More information about “The Urbanist 2”

The Urbanist is my original novel that set story to nightlife community and influencers. Because everyone want to be influencer and get more money to survive from the urban city. There are many methods to get more money and look like being famous people is the best way to do, so many people want to go to nightclub to raise their influencers from social network. Many people do this and they will be famous people on internet that called “Net Idol” successfully. Since Balloon, Pupae, Toey were first generation of Net Idol, so many people want to be this. But look like way of nightlife isn’t good. There are many trouble to encounter with the influences that no one can guess.

For The Urbanist 2, story will be set to the future at year 2020. In the year 2020, At South East Asia will have very great community called “AEC”. Many investors from another continents or Asia will interest to invest many projects. Transportation in AEC will be jointed together. You can go to Laos, Thai, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar with only very high speed train service. And in Thailand, government that Salvador is a prime minister creates many project to revive forests in Thai and his project is successful. At Bangkok now it isn’t hot and no one use cars. So bad traffic issue in Bangkok can’t be happened forever.

Many people choose to invest or do something in AEC area.

But real estate investments are very competitive. Due to many people want to live in AEC, so investors who invest real estates must invest very fast before someone seizes it. That is the game of bloody investments. Everyone know marijuana is legal so many people who love marijuana want to feel the world from marijuana. But legal marijuana made to suitable ingredients. Many people use it and no one think about stress. Marijuana can make many tax to the governments. It can substitute from cigarettes. Now Thailand is the country of balance and nature. As same as land of paradise.

Condominium, real estate that investors choose to invest.

Finally, someone called “Southern Cross”, the black community who want to revive Noble Project that making cloned people with supernatural ability to control nightlife community and casino. Due to Phoenix and Tiger organized crime united to be “Universal Liberty” that control nightlife and casino, Look like Southern Cross wants to seize and eliminate Universal Liberty because profit doesn’t get to government. So controversy of influencers will happen again.

Noble Project, the project of creating cloned human with supernatural abilities.

Main character



She isn’t Salvador’s daughter, but Salvador took care her since she was child. Salvador didn’t know who is her dad, so in The Urbanist 2, she will find her real dad. Actually she is cloned human with 2nd generation.



Freya’s friend. He is PUA who love to give entertainment to any girls. He wants to find the truth of life.



Roxanne’s sister from New York. She comes back to Thailand after Roxanne was dead. She wants to revenge someone who kill her elder sister.



Famous alternative singer who ever go to “The Utopia”. His friends were dead because assassin from Southern Cross so he wants to revenge them!

The Urbanist 2 will be launched on October 2016.


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