[AD] Uncharted 4 Thailand Midnight Launch

Inside Rondo’s home. Now Rondo was watching something.

“Hey Rondo!!” Freya who was staying at Rondo’s home asked.

“What? Freya?” Rondo asked.

“What is that?”


Uncharted 4

Thailand Midnight Launch!!

This is first time in Thailand, with launching the greatest game from SONY Playstation! In the name “Uncharted 4 Thailand Midnight Launch”

Receive “Uncharted 4” exclusively in Thailand at midnight!

On Monday, May 9 2016 at Paragon Cinema 8, Siam Paragon.

**Pre-order first, then purchase at distributors and register to receive Uncharted 4 at event.

Exclusive Guest

300 lucky people can access to exclusive performances in cinema, such as Munkaew & DEF-G from Thailand Got Talent!! (Click here for Munkaew’s Facebook)

Munkaew, the ambassador from the cyberworld

Def-G cover dance team


Lucky people will receive great prizes with 100,000 Baht value!

**Free entry!! No more costs!!

ARRRRRGGGGH!!! What are to doing, Freya?

Rondo asked when he was pinched his ears by Freya because Freya saw Munkaew who was sexier than her and Rondo interested Munkaew a lot.

“I don’t allow to yo go this event. You buy this game but you must go back immediately.” Freya said.


“I want to play Uncharted 4”



Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End

Only on Playstation 4

May 10 2016

Get exclusively on Uncharted 4 Thailand Midnight Launch!


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