The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 6 “Praewa”


“Praewa…….” Someone called Praewa.


“Praewa…. Wake up!”


Part 1

“Hey!!! What are you sleeping? Now 7:00 AM. You will be late!! Wake up now!!”

Today was Valentine’s day, the day that sucked couple’s money to buy chocolate or flowers to their lover.

But… This day was Saturday… No learning, but have important conference for students who will be activity ambassador of ABAC.

Finally, Praewa opened her eyes. Now she was lying herself at bedroom. With Praewa’s bedroom, everything was white and cream color. That was good color tone. Lamp near her bed was white, Only thing it wasn’t white was tree outside Praewa’s room that she can see it via window. Now sunshine on the morning shined to Praewa’s bedroom. It was warm until Praewa felt it. Actually Praewa’s bedroom used air conditioner so she didn’t know time to wake up well.

Ah… that blanket… It was so annoyed. Praewa threw it away from her and she woke up before she came to bathroom for using toothbrush and toothpaste. Looked like this day was necessary day for Praewa because she will be qualifying to be ABAC university ambassador.

“Praewa.” Roxanne, Praewa’s roommate said. “Your breakfast ready. I put it to table at downstairs.

Praewa saw to Roxanne and she smiled before she said. “Thank you.”

After that Praewa walked out from her bedroom with sexy dressing to have breakfast with Roxanne at living room. For Praewa, she respected Roxanne as her elder sister. Actually Roxanne wasn’t sexy as Praewa, but Roxanne was born to be a goddess of DJ in Thailand. For Roxanne’s usual life, she didn’t care to dress anything much. Sometimes she loved to tease Praewa. She saw Praewa as cute kitten. Someday Praewa dressed with cat style, Roxanne loved to tickle Praewa or scratched her.

“Thank you Roxanne.” Praewa said to Roxanne due to Roxanne made delicious breakfast to her. “Look like it is delicious.”

“You always compliment me everyday. Boring hahaha.” Roxanne said and smiled to Praewa with luscious mind. “Today will you be ambassador of university? I just know from your friends on Facebook.”

“Only Qualifying.” Praewa said.

“Really? But I always wish you will certainly be ambassador. You’re so beautiful a lot and big boobs.”

“Hey!!! What ambassador does mention about big boobs?” Praewa doubted with Roxanne’s talking.

“Your boobs was featured more than your face.” Roxanne answered and smiled. “I’m woman as you and I feel jealous to your boobs.”

“Hey!!! You extended boob size as me but why are you jealous me?” Praewa doubted.

“I don’t know hahaha.” Roxanne didn’t answer Praewa’s question, but she decided to laughed for changing talk target. Then Praewa’s phone rang. She received it and started calling.

“Hi….” Praewa said with sweet voice and smiled.

What the fuck are you doing? I am waiting you with long time. Do you go to ABAC? Answer!

Oh!!! Praewa’s lover who was butch and very handsome blamed to Praewa.

“I just woke up. Can you wait me for an hour?” Praewa asked to her lover.

“Fuck!” Butch barked.

Why was butch so rude?

“I’m sorry.” Praewa said. “I will by orange Panna cotta or Choux Cream to you. Do you want it?”

“Huh!!!!? I want!!! So when you come to ABAC, please call me. Good bye.” Luckily Praewa already knew her lover loved to eat desserts such as Choux cream or Panna cotta. That was so sweet and lovely to eat it. Good taste and smell. Actually Praewa’s lover was aggressive severely. She argued with Praewa often when she was upset. Sometimes she slapped Praewa’s face, but… Why did Praewa love this butch?

“Hey!!! Do you talk to boyfriend?” Roxanne asked when she was having breakfast.

“Yeah. My boyfriend is handsome.” Praewa said.

“Really? Do you lie me? I saw you always be single.” Roxanne asked to Praewa curiously while she was having breakfast. Now she will be stuffed.

“I already have boyfriend.” Praewa answered. “Don’t insult me more, Roxanne.”

“Wow!!!” Roxanne said and she clapped her hand for congratulating Praewa who was in a relationship. “Finally, my life is completed. My sister has boyfriend. Long time I am waiting you to have boyfriend because you’re really beautiful.” Looked like Roxanne felt happy very much. She raised her hands up and made exciting voice.

“Are you mad?” Praewa asked directly to Roxanne. She didn’t know what Praewa mentioned about. Why Roxanne felt happy very much when Praewa had boyfriend? Was she just knowing?

“No!!! But… If you already have boyfriend, please show your boyfriend photo to me.” Roxanne wanted to know who was Praewa’s boyfriend. She smiled and pleased like a cat. Praewa opened her smartphone and she opened gallery to her boyfriend photo before she showed it to Roxanne.

“This.” Praewa said and she held her phone near Roxanne. Roxanne looked at Praewa’s phone and she said immediately “That is butch. Why do you love butch? Why don’t you love real guy?”

“I’m lesbian. I am not aroused with I stay with any guys. But… For butch, why am I falling in love with handsome butch?”

“I see many butch and I feel so-so.” Roxanne said. “I don’t know why some girls such as you love with same sex? Why?”

“Because you’re not lesbian.” Praewa answered. “If I have sex with you, you will know the truth of lesbian.” Then Praewa smiled.


“What are you talking about?” Roxanne asked. “I’m not lesbian. I love real guy.”

“So do you want to try it?” Praewa asked again and she leaned herself to in front of Roxanne. “Yeah!!!” And Praewa used her 2 hands touched to Roxanne’s breasts instantly. That made Roxanne frightened a lot although Praewa was a girl, Roxanne also didn’t care. She slapped to Praewa immediately.

“Ah!!! I’m sorry…. You’re so pervert!” But Roxanne just knew herself. She apologized Praewa who was slapped and fell down to the floor.

“Roxanne… Did you ever slap to someone?” Praewa asked to Roxanne. “Your hand is motherfucking heavy!!”

“I’m sorry. Do you hurt?” Roxanne pleased to Praewa and she touched Praewa’s face that was hurt from her slapping.

“Yeah… Really hurt.” Praewa answered. “I don’t forgive you if you don’t kiss me!!!” And Praewa did fake crying. That made Roxanne pleased Praewa without any conditions.

“Oh…. Don’t cry baby” Roxanne said but she only hugged to Praewa. She didn’t want do anything more than friend. If Praewa felt loved to Roxanne, that was so insane because Roxanne didn’t love any girl as lesbian. She thought Praewa as her sister although Praewa and Roxanne didn’t have same bloodlines.

“Roxanne is so cute.”  Praewa complimented to Roxanne with her love.

“Look like your butch is crazy. Hurry up Praewa.” Roxanne warned Praewa. Praewa smiled and she picked her car key from her drawer for opening car door.

“Thanks! See you again on evening.” Praewa said and smiled. Then she prepare to go to ABAC with her car. She walked to her car that was unlocked with her remote key. Then she drove to ABAC.

08:32 hrs.

Praewa drove to ABAC successfully. She drove to her parking that was inside ABAC. Actually she rented her parking so no one parked in her parking. When she parked her car successfully, she called to her lover via her smartphone immediately.

“Hi!!! Manaw.” Praewa said.

“Where are you?” Manaw, Praewa’s lover asked.

“At parking.”

“Don’t you forget this day you will be qualifying to be ambassador of university? I also call you to go to ABAC early.” Manaw blamed.

“I know, but last night I enjoyed my friend’s party heavily until I forgot this day.” Praewa said.

“Hey!!! Don’t party much. You will be ambassador so you should respect yourself.” Manaw warned Praewa.

“Thanks darling.” Praewa said.

Actually this day Praewa should know first because ambassador qualifying was very important. From 120 people now they will qualified to only 12 people. From high class society of ABAC, they knew there were 5 people that had very high glory, such as

Praewa (20), the greatest master of ceremony in Thailand.
Lookgade (21), the famous actress.
Dada (19), the daughter of rebel.
June (20), one of the most famous booth babe in Thailand who was Tingting’s rival.
Natty (21), the master of nightlife.

If anyone saw to their background, everyone will choose Dada due to she didn’t have dark experiences. But Dada was the least age ever. She was so innocent in another one’s sight. Dada loved to eat ice-cream and many desserts. Many people thought she was so nonsense, not suitable for ambassador. But many teachers or masters wanted Dada to be one of ambassador of university, so… That was their choice… Dada didn’t want to be ambassador.

Meanwhile Dada who was eating strawberry cheesecake with Toto at dessert cafe in ABAC. She felt enjoyable to eat strawberry. That taste, it was so lovely and cute. And cake…. It fulfilled with sweet cheese that was useful to Dada’s body. Actually Dada had blood type B that was suitable with dairy products. Cheese was one of the dairy products so Dada felt enjoyable with this strawberry cheesecake a lot. It was so sweet and delicious!! With strawberry jam on the cake. It made Dada was stunted.

“Hey!!!” Toto worried to Dada who was target to assassinate twice. He didn’t want Dada to be troubled more. “Dada. Did you ever make trouble to someone? I think you was targeted twice. That was unusual.” Now Toto wanted to take care Dada more.

“Or… that time we went to Safe House club?” Dada just thought to that day. That day we jumped to Safe House with secret entrance.

“Maybe.” Toto felt sorry to Dada. He shouldn’t bring Dada to nightclub. “I’m sorry Dada. I just knew your age is under 20.”

“Hey!!!” Dada said and she clapped Toto’s shoulder with her never mind feeling. “Don’t worry! I’m safe. That’s enough.” Then Dada saw to Toto’s orange Panna cotta. Looked like Toto didn’t want to eat. He felt worried to something. That maybe Dada. Dada didn’t want Toto to feel worry more so she said. “Hey!! (She snapped her finger near Toto’s face.) Eat Panna cotta. It won’t be delicious if you don’t eat now.”

Um…. Why Dada felt enjoyable a lot? She was near death twice. Toto saw to his Panna cotta he was ever ordered and ate it without thinking anything. But… he couldn’t tolerate to worry Dada. He didn’t know why…. Ah!!! Toto needed to asked immediately. He couldn’t tolerate!!

“Dada.” Toto asked directly.

“What?” Dada asked.

“Why don’t you care about your life? If you die, and…”

Toto asked immediately. That question he asked wasn’t good much, but he wanted to know what Dada thought about. He saw to Dada’s eyes and wait for Dada’s answer. Dada thought with 4 seconds. She never found this question like this. Looked like Toto worried to Dada a lot!!!

But Dada didn’t said anything. Looked like Toto loved Dada, but he didn’t say directly. She smiled to Toto with her sincere heart. With Toto’s worry, she felt good when someone worry about her life.

“What are you smiling?” Toto asked to Dada.

“I feel good when you take care me.” Dada started to describe her feeling to Toto. When Toto heard about that, he smiled and paid attention to Dada’s talking. “Although I have more friends, but they knew me only at my outside appearance. I feel good when you stay with me.”

Looked like Dada and Toto needed something to feel better. Toto saw to Dada and he embraced Dada’s back for giving his warmth. For Dada’s feeling, now she smiled and feel good very much. Toto’s embracing was so warm and gentle. Now Dada felt Toto should be more than friend. Toto wasn’t womanizer than another one thought. She was sure Toto gave his love to her. But when Toto was embracing and touching Dada’s body, someone called Toto until Toto felt himself. Damn it!!!

“Hi Akiko…” Toto walked away from Dada and he talked to Akiko with phone. Oh no… Dada forget Toto already flirted with Akiko. She felt I will be Toto’s friend forever!!! No way!!! She was sure Toto loved her!

Part 2

Looked like Praewa’s fanclubs cheered her a lot. Many Facebook users who was Praewa’s fanclub also commented or liked her status to support Praewa who should be one of the ABAC ambassador. Praewa saw to Facebook from her smartphone and she grinned proudly!! Wow!!! Look at these comments!!! Everyone support Praewa deeply!!

Annie Kittenish : Keep going, Praewa!!!
Mick Rondo : You’re pretty good!!
Chatcharin Nammathum : Beautiful girls should be ambassador!
Katesarin Pichitjai : Keep going sister!

Praewa grinned wider!!! Why users in Facebook were also kind? Looked like Praewa will organize grand party to every fanclubs!!! Praewa didn’t care! She had more money! She didn’t believable when her boobs that was big can control everyone under her commandments…. Woo hoo… That was so cool!

“What are you smiling? Are you drunken?” Lookgade saw to Praewa who felt happy lonely. Um… Praewa didn’t have any reasons to smile… She was drunken! Lookgade was sure… Now Lookgade and Praewa were at big hall in ABAC. With 120 people who will be true ambassador of university, atmosphere in big hall was so stressed. But they still talked without focusing qualification. Looked like girls were more than guys. And there were 25 butch who wanted to be ambassador. Did they think they were handsome? Did they think they will be ambassador? Because that butch ever made big trouble in Sport Ceremony in last year. They punched many guys who seized their lover. That was so nonsense… Butches were really violent.

But Praewa liked butches a lot.

“Hey!!! Lookgade” Praewa saw to Lookgade, her friend who was famous actress and sat near her and she said to Lookgade. “You want to be activity ambassador?”

“Yes!” Lookgade answered.” Long time no see Praewa. How about you?” Lookgade felt surprised when she met Praewa again since she ever met Praewa at high school. Um… Praewa was more beautiful and… bigger boobs and more beautiful boobs shape.

“Did you extended boobs shape?” Lookgade felt interested to Praewa’s boob size and shape. That was so gorgeous!! Not only big. Lookgade wanted to touch Praewa’s boobs but looked like that was so pervert at public area.

“Yeah!!! How about it?” Praewa answered and smiled to Lookgade. Hey!!!! Did you interest to my boobs?

“Very gorgeous.” Lookgade answered with her sincere heart. “Can you divide your boobs to extend my boob size?”

“No No No!! No way Lookgade. If you want, you should do it yourself.”

“That was so  ruthless.” Lookgade said with her upset voice. My friend Praewa was so stingy.

“Look at that butches!” Praewa called to Lookgade. “He was so very handsome!!”

“Huh? Are you lesbian?” Lookgade asked.

“Yes.” Praewa certainly answered without thinking anything. “Although I have lover who was butch, but that butch I want to meet her more.”

“Hey!” Lookgade felt confused with Praewa’s sexual orientation. She knew only about butch existed in dramas. Butch was same as tranny. Tranny was a man who wanted to be a lady, but butch was a lady who wanted to be a man. This world was so difficult for living. What the fuck!? That was so pity when beautiful girl such as Praewa loved with same sex.

But a thing Praewa was doing wasn’t appropriated. She was adultery with her lover.

“Stop your infatuation Praewa.” Lookgade warned Praewa who had very high lust to handsome butches. “I can’t see their handsomeness. That is so-so.”

Actually Praewa and Lookgade sat at last row of seats. That was their style that loved to sat at last row. For Praewa, she always did, and Lookgade, she sat with random seats due to she had actress jobs and she didn’t have more time to learn in classroom. So her seats still was changed every time. Yeah, both were students who loved to do any activities, but didn’t interest to learn. Praewa ever said “Meh… What professors taught me about? That was so annoyed and boring.”

Meanwhile Dada who sat with Akiko and Mayumi at front row were talking together. Looked like Akiko was so cute in this day. She was suitable for Toto very much… Dada thought about this. She had secret admiring to Toto. Sometimes she felt stressed with Akiko. Akiko was good friend, but this good friend was seizing her soulmate in future.

How can I do with Akiko? I love Toto.

“What’s wrong with you?” Akiko asked to Dada who was absent-minded. But Dada didn’t answered anything to Akiko. Um… Looked like Dada was in love with some one, didn’t she?

“Dada!” Akiko asked and touched to Dada’s shoulder firmly. “Are you asleep?”

“No!!!” Dada answered. Hey!!! Akiko destroyed her daydream completely. Dada was dreaming about the sweetest dessert in her imagination.

“And why didn’t you answer my question?” Akiko asked again. She wanted to know what was Dada thinking?

“I just dreamed I was eating the sweetest dessert in the world of my dream.” Dada answered and smiled. Another side of Dada’s mind, she couldn’t agree Akiko to be in a relationship with Toto. But she didn’t dare to say to Akiko directly.

“You’re so crazy, Dada.” Akiko said. Dada smiled for hiding her truth worry. She saw to Akiko’s eyes and she felt good or bad in same time. Good was Akiko had small eyes. When she smiled to Dada, Dada might feel in love with Akiko. But for bad, you should know what Dada thought with Toto.

“Hey! Dada, Akiko.” Mayumi called to Dada and Akiko with excited feeling. “I want to sing Karaoke at night. Can you go with me?”

“Karaoke? Where?” Akiko asked.

“At Thonglor.” Mayumi answered. “It is new Karaoke place called ‘Kittenish’. It has grand opening promotion that we will sing more hours.”

“Really?” Akiko asked with her interesting. Long time ago Akiko didn’t sing Karaoke. But she just thought she already appointed Toto to date together at Thonglor. Um… Now Akiko chose Toto to be more necessary. She said. “Hey! Mayumi. I’m sorry. I appointed Toto to date together.”


Impossible!!! Will Akiko be in a relationship? Mayumi didn’t believe Akiko very much! That wasn’t possible. No No No!!! She asked to Akiko directly. “Huh? Did you have some guys flirt you? Impossible!”

Akiko didn’t say anything. She smiled with her shy feeling. Toto was first guy who flirted Akiko. She didn’t know hot to do next with Toto. Meanwhile Dada when she heard “Toto” from Akiko, her mind didn’t feel good much. But… If Dada seized Toto from Akiko, she will be the bitch. Finally, she thought to enjoy with more friends for forgetting her disappointment from Toto.

“Hey Mayumi!!!” Looked like Dada just thought some ideas to Mayumi. She said to her friends and touched to Mayumi’s shoulder. “Tonight will you go to nightclub with me?”

“Your age is under 20.” Mayumi said. “Can you enter?”

“Hey!!! Nightclub I will go is Funky Villa that is owned by my dad.” Dada said. “I’m always  VIP first class guest. In future I will be Funky Villa’s owner.”

“Huh? Really?” Mayumi asked. “But can I asked something to you?”

“Yeah. Ask me.”

“I ever heard about assassin tried to kill you. Why did they do this?” Mayumi asked curiously. Dada was so cute. She didn’t have any danger to kill.

“I ever went to Safe House nightclub and owner wanted me to die.” Dada answered. “I was wrong when I came to nightclub although my age was under 20. But for Funky Villa, don’t worry Mayumi. Funky Villa is my area. You came with me, you will be VIP guest too.”

“Really?” Akiko asked.

“Not for Akiko.” Dada teased Akiko that will already date with Toto “You will date with Toto. Won’t you?”


“I’m kidding Akiko.” Dada smiled.  “If you finish dating, you will come to Funky Villa. Today is Valentine’s day. I will stay at Funky Villa until 02:00 AM in next day. But… Don’t forget to invite Toto too. OK?”

Akiko smiled to Dada. Inside another side of Dada’s heart, she felt pungent with relationship between Toto and Akiko. But she always received jubilee if Akiko and Toto will be relationship together because Toto will stop flirting another one and Akiko was so cute. Toto may loved her. Dada guessed about this.

But… now Dada hesitated and confused what was she doing…

Finally, 6 teachers from the university council walked to the big hall. They dressed with calm tone clothes. Looked like they were more than 40 years old. Look at their face, they were serious!!

“Hello everyone!” Chukriet, the chief of university council greeted to everyone. “Welcome to the ambassador qualification. Do you know what objective of university ambassador will you do? Can anyone answer this question?”

“Me.” Dada suddenly raised her hand to answer question. Everyone in big hall saw to Dada.

“Answer.” Cheif said.

“Main duty of university ambassador are giving information of each activities in university to everyone.” Dada answered.

“Great!” Cheif said. “So… What’s your name?”

“Dada.” Dada said her name.


Huh? Is Dada learning in ABAC? Impossible!!!

Praewa said about this. She shocked extremely when she just knew Dada was at ABAC.

“What’s wrong with you?” Som-O, Praewa’s friend who was booth babe and she sat near Praewa asked to Praewa. Now Praewa’s face was fulfilled with stress.

“My old friend…” Praewa mentioned to Dada. “I just know… She learned at ABAC.”

“Dada?” Lookgade asked. “Mafia’s daughter?”

“Huh? Is she Mafia’s daughter?” Praewa doubted immediately.

“Don’t believe me much Praewa. That was rumor.” Lookgade said.

“That’s not rumor, Praewa. She was Salvador’s adopted daughter.” Som-O said. .

“Um… I understand…. I have a plan…” Praewa just thought her new plan to do something. She saw to Dada who was at front row and she didn’t saw Dada’s face. Praewa wanted to know how beauty Dada raised. But… Praewa observed one thing from Dada. Her boobs were small as usual. She compare to her boobs by watching her extended boobs and she grinned with victory.

“What are you laughing?” Som-O asked.

“I think I’m sexy more than Dada.” Praewa said. “Looked like I will encounter with Dada again.”

“What did she do? Why do you hate her?” Lookgade asked from her doubt.

“She ever was student council leader at high school. Actually I should be, not that bitchy Dada.” Praewa said. “And now she challenges my influence again. Actually I come to ABAC to be influencer. But damn Dada follows me!” Then Praewa saw to Lookgade and Som-O. “Lookgade, Som-O. Can you help me to do my plan?”

“What is your plan?” Som-O asked.


“I don’t know.” Praewa said and smiled that let Lookgade and Som-O upset.

“Hi!!! Stop talking!!” Now university council leader shouted to everyone who was at big hall. Now everyone silenced as same as no one in this room. 30 seconds later, university council leader started to talk.

“Now we start to qualify the university ambassador. Our rule is simple. You answer our one question instantly. And masters from university council will choose students who should be university ambassador. Not only your question, your personality was important. Don’t forget you’re ambassador or diplomat of university. You must be friendly to everyone who greet you. No frowning, no upsetting, no being cruel, no being rude. And you must unite to the one. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Every students in big hall said.

“That is so weak. Answer loudly. Do you understand?”


“Do you understand?”


“Very great!!” University ambassador complimented to every students. “Now we’re starting to ask. Hey!!! That girl in last row at left. Stand up.” Now university ambassador commanded Lookgade who sat at the corner of last row. Lookgade stood up with confusing.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Lookgade.” Lookgade answered.

“Lookgade” First master of university council asked. “If your friend argue to another friends violently, how can you stop arguing?”

Looked like this was simple question, but it let another one answered hardly. Lookgade’s life never saw someong who argue her so she answered directly.

“I don’t know. I never see my friend argue violently.”


Everyone said together. Someone controverted with Lookgade’s answered because that was very easy to answer and that was method from loser. But another professor smiled to Lookgade who answered this question because Lookgade wasn’t liar.

“Next.” University council leader said to second girls in same row. “What’s your name?”

“Praewa.” Praewa answered proudly.

“Give me your reason why did you do surgery with extending boob size.”

!!!!!? What the fuck was university council leader asking !!!!!?

But Praewa didn’t give up to answer that awkward question. She said. “Because I have master of ceremony job that make everyone enjoy with my performance. And many photographers love to take photo to sexy girls as me. So I extended boobs side for my job.”

“OK.” University council leader said.

After that university council leader asked to many students relentlessly.  Everyone answered very well. But someone tried to tease university council leader by answering with asking again. Yeah, that student was failed to be qualified. Looked like girl students registered to be ambassadors more than guy students. And girl students were very beautiful!!! Oh!!! Everyone had big boobs.

Until university ambassador wanted to ask Dada who was talking with her friends.

“Finally,….” University council leader said to Dada. Um… Dada was final girl to answer the question.

“Sir…” But looked like another master said to university council leader to interrupt him. “Can I ask some questions to this girl?”

“Yes, you can. I feel tired.” University council leader answered and he sat to his seat. Actually this guy who interrupted university council leader named White, the investigator of DSI. He was also special master of law subject. Looked like he faced to Dada directly. He knew Dada well from information that Jane received. He might had some plans to tease Dada.

“I’m…” Dada started to introduce her name, but White interrupted.

“Stop!!! I also know you.” White said. “You’re Athena and Salvador’s daughter name Aphrodite.”

!!!? Huh? My name is Aphrodite?  Is Salvador my real dad!!!?

White revealed Dada’s real name to everyone in big hall. Not only Dada’s real name, every one just knew Salvador was Dada’s real dad. And… Athena…? Athena was Dada’s mom? When Dada heard about her mom, she felt confused and stunted in same time. She didn’t feel anything. She stood without any feeling as same as statue. Everyone said together with Dada’s mysterious background.

“Dada. Are you OK?” Mayumi asked. But Dada didn’t answer.

“Who are you?” Dada asked to White and pointed her index finger to White.

“If you learn my subject, you will know me, Aphrodite.”

“I’m not Aphrodite. I’m Dada.” Dada still agree herself she was Dada, not Aphrodite. “And what are you knowing about my mom? Where is she?”

“I don’t know where is your mom, but don’t forget I’m investigator of DSI, so I know everyone well. OK. Don’t panic Dada. Answer my question. If you’re real organized crime leader’s daughter, you may answer this question.”

“Don’t delay more time.” Dada said. “Ask me.”

“Hahaha. You should know yourself you cannot be university ambassador.” White insulted to Dada directly. Everyone frightened with White’s insulting. They saw to White who didn’t care anything. Until university council leader warned White who said awkward sentences to Dada.

“White!!!” University council leader warned White.

“Last month you came to Safe House nightclub although you was under 20 years old. Then that nightclub was terminated. Do you know ambassador never welcomed drunken girls as you. If I am you, I feel shame to be ambassador. But…”

“What is question? I am waiting you to finish barking as a dog.” Dada interrupted White with saying back with insulting. Looked like Dada felt enough to White. She didn’t know what was White. This was first time Dada encountered with White. Now everyone at big hall frightened Dada’s attitude. Dada was real rebel. Everyone never knew Dada who retort to White, the special master of law.

Stop!!! Enough!!

White said to Dada. Now he felt bad. He was insulted as a dog. Looked like White want to ignite Dada’s secret mind to everyone knew. Because Dada was Mafia’s daughter, so… another side from Dada should have Mafia’s behavior too.

“Wow!!!” Praewa interjected instantly and she said to Lookgade and Som-O. “That is unbelievable. Look like Dada isn’t innocent as same as high school.”

“She is mafia’s daughter.” Som-O said.

“I just know.” Praewa said. “She is so badass. She defied to insult that special master of law. If I am Dada, I don’t defy.” After that Praewa recorded video clip about Dada said with White.

“OK. You’re same as your father.” White defied Dada’s hidden power. Finally, he knew Dada’s power that was so dangerous. She was same as Salvador, her real father. “If your dad and mom is dead and your dad’s black business will be terminated, how to do next?”


Everyone in big hall were stunted with White’s question that asked Dada. Looked like he was testing Dada… or teasing her. Why did White hate Dada a lot?

“Sorry White. Actually I interest to be writer more than owning black business. And my dad already gave Funky Villa nightclub to me. I think nightclub business isn’t illegal. You’re master of law so you can’t accuse me with nonsense reason. Oh… I respect you who defy to say about my parent with the death.” Dada defied White again.

Huh? Funky Villa is owned by Dada? It’s unbelievable!

Praewa confused when Funky Villa, one of the greatest nightclub in Thonglor was owned by Dada. She never knew Dada had very big glory. Looked like Dada was underrated. And now Praewa was looking someone who was defying Dada’s power.

“Hahahaha.” White laughed as demon. “Your appearance is so innocent, but inside your heart is same as evil!”

“I think you only see at my appearance. You never know my heart, White.” Dada retorted back to White. Now everyone criticized together about Dada’s little debate with White. Everyone didn’t know Dada who was innocent, but she debated very well. If anyone was asked with question about death from parents, they maybe upset immediately, but Dada was calm and retorted back. For Dada, she was shocked. She never met someone who insulted her and condemned her dad and mom to the death. But thank you White who revealed Salvador was her real dad.

“Enough, White.” University council leader blamed to White. “You say more than limited time.”

“Sir.” White said to university council leader. “Dada… No! Aphrodite!!! She is last student to be qualifying. So this is more question.” Looked like White prepared to asked question to Dada again. Dada thought what was that guy? Why did he defy her influence more?

And this is last question…

“Why do you lack of shame? I fear you will bring bad things to ambassador group. I think you should give up and get away from this big hall.”

Dada thought White may asked this question. She smiled and said. “Finally, I know who wanted to kill me at Siam Paragon and Central World. I feel that intuition well. The intuition of condemning to the death.”

Everyone were in silence. They paid attention to listen Dada’s talking.

“It’s you, White!”


White felt panic!! Actually he commanded his assassination named “Jane” tried to kill Dada. And Patrick was his nominee. He saw to Dada and said…


Actually Dada didn’t have any evidences to say White tried to kill her. She didn’t say anything more. She wanted to defy White’s mind. Looked like White didn’t care, so she attacked his mind to feel worse. Everyone saw to White until White felt guilt a little, but he smiled with his fake happiness. As same as nothing happened.

“I’m sorry, My prediction was failed.” Dada said and laughing to herself.

“Enough White. You insulted Dada a lot. Dada ever had fault by going to nightclub although she was 19 years old, but that fault was a past. Now we are staying at the present. ” University council leader blamed to White. “I already know Dada’s attitude completely. OK… Now I will choose students to be university ambassador.”


Finally, time of exciting was coming… Now big hall was fulfilled with uncomfortable atmosphere. Now university council leader started to say names of the university ambassador.

“The university ambassadors in this year are….”

Part 3

At Funky Villa



Now Praewa, Som-O, Lookgade, Manaw and Lemon used their glass of beer cheered together with their happiness because Praewa and Som-O could be University ambassador. That time at big hall Lookgade felt sad very much that she wasn’t qualified due to her answer wasn’t good much. But she didn’t worry because her friend Som-O and Praewa could be university ambassador with the glory. Actually Som-O and Praewa ever did surgery to extend their beauty to attract anyone who stayed near her. Now they were celebrating at Funky Villa, nightclub that was owned by Dada. Praewa wanted to talk with Dada privately so she chose celebrated place to Funky Villa. That was beautiful nightclub. Not more artificial as Praewa thought. Many places in Funky Villa was designed to hangout more than dancing like discotheque. Actually Salvador focused this nightclub as talking center. He ever found arrogant situation. He knew the reason of being arrogant. That came from speechless so he wanted everyone talked together by creating Funky Villa.

“Hey Praewa.” Som-O called Praewa who was using smartphone to take selfie. “Do you want to play Lure to die?”

Lure to die?” Praewa temporally doubted and she accepted immediately. “Yes. I play. And Lookgade, do you want to play Lure to die?”

“That is so interesting, Praewa.” Lookgade smiled and said. She saw around her and looked like Praewa’s group was so hot. Look at that guy!!! Wow!!! There were many guys who was geek were walking around Funky Villa.

Actually Lure to die was a game that you dressed beautiful or handsome appearance to lure opposite sex for flirting you, but you had to deny strongly until that opposite sex felt bad to flirt you, such as telling, “I’m sorry, I already have a husband. I don’t care you who was a dumb boy to seek beautiful girl. Back off.” This game violated to someone who lacked confidence but love handsome or beautiful people. Many booth babes or someone who thought “I’m very beautiful” loved to play this game a lot. Someone competed together. Who got most denying? They shared in nightlife webboard and posted their picture about reactions from preys.

“Hey Hey Hey! First prey is coming.” Lookgade said to Praewa and pointed to that guys who wore orange T-Shirt and fat body. He had facial hair and skinhead hairstyle. Um… this prey looked like appetizers at this night. He was so delicious. Yeah!!! He was walking to Praewa’s table slowly. He crashed to another table beside him until another one watched to him. Finally, he stopped walking and said to Praewa.

“Hello.” That fat guy said and smiled. He was holding his phone.

“Hi…” Praewa smiled. “Do you want my phone number?”


When that fat guy heard about this, he jumped with his happiness. Finally, he got phone number from Praewa. He brought his phone to Praewa but Praewa called Manaw to takedown that fat guy instantly. Manaw rushed from the back and he (In the Urbanist, all butches I used pronoun as “he, him, his”) pushed that fat guy away with his hands before he said.

“What the fuck are you talking with my girlfriend?”

That fat guy stunted and looked like this was Manaw’s opportunity to abuse fat guy. He saw to fat guy with insulting sight.

“I….” Fat guy confused. He didn’t say anything but Manaw still pushed fat guy away from Praewa.

“Get out of here motherfucker!”

Manaw yelled again. Now that fat guy ran away and he cried immediately. Looked like this was the worst experience of flirting girl ever. Manaw and Praewa did highfive together due to they eliminated first prey successfully.

“Wow!! Yeah!!!” Manaw said to Praewa. “First prey was cried as same as a girl who wore red skirt.”

Lookgade felt uncomfortable when Praewa abused another men in nightclub. She felt if that guys will strike back with dirty method, how can Praewa do? It was fun game but this game abuse another men. She didn’t like it.

“Is it really fun?” Lookgade created question.

“Yes. Very very fun.” Praewa answered. “Forget your morality and have fun with this game.”

“Yeah.” Lookgade said, but she felt bad with this game much.

Then second prey was coming. Now he was so perfect. He had six packs muscle on his stomach, V-shaped face and short hair. He was very hot. That made Lookgade and Som-O stunted with his handsomeness. Looked like he jumped away from men’s magazine. Now he was coming to Praewa’s table slowly, slowly and slowly. Until he winked to Praewa before he started talking.

“Hi. Do you know who is Dada?” Huh? This guy started to say with Dada? Why?

“I don’t know. Is Dada your girlfriend?” Praewa asked to that guy. “I want to hint to you. She never interest a guy who is gay like you.”

“I just ask where is Dada, not letting her suck my dick.” Handsome guy retorted Praewa.

Praewa stunted. She was retorted with taboo words she never knew some guys dared to say about this. He was defying Praewa’s power.

“Really? Your dick is really bad. Keep your dick to fuck with any female ants.” Praewa insulted severely to that guy. That guy felt angry more than first time he saw to Praewa.

“Hey!!! Do you know many gorgeous girls like to insult guys who want to flirt.” Looked like handsome guy still talked to Praewa.

Looked like Manaw felt angry to that guy very much. He couldn’t tolerate to talk more time. He rushed from the back and punched to handsome guy instantly. That guy hurt and screamed with is pain loudly.

ARRRRRRGGGHHH!!! What the fuck are you doing?

“Hey pussy.” Manaw insulted that guy again and she pointed to Praewa. “This is my wife.”

“My wife?” Handsome guy saw to Manaw’s feet to his head. Um… That was fake men. Why this girl love that fake man? He didn’t know. But damn it!!! That butch was more handsome than me!! OK!!! I gave up.

Then that guy who just flirted Praewa rushed away from Praewa’s table with his panic. Then Dada and Manaw laughed together. But Som-O didn’t think as Praewa and Manaw. She rushed from Praewa’s table to that guy immediately.

“Where are you going?” Praewa asked. But Som-O didn’t say anything. She still rushed away from Praewa, but Praewa didn’t suspect what was Som-O doing. Now Som-O was running to that guy before she stopped running and she said “Hi.”

That guy smiled and said. “Hi.”

“I’m sorry. My friend was so rude.” Som-O said. “She was playing the game that insult anyone who flirted her. I’m really sorry.”

“Hey!!! Don’t think a lot. That is usual moment I often encounter it.” That guy said and smiled.

Huh? Is this usual?

“What’s your name?” Som-O asked to that guy.

“I’m Flash.” Flash revealed his name. “You asked your name as this, so do you want to flirt me?”

“Yes.” Som-O certainly answered. “What is your phone number.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t give my number to you.” Flash said and he walked away. Flash was Som-O specification. She fell in love to Flash extremely, but not Flash didn’t want to meet Som-O more, so Som-O’s infatuation was eliminated as a dust among the air.

Som-O was stunted. She was standing without her mind. She didn’t know how to do next. Then she cried relentlessly. This was first heartbroken she ever found.

Why am I unlucky with love!!!? Why?








Are you OK?

Someone held Som-O’s hands. With warm hand as this, Som-O never felt in her life. That hands were fulfilled with love, warm and maturity. Som-O stopped crying and she saw to person who was a savior from the sadness. She was a girl who had bang and dressed with cute costume. Her eyes were so big and she hugged Som-O with her love.

“Who are you?” Som-O asked to this girl.

“Aphrodite.” That girl answered. “Or my nickname is Dada. I’m Funky Villa’s owner.”

“Dada? university ambassador leader?” Som-O asked and held Dada’s hand. “You!!!! Dada!! Thanks God! Finally, I meet you. University council leader decided you to be ambassador leader. I’m Som-O. I’m university ambassador as same as you, but you’re leader.” Then Som-O hugged Dada aggressively with her excitement.

“Hey!!! Why are you so excited me a lot?” Dada asked when she was hugged.

“Dada? Who is this girl?” Then Dada’s friend Miyuki asked to Dada before she saw to Som-O as stranger.

“Som-O, university ambassador teammate.” Dada answered to Miyuki before she introduced about Miyuki to Som-O. “Som-O, she is Miyuki, exchanged student from Japan.”

“Miyuki?” Som-O said. “Nice to meet you.”


Then Praewa walked passed Som-O from behind and she touched to Som-O’s shoulder for stopping to say with Dada and her friends from Japan.

“Praewa.” Dada said but she didn’t smiled to Praewa. “Long time no see. How about you?”

“Look like you have leadership more than I think.” Praewa said. “Until university council leader chose you to be ambassador leader. Ah… I ever heard you owned this club? Why your dad allowed you to own this club although you’re under 20 years old? Don’t you remember you made Safe House nightclub to be terminated?”

“What are you……” Miyuki tried to blame Praewa, but she was stopped by Dada. Dada used her hand blocked Miyuki to stay behind her before she said. “Miyuki, I do this myself.”

“Hahahaha.” Praewa laughed with insulting Dada. “Mafia’s daughter? I can’t believe that.”

“Yeah. But… Hey!!! I’m really jealous!! Your boobs are bigger than me!!” Dada chose gentle method to encounter with Praewa.

!!!!? She is so clever. Very fucking high leadership. !!!!

“Don’t humble more. I know you use humble method to win everyone.” Praewa said. “But your another side is really bullshit.”

“Praewa, evade! My VIP guests are going to their VIP table.” Dada said to Praewa. Then she called to waitress. “Hey Tong. Where is VIP table?”

“Here, Miss Dada.” Waitress said and she pointed to VIP table. Dada followed waitress to VIP table.

“My friends are Japanese. They need Sake or Shochu. Do you have these?” Dada asked to waitress.

“Yes. I have.”

“Give 1 bottle of….” Dada said but she was interrupted. Actually Miyuki loved to drink Smirnoff or Absolut more than Japanese liquor.

“I want 1 bottle of Smirnoff.” Miyuki said. “Naru, do you interest this Smirnoff.”

“Yeah.” Naru answered.

“I will mix this drinking to you. I’m also bartender!!” Miyuki said.

“Huh? Really, Miyuki?” Dada asked. “Look like I can’t lose you from me. You’re so talented of food and beverages.”

“Actually my dad wanted me to drink boring Sake a lot. I am really boring.” Miyuki said. “Sake’s taste was fulfilled with alcohol. As same as drinking alcohol.”

“Really? I never drink Sake.” Mayumi asked curiously. “Look like Miyuki tried to drink alcoholic drinks all of the world.”

“Miyuki. Did you try Absinthe?” Dada started to tell about the most dangerous alcohol drink in the world.

“Absinthe? What is that? I never know.” Miyuki doubted curiously.

“If you drink this, you will see another world. I ever tried it and that was so awesome, but it was risk. If you had bad experiences in the past, you will see bad experiences too.” Dada introduced about Absinthe to Miyuki, but Miyuki din’t care danger from Absinthe much. She thought only “Enjoy”. She was so kittenish girl Dada ever met.

“Where did you drink Absinthe?” Naru asked to Dada.

“At Czech Republic.” Dada answered. “My dad ever traveled at this place and he ordered Absinthe to let me drink. 1 shot, 1 kill!! I drank only one shot and I felt fallen to the enormous hole in my mind. I saw everything was so colorful and bright. That was so awesome, but I got bad trip with this drink. That was so very dangerous. If you didn’t trust yourself to handle Absinthe, stop first.”

Miyuki, Naru and Mayumi was excited with Dada’s talking. Looked like Dada’s experiences of drinking alcohol drinks was so very much than another one thought. You saw this Dada’s innocent face, but she tried all adult stuffs. Reason why Dada tried with this because her dad wanted her to be organized crime leader, but Dada didn’t want to be this, but she agreed to try alcoholic drinks. It wasn’t taken damage to Dada’s body due to her body resisted toxic from alcoholic drinks and less drunken.

Meanwhile at Japanese restaurant, Nakiya at Thonglor, Bangkok. This restaurant was so small but was fulfilled with delicious atmosphere. With yellow light bulbs shined around Nakiya, that made everyone who visited to this place felt in loved together. Chefs in Nakiya were imported from Japan, so Japanese culture and atmosphere also appeared since waitress opened restaurant door. Actually Japanese TV program that was opened via TV in Nakiya made everyone interested it. Although it was Japanese, but pictures in TV were guessed easily what master of ceremony conveyed about. Many Japanese TV program were cooking. Ah… Don’t see that, you may hungry.

Now Akiko and Toto reserved some table in Nakiya. Waitress walked to Akiko and Toto and brought menu book to them. Toto picked that menu book and he opened to see interested menu in Nakiya.

“What do you order?” Toto saw to Akiko and he asked to her. He didn’t know what menu is the most delicious. Aliko was Japanese, so she might know Japanese food well. But… For Toto who enjoyed to eat pizza, when he saw to Japanese pizza, his eyes were shined and he said to Akiko immediately. “Finally, I know what I will order.”

“What?” Akiko asked. But she chose to order 1 set of Sashimi to waitress who was standing near Akiko and Toto’s table.

“I want to eat Pizza.” Toto certainly said to Akiko and he smiled with his exciting.

“Pizza?” Akiko interjected. “Hey!!! You’re at Japanese restaurant, not Italian restaurant.”

“No No No!!! In this menu has Japanese pizza. It said this pizza mixed with wasabi. I want to try this.”

“Try?” Akiko asked. “OK. So you try yourself.”

Actually Akiko didn’t love to eat any pizzas because carbohydrate wasn’t suitable to Akiko much. When she ate some carbohydrate foods although that was decorated to be beautiful, she felt uncomfortable to her body. She didn’t know why she had this error inside her body. For Akiko, she preferred vegetables or seafood. That was suitable for her very much.

But… For Toto? He ate every meats. Beef, pork, octopus, Gaebul, etc. He ate everything in this world and looked like pizza was one of the greatest taste he ever ate. So he preferred to pizza first when he got opportunity to eat pizza.

After Toto ordered pizza, waitress lectured Akiko and Toto’s ordering before she walked away. Now Akiko continued to talk with Toto.

“Can I ask something?” Akiko asked.

“Yeah.” Toto answered.

“Why are your English skill very great?” Akiko felt confused when she talked to Toto with English but Toto said as same as American or English people as seen on YouTube or movies.

“My dad is ambassador. Now he is at Denmark.” Toto told about his dad to Akiko. “He taught English to me like a boss. Everyday when I went to my home after learning, my dad greeted as English words. And his wife who was my mom was American. So… my home used English as primary language. Perhaps my Thai language is also weak hahaha.”

“Wow!!! That’s good.” Akiko said and smiled with shy feeling. For Japanese, smiling was so easy but they did for feeling shy, not offensive smiling as Thai people. “Why do you interest me? I’m not big boobs as booth babes.”

“Because your smile is fulfilled with sincere feeling.” Toto answered truly. “And your eyes aren’t big. When you smile to me, your eyes smile too. That is your attraction that send to me strongly. You’re fulfilled with warmth until I can touch.”

When Akiko heard about this, she felt very good. Only Toto said about this. Another men didn’t dare to compliment to Akiko directly, or… she never had boyfriend and she met Toto so she felt in love.

“Akiko, sit near me.” Toto said and saw to Akiko before Akiko moved herself against Toto. Then Toto contacted to Akiko’s eyes. Akiko’s eyes had only one eyelid, but that was so enough to attract Toto. Then Toto used his right hand and right arm embraced to Akiko’s back. With his warmth from right arm, Akiko could feel that was fulfilled with happiness. She was never hugged from another men. Now her heartbeats were strong with her excitement. Meanwhile Toto felt warm to Akiko’s body that was so soft. Although Akiko’s body wasn’t sexy, but he felt different than sexy girls he was ever hugged and had sex with them. Actually Toto ever touched to breast that enhanced with silicone. It was so soft, and flexible as same as rubber doll. But for Akiko, he felt better. His heartbeats were so strong as same as Akiko too. Now he couldn’t control himself. He tried to Kiss Akiko slowly, slowly and slowly. With jazz music from Japanese that opened in Japanese restaurant, it enhanced the atmosphere very well. Akiko readied to receive warm kiss from Toto.

Finally, Toto decided to kiss at Akiko’s forehead. Because kissing at Akiko’s mouth was hard to do and Akiko’s body was so small so he chose to kiss at Akiko’s forehead. With kissing forehead, that was so enough for Akiko. She received Toto’s conveying very well without saying anything. After Toto’s kissing, Akiko saw to Toto and she said. “I don’t know is this real love? But I feel happy when I stay with you at Valentine’s day.”

Huh? This day is Valentine’s day?

Toto just knew from Akiko. He said. “Huh? I just know this is Valentine’s day.”

“Do you forget this necessary day?” Akiko blamed to Toto with pungent.

“I really forget. I’m sorry. But… dating at Japanese restaurant is so romantic.” Toto said. But Akiko frowned to perform she was boring to Toto’s ignorance. For Akiko, she was strict to necessary days as Valentine’s day a lot until anyone saw her was silly.

“We just know together only 2 week, but you hug me.” Akiko said. “That is really fast.”

“And do you love it?” Toto asked to Akiko.

“With my intuition, I can feel that is fulfilled with love. My heartbeats are so strong.” Akiko said. Then waitress brought ordered menu to Toto and Akiko’s table.

“Here.” Waitress said to Toto and Akiko. First appearance from meals were very great smell. Japanese pizza brought wasabi smell to Toto directly. But Akiko’s sashimi, no smell appeared. Sashimi needed to be eaten first for knowing its taste. Dipping with Shoyu or ate with wasabi, that was so great taste.

Akiko picked her Japanese black chopsticks to pick a piece of sliced sashimi to Toto and she said. “Hey!! Toto, eat this.”

“Sashimi, raw fish?” Toto asked. “Thank you.” Then he used chopsticks picked piece of sashimi he got from Akiko to his mouth. Toto felt that taste was so different than he thought. It was so deep and mysterious.

“Look like I eat alive fish.” Toto said.

“Hahaha. Eat wasabi too.” Akiko called Toto to eat wasabi. Toto picked wasabi and put to his mouth immediately. He felt spiced a lot and that spiced feeling breakthrough to his ears relentlessly until Toto’s face  was blended.

“hahaha!!” Akiko laughed out loud. “Eat wasabi a little.”

“I never eat wasabi hahaha.” Toto laughed with his ignorance to eat wasabi. Looked like relationship between Toto and Akiko was growing up from their same chemistry. But… Akiko never knew Toto was PUA. Did Toto love Akiko really? Akiko didn’t know and Toto didn’t know himself too.

Time was a judge in future.

Back to Funky Villa, at Praewa’s table.

“Get out of here!!!”

“That’s so boring!”

“I’m sorry. I already had husband.”

My BF is White and He’s 6 Feet Tall!”

“You’re same as a cutie dog who tried to pickup tiger.”


Many insult sentences Praewa blew out to every guys who tried to flirted her, they made every guys in Funky Villa started to hate her and her friends with reason “Does she think herself she is beautiful as angel? They insult me relentlessly.” Meanwhile at Dada’s table there were 5 guys who tried to flirt Dada, Mayumi, Naru and Miyuki, but Mayumi, Naru and Miyuki who were Japanese that couldn’t say Thai, so guys were failed immediately.

Except someone who tried to flirt Dada.

“Hey!!! You’re so cute.” His name was Chak. Looked like he was rich. Looked to his costume. That was tuxedo!!! Dada secured herself for this guy.

“Thank you.” Dada said and didn’t reply back.

“But… you need to enhance your boobs. Your boobs are so small. Not suitable to dress sexy costume as this.” Oh!!! Finally that tuxedo guys criticized Dada with… her boobs… It was so pervert and explicit to Dada a lot. Dada didn’t want someone who criticized her small boobs. She felt bad but she replied. “Hey!!! Let’s dance together dude.”

Dada tried to see that guy reactions when he tried to flirt her with…. awkward method. Actually Dada played “Lure to die” game. Now Mayumi, Naru and Miyuki didn’t know what that guy said about because he said with Thai that only Dada knew.

But for Dada’s lure to die method… She was so more dangerous than Praewa who retorted with her blaming!!

“Dada, what are you doing?” Miyuki asked to Dada.

“Just a moment, Miyuki.” Dada answered and winked to Miyuki. “This is my game.”

Now that guy thought he won Dada. Now he felt proud to pick up Dada successfully due to Dada invited to danced together. Dada allowed that guy to touch her, embraced her, hugged her. Actually Dada’s body resist drunken status from alcoholic drinks. Although she drank alcoholic drink a lot, but it couldn’t harm her body and no drunken effect. Dada invited that guys to drink, drink and drink vodka until now he was drunken as werewolf who readied to howl when it saw to fullmoon.

Dada’s luring wasn’t useless. It was really powerful. That guy didn’t know Dada lured him to drink vodka until be drunken. No retorting, no despairing. Win-Win but Dada was real winner.

“Ah… That guy is so suck.” Dada said to her Japanese friend. “Boring.”

“Hahaha.” Miyuki laughed.

After that bouncers brought that guy to get out from Funky Villa. Yeah, for him, this was the worst of nightlife ever!! Dada was also dangerous!!

“You did it severely.” Mayumi said to Dada.

“Severe?” Dada asked back. “He didn’t have drink responsibility. Don’t accuse me.”

“Dada said right.” Miyuki supported Dada.

“But I feel pity to that guy.” Dada said. “Why Praewa can tolerate to insult any guys?”

“Hey!!! That lesbian never feel men’s heart.” Miyuki answered. “She decided to tease all men in this club.”

“But I feel guys in Funky Villa lack of flirting skills.” Dada said. “I feel boring when that guys said ‘Hey!! You’re so sexy’ or something. I need to talk together. Miyuki, Naru, Mayumi, can you agree?”

Miyuki, Naru and Mayumi didn’t answer immediately. They thought with 3-5 seconds before Mayumi answered. “Look like nightclub wasn’t made for talking. Bar, pub are.”

“Maybe.” Dada said.

But… Now songs in Funky Villa was changed to EDM style. And… that EDM song was so freaked. There were many 8-bit sounds in that mixing. Um… everyone already knew who will be DJ at night.

With his hairstyle, his in-ear monitor, his costume, his sexy MC. Everyone knew he is… Chris and Tingting!!!

“Hey!!! That DJ at Japan Expo.” Miyuki said. “He is so awesome and his MC is so beautiful.”

“That MC?” Dada said. “She is former booth babe. Her name is Tingting.”

“Tingting? She is so badass.” Naru said.

Now Tingting picked wireless microphone from staff from backstage. She tested that microphone by saying “1…2…3…hello”. Looked like Tingting as MC job will be greater than booth babe job. She entertained everyone very well. With her appearance, everyone in Funky Villa stopped chatting and paid attention to Tingting directly.

“Hey!!” Tingting greeted to everyone. “Do you remember me?”

“Yeah!!!” Someone said to Tingting, but looked like reactions from audience was so quiet.

“Don’t be drunken baby. This time is 22:00 hrs. Just dance together.” Tingting said. “Are you ready?”


“Are you ready?”


“Are you ready?”


“Very good Funky Villa mate!” Tingting said. “OK. Chris… Music GO!”

Then Chris opened his mixed music. First song he mixed with EDM style that fulfilled with bass. Everyone danced crazily. They forgot what were their friend. From talking time, now this was dancing time. Everyone stood up to dance together with EDM mixed songs. And Tingting made everyone enjoyed with songs. Looked like years 2009 wasn’t the age of smartphone as same as this time so everyone paid attention to music more than chatting to destroy fun atmosphere in nightclub.

Looked like Dada loved Chris’s mixed song a lot. She walked away from her reserved VIP table that was far away from DJ stage. She wanted to give spirit to DJ. Chris mixed songs very very well.

“Where are you going?” Naru asked and pulled Dada.

“Near DJ stage.” Dada answered and smiled. “Naru. Do you want to go with me?”

Naru saw to Mayumi and Miyuki and asked “Mayumi, Miyuki. Do you want to near DJ stage with Dada?”

“Huh?” Miyuki said. “Yeah Yeah Yeah. I go.”

Then Dada brought her Japanese friends to near DJ floor. Now Tingting was entertaining audiences insanely. With her energy, she could do everything in Funky Villa as her world.

“Are you ready to jump and shake your head?” Tingting said to audiences via her microphone before she raised her hand to give signal of preparing to everyone.

“Yes!!!” Audiences yelled and raised their hand above their head.

Now EDM song was coming to the break sequence. Tingting raised her hand above her head. Every audiences were raising their hands too. Dada, Miyuki, Naru and Mayumi raised their hand as same as Tingting.

“She is so badass.” Miyuki felt appreciated to Tingting.

“Yeah.” Dada said. “This DJ and MC are so awesome. Look like I will have to deal with them. I want these DJ and MC opened in Funky Villa every Friday and Saturday.”


Until EDM songs went to breakdown sequences… But Chris chose song from CAPSULE named Flash Back by Yasutaka Nakata. Naru, Miyuki and Mayumi knew that song very well since they were at Japan.

“Flash black!!!” Miyuki yelled.  “This is Flash Back from CAPSULE.”

“Huh?” Dada suspected.

“Japanese song from my favorite DJ.” Naru said to Dada.

“Really?” Dada never listen Flash Back song. Actually this songs was instrumental. No lyric to sing. But Yasutaka Nakata made this song very very well. Looked like Mayumi, Dada,  Miyuki and Naru jumped with their happiness.

“Hey Hey Hey!!! Why this girl group dance insanely? Are you drunk hahaha.” Tingting said to Dada’s group.

Meanwhile at Praewa’s table, Lookgade, Manaw and Som-O wanted to go to toilet. They wanted to take a pee very much.

“Hey! Praewa. I will go to toilet.” Manaw said.

“Me too.” Lookgade said and she followed Manaw.

“Me too.” Som-O said and she followed Lookgade. Now Praewa was alone. She was staying at her reserved table with only one. It was really unsafe. But she didn’t care anything. For Praewa, she didn’t interest to Chris’s mixed songs as another people. She came to nightclub for teasing men with Lure to die game only. And this day she played Lure to die very well. That was so enough. Praewa wanted to go home now but her friends were at toilet. So wait a few minutes for friends.

“I’m thirsty.” Praewa said to herself then she picked glass of beer to drink. Um… Beer tasted really good. As same as eating rice. It had rice taste Praewa guess.

Um… That is really delicious…

“1…2…3…Go.” Tingting still entertained to audiences relentlessly. Now Chris opened his mixed song to break time. Everyone readied to exploded their mind together. That was so really awesome and this night was so very excited.

Finally breakdown time appeared. Everyone raised their hand to dance spontaneously. With alcohol… It made everyone to be insane with Chris’s mixed song very very much. Looked like Miyuki started to be drunken. She fell down unconsciously to Mayumi until Mayumi brought her to her seat. Dada still danced and cheered to Chris although she knew Chris only “DJ from Japan Expo” but she didn’t know Chris’s real name.

With the happiness and excitement Tingting and Chris gave to audiences at Funky Villa extremely, so everyone felt in love with Chris’s sound very much.

Until Chris and Tingting’s performance ended successfully. Chris and Tingting kept their items to themselves and walked to downstairs. Dada saw Chris and Tingting were going down. She ran to Chris and Tingting immediately. Looked like she had something to tell Chris and Tingting.

“Hello DJ ad Tingting.” Dada said to Chris and Tingting. She knew only Tingting’s name.

Huh? Didn’t she know my name?

Chris asked himself in his mind. But Dada knew Tingting. That was enough.

“Hi. Dada.” Tingting said. “Finally I meet you in real life.” Actually Tingting connected to Dada only on Facebook. But now she saw Dada in real life. She was really cute as same as Dada’s profile picture. Dada didn’t retouch her photos much.

“Hi. Tingting.” Dada said. “Don’t you be booth babe more?”

“Booth babe? I’m infamous because of that clip.” Tingting answered. “How about Chris’s mixing song?”

“My friends who were Japanese loved DJ’s songs very much.” Dada complimented to Chris’s mixed song. “Looked like….. Um…. What is DJ’s name?”

!!!? Finally she asked my name.

“Chris.” Chris said to Dada. “You call me Chris. Dada.”

“Nice to meet you Chris, Tingting.” Dada said. “Next day you can open music at my club. I always welcome. I already own at Funky Villa.”

“You… are… Funky Villa’s owner?” Tingting asked.

“Yes.” Dada answered. “My dad gave this to me for managing.”

“Wow!!!” Chris smiled to Dada and Dada smiled back to Chris. “But Dada. Can I request something?”

“What? Chris?” Dada asked.

“Can you stop blocking me on your Facebook?” Chis doubted this with long time.

“Um… Yes. I can. I unblocked you now.” Dada said. “I’m sorry that I blocked you. I just think you’re someone who want to sent friend request randomly.”

“And… Finally I know who burned Sanctuary Club.” Chris said. “That is your dad’s club.”

“Who? I don’t know.” Dada asked. “I ever heard this news and that time my dad felt sad very much.”

Chris paused his talking temporally. Finally he answered. “My friend name Jane burned Sanctuary club.”


“But it was really complex when Jane was hired by Patrick, a man who wanted you to die. And Patrick was hired by White.”

White!!!!? Law teacher at ABAC? No!!!

“Impossible. He is law teacher at my university.” Dada said. “But… I agree with you, Chris. He teased me when I was qualifying to be student ambassador.”

“Really?” Chris asked. “But don’t tell this to anyone, Dada.”


“White planned to kill you. Jane already knew everything from Tiger organize crime and she was killed because White didn’t want this information to be leaked. You get this USB flash drive from me. This can tell about your mom named Athena.”


When Dada heard “mom”, her heart requested to her mom extremely. Finally her belief about her mom who must be alive was true. She had more hope to seek her mom who leaved from her since Dada was 6 years old.

“Are you sure? And do you believe my mom is alive?” Dada asked to Chris.

“Yes.” Chris answered.”

With Dada’s happiness, she wanted to thank to Chris very much. She hugged to Chris directly and she said. “Thank you Chris. With knowing my mom was alive, that is enough. My dad blamed to me a lot. He want my mom to stay together as family. Thank you. Thank you very very much.”

Tingting smiled. Looked like Mafia’s daughter needed to help from usual people as Chris. But Som-O ran to Dada and she said.

Dada. We’re in trouble. Praewa is lost. She was captured by some guys.

“Huh?” Dada asked. “And who captured Praewa”

“Sega.” Som-O answered. “The jerk of nightlife.”

“Sega? Who is that?” Dada doubted about Sega. “His name is same as arcade game developer.”

“Don’t be kidding Dada. My friend is in danger.” Som-O blamed.

“Do you know where Sega is bringing Praewa?” Dada asked.

“Maybe… nearest motel.” Som-O answered. “I ever heard about Sega. He loved to have one night stand relationship to girls in nightclub.”

“One night stand?” Dada asked. “Now she is in danger! Som-O, come with me.” Then Dada walked away from Tingting and Chris.

“Chris, Tingting. See you again. Now my friend is in danger.” Dada said to Tingting and Chris.

“Can I help you to help your friend?” Chris asked.

“Never mind Chris.” Dada answered and she smiled. “You can go home. For my friend, I have my own method to help her.”

“Good bye Dada.” Chris said. “I will chat to you via Facebook.”

“Yeah.” Dada said. “Good bye Chris and Tingting.” Then she waved her hand to Chris and Tingting.

But… Hey…. Dada’s Japanese friends ran to Dada and Miyuki asked to Dada directly. “Where are you going?”

“Praewa is in danger.” Dada said. “I will be right back. Don’t worry Miyuki.”

Miyuki hesitated to Dada curiously. Dada leaved from her without saying anything. She feared to Dada because Dada was target to assassinate twice. Then Dada walked with Som-O to her car at VIP parking.

“Huh? Impossible.” Som-O excited to Dada’s car a lot because Dada’s car was so expensive. Her car was Ferrari F430.

“You use this Ferrari car to help Praewa?” Som-O asked and she saw to Ferrari car that was owned by Dada relentlessly. With red color, glossy, very great shape. It was impossible that Dada owned this supercar. Ferrari was gentlemen’s car. This was the car for playboy.

“Yes.” Dada answered. “This is Ferrari F430. I always used to drive to ABAC everyday.”

“How did you own this car?” Som-O asked.

“Hey!!! My dad is mafia. Don’t forget you are near influencer!!” Dada said and smiled. “Sit down.” Then Dada opened her Ferrari’s car door to let Som-O sat. Dada sat to driver seat and started her car. Oh!!! That sound… It was different than another Japanese car.

“Wow…. Am I dreaming? I ever dream some guy who drives Ferrari car to date together. But now driver is my friend who is lady.”

“Are you ready? Equip safety belt.” Dada said to Som-O.

“Ready? GO!” Dada said and she accelerated throttle to move forward.

Part 4



Where am I?


Shit!!! I’m imprisoned!

Praewa felt herself. Looked like she felt hurt her body. She opened her eyes and saw around herself and she felt frightened when she was staying at some motel. Although room in motel decorated very beautiful that fulfilled with atmosphere to have sex, but now Praewa only wanted to escape from this place. Because she was tied with chain to her wrists and ankles. And now she wore only bra and underwear.

Damn it!!! Who tied me?

She couldn’t talk. Who was son of a bitch used gag to insert Praewa’s mouth. She was suffering extremely.


Praewa paid attention to talk, but her voice was same as a name of the greatest player on every arcade games.

Finally, someone opened the door. He wore only underwear and had 6 packs muscle. His body was so badass but… he wanted to rape Praewa with sadistic method. Looked at his hand. He was holding whip to hit Praewa. Praewa saw that whip and she feared extremely.

Fuck!!! I will be raped? No!!!

Praewa thought with this and she tried to shake herself to be free. But she couldn’t. That guy walked near Praewa and he hit Praewa with whip to Praewa’s body. Hitting sound was really creepy. Praewa screamed with her pain. She couldn’t say anything except AAA word.

“Hello Praewa.” That guy said. “My name is Sega, the greatest PUA in Thailand.”

Fuck!! That PUA haunts to me again?

Then Sega hit Praewa with whip again. Praewa screamed with gag and pain again. Now she was crying.

“Crying? No one can help you. Do you know this motel is mine. I paid with 10,000 Baht to have sex with you. You’re like the goddess of beauty. Your skin is really beautiful. And that boobs… It make me to squeeze them a lot.”

Huh? My value is 10,000 Baht? Am I a whore? No way!

“I love you when you try to survive, but it fails. As same as killing some animal. Ah… Your boobs are so beautiful. I want to touch it.”

Then Sega put whip down to the table and he walked near Praewa before he touched and scrubbed to Praewa’s boobs. Looked like Sega felt in love with them a lot. Praewa felt sad very much. Her boobs were touched from someone who never loved her.

“I love enhanced boobs as this.” Sega said. “As same as rubber doll.”

Who can help me from the hell time?

Looked like Praewa felt spasm more than she thought because Sega licked to left nipple and sucked tenderly.

Arr Arr Arr Arr Arr….

“Your body is so sweet and good smell” Sega complimented Praewa. Now Praewa wanted to slap or punch Sega away from her.

Why I feel good? But… I want to go away from him now!!

“You can’t escape!!” Sega said before he licked to Praewa’s right thigh. It was so spasm very much!!

Arr… Arr… Arr… Arr… Arr… Arr… Arr… Arr… Arr…

“Do you know why did women birth?” Sega asked to Praewa. “Because they was born to be fucked by another men.”

You’re motherfucking pervert!!!  Ah… I can’t tolerate forever. Don’t touch this place.

“Why is your thigh is so soft as pudding?” Sega asked again and he licked to thigh relentlessly and he tickled to Praewa’s underwear. She felt spasm extremely.


Praewa felt good, but she didn’t want this guy to have sex with her. Sega opened Praewa’s underwear but someone opened the door and shot Sega with electroshock gun. Sega fell down to the floor and sparked.

Praewa saw to someone who entered to the room. Ah… Those were Dada and Som-O.

“Arr Arr… Oh Oh!!” Praewa wanted to say Dada and Som-O, but her mouth was inserted with gag so she didn’t say anything. Dada took off gag from Praewa’s mouth and Som-O unlocked the chain that tied Dada’s body. Praewa felt safe and wanted to thank Dada and Som-O a lot.

“Dada, Som-O!!” Praewa said again after gag wasn’t at her mouth.

“You’re safe. Let’s get out of here.” Dada said and she gave cloth to Praewa. After Som-O unlocked chains that tied Praewa’s body, she hugged to Dada immediately and she said “Thank you very much Dada.”

“You’re welcome Praewa.” Dada said and she hugged to Praewa too before she scrubbed to Praewa’s head. “Don’t cry Praewa. This is time to escape.”

“Escape?” Praewa asked.

“Yes.” Som-O said. “Do you know we fought many Sega’s bodyguards a lot. They were dangerous But don’t worry Praewa, Dada have a gun to protect yourself.”

Dada gave taser gun to Praewa and she said. “Our weapons are non-lethal. They will temporally stunt.”

“Thank you.” Praewa said.

“But beware some guys who are walking. Sega’s bodyguards are a lot.” Dada said. “Let’s go.”

Then Dada, Praewa and Som-O walked away from that room. Som-O and Praewa followed Dada to exit in motel. Looked like this wasn’t usual motel. Way was so complex.

Now three ladies walked to 3rd floor. They will be near exit now. But… some guard was standing. Dada saw him and she brought Praewa and Som-O to hide at some pillar.

“Wait. That guy I will take down.” Dada said and she shot that guy with electroshock bullet. He was shocked temporally and fell down to the floor.

“Go.” Dada said to her friends and they walked slowly. Then Dada brought that guard to another place. After that 3 ladies walked to downstairs and…. What the fuck!!!? 5 guards were talking together. That was dangerous.

“How can I do?” Praewa asked to Dada.

“Close your nose.” Dada said and she picked marijuana smoke grenade from her bag to make that guards got hallucination. She triggered marijuana smoke grenade and she threw to that guards group.

“What is this?” Some guards asked to them when he saw to marijuana smoke grenade. He picked it and he saw that appearance. It was decorated with peace logo. Finally, that smoke grenade activated. Green smoke spread out from grenade relentlessly. 5 guards sniffed to marijuana air certainly until they were high.

Ah… I’m high!!!

Oh!!! Heaven sent the marijuana to me…

“They are high.” Dada said. “Let’s go.”

But… that signal sound activated. Red light shined to warn about this place was in danger. Every guards except that 5 guards who sniffed marijuana air woke up and ready to fight with intruders. They armed extremely.

Actually Sega activated that signal after he woke from the shocking.

“Damn!!! Praewa… You must be mine!!” Sega said to himself. He dressed his cloth and he picked minigun from secret room in motel. Looked like he wanted Dada, Praewa and Som-O to die.

Now Dada, Praewa and Som-O were escaping from this motel. But… Many guards blocked way to second floor. They readied to aim their weapons to 3 ladies.

“Shoot.” Some guards commanded their team to shoot 3 ladies relentlessly. Dada, Som-O and Praew evaded from bullets’ direction spontaneously.

“Look like taser guns is useless.” Dada said. “Go another way.” Then she ran to kitchen in second floor. But…

Shit!!! Minigun!!

Dada interjected extremely. That was Sega. He wore with battle suit to encounter with Dada to the death.

“Why Salvador’s daughter interrupt me? That isn’t your place.” Sega said and he opened fire to 3 ladies.

“Fuck!! That is really dangerous!!” Praewa said. “Do you have more marijuana smoke grenade?”

“Ah… Marijuana grenade is empty.” Dada said. “But I have 3 LSD grenades. Effect is same as marijuana but it is more dangerous hallucination. You must hold your breath when I use this grenade.”

“OK.” Praewa said when she was hiding from Sega.

“I will count and you run with me.” Dada said to Praewa and Som-O. “3…2…1”

After that Dada triggered and threw LSD grenade to Sega from behind. LSD grenade worked very fast.

What the fuck is that? Fuck!!! That smell.

Sega sniffed LSD smoke grenade directly and he got strong hallucination. He saw Dada, Som-O and Praewa as a fairy.

“Fairy… Ah…”

Sega said when he saw fairy from the hallucination. Now his vision was twisted and blended from the reality. From men to women, from women to fairy. Inside Sega’s mind was sex, sex and sex.

Dada and her friends went across.Sega who got hallucination from the LSD. They ran very fast and got out from the kitchen. Oh!!! That’s it! Fire Exit door.

“This way.” Dada said and she opened Fire Exit to the first floor. Looked like exit way that Dada chose was safe. No one tried to encounter Dada and her friends more.

“I’m sorry about my car had only 2 seats.” Dada said. “So Som-O sit above Praewa’s lap.”

“Which is your car?” Praewa asked.

“This car.” Dada answered. “Ferrari F430”

Ferrari F430? Impossible.

Praewa shocked very much when Dada owned that supercar. In Praewa’s dream, she wanted to sit at Ferrari, but now her dream was real instantly. Dada pressed open the door button on remote key. Then Dada’s Ferrari Car opened the door. Praewa sat to passenger’s seat first and let Som-O sat next.

“Hey!!! Som-O is really heavy.” Praewa complained when Som-O sat to her lap.

“Are you ready?” Dada asked.

“Yeah.” Praewa answered and she nodded. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

“OK.” Dada said and she accelerated throttle immediately!! Praewa and Som-O frightened to speed very much. That speed… It was so very fast!! Now Dada’s car went away from Sega’s motel business and she went to Thonglor immediately. Actually Sega’s motel was at Ratchada. Everyone in Thailand knew about Ratchada was brand new nightlife district that everyone enjoyed with very gorgeous girl in those places. Luckily, Ratchada road had good traffic so Dada accelerated her car to Thonglor very fast.

“Where is this place?” Praewa asked.

“Ratchada.” Dada answered. “My dad ever said Tiger organized crime controlled this place. I never go to Ratchada so I don’t know how about it.”

“I ever go.” Som-O said. “There are many discotheques in Ratchada. “At Songkran Festival. I felt this place had dark influences so I didn’t go to this place lonely.”

“Yeah.” Dada said. “Ratchada was controlled by Tiger. Actually my dad ever controlled RCA. Since RCA was boomed very much in 1995-2002. But… Tiger organized crime dominated RCA brutality. Tiger organized crime killed Phoenix teammates. My dad ever said RCA was the golden place of nightlife and make new friends. My dad ever owned Baby Blink discotheque but it was dominated in 2004 due to police busted many people who used drugs.”

“Year 2004? We’re at grade 8 at school hahaha. That time I bought ICE magazine to watch horoscope.” Praewa said about past.

“But why did you buy rubber cement as a birthday gift to me?” Dada asked. “Do you know inhalants is my fatal allergy. I can’t sniff it.”

“Really Dada?” Som-O asked.”I just know.”

“I confess.” Praewa started to tell everything. “At high school I hate you. I hate you very much because my dad ever said you’re very dangerous girl. And… My dad said you was allergic to inhalants and this made you die instantly. I also sent that rubber cement to you for sending hatred. That time I am also popular very much and someone created bad news to you. I was foolish very much. I believed that shitty news and saw you as my enemy. Finally, I know you’re very kind. Please forgive me, Dada.”

“Who is you dad?” Dada asked curiously. “Is he a member of Tiger?”

“Yes. His name was Somchai.” Praewa answered. “Forget it Dada. He was dead.”

“Dead? Why?” Dada asked.

“My cousin ever said he and my mom was member of Tiger organized crime. My dad and my mom was dead at RCA in the war of conquering RCA. My dad’s friend accused you about you’re daughter of the Reaper, so everyone in Tiger wanted you to die. I hated mafia organizations very much, but my adopted sister named Roxanne fed me until today. Roxanne was the rebel of Tiger organized crime.”

“Roxanne, famous female DJ?” Dada asked.

“Yes. Although she wasn’t bloodline sister, but she took care me very well. Now she wanted me to be her MC. My life was survived from the trouble.” Praewa said.

Now Dada felt happy when she knew reason why Praewa hated her when she learned at school. Looked like Tiger organized crime was so dangerous than she thought. And Dada was Salvador’s daughter so she was so dangerous. But… Praewa confessed everything and looked like she didn’t hate her forever, so she wanted Praewa to be her best friend immediately.

“Praewa.” Dada called Praewa.

“What?” Praewa asked.

“Can you be my friend?” Dada asked to Praewa.

Praewa didn’t answer immediately. She thought something… but it was so nonsense. Praewa used her little finger to do Pinky Promise.

“Yeah.” Praewa said and she raised her little finger to Dada.

“Pinky Promise?” Dada said to Praewa. “Do you promise with mafia? I fear you will be in danger.”

“I trust you, Dada.” Praewa said and she smiled. “But do you trust me?”

Dada saw to Praewa’s eyes. Yeah!! Praewa’s eyes were fulfilled with trustworthiness. She also hooked to Praewa’s little finger to do Pinky Promise.

“I trust you, the most beautiful ambassador in university.” Dada answered and complimented to Praewa proudly. “I never hate you. Do you know?”

“Hey!!! Let me do Pinky Promise.” Som-O said and she used her little finger to hook Praewa’s little finger and Dada’s little finger.

“We’re friend together.” Dada said. “Don’t panic to everything because you have mafia as friend hahaha.”

Then Praewa, Som-O and Dada were friend together. Looked like relationship were grown with their conveying and understanding. Hatred couldn’t defeat love forever. And… When Praewa and Dada were friend, that meant influences were grown more than another one thought. Because Dada and Praewa were celebrity in Social Network, but Sega didn’t give up with this.

Relationship updated!

Dada 😄 Praewa


Dada 😄 Som-O


Dada 😄 Lookgade


Now Dada drove her Ferrari Car to Funky Villa. This time was 00:15 hrs. Looked like Toto and Akiko finished dating. They will need party at Funky Villa. When Dada stopped her car, Praewa and Som-O got out from Ferrari proudly. Lookgade was waiting at outside of Funky Villa. Dada could help Praewa from the horny guy named Sega.

“Praewa!!!” Lookgade stood at parking zone and she said to Praewa when Praewa walked out from Dada’s car. Then she ran to her friend and she hugged Praewa with her worry before she said. “Are you OK?”

“Yeah. I’m OK, Lookgade.” Praewa said. “You must thank to Dada very much. She is so badass to help me from the motel.”

“Dada.” Lookgade said after she released her hug. “Thank you very much.” Then she hugged Dada with her happiness. She feared Praewa will be in trouble.

“Hey!!!” Dada felt shy. “Your head hit my boobs.”

“I’m sorry.” Lookgade apologized. “But…. Do you have boobs?”

!!!!? LOOKGADE !!!!

Dada blamed to Lookgade who complained her boobs again. Looked like Dada’s boob was so ….. A cup… Dada hit to Lookgade tenderly. She felt shy for sometimes. But… Dada saw to Toto and Akiko who were outside Funky Villa. Toto and Akiko held their hand together. Dada saw to them and she felt sad when her relationship with Toto was only friend. With sadness, Praewa could feel what Dada felt about.

“Dada.” Praewa asked. “Why are you sad?”

“Nothing.” Dada lied Praewa. “I see my friend who will be in a relationship, I feel happy.”

Praewa saw to Toto and Akiko and she felt appreciated with love appearance. She said. “Dada. I know this guy well. Someday he will break up that girl. He ever flirted me but his skill at that time was really fucking suck.”

“Praewa. Why do you blame to my friend?” Dada blamed to Praewa. “Although he is womanizer, but someday he will know the truth of love.”

“Maybe.” Praewa said. “If he isn’t a member of PUA.”

“Yeah.” Dada said. Then she sought her Japanese friends. But looked like Miyuki, Naru and Mayumi already went to home.

“See you again Dada. I will go home now. Thank you for saving me.” Praewa said and she waved her hand before she went away from Dada.

“Wait!!!” Dada said and she pulled Praewa’s hand. “What is your Facebook account?”

Praewa stopped walking and she saw to Dada. “Give your phone to me.”

Dada gave her iPhone 3G to Praewa and Praewa opened Facebook apps for searching her Facebook account. After that she added her phone number to Dada’s iPhone and she kissed to back side of Dada’s iPhone.

“What are you doing with my iPhone?” Dada asked Praewa.

“Free Kiss.” Praewa answered. “For you. But I have condition.”


“Please tutor me. Final examination will be near.” Praewa said. She know Dada was very clever so she needed Dada to help her. Dada smiled and answered. “Yeah!!”

Finally, Dada opened her body to let Praewa hugged Dada. Praewa walked to Dada and hugged with her love.❤️

I love you very much, Dada ❤️

“Huh?” Dada confused!! her friend said “I love you” to her.


2 weeks later, At ABAC. This week had final examination. Everyone entered to exam room and did exam seriously. At the cathedral of learning, there were many students read many books insanely. Someone tutored their friends with many subjects they will appear on exam sheets. No one talk with nonsense stories. This was the atmosphere of final examination.

At examination room, Dada, Toto, Miyuki, Praewa, Naru, Lookgade, Mayumi, Akiko, Som-O paid attention to do examination. Everyone prepared to exam very well. With Dada’s tutorial, so everyone did exam very well.

1 months later…

Everyone opened their learning database to check GPA. Dada opened her computer and she checked her database. Oh!!! Wow!!!

Someone called Dada when she was watching her learning result. Dada received her phone immediately because Praewa called her.

“Hi Dada. How much GPA do you get?” Praewa asked with calling.

“3.54” Dada answered. “And you?”

“Ah… Can I tell you directly. It is so bad.”

“Tell me my friend.” Dada said.

“3.86” Praewa answered.

“Huh? Impossible!!!” Dada said. “You get GPA more than me.”

“Hahahaha.” Praewa said. “Hey!!! On Sunday do you want to go at Roxanne’s home? We will organize exclusive pool party.”

“Pool party?” Dada asked and she saw to her boobs. “Don’t tease me about my boob is so small hahaha. But.. long time ago I don’t wear swimsuit.”

“let me show your sexy.” Praewa said. Dada smiled with Praewa’s invitation.


In Pool party on Sunday, Dada was pushed to the pool by Praewa and Akiko. She screamed with her frightening. Ah!!! They were so naughty. They kill my mafia’s personality. Now Dada looked like swimming cat.

“Praewa!!!” Dada said to Praewa. “Go to the pool with me. Akiko. Push her!”

“Yeah!” Akiko said and she pushed Praewa to the pool immediately! Dada saw to Praewa’s boobs. Looked like her boobs weren’t shaken. It was so funny so Dada smiled with nonsense reason.

“What are you smiling, Dada?” Preaewa asked.

“Your boobs is so strong as same as volcanoes.” Dada answered. “You enhanced boobs? Can I touch them?”

“No way!!!” Praewa answered. “This is my precious thing.”

“Hahaha. I’m kidding you.” Dada said.

When Dada and Praewa were talking, Toto who wore with swim short walked near the pool. Akiko saw to Toto and she said. “Hi Toto.”

“Hey!! Akiko.” Toto said. “Avoid me. I will create Tsunami onto the pool.” Then he jumped to the pool extremely and swam to Akiko.

“Hey Dada.” Praewa said and she saw to Toto and Akiko. “Toto and Akiko have same chemistry. That is so sweet as same as TV series.”

“Yeah.” Dada said, but she felt jealous to Akiko because Dada love Toto, but her love was hidden.

“How about Roxanne?” Praewa asked to Dada. “Is she opening songs well?”

“Yeah.” Dada answered. “She is so sexy. But… Can I ask something?”

“Yeah. Let’s ask me.” Praewa said.

“Is Roxanne your lover?” Dada asked.

“No No No! She took care me since I was orphan.” Praewa answered. “My dad and mom was dead since I was a child.”

“She is so gorgeous.” Dada said. “If she will be in a relationship with Chris, that is so suitable.”

“Yeah.” Praewa said. “She often complains to me about she want boyfriend. Now she is single.”

“Huh? Roxanne is very beautiful but why she is single?” Dada felt shocked.

“Actually she ever had boyfriend, but her latest boyfriend broke up her. She ever had boyfriend 6 people since she was teenager.”

“Why? I think Roxanne is so lovable.”

“I don’t know.” Praewa answered.

1…2…3 Go!!!

Now Roxanne opened EDM with breakdown sequence. Everyone danced together. Dada and Praewa who were in the pool still danced together although their body was at the water. With rhythm, sound, light, atmosphere… It made Praewa came against Dada and she saw to Dada’s eyes. She prepared to kiss Dada. Dada closed her eyes. That meant she allowed Praewa to kiss her. But…

Praewa!!! What are you doing? Do you make your friend to be lesbian as you?


Roxanne yelled with worry to Dada.

“I’m sorry.” Praewa said.

“Hey!!” Dada said and asked. “Do you love with same sex? How do you feel?”

“You never know, Dada.” Praewa said.

Although Dada wasn’t lesbian who let Praewa had love moment to her, but she felt happy when she changed enemy to be friend such as Praewa. Praewa was really cute friend.

Meanwhile at motel in Ratchada district.


“Look like Salvador used his daughter to make a crime.” Sega said to his bodyguard when he was at his room.”Actually I don’t want to make war as same as war at RCA.”

“So… What idea do you do?” Bodyguard asked.

“Kidnap Dada.” Sega answered. “Believe me, Salvador will appear. Now he is at the shadow as same as ninja.”

“But kidnapping her is really hard.” Bodyguard said.

“Don’t worry.” Sega said. “I know dad’s intuition when his son or daughter is kidnapped, he will stress, worry to find his son or daughter.”

Looked like Sega’s plan was so dirty. Dada will be in danger again. Then Sega saw to his notebook to see his whore website. He saw to the list that have named Praewa.

“Hahaha.” Sega laughed as same as devil. “Praewa. You never survive from me.”


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