Let’s go to Songkran Festival, the water wars in Thailand

Let’s shoot, baby!


Shoot them!!!


Take down them all!!


Oops!!! Alien prepare to invade humans!!


Drench that fucking guy!!


Finally one of the insanest festival in Thailand appeared again in the name of “Songkran Festival”. This festival you can shoot water to everyone who carry colorful water gun!! No one cared how to drench insanely. Everyone who come to Thailand are invited to this festival. With very hot sunshine, with this festival, you can feel cool and not hot at all! Wow yeah!!

Rules of joining this festival

That was so easy, first you buy some water guns you want, then refill water to shoot someone. Then you enter to Songkran Festival area. After you’re verified by polices for security check, pump your gun and let’s splash it all!!

But there are many restrictions you should know in Songkran Festival in this years. Due to drought disaster in northeast side of Thailand, so someplace in Thailand organize splashing festival only 2 days, April 13 and 14. Someplace organize only April 13. But for Bangkok, yeah, there are 3 days of Songkran Festival!

Don’t buy this water gun. I warned you!

Another restrictions in Songkran you should know was banned water guns due to very high pressure to splash water to anyone and it can’t control splashing force.

High pressure water guns. If you see a circle ball or number 1500, 5000 or more at yellow tube, don’t buy this.

I ever used it. Damn it!! That was very suck!! It used water very much. Although this gun had more capacity, but if you want to refill at some water refill shop, you will pay with 10 Baht or 20 Baht, not 5 Baht and splashing with this gun was so really insane.

And this water gun was really heavy. It will have fatigue if you carry this with long time. Yeah, you will be badass when you carry this BFG (Big F***ing Gun), but do you know many Songkran Festival places ban this gun. If you buy and you are security checked before you enter, your water gun will be thrown to banned area and it wastes your money.

Actually this gun still wasted your money!! Because it is broken easily. I bought this gun at RCA for playing water and I got very fucking bad experience. It was broken and merchant didn’t exchange broken gun to me!!! It was broken due to I couldn’t pump air to water gun well. It was really firm and very hard to pump and when I pressed trigger, It splashed with very high pressure. Oh no!!! Not again with this gun.

Recommended water gun.

I recommend  you to buy water gun with water tank like this. But…. Oh no!!! Why water guns with water tank’s design are made for children?


Actually water gun with water tanks has normal design like this. So you can be badass if you carry this water gun and shoot to anyone insanely.


The most killer feature of this gun is “Most capacity ever”. It start with 2 litres to 7 litres. Oh!!! That was same as carrying minigun to eliminate someone.

Another great feature of this gun is “You can control splashing length and pressure” It mixes with single shot water gun to high pressure water gun. You can shoot at near people with little pressure and it save water. Or you shoot against master of ceremony that far away from you. The most length of shoot is 6 or 7 metres as same as high pressure water gun.

And when carry this gun, it was very light. Because water is in the tank. That is the best water gun I’ve ever used. And price isn’t cheap or expensive.


Day zero

At RCA (Royal City Avenue), it started to organize Songkran party since April 12. I recommended you to go to RCA with entering nightclub such as Route 66, ONYX or Ztudio love @RCA due to not crowded much.

After I worked off, I walked from office at Asoke to RCA. It was near with my workplace much. I can go to RCA easily with walking for 3 kilometers.



I walked from Sukhumvit 23 alley to Asoke road. Looked like there were many cafe, restaurants closed in this day. No delicious food at here. They stopped opening restaurants at Songkran days.


I walked out from Sukhumvit 23 alley, now I see Asoke road. I walked to right direction to Petchaburi road.


Many restaurants were closed due to Songkran holiday.
Near Petchaburi road.
Walking at Petchburi road pavement.

There were many cars at Petchaburi road. Actually this was usual in the day of working. Many people didn’t know at RCA they started to play water. Playing water was so fun and enjoyed.



When I walked to secret admiring road, I kept left.


And crossed the railway that didn’t have much trains in here.


Until I saw the right way, follow this pavement.


This way was so narrow!!!


Um… looked like this time was evening and started the night.


In RCA, the day zero wasn’t featured much. This was only each nightclub organization. No one played water at RCA officially in Day zero. But some water gun shop need your money! They sold with very high price and low quality. If you want to buy water guns, please come to Sampeng market that was at Yaowarat, the China town in Bangkok.

For Day zero, I recommended you to go to Route 66 first.

Playing water in Route 66 was so very great. You can refill water with unlimited refilling. No any costs more. Paying ticket fee 500 Baht and you receive free towel, McDonald hamburger and Smirnoff drink, that was so enough. And can of beer was 100 Baht. It was more expensive 3 times. For beautiful girls in Route 66, there weren’t much. Although they weren’t beautiful as same as another club, but all of people in Route 66 were friendly. You can say hi and they said you back.


Actually beautiful girls were Chinese, Korean and Japanese, but I didn’t see any Japanese in here.


For Chinese, they loved to used high pressure water gun. Damn it!!! But Chinese travelers were so friendly.


And MC in Route 66 was so rude. His name was Petjah, the MC of Route 66 in Songkran Festival with more years. He used strong language such as, fuck, looked like you escape from your fatty wife to see big boobs?, I know you’re horny, etc. He was so rude.


Sometimes he complimented or teased girls with strong language. That was same as Julien Blanc, PUA who ever controverted with his rude behavior he did to any girls.


But in Route 66, they loved to play water at early time. But for 21:00 hrs or later, they stopped to play water and danced with EDM or dance songs. For Route 66, they featured with live concert, not showing DJ who opened electronic songs as  Onyx.


But… I felt weird when I stayed with more people like this. So I got out from Route 66 at 21:00 hrs.

Day 1

This day was first Songkran day. At Silom, Khaosarn road, Siam Square readied to organize Songkran festival. This day I wanted to touch how about Khaosarn road. Looked like this place was so really great.

But Khaosarn road was so far away from my home much. (RCA was nearest.) But at center of the Bangkok had Sampeng market that sold very cheap water guns. OK, let’s visit Sampeng first.


Looked like Sampeng market was closed. Many shops were closed. So…. Where the place did they sell water guns?

I walked with long time. Finally I found it. It was stay at Yaowarat zone. That was far away than I thought.


Many water guns were here. There were many high pressure water guns that ever This was water gun I purchased. My old water gun with high pressure I bought at RCA now I threw that shitty water gun to the trash.


This gun was so amazing. It can controlled water to splash. Really awesome to buy. OK, let’s go to Khaosarn road with 2.71 kilometers.


There were many foreigners in this place. Actually at Khaosarn road was the road of the dream that everyone who came to Thailand should walked pass this road first. There were many pubs and bars in here. But now Khaosarn road was one of the Songkran festival place that organized by Bangkok government so this place restricted using powder and alcohol drinks.


Many people played at here. For refilling water, many shops sold with 5 baht per refilling once. It was cheap. You should by water gun with water tank for saving your money better and save your water to use.


But… Damn it!!! It was really hot! So I went back to my home.

In day 1, I went to RCA again. Now this was revisited. Nothing interested much. At Route 66 there were many people much. Ah!!! I passed.

But… Some beer babe had very cute smile although she was fat. She was so friendly. So when you came to RCA, don’t forget to say hi to her.


Day 2

Many people preferred to go to Silom, but Silom I ever went and that was really disaster. Refilling water was started with 10 Baht and that was really expensive!!! No free refilling and there were many people at here!!! Ah!!!

So I came to my former place since I was learned at university and I walked a lot. At Siam Square was my hope.

I came to Central World first and this place had Songkran festival too. But I didn’t recommend to play at this place. It was so small and brutal playing.

Oh no!!! She was shooting.
Look like traffic was good, but damn taxis.
Party foam? I hate it. I am allergic with foam.


Why are so many people in this place?



Central World was pass way. Don’t refill water and you walk through to inside of Central World.

After I walked to Siam Square on foot. That was near. At pavement, there were many water guns that sold. But this place was so cheap due to this day was second days that no one wanted water guns much.


I saw to Siam Square with bird eyes view from BTS station. Damn!! There were many people at here, but not be crowded insanely. I could walk passed.


At entrance of Siam Square, there were many people as this. But… hey!!! Someone took off cloth…?


Now I entered to Siam Square zone. Security check was so moderate and high pressure water guns weren’t banned. Looked like many foreigners loved this place more than Silom. Hell Yeah… The best feature of Siam Square was… FREE WATER REFILLING!!


Free water refilling was available in Siam Square!!
Water wars start!!

But… there were crowded people who played Songkran festival.


For someone who seek EDM in this event. Hell yeah!! At Siam Square, there were DJ opened EDM songs. Everyone danced together insanely.


Refill zone.

This was the best Songkran festival location ever. Free water refilling… Free entry. No any charges. No rip off!

And… RCA re-revisited again.

In Day 2 I went to RCA at 05:30 PM. I wanted to reserved places in Route 66 first. In April 13-15 at RCA, there were many people in RCA. That was so insane!!

Secret way to RCA at twilight time.
Bridge of the hope.


Route 66 at twilight time.

In this day at Route 66, you will get 2 cans of Smirnoff. I didn’t know who haunted Smirnoff to give 2 cans of Smirnoff alcoholic drinks. I saw to many people at here. They were very friendly. Foreigners still be brutal to play water gun. They splashed high pressured water gun to my face. What the fuck were they doing? That was forbidden point to shoot.


Until the nighttime, Route 66 was same as April 12. Many people in here. But some girls remembered me!! Wow yeah! They said hi to me!!


That wasn’t interested forever. I got out from Route 66 with 20:30 hrs. Good bye.



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