The Urbanist Chapter 7 “Roxanne” Part 1

Meow….. Meow…..

Meow….. Meow…..

Meow….. Meow…..

Meow….. Meow…..


Roxanne opened her eyes and she saw around her. She just woke up. Her body was so refreshed to welcome next day. Actually her cat name Puifaii (cotton), Khao Manee cat woke Roxanne. Looked like Puifaii was hungry. It needed breakfast now. It still licked Roxanne’s face to please her.

Puifaii, Roxanne’s cat.

“Puifaii.” Roxanne said and she touched to her cat. “Are you hungry?”

“Meow…” Puifaii said meow.

“So… Can you tell me? What’s your name?” Roxanne asked Puifaii.

“Meow…” Puifaii still answered Meow.

“No!!! You’re now Meow!! You’re Puifaii. Are you understand?” Roxanne asked to her cat. Yeah, Puifaii didn’t know what Roxanne said. It still said “Meow” and laid itself to Roxanne’s bed with relax feeling.

“Why are you so cute?” Roxanne asked to Puiifai again. Now she scratched to Puifaii’s chin tenderly. Puifaii closed its eyes with good feeling. But….

“Roxanne!!! Do you wake up? Please make breakfast to me.”

Ah!!! My lovely sister Praewa needed Roxanne to make breakfast again. Why didn’t Praewa make breakfast herself? Or… she didn’t have skill to make any meals? Actually, she trusted to my cooking skill hahaha. Today I bought cheese to make double cheese pizza! Praewa may love my pizza.

“Yeah!!” Roxanne answered. “Today I will make exclusive breakfast to you, but you don’t mind its calories.”

“No problem. You make delicious breakfast. That’s enough.” Praewa said to Roxanne outside Roxanne’s room.

After that Roxanne stood up from her bed and she walked to her blackberry smartphone to check notifications.

Oh my god!!! I got 54 missed calls!!!

Who called to Roxanne? Roxanne’s boyfriend? No!!! Now Roxanne was single and she did everything to be idealistic girlfriend. Actually, organizers from Motor Show, her friends at nightclub called her. So… What was Roxanne done for last night? She confirmed about she was drunken at party. But… who sent her to her home? Roxanne doubted so she asked to Praewa.

Roxanne walked to the door and she opened the door to ask Praewa. “Praewa. Who sent me at last night?”

“Male DJ who had Tingting as MC.” Praewa tried to memorize that DJ, but she remembered only Tingting. She interested female more than any guys. “I don’t know who was that guy.”

“Tingting is his MC?” Roxanne tried to answered. Finally she knew who sent her!! “Ah!!! I know. Chris sent me to my home.”

“Chris?” Praewa doubted.

“My friend who is DJ. He loves to play Famicom games.” Roxanne told about Chris to Praewa. But…. Roxanne’s clothes… Hey!!! Or….. Chris changed her’s clothes?  Was she naked?

“Who changed my cloth?” Roxanne asked to Praewa curiously. If Chris really changed her cloth to pajama, Chris must be in a relationship with Roxanne because she every thought if someone saw her when she was naked, so you saw her secret points.

“I changed your cloth. Do you know last night you was very drunken. You blew out your vomit to the trash relentlessly.” Praewa started to tell Roxanne’s drunken story. That was decreased Roxanne’s dignity a lot if someone saw.

“Hahaha.”Roxanne laughed to herself. Finally, she was drunken without good personality. She laughed as same as being high when she smoked marijuana.

What are you laughing? Are you still drunken?

Roxanne asked in her mind when she saw to clumsy sister. Look like Roxanne was so insane. She didn’t sure how deliciousness at her breakfast.

“Go to living room and wait your breakfast, Praewa. You will be in love with my breakfast hahaha.” Roxanne wanted to test herself about how to be perfect girlfriend. She imagined Praewa was her boyfriend who was handsome as same as Korean superstars. But… What was Praewa looking at me?

“Are you thinking to Oppa?” Praewa asked.

“I imagine you as Oppa.” Roxanne answered. “If you cut your hair to be short, ah!!! Oppa will be awakening!”

“Enough Roxanne.” Praewa stopped Roxanne’s imagination exactly. Looked like Roxanne was so insane to Korean superstars a lot. “Go to kitchen.”

“Yeah!! My sister.” Roxanne said and she ran to kitchen immediately. Finally, Roxanne paid attention to cook exclusive breakfast. Praewa didn’t know that over-advertised breakfast will be delicious. Praewa still waited it.

But… hey!!! Roxanne’s white cat was so cute. Praewa sat to Roxanne’s bed and played with Puifaii. When she scratched to Puifaii’s back, it turned its head and said “Meow.” Wow!! Why was it so cute?

“Puifaii…” Praewa talked to Puifaii. “If Roxanne teased you, tell me. I will teased her back.”

But looked like Puifaii didn’t listen what Praewa said. It leaned itself to Praewa’s body. Its body was very soft. Very cute to hug. Now Puifaii said Meow Meow Meow to Praewa. Ah!!! Was it hungry? Roxanne forget to give cat breakfast? Don’t worry Puifaii, Praewa will give breakfast to Puifaii. After that Praewa picked bag of cat food and she poured to cat dish. Then Puifaii jumped to that dish immediately. Looked like it was hungry very much!! When it was eating, it saw to Praewa and said. “Meow.”

That was so really cute.

Now Roxanne picked pizza bread from refrigerator and some ingredients. Actually she wanted Praewa to know the taste of fat that wasn’t creepy as Praewa thought.

Pizza that Roxanne was doing.

Roxanne will give her heart to this pizza. With paying attention to make, this pizza will be delicious exclusively. She used 10 minutes to make this good smell pizza. Ah!!! Double cheese pizza was so really sweet and salt. Roxanne wanted to tease Praewa to be little fat. Hahaha!!

“Hey!!! What are you making?” Praewa said when she walked to downstairs after she successfully played with Puifaii.

“Pizza.” Roxanne answered.

“Huh? You make me fat again.” Praewa said. “Do another menu. You eat it yourself.”

“Hey!!! You are always beautiful, have some fat, it is so cute.” Roxanne gave her cute reason to Praewa who paid attention to control her weight.

“You compliment me to eat this pizza?” Praewa doubted.

“Yes. But actually I didn’t think anything.” Roxanne said. “Hey!!! I want to know its deliciousness.”

Then delicious double cheese pizza that Roxanne made to Praewa was baked from the oven and readied to serve. Roxanne opened it and that pizza smell floated to Praewa’s nose immediately. Yeah!!! Praewa forgot to control her weight instantly. She wanted to eat this fat menu. Looked like Roxanne’s pizza was same as porn that let anyone would be horny.

“Hello Miss Praewa. I serve breakfast to you.” Roxanne used calm voice to Praewa when she was serving pizza to Praewa. That smell!!!? It made Praewa felt insane.

“Thank you very much Roxanne.” Praewa said. “You’re my cute elder sister forever.” And she smiled sincerely to Roxanne.

“Actually, I imagined you as my boyfriend in my dream, I want to be perfect girlfriend that lucky guy can find me and he never breaks up me forever.” Roxanne said with her imagination. She wanted everything she thought to be real.

“If I’m a guy, I will love you forever.” Praewa said. “Everyone will be envious to me that have perfect girlfriend ever.”

“Hahaha. But that is my dream. Actually I’m still single.” Roxanne described her status. But… Someone called to Praewa’s smartphone. Roxanne beheld to that sound. Ah… Praewa’s smartphone ringtone was so sweet. That feeling was same as lesbian. Huh? What was that girl? A girl with bang and her name was Dada Cupcake …? So Dada was calling to Praewa.

“Who is that? New girlfriend?” Roxanne asked to Praewa. She thought Dada was Praewa’s new girlfriend. Dada was really cute.

“No!! She is my friend. Dada. Can you know? She ever came to our home at pool private party.” Praewa answered and she received Dada’s calling.

“Hi my friend.” Praewa greeted.

“Are you ready to go to Motor Show? Now I’m driving to bring you to Motor Show with me.” Dada asked when she was driving her Ferrari F430 to Roxanne’s home.

“I’m eating Pizza, and do you already have breakfast?” Praewa asked.

“No!!” Dada answered.

“Do you want to eat pizza at my home? My sister make any foods very delicious.” Although Roxanne was busy to make another pizza, but Praewa wanted Dada to meet Roxanne.

!!!!? What are you thinking, Praewa?

Roxanne wanted to do more things. She didn’t have mood to make another pizzas.

“Yeah!!! Are your sister a chef?” Dada asked.

“No…. She is a lady who wants to be perfect girlfriend.” Praewa answered.

“Hahaha!!!” Dada laughed immediately. “Really? So look like she is unlucky with relationship.”

“She was broken up 4 times.” Praewa gossiped to Dada about Roxanne’s bad relationship.

Stop Praewa!!! What are you telling with your cute friend? Don’t make me losing my dignity more.

Oh no!!! Why Roxanne’s ears were so good? She heard Praewa’s talking when she was at kitchen. Actually, Roxanne’s ear had absolute pitch that she could know any music notes with only once listening. Or her ears were same as dog?

“Really?” Dada asked. “I remember that day we got a private party, I saw her and she was gorgeous. But why no one decided to be in a relationship with her?”

“I don’t know.” Praewa answered.

“Oh!!! Now green light. See you at your home.” Dada said and she ended call.

Then Roxanne walked to Praewa and she said. “Look like your friend who drives Ferrari car is so badass. She is cute, but sometimes she shows leadership’s mind.”

“Dada?” Praewa asked. “She is Salvador’s daughter.”

“Salvador, the mafia of the liberty? Does he have daughter? I just know.” Roxanne said. “And you have Dada as friend? Beware yourself. I fear you to be in trouble.”

“She ever helped me, Roxanne.” Praewa said. “Last month I was kidnapped to be raped. Sega said he ….”

“Wait!!!!” Roxanne interrupted Roxanne who was telling her story. “You just… said about Sega? Did Sega try to rape you?”

“Yes.” Praewa answered.

That motherfucker still exist!!!?

Huh? Why Roxanne dropped the f-bomb to Sega? Looked like she ever had relationship with him. Praewa observed to Roxanne’s face and looked like she was angry very much when she heard “Sega”, the motherfucking asshole who ever wanted to rape Praewa.

“Keep calm Roxanne.” Praewa said to Roxanne. But Roxanne still told her moments with Sega.

“Sega was my ex-boyfriend.” Roxanne said. “He is really son of a bitch who shouldn’t be born in this world. He always fucks fucks fucks fucks fucks with beautiful girls he wanted. He let many girl to be pregnant and he wasn’t responsible to any girls who ever fucked. Many girls chose darkside way by aborting their child from their womb. That was really nasty and that time abortion clinics were a lot. Ah… What was I thinking to think Sega as my boyfriend? That picture I ever saw when I came to my home and I saw Sega fucked with another girls. That time I wanted to slap him, but I only cried, cried and cried with timid feeling.”

Roxanne felt angry very much… Until Praewa walked to Roxanne and she held Roxanne’s hands for giving the hope.

“Roxanne.” Praewa said.

“I can’t tolerate to Sega forever. He ever wanted to rape you.”

“But he can’t. Forget it Roxanne.”

Roxanne didn’t say anything because her mood controlled her mind. She hugged to Praewa with her pure love. She didn’t want Praewa to be troubled more.

Beep Beep Beep!

Uh!!!!? That beep sound. Praewa just knew instantly. It was a sound from Dada’s car. After that Dada stopped her car and she walked out from her car before she entered to Praewa’s home.

“Hello Roxanne, Praewa.” Dada greeted to Roxanne and Praewa.

“Hi, Dada.” Roxanne said.

After that Roxanne made another double cheese pizza to Dada again. Looked like this pizza Roxanne added some exclusive ingredient. It was so good smell. She decorated this pizza with her love. Then she served to Dada at table.

“Roxanne.” Dada called her. “Can you make Choux cream?”

“Choux cream? I can make it, but look like that isn’t delicious. Do you like it? So I will make Choux cream to you.” Roxanne said.

“You’re so very kind and cute.” Dada complimented to Roxanne.

“Hey!!! Don’t compliment as this. I am also shy hahaha.” Roxanne said and her face was blushed. She smiled to Dada that Dada felt happy when she was staying with Roxanne. Why Praewa loved Roxanne a lot? Because of this!! Roxanne was very very kind.

“And… Where are you going?” Roxanne asked to Dada. “You bring my sister to someplace.”

“Bangkok Motor Show at BITEC.” Dada answered. “Let’s look this poster.” Then Dada picked her Bangkok Motor Show poster to Roxanne. Ah!!! Today Motor Show start to exhibit. And… Why did Dada bring Praewa to Bangkok Motor Show? Praewa already had her car.

“Why do you bring my sister?” Roxanne asked to Dada again.

Damn it!!! She is so strict!

Dada blamed herself in her mind. Looked like Roxanne was so strict. She asked question a lot.

“I am hired to be booth babe.” Praewa answered. “My senior who is organizer invited me.”

“Huh?” Roxanne asked. “You…. return to be booth babe again?”

“Yeah.” Praewa answered.

“Beware yourself. Now there are many pervert photographers.” Looked like Roxanne was so strict a lot.

“Roxanne. Don’t worry. I have more connections to protect Praewa. Actually Praewa wants to be booth babe. She is beautiful so sometimes she want to be proud.” Dada said to Roxanne.

“Ah…. Actually, I am hired to be DJ at Motor Show too.” Roxanne said. “I need Praewa to be my MC. When she is my MC, my reputations always grow a lot. If I don’t have Praewa to help me, look like I will help myself.” Then Roxanne made her face to be disappointing.

“Don’t worry Roxanne.” Praewa said. “You’re always be great.”

Roxanne smiled. But looked like she wanted to ask something to Dada.

“Dada.” Roxanne said to Dada.

“What? Roxanne?’ Dada asked back.

“What is your blood type?” Roxanne asked.

“My blood type is B.” Dada answered. “Why?”

“Really? Do you know your blood type is same as me. Look like you don’t care anyone much, aren’t you?”

“Why do you know?” Dada asked.

“My friend who is Japanese ever said to me. Do you know in Japan, people with blood type B are hated because they’re rebel.”

Why did Akiko, Mayumi, Miyuki, Naru, Mayumi never ask this to me?

Dada confused. But Praewa said reason why Roxanne asked.

“Actually, Roxanne are flirting you.” Praewa said to Dada and she smiled. Yeah!!! This time Praewa wanted to tease her friend!!

“No way!!!”

Oh!!! Dada and Roxanne said together instantly.

“Hey!!! You said together, so… you’re….”

“Stop Praewa. I’m not lesbian.” Dada said directly. “What are you thinking?”

“Hahaha!!! My prediction about girl with blood type B is so real.” Roxanne said. “I see Dada and she look like cat that need someone to take care her.”

“Hahahaha.” Praewa laughed.

Then Dada, Roxanne and Praewa talked together. For Dada, she closed with Praewa more than she thought. From enemy at high school, now she was great friend. Someoee ever said, when Praewa and Dada stayed together, that mean no one could stop them. That will be true because Dada and Praewa liked to selfie together and they uploaded their selfie photos and tagged together. That made another one knew Dada and Praewa more than they thought. With cute smile from Dada and gorgeous appearance for Praewa, that made them to be perfect duo ever on social network.

Someone gave word ” Dada ✕ Preaewa”. Wow!!! That was unbelievable.

When Dada was driving in Ferrari F430 with Praewa, oh! This time was stopping. Traffic in Thailand was really bad!!! Dada saw forward and many people were crossing the road. But Praewa just thought to do something.

“Hey!” Praewa said to Dada.

“What?” Dad asked.

“Let’s selfie together.” Praewa said and she used her smartphone with front camera to take selfie photo.

“Selfie? Yeah Yeah Yeah!!” Dada said and she posed herself to take selfie. She wanted to make photobomb to Praewa by posting biting Praewa.

“1…2…3!” Praewa said and she pressed shutter button immediately. Then that selfie photos Praewa uploaded it to Facebook immediately and she checked interactions from her followers or friends.

Certainly, there were many people commented or liked a lot.

Busayamart Chaloensup : Dada ✕ Preaewa Dada ✕ Preaewa Dada ✕ Preaewa
Cross Your Heart : Praewa’s new girlfriend?
Detagom Makinote : Angels. Please bring me to be your girlfriend.
Chutchawarn Thumrong : I want to fuck you!!

There were many pervert comments on Praewa’s Facebook. She always punished them by capturing that pervert comments and she condemned onto her Facebook with condemned post to hunt and condemn by another people relentlessly. That was witch-hunt.

That guy is really nasty!!! Condemn him!

Praewa posted to her Facebook, then many people shared and condemned to that pervert commentator a lot.

That was Praewa’s usual routine that she always condemned people when someone said with pervert sentences. Actually, Praewa was so very sexy and she had very beautiful boobs shape, so many guys were boner and tried to said with pervert sentences. That was Praewa’s curse. So she felt in love with butch or lesbians. That didn’t have pervert moments as same as this.

For Dada, looked like her relationship between Toto will be far away from her. Now Toto didn’t answered her chat on Facebook. But Toto was in a relationship with Akiko. Dada felt herself lately. She should confessed her feeling to Toto before he wanted Akiko to be girlfriend. Although her boobs were small, but she loved Toto and she was sure about Toto loved her too. Because sometimes Toto took care Dada and he didn’t want Dada to be happened with bad moments.

Dada tried to call Toto via her iPhone, but she couldn’t. Toto didn’t receive Dada’s call.

Meanwhile at Chris’s home.

His life was really bad. Jane was dead. She ever said Kate was alive. And where was Kate? Chris ever found Kate’s Facebook and nothing happened. Kate didn’t play Facebook. That was very hard to connect with Kate. He didn’t know where was Kate? He still went to nightclub for opening music but no signal from Kate. Was Jane lying him?

But… now his profit for being DJ was growing. With Tingting, she entertained many people very well. Tingting was really attracted a lot due to her beauty that lured everyone. So now Chris paid attention to his work more than something. Love? Kate? Looked like he felt so-so with Kate. Because his new future will be greater!!

And this time… Tingting was calling when Chris was composing new song. Chris received Tingting’s call.

“Hello Tingting.” Chris said.

“Hi!!! Chris. Can you go to Bangkok Motor Show? I am booth babe at Alpine booth. Let’s take photos together.” Tingting said.

“Booth babe? Again?” Chris asked. “I bored silicone boobs!”

“Hey!!! Do you know Roxanne will go too. She will be DJ at Alpine booth. Let’s cheer together.” Tingting said.

“Roxanne? That DJ with blue hair and big boobs?” Chris asked to Tingting.

“Why do you interest to boobs a lot?” Tingting asked Chris.

“I’m a man, not gay.” Chris answered. “OK. I will go. Look like Ben will go too. He want to buy new cars.”

“Ben? Your friend?” Tingting asked.

“Yes.” Chris answered.

“OK!!! Pick your camera and go to Bangkok Motor Show. See you, good bye.” Then Tingting ended calling and let Chris went to Bangkok Motor Show at BITEC Bangna lonely. After that, he saw to his Facebook and he saw some pervert contents that Praewa condemned that guy who commented with pervert mood to everyone knew. Chris saw to many comments and he felt boring because that was as same as shit on social network.

“More that shit?” Chris asked. “Social Network is condemned place?”

Then Chris turned off his computer and he picked Blackberry smartphone and his DSLR camera with 2GB SD Card capacity. He equipped with wide angle lens to take booth babes easier. Actually Tingting wanted beautiful pictures from Chris. She believed Chris could take photos very well.

Chris didn’t have any car, so he went to BITEC Bangna with bus.



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