, he traveled and lived in New York, USA. Actually Roxanne didn’t know Layla was her sister.

New York, USA.

In New York, Layla had many American friends who loved to travel at nightlife. Sometimes she used drugs for shifting her mind to be surrealistic. Every raves, she went with Andre, Jessica, Carissa and Jim. She loved to listen EDM songs a lot. But… her life when she was at high school had many troubles as same as Jane in Hormones The Series.

Luckily, no one knew she used drugs. After she graduated in high school, she learned in university. She was very clever that can read very fast. Her thinking wasn’t same as another people who used to analyze, but Layla saw as many pictures. Her abilities got from Roxanne, her elder sister.

She graduated with GPA 3.45. That was really badass.

After she graduated, she worked at some discotheques or nightclub in New York, but someday, she opened old envelope that contained old pictures about Roxanne when she was child. That time she wanted to contact Roxanne, but finally Roxanne was dead. Layla angered a lot and she wanted to come back to Thailand to revenge the murderer who killed Roxanne to the death.

From creator

I am fan of Hormones the series and I love Jane a lot. She is really badass character and she is a rebellion of conservative society in Thailand. So… I imagine to Jane when she is adult. Finally I create “Layla”, the Roxanne’s hope successfully. Many objects from Layla are same as Jane, such as her birthday, blood type are same as Jane. Layla maybe Jane from the future.

Layla in real life is DJ Faahsai, the greatest female DJ in Thailand.

Jane from Hormones The Series (performed by Thanareng)
If Jane is adult, she will be the greatest DJ of nightlife (performed by DJ Faahsai)

Layla is protagonist of The Urbanist 2. She is real nightlife girl who have occupations at night. Many guys invite her to open music in any homes.

Actually Layla’s dad, Tong is music listener. When he had children, he created nicknames from his favorite songs, such as …

Roxanne from The Police

Layla from Eric Clapton

But wait… Actually, I created character name from in-ear monitor from JH Audio.

Layla II, the legacy in-ear monitor that Layla can equip only.
Roxanne II, the legacy in-ear monitor that Roxanne can equip only.

But her ages was far away from Roxanne very much because Roxanne was born in 1985, but Layla was born in 1998. Oh!!!

Trivia from Layla

  • First time I made Layla as minor character, but I consulted my friend about Freya’s script that was so weak, but Layla’s script was very superb and can revolt the novel sequel, so I promoted Layla as female protagonist of The Urbanist 2.
  • Although Layla’s ethnicity is 100% Thai, but due to she was born at USA, so her nationality is 100% American. She learned and grew up as American, so she only use English (USA) to communicate. That meant she didn’t know Thai language 100%, so first time she came to Thailand, Freya greeted her as Thai, but Layla didn’t know what Freya said.
  • In real life, this character is inspired from my close friend named “Mook” (means Pearl in Thai.) Mook loved to dance and talk to another one. Her smiled is so cute and she has DJ soul too much.
  • Layla is very great of martial arts “Muay Thai” that learns from America for defensing herself when she is violated.
  • But she never use any firearm weapons. In Thailand, Freya teaches her how to fire a gun.

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