The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 5 “Jane”

Actually Jane was assassin of Tiger organized crime. No one ever knew she was assassin. Ben didn’t know too. He only knew Jane was psychiatrist from Samitivej hospital and she was fired due to her treatment was violated to patient.

Only Jane knew herself what she did everything. She hid more things you didn’t know. And this chapter you can know about Jane more. Is she really dangerous? Did she want to kill Dada?

The answers are in this chapter.

At Brew restaurant (from chapter 1)

That time Jane was dating with Ben. She invited Ben to talk something. Actually she didn’t have friends much. Ben was one of Jane’s best friend. Now Ben didn’t think a lot. He said immediately.

Jane. I love you.


Jane stopped eating Carbonara spaghetti temporally. She laid fork and spoon at edge of dish. Then she saw to Ben and asked. “What type do you love me? Friend? or girlfriend?”

But that pressure inside Ben’s heart occurred again. He feared if Jane refused him, he will be sad. Finally he said…

“More than friend. Or I say ‘girlfriend’”.

“Girlfriend?” Jane asked. “That’s funny Ben. You’re kidding me.”

“Kidding you?” Ben asked.

“You’re gay.”

“Gay and why?” Ben asked.

“You love male, not female as me.”

“I said directly, Jane.” Ben tried to confess his love to Jane. “Actually I interested you with long time. When I stay with you, I feel love, love that I can’t say with any words. It is really hard to say. I can’t describe more. But only ‘I love you’ sentences performed everything.”

Jane felt silenced. She was shocked that gay people as Ben could love her.

“I always ask my heart how to love. Although I have job and my personality is same as gay, but I can interest another girls too. I don’t know why… when I stay with you, you make me know what is the real meaning of love.”

“Or you want to say…  You’re bisexuality? ” Jane asked.

“Yeah.” Ben answered. With his decision made Jane felt shocked instantly. Jane reviewed everything from Ben. She just knew Ben never had his boyfriend. But his personality said about he was gay. For Jane, she confused when her close friend confessed he loved her as couple. She never knew about it.

But if Ben wanted her to be in a relationship with him, that was possible.

But not in this time.

“OK. I know what your heart say with me, but I have condition. You must perform about don’t love another men. I’m not sure you’re real gay or fake gay. I want to know clearly do you love me? This time you’re not my boyfriend, but at future, you will be if you are ambitious.” Jane said and she gave condition to Ben.

When Ben heard that sentences of hope, Ben touched Jane’s hand and he saw to Jane’s sweet eyes. Then he said “Thank you very much Jane. You give my chance to tell I love you really.”

Jane smiled and she said. “Actually I love you too, but I fear if you love another men. For ladies, some guys who break up their girlfriend and be in a relationship with another same sex people, that destroy female’s dignity severely. That said about “I’m not worth to allure guy.””

“Jane.” Ben said gently. “Don’t worry. I stay with you.” Then Ben smiled to Jane. That time Jane only smiled to Ben. She didn’t say anything more. Now she was fallen in love to Ben.

But another side of Jane’s heart, it said…

If you didn’t perform you’re gay at first time, I will love you.❤

With romantic conversation between Jane and Ben, that made Carbonara spaghetti and Steak was cold. They don’t care how about lacking of deliciousness, but for Jane, she felt happy very much because she won’t be single forever. For medical occupations, many people were single because they stayed only hospital and they worked hard.

That time Jane walked away from Ben due to someone called her. Her smartphone rang before she saw to contact name on blackberry screen. That contact was “Patrick” She walked to outside of seenspace 13 before she received that call.

“Hi. Patrick.” Jane greeted. “What do you want?”

“Congratulations to your successful job. Now Sanctuary club was burnt fatality. I saw many people who were dead, I grinned widely. That bastard Salvador must be sad extremely.” Patrick said.

“So you call me, that mean you have a new job to me?”

“Great! Finally you know what I want.” Patrick said. “Sanctuary club was burnt, so Salvador’s profit will be decreased. Actually he had business about Chao Phraya Cruise. Your mission is planting C4 on Chao Phraya Cruise. Your skill of assassinating I trust you. Don’t make me feel disappoint. OK?”

“That is so simple.” Jane said. She didn’t say her special crime jobs to anyone. Finally Jane burned Sanctuary Club?

But actually Jane and Patrick was best friend together. Patrick was Safe House’s owner who wanted to make adult amusement place around Bangkok. Safe House was third place. First place was Poseidon Entertainment Complex, and second was “Super Pussy”. Huh? Super Pussy? Why that nightclub name was so pervert? Why Patrick used this name?

January 10 2009 (from chapter 2)

Jane and Ben went to Chao Praya cruise for dinning together. But Jane got secret mission about planting C4 in Chao Phraya cruise from Patrick’s commandment. When Ben and Jane went to reserved table, she said to Ben and smiled “Hi Ben, I will go to toilet. I want to pee.”

Ben smiled and said. “OK. Go there.”

After Ben said, Jane smiled and saw to Ben with cute sight before she went to generator room that was at toilet. With Jane’s gorgeous costume, nobody detected she had C4. Jane smiled to everyone who dressed with luxurious tuxedo or nightlife costumes. Some couple wanted to say hi to Jane, but Jane replied only her luscious smiling and walk to her destination point. At Chao Phraya cruise, there were many buffet were here. Buffet at Chao Phraya cruise was so delicious and attractive to eat them. That smell was so good. But Jane didn’t interest that delicious foods. She thought it was same as lust. She still walked to generator room.

Damn it! There were 3 guards who stayed in front of generator room. No weak point to enter. They saw every angle. No decoying. No one called them. But waiting with long time to seek opportunity wasn’t suitable to do stealth mission. So Jane picked her marijuana smoke grenade from her pocket and triggered it before she threw to 3 security guards.

For marijuana smoke grenade, it was weapon of peace that created by Salvador. Although victims were gotten hallucination, but they thought only happiness temporally.

“Hey!!! What’s this?” No.1 guard saw to triggered marijuana smoke grenade that had peace symbol attached on marijuana smoke grenade. After that, 3 guards sniffed marijuana smoke directly until they laughed relentlessly. They saw hallucination of happiness around them

Hey!!! Look at this!! I can fly…

Really? I am among gigantic pieces of pizza.

Ho Ho Ho!!

Security guards said with hallucination together until they forgot their duty. They threw guns away and sat before they laughed together. That made Jane who were equipping gas mask to go to generator room easily. In generator rooms, there were many electric cables with spark. It was so dangerous if Jane planted C4 with wrong direction. Jane didn’t want to be failed her mission, so she planted C4 to transformer.

After she planted, she picked security guards with psychedelic visions to generator rooms for hiding from another sights. That security guards didn’t know what happened. Some security guards pointed to Jane but he didn’t say anything. Looked like he wanted to pull stellar from the sky.

Jane went to Ben usually.

Now Ben and Jane was dinning with high class cruise on the Chao Phraya river. They saw many beautiful Bangkok architectures. Look at Wat Arun or grand palace. That were so beautiful.

“Why do you think to dine at here?” Ben asked when he was dinning at the table. “Look like you’re so romantic.”

“You don’t need fortune tellers, you already know what I think.” Jane said and smiled. “Sometimes I want to see another things in Bangkok. Staying at white cubic room in hospital is also boring.”

“Because this is you job. You’re tired a lot so please relax.” Ben said. “Thank you Jane for exclusive dinning.”

Jane smiled. Now she was having dinner.

2 minutes later, Ben wanted to watch views outside cruise. with moderate breeze made him felt cool. Breeze from Chao Phraya river was so great. He loved it. Looked like he thought many things he passed from the past. Everything!

“Sometime we miss Kate.” Then Jane followed Ben and she started to talk at the edge of handrail of cruise with Ben. “If Kate still be alive, our life will be more fun.”

“Yeah.” Ben said. “Kate was my close friend. When we went to travel at another place, Kate made our to be fun. She made noisy talking everywhere.”

“Hahaha.” Jane laughed. “Now Kate is at heaven. Perhaps she is waiting us at heaven.”

Ben smiled. That smile made Jane felt appreciated. She felt closed to Ben a lot. That time made Ben and Jane felt in the world of only both. With suitable atmosphere to make romantic moment, Ben and Jane were closing unconsciously. Ben saw to Jane and Jane saw to Ben together. Ben and Jane tried to kiss with their love that didn’t happened from their consciousness.




Now cruise exploded at generator area. Everyone screamed with frightening. Glass of beer, champagne or liquors exploded with shaken wave. Now everyone ran to the safe place. A few minutes later, emergency signal alarmed.


Announcer warned everyone to receive life jacket. Ben and Jane ran to that place immediately. But looked like everyone seized that life jacket relentlessly. Jane and Ben now queuing, but looked like queuing wasn’t tidy. They still seized aggressively. Aunties still seized without caring anyone.

Until cruise exploded again. Now cruise was being sunk. That fucking crack!!! Fuck!!! it separated Ben and Jane away! Ben tried to capture Jane, but he failed.


Now cruise was being leaned. Ben tried to catch some holders, but he failed.


Until Ben fell down to the Chao Phraya river. Jane was too. Everything were ruined and sank to the Chao Praya river. With the darkness from the night, boat accident was so very dangerous. Jane who felt herself tried to hug Ben together. Actually she didn’t want Ben to come to this cruise. But inside her heard, she loved Ben so now Ben was in danger. He couldn’t swim. Now Ben was drowning to the deep side of Chao Phraya river. Jane dived to help Ben from drowning.

But… Jane’s leg got a cramp. Now Jane was drowning too.

 After Jane was revived from the death (from chapter 3)

Jane talked to Ben and Chris who visited her at hospital. Chris tried to contact Dada due to he wanted to know about Salvador, Dada’s dad. After that, Chris, Ben and Jane wanted to eat sukiyaki at MK restaurant. But… video clips Tingting argued Toto leaked. It made Tingting to be infamous, Dada was suspected due to her age was under 20 years old, Patrick will be arrested because he let Dada to enter to nightclub although Dada was under 20 years old.

For Patrick’s cause, now Jane was hired again.

“Fuck!!! That bitch Salvador’s daughter teased me again.” Patrick, Safe House nightclub owner blamed to his assassin at his room. “I warned my bouncer a lot and no one didn’t do anything I wanted.”

“Keep calm sir.” Assassin said.

“My profit often came from this nightclub. I love it very much but it will be terminated soon. My nightclub at Ram Intra didn’t make profit as Thonglor – Ekkamai.”

“So… Do you want me to assassinate Salvador’s daughter?”

“I just think about this.” Patrick answered. “Although I maybe arrested, but you must do your job to complete. Actually I hate Salvador very much. Killing his daughter is deserve hahaha.”

“Yes sir.”

Then that assassin went away from Patrick’s room via window. Finally someone breached Patrick’s door room and they said…


Everything Patrick thought will be real in future. Now polices were arresting Patrick. That weren’t regular police, but they were DSI. He didn’t do anything stupid. He only raised his hand for giving up.

“Arrest me DSI.” Patrick said and smiled to DSI. Looked like Patrick had some alternative plans to do after he was arrested.

Meanwhile Patrick’s assassin dialed phone number to Jane outside Patrick’s home.

“Jane. We got new job from Patrick.” Assassin said. “Now Patrick was arrested due to that bitch Dada came to Safe House and she was under 20 years old. He wanted us to assassinate Dada. On Saturday, January 17 you come with me at Siam Paragon. I’ve just known Dada will go to Siam Paragon in this day.”

“OK. So what is objective?” Jane asked to assassin.

“Can you use sniper rifle?” Assassin asked.

“Yes, I can.”

“But sniper rifle we will use isn’t same as usual sniper rifle because we will use 3 round burst sniper rifle called “Artemis”. We just get from black market. So if we assassinate Dada successfully, we get big prize. Do you want it?”

“It’s so-so.” Jane answered. “Actually my home is rich. You get them only.”

“Why are you so kind?” Assassin asked to Jane.

“And one more thing?”

“No. Assassinating Dada is very hard. You see she is cute, but she has Sixth Sense that she knew danger all around her. Keep paying attention to kill her.”

After that Assassin hung up. Looked like Jane had to kill someone again. But target she will kill was so cute and adorable. And Dada wasn’t suitable to be assassinated. With Jane’s heart, she wanted to finish this job and resigned from Tiger organized crime

But… If you knew Jane well, she wasn’t bad girl.

Part 2

At the night in same day, Thonglor. Jane came to her residence before she saw to the sky of darkness. Today the sky at nighttime have many stellar. Jane smiled lusciously when she saw it. After that she opened home’s door to enter.

Then she did her usual routine, such as taking a bath, making dinner, watching TV. Actually she fed female cat with Scottish Fold breed. Her name was “Aunchan” that meant “The butterfly pea” due to Jane’s cat had gray-purple color and it was loved when Jane hugged to them. When Jane watched TV by sitting at sofa, Aunchun always jump and sit to Jane’s lap. Sometimes it said “Meow” to Jane relentlessly. That meant it hungry or need to be hugged.

Now Jane was taking a bath and sang some songs. She saw to photo frame that she took with Kate at National Book week since Jane and Kate was student in university. That time Kate wrote her diary about life of hippie. For Kate’s personality, she was different than another people who was born in this world. She was so clever and genius who knew the truth of world. She loved to write many books. Yes indeed, she had speed reading skills. Jane got this skill from Kate at later time. That made Jane to be clever and learned at faculty of medicine easily. That time Kate was so popular at reader community and that day Jane sat as VIP guest in the day of publishing Kate’s diary named “Life of rebel”. Jane remembered that day and she never forgot it. Her friend was shown on many TV programs. Actually Kate was so gorgeous as hippie girls. That time when she was waiting to promote her book, Jane came to greet Kate too.


October 22 2008 at QSSNC.

“Hi Jane.” Kate saw to Jane who was coming to her. She smiled and start to ask another question. “Don’t you busy?”

“No. I don’t have any duty to do.” Jane answered. “For me, seeing my friend who is at stage is enough. What inspiration did you write ‘Life of rebel?'”

“Actually I don’t care social rules.” Kate described her inspiration of her book ‘Life of rebel’. “My friends who have lifestyle as same as me cheered me to write this book. It is my identity. I don’t know who interest my book, but when I finished writing my book, I feel happy very much.”

“And where is Chris?” Jane asked about Chris who was Kate’s boyfriend to Kate before she smiled unconsciously.

“Chris?” Kate interjected. “He is busy. Don’t mind him.”

“Chris is really bad boyfriend. His girlfriend promote your book and he doesn’t cheer you.” Jane criticized Chris.

“Hey! Don’t blame Chris. He is really busy. He already appointed me to date.” Kate said.

“Really?” Jane asked.

“Yes.” Kate answered. After that staff of stage called Kate. “Kate. Please prepare to talk at stage.”

“Yeah.” Kate answered before she walked to staff and she went to backstage.

“Keep it up Kate.” Jane said and she raised her hand to Kate for giving spirit. Kate smiled to Jane happily and she walked to backstage. Now Jane smiled herself with her happiness. This time was very excited time. Now she sat in front of stage. Only Jane who sat. Another one walked away because Kate didn’t have fanclub.

After that…


Ben came to Jane before he sent high five to Jane and smiled. “Where is Kate?”

“Kate is at backstage.” Jane answered. “If Chris come to us, we are complete.”

“Yes. And where is Chris?” Ben asked to Jane.

“Kate said he is busy.” Jane described. “But don’t worry.”


But… looked like Chris sent message to Jane’s Facebook via Blackberry to Jane. She opened her Blackberry and watch Chris’s message.


Then Jane typed to Chris. “Yeah. I will do it. Now Kate is preparing to announce her book.”

“Really?” Chris asked to Jane via Facebook chat.


“I see. See you again. Now I’m really busy. Good bye.” Chris typed.

Finally Kate’s announcement started. Music played and male MC walked to stage to start greeting to guests who watched Kate’s announcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen, look like I will meet genius writer who write alternative story you never know in your society. Let’s meet Kate – Mintra Poonsub. Clap your hands.”

After male MC finished to say, now many people sat and saw to Kate who will appear on stage. Everyone clapped their hand together and someone yelled with their happiness. Finally Kate appeared from the backstage. She dressed with hippie style. She was so kind and have very beautiful smile. Yes indeed, Thai people had very beautiful smile.

Now Kate appeared on stage. From no one interested her before she appeared, now everyone wanted to listen what she will say. Ben watched to Kate and he stunted instantly when Kate was so beautiful very much.

“She is same as fairy.” Ben who was sitting in front of seats said to Jane.

“If she has wings, that is same as you say.” Jane said.

Now Kate started to say…

“Hello everyone. Thank you everyone who sit in front of me. Look like everyone are so handsome and beautiful, aren’t you?”

With Kate’s first greeting, that made everyone who were sitting and listening to Kate’s announcement laughed together.

“Laughing is mean you accept your beauty or handsomeness.” Kate said and smiled to everyone. Looked like someone fell in love to Kate’s smile.

“Hahaha.” Male MC laughed to his microphone. “Hello Kate. What inspiration did you write ‘Life of Rebel’?”






After Kate was interviewed at stage in National Book fair, now Jane, Kate and Ben walked together to coffee shop for chatting a little. Long time Kate, Jane and Ben didn’t meet.

“Where are you going?” Kate asked to Jane.

“Coffee shop.” Jane answered. “Look like my body need good smell coffee.”

“Huh?” Ben interjected. “I just know you need coffee. All of time you drink only green tea.”

“Hey!!! Last week my friend at faculty of medicine bought cup of coffee to me.” Jane said. “That smell I remembered it. I want it and talk with Ben and Kate together.”

“That’s good.” Kate said and smiled. “Now my body need coffee too. Where is coffee cafe?”

“At ground floor.” Ben said. “I know that cafe. I ever drank it. If you drank and eat with some bread, you feel in love.”

“Hey!!! Don’t say more. I hungry very much.” Kate said and smiled.

“Hahaha.” Ben laughed. “Follow me.”

Actually that coffee cake Ben mentioned was TRUE coffee, one of the most famous coffee cafe in Thailand. TRUE coffee had feature about you can connect WiFi for free if you purchased some coffee or bread. Everyone knew about that so they queued to purchase some cups of coffee with free WiFi. But actually charm of coffee cafe wasn’t having WiFi, but objective of coffee cafe was bringing everyone to talk together. Thai society wasn’t introvert as you think.

After that Ben, Kate and Jane walked to TRUE coffee. Looked like inside TRUE coffee wasn’t crowded. There were 5 blanked tables.

“Hey!! I will reserve table. So Kate and Jane buy coffee first.” Ben said and clapped to Jane’s shoulder before he smiled to Jane and Kate. That time Jane smiled to Ben back.

Inside TRUE coffee, atmosphere attracted everyone to chat together. Coffee smell was TRUE coffee’s identity that if someone came to this place with closing eyes, they knew immediately about this was TRUE coffee although they didn’t see anything. Near cashier, there were free copy book you can pick it and didn’t purchase any costs. That was suitable for foreigners who came to Bangkok and need some information about Bangkok. Look at that free copy books, they used English.

After Kate purchased a cup of hot coffee and a dish croissant, she walked to reserved table immediately.

“Hi.” Kate said to Ben. “Don’t you buy anything?”

“I am waiting for you.” Ben answered. “So Kate sit here. I will buy coffee.” Then Ben stood up from his seat and he walked to cashier for buying coffee and some bread.

“What are you reading?” Kate asked to Jane who picked free copy magazine with English language. “Oh!!! Can you read English?”

“Yes. Don’t insult me. I can read English.” Jane answered and smiled.

“I ever read some books with this. That is information about Thailand for international travelers.”

“I see.” Jane said and she saw to some pages in free copy English magazine. “You’re right Kate. It talk about Wat Phra Kaew. I ever came to Wat Phra Kaew and that was so beautiful. Actually travel places in Thailand are a lot. But why many foreigners knew only Wat Phra Kaew?”

“Are you sure? Although many foreigners knew only Wat Phra Kaew, but some foreigners knew Thailand with Khaosarn road or Patpong, the red-light district.” Ben said. “Some Go-Go bar used explicit words, such as Super Pussy are available in Patpong.”

Super….? Kittens?

“Super Pussy?” Jane asked. “Is this available in Thailand? Why is this name so pervert?”

“I don’t know, but Super pussy is the hell of Patpong.” Ben described. “Many people reviewed in travel website. They said this is real disaster of Thailand. There are many granny or fat strippers.”

“Did you ever enter to Super Pussy?” Kate asked. “Look like this place is great. I will write new fiction about this place. I just have an idea.”

“Kate…” Jane frowned and touched to Kate’s arm. She conveyed about this was so pervert.

“I ever go.” Ben said. “And I know who is Super Pussy owner.”

“Why did you go to this place? Look like that place is so dangerous.” Jane asked to Ben curiously.

“Yes indeed. Super Pussy is motherfucking dangerous.” Ben started to tell about Super Pussy, Go-Go bar at Patpong. “Many travelers are ripped-off by Super Pussy owner named ‘Patrick.’, Actually Patrick is Poseidon Entertainment Complex’s owner. That place is so clean but why Super Pussy is so dirty. I went to Super Pussy with my friend from London, he was ripped-off severely. That time I apologized him, then I brought him to greater place.”

“That is so ridiculous.” Kate said. “I can imagine how granny strippers dance. That make me laugh insanely.” Then she smiled and laughed out loud.

Ben didn’t know himself why he said about Super Pussy. He didn’t know Patrick was Jane’s friend who had illegal business. That time Jane panic when Super Pussy owner was Patrick. Actually Jane only knew Patrick was Safe House owner, but now she knew Patrick was also Super Pussy owner, No No No!!! He was Poseidon Entertainment Complex owner too… What the fuck was Patrick doing?

Jane thought to help Patrick to stop doing black business like this. It was so slutty and illegal a lot. That time Jane didn’t say anything. She was so stunted.

“Jane. What’s wrong with you?” Ben asked to Jane.

But Jane answered by smiling without saying anything.

Note : You may observe why characters in The Urbanist smiled easily. Because that were basic Thai people habit. Actually Thai people smiled easily. For more information, look at this video below.

Don’t panic. It is English video.


November 12 2008 at Jane’s home at Thonglor.

When Jane was having breakfast with Kate who lived with Jane as her roommate, someone called to Jane’s Blackberry phone. Then Kate picked Jane’s phone to owner.

“Jane. Someone called you.” Kate who wore pajama said to Jane. Jane received her phone from Kate and she accepted that call. She didn’t know who called her, but Jane said politely to caller.

“Hello. Who call me?” Jane asked.

“Jane, I’m White, investigator from DSI.” White called to Jane. “Do you remember me?”

“DSI… What?”

“Don’t fake yourself to forget me. Listen to me Jane. I have a job to you.”

“Job? How about you job?” Jane said curiously. “Previous mission made me to near death.”

“Don’t think anymore. I know you and Patrick is your friend. Now I am investigating about organized crime. Look like Tiger is resurrected again. I need you to help investigating about Tiger organized crime. From our information we have gotten, Patrick is one of Tiger’s member. But I don’t know about Patrick more. Perhaps he will be nominated to do something.”

“What are you talking about? Are you crazy?” Jane insulted to White.

“Hey!!! Don’t lie yourself Jane. Now we need you. Although you’re former member of DSI, but look like this mission DSI need you again.”

Jane stopped talking, but she started to think about profit from this mission. If DSI paid with appropriate price, she will accept, but if this was also bullshit, she will denied.

“OK. So how prize of this mission?”

“100,000 Baht.” White answered.

“No way. I request 200,000 Baht. Because this mission is risk for me. And I don’t know I will die with K.I.A. in this mission. If you receive me with 200,000 Baht, I will accept.”

“200,000 Baht?” White asked. “I guess you request more money. So I give you 1,000,000 Baht. Do you accept?”

When White said with this, Jane smiled for appropriated price of this job. Ah… 1,000,000 Baht. That money Jane want to invest her own business.

“That’s deserve.” Jane said and smiled.

“Jane… What the fuck do you hungry money?” White blamed to Jane and hung up before Jane smiled with great deal she will receive big money until Kate who was having breakfast suspected Jane’s smile.

“What are you smiling.” Kate asked. But Jane didn’t answered.

“Hey!!! Last night are you drunken?” Kate asked again. “Look like you’re hanged.”

“No No No!!!” Jane answered. “Do you remember Aof, a guy who flirt me? Now he invited me to date together. I feel happy very much.”

“Huh? really?” Kate asked happily. She didn’t know Jane was lying.

“Yes. Long time I have some guy want to date with me.” Jane said and smiled.

“Congratulations.” Kate said. “Finally you aren’t single.”

“Hahaha. Hey!!!” Jane said and smiled. Actually she hoped someday she will be in a relationship with someone. She didn’t know who can destroy her single status. She needed someone who knew about her, who take care her, who want to hug her. All of time Jane felt alone severely.

November 15 2008

Jane called to Patrick for being Patrick’s alliance. That was DSI’s plan. Jane had to be DSI’s spy and investigate Tiger’s evidences.

“Hi Jane.” Patrick greeted to Jane.

“Do you have some jobs?” Jane asked.

“Job? What are you talking about?” Patrick felt confused when Jane want to do job with Patrick. He knew Jane didn’t want to do crime job much. “This day isn’t April Fool day.”

“Because this day isn’t April Fool day so I talk really.” Jane blamed. “Do you have some jobs to me?”

“Can you use a gun?” Patrick started interviewing to Jane.


“Do you have martial arts?”


“Can you use sniper rifle?”


“Can you plant C4?”


“……. What the fuck are you playing Jane? You’re doctor. You can’t do any crime mission.” Patrick blamed to Jane. He thought Jane lied him. But for Jane, she disappointed Patrick a lot who thought Jane was kidding him.

“Why do you insult me? Why don’t you trust me? I feel sad… TT__TT” Jane did fake crying to Patrick. For Patrick, when he made some ladies cried because of him, he felt guilt.

“Hey… Stop Jane. I’m sorry. Actually your job is assassin. Can you handle it?” Patrick asked. “I don’t let you to kill anyone. You’re doctor, don’t you?”

“I don’t care. Actually I help your business. You’re my friend.” Jane said.

“If you want to be assassin, look like you must pass the test first.” Patrick said. “I need elite assassin, not rookie assassin. If you passed my test, you will be your assassin, but don’t feel guilty when you do my job. Do you accept?”

“Yes.” Jane answered.

“Can I ask another question?” But Patrick still asked Jane again.

“Ask me.” Jane said.

“What is you blood type?”


Why Patrick asked Jane’s blood type. Was he flirting Jane. No!!!

“AB. Why?” But Jane answered immediately.

“I will prepare food that suitable for blood type AB.” Patrick said. Then Jane smiled and breathed out strongly. For Jane, looked like Patrick interested many details such as Jane’s blood type for making suitable meal to Jane for doing any missions. If Patrick was Jane’s boyfriend, Jane felt happy everyday. She will dance with jubilee of love.

But in real life, Jane wasn’t suitable for Patrick, and Patrick interested sexy girls. That didn’t mention to Jane. Although Jane dressed with sexy costume, but Jane’s boobs were small and her skin was tanned. That wasn’t Patrick’s type and Patrick was crime organizer. Oh!!! He was dangerous. Jane joined with Patrick for DSI’s mission, but not for Patrick’s mission. If Patrick gave money to Jane, Jane will be rich. She will get money from DSI and Patrick hahaha.


Part 3

December 31 2008 | 22:00 hrs.

This was one of the greatest day of the year.

Everyone already knew this day was New Year’s Eve. Everyone planned to countdown together at someplace. Actually they planned since 5 days before New Year’s Eve due to they wanted everyone to prepare carefully. Employee started to go to their hometown at another province. So every years at New Year day, there were many cars at the road. Someone prepared to go out from Bangkok at morning, but… damn it!!! There were many cars to go to another province. Cars in Thailand were so much. Ah….

This was a reason why in Thailand had bad traffic around countries. But looked like at Bangkok, traffic wasn’t bad as everyone thought.

Except… Ekamai road that had Sanctuary club. Looked like this was last day of Sanctuary club due to land owner wanted to make something new. And Sanctuary club will be ended contract. So… Sanctuary club owner named Salvador wanted to make the best party of countdown before Sanctuary club will be terminated forever. Now at Sanctuary club was fulfilled with customers  who wanted to countdown and farewell to Sanctuary club that was famous about the most affordable drink prices in Thailand. Actually Salvador wanted to make this club for everyone who were 20+. Not only high social people. Everyone who came to this place when saw to Salvador, they wanted to greet and selfie with him due to Salvador was same as father of nightlife.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!!! Salvador is that. Let’s take selfie with him.”

Some girl gangs said together with their friends due to Salvador was coming to them. He wore mysterious cloth and he always grinned to everyone who contacted his eyes. He was so friendly and kind. But for his behind the scene, no one didn’t know how about Salvador. Someone said he was so very bully. Hmm… That were only rumors. Do not believe it.

Finally Salvador came to that girl group. Actually Salvador knew that girl group well. They were loyal customers who supported Sanctuary Club. Every Friday they came to Sanctuary Club and purchased many drinks. And looked like Sanctuary club’s drinks were so cheap and affordable so they drank a lot. Someday Salvador called his bouncer brought girl groups to Taxi due to that girl group were drunken extremely.

“Hey!!! Do you want to be drunken extremely?” Salvador asked to that girl group. Look at the most beautiful girl. Oh!!! She laughed relentlessly until she didn’t care her beauty.

“Look like your friend are drunken although she doesn’t drink any drinks.” Salvador teased to that beautiful girl by saying to friends in girl group. He saw and smiled to that girl before beautiful girl stopped laughing and changed to smile back to Salvador.

“Hey!!! Let’s talk.” Salvador said to beautiful girls.

“Why are you so naughty?” Beautiful girl asked.

“I’m sorry beautiful girl. That is my basic habit.” Salvador said and smiled.

After that Chris’s friend such as Ben, Kate, Dock, Bing were coming to Sanctuary Club. They talked together as same as that girl group.  With happiness when Chris and his friends talked together, looked like Chris and his friends will be popular simply. By the way, Kate was very beautiful. She didn’t show her boobs as booth babe, she was attracted by men easily due to her smile and eyes were so sweet and lovable.

Meanwhile Jane who dressed assassin suit with very high technology entered to Sanctuary Club stealthy. Sometimes she used cloaking ability by pressing secret button. Now she was climbing to second floor by using gecko glove. No one saw her. Around backside of Sanctuary club was so silence and dark. Actually everyone focused to entrance, so they didn’t know what will be happened to Sanctuary club. Now Jane came to second floor of Sanctuary club after she climbed. Now second floor was dark. Jane wore night vision goggle to see among the darkness. But… at second floor, there were some red light from ground floor. That was a hole of second floor. Jane deactivated night vision goggle to see at ground floor. She saw many people who enjoyed with live music from rock bands who were playing live music. Look at vocalist, he was so handsome. That was Jane’s spec, but she didn’t care her infatuation because it will make her mission to be failed. No one knew Jane was carrying C4 with new technology that was lighter than previous generation of C4. From the happiness of farewell party, now it will be terminated and substituted with chaos and disaster from the phantom. After that Jane picked new generation C4 from her backpack and she set time of explosion. But she set time to stop only 00:05 seconds. She decided to make this mission to be failed. She pressed button for detonating and she laid C4 to weak point of Sanctuary club that was at the center of pillar.

Actually Jane frowned. She didn’t want to do any crimes. But White commanded Jane to plant C4 so she had to do with White and Patrick’s commandment. She suspected why White wanted Jane to explode Sanctuary club. Or… White united with Patrick? But… for money… Jane did everything.

After Jane planted C4 successfully, she changed her cloth to nightlife costume at the darkness inside Sanctuary club. As same as she never did crime. She pressed “terminate” button on assassin’s suit to destroy itself for avoid from investigators. Now she walked to ground floor for enjoying party of farewell to Sanctuary Club. There were many people who danced and drank together. Sanctuary club was one of the nightclub in Thailand that everyone could talk with strangers. Salvador created policy about if you didn’t talk to strangers, you’re wrong. So… there were many PUA in here. They flirted to many beautiful girls in Sanctuary club, but looked like Toto didn’t came to this place. There were many PUA from seduction community in Thailand played flirtatious game together. They saw beautiful girls as score generator. But meanwhile beautiful girls were denying guys as a game too.

What the fuck were they thinking?

You may asked this question in your mind, but you should agree about this game was exist in nightlife community. It was weird, but… If you didn’t care about this, you could play the game of lucky in any nightclub you want or near your home.

Oh!!! This day was Kate’s birthday… Let’s sing a song “Happy birthday” now, baby.

“Happy birthday to you…”

“Happy birthday to you…”

“Happy birthday happy birth day… happy birthday to… you!!!”

Chris, Kate, Dock, Dan and Bing sang happy birthday to Kate due to this day was Kate’s birthday. They admired to celebrate Kate at Sanctuary club, one of the most popular nightclub in Bangkok that foreigners visited this place a lot. Someone ever said “If you come to Thailand and you didn’t visit Sanctuary club, that mean you never come to Thailand.”

But that quote Chris agreed. This atmosphere in this club was different than another club. Chris didn’t know why… That LED light, songs, spotlight were same as another club in Bangkok. No strippers. Um… Chris didn’t know why this place was attracted.

For Kate, she was Chris’s beautiful girlfriend. In Thailand, beautiful girls were usual. Really usual when you walked at Central World or Siam Paragon. Thai people smiled easily. You smiled to that Thai girl and you received smiled back immediately.

“Thank you everyone!!” Kate said. “Hug hug hug!!!” Then she hugged to her friends with her love as friendship, except Chris that was her precious guy.

“Hey!” Chris interjected when Kate hugged Chris and attached her breasts to Chris’s chest strongly.

“Have  you enhanced your tits?” Chris directly asked.

“No! That is really hurt if I do that.” Kate said. “I used newspaper to shift.”

“Hahaha!!!” Chris laughed. “But you look like pervert.”

“Pervert? Why do you say very direct?” Kate asked to Chris.

“I don’t know.” Chris answered. “My mouth move itself. But happy birthday to you, Kate.”

“Thank you my love.” Kate said. That was usual if she said “my love” to Chris because Kate was Chris’s girlfriend that she loved Chris very much. Then Kate used plastic knife she got from cake box to divide each pieces of cake. She divided 12 pieces. That was really awesome.

“Strawberry cake!!!?” Bing said and made her face surprised.

“Yeah!” Kate said. “I know you love this, isn’t it?”

“Yes, indeed! You know my favorite.” Bing said.

Meanwhile Chris didn’t interest talking to his friends much. He focused only that sweet dessert. He ate it immediately.

“How about deliciousness?” Kate saw to Chris who was eating pieces of strawberry cake. Chris didn’t say anything, but he showed his thumb to convey “That is delicious!”

“Great. You love strawberry?” Kate still asked Chris

“Maybe. But I love apple more.”

“Hahaha. Don’t lie yourself Chris.” Kate knew Chris will say about cocky funny to her. “You always love strawberry. I remembered someday you dated with me at Siam and you ordered strawberry with chocolate fondue. No male ordered this.”

“But I love it.” Chris said and contacted to Kate’s eyes. “You love it too. Your sight tell me.”

“Hahaha.” Kate giggled and smiled. “Don’t make me shy more.”

That was usual when couples smiled together as this. For Chris, Kate was his love only in this time. When he saw to Kate’s eyes and Kate saw to Chris’s eyes, their feeling visioned to be only both in the world.

But their friend pulled their daydreaming faded away.

“Hey!!! Stop making sweet moment.” Dan felt envious and blamed to Chris and Kate. “Go away from table if you still make sweet moments.”

“I’m sorry Dan, but my heart cannot stop to do that.” Kate said with allure feeling and smiled to Dan. Dan just know people who were in love were this.

“Dan. Do you want girlfriend?” Bing asked to Dan who had sad mood. She smiled and brought Dan with her challenged feeling.

“What are you doing?” Dan asked.

“Hey!! Look at that chick.” Bing said and pointed with her index finger to beautiful girls opposite side of nightclub. Looked like she was similar as Taeyon from SNSD, but she was taller than Taeyon. Then Bing said “Do you interest her?”

“I think I can’t flirt her.” Dan said. “She is very beautiful.”

“No No No!!! Keep going!!! Beautiful girl love guy who dare to meet new people.”

“OK. I will try it.”

After that Chris went away from reserved table for waiting Ben who were coming to Sanctuary Club. That time looked like at reserved table, Kate stood alone for waiting her friends. She saw her friends and smiled to them. But after that she played her smartphone. That time Jane walked to Kate from behind and she made Kate panic. Jane used her right hand to tickle Kate’s waist. Kate felt she was electroshock and she interjected “Fuck!!” immediately.

“Hey!!! It’s me Jane.” Jane introduce who teased Kate before she smiled with sincere heart to Kate.

“Jane. Don’t do this again. I just feel profound in nightclub.” Jane said and she felt profound to describe atmosphere of Sanctuary club. “Look at that statue, it was really beautiful.”

But Jane who didn’t have more sense of art or imagination didn’t see what Kate mentioned about. That was Aphrodite status and now she was white, no movement or shitty imagination in that statue.

“Are you drunken?” Jane asked to Kate curiously.

“No. I have high imagination so I talked about this.” Kate described what she visualized.

“Looked like I want to go to toilet. Can you come with me?” Jane asked to Kate to go to toilet.

“Yeah. But… who stay at table. I fear someone seize our table.” Kate hesitated before Bing was coming to table.

“Me.” Bing answered. She smiled very nice to Jane and Kate.

“Thank you Bing.” Kate said. “Let’s go, Jane.” After that Kate held Jane’s hand to go to toilet with many people who was talking together at toilet area due to this place was more quiet than DJ zone. With many people so they blocked Jane and Kate’s walkway.

“Excuse me handsome guy.” Jane said with luscious words to guys who blocked the way. After that they opened walkway to the toilet.

“Look like today is so crowded.” Kate said to Jane who was bringing her.

“Yes. They countdown together.” Jane said.

Finally Jane and Kate came to toilet successfully. But… in women toilet, no available lavatory. Everyone used it. Many women were queuing to use lavatory. Someone chatted with their smartphone. 2 minutes later, someone got out from the lavatory and looked like no one wanted to come to lavatory. Jane saw that available lavatory and said.

“OK. That is available.”

Then Jane ran to available lavatory. She wasn’t peeing, but she was detonating C4 she planted on second floor. It was commandment from her smartphone so detonating didn’t have any evidence to used it. She opening detonated application for giving detonation commandment to C4. Then she pressed button, C4 activated to explode with 1 minute.

After that she pushed flush to lavatory and got out from it.

“I don’t want to pee.” Kate said. “Let’s go to table.”

“No No No.” Jane said and seized Kate to stay with her. “Let’s get out of here.”

“What?” Kate confused. “What are you talking about?”

“I want smoking.” Jane answered.

“Huh? Do you smoke?” Kate asked again.

“Maybe. Not everyday.” Jane answered and she brought Kate to emergency exit that was behind women toilet. No one stayed at emergency exit so Jane silently opened emergency exit door. First picture she saw outside Sanctuary club was grassland behind Sanctuary club. That was so cute.

“Huh? This is smoking place?” Kate asked.

“Yeah.” Jane answered before she picked a cigarette and lighter to ignite cigarette for smoking, but… Jane and Kate was frightened when explosion sound appeared at Sanctuary club. The earth was shaken lightly until Jane and Kate can feel.

“We must rescue our friend.” Kate said to Jane, but Jane pulled Kate and said. “It’s dangerous. We must escape, not rescue.”

“No way Jane.” Kate said. “My friends ate in Sanctuary club.”

“What the fuck are you thinking Kate. Do you know everyone will know that explosion, and bouncers chased everyone get out from Sanctuary club. You’re fool if you return inside Sanctuary club.” Jane blamed Kate.

But Kate still ran away from Jane, but Jane still pulled Kate.

“Trust me.” Jane touched to Kate’s shoulders and said. “Come here.” Then Jane ran out from Sanctuary club from under fire to nearest TAXI.

“That’s it.” Jane said when she saw to nearest TAXI and she waved her right hand to give signal to TAXI. That TAXI stopped and driver opened car windows.

“I want to go to Thonglor.” Jane said.

“Thonglor? Let’s go.” TAXI driver said before Kate and Jane entered to TAXI. Before Jane sat to TAXI, she saw to burnt Sanctuary club and her tear dropped down. Jane was crying.

“Kate!!!” Chris who was staying outside Sanctuary club yelled unconsciously and tried to go to burnt Sanctuary club. But Ben pulled his friend to stay with him and he said “Keep calm Chirs.”

“What the fuck are you forbidding me?” Chris retorted to Ben immediately when Ben pulled him. He severely shook his arm to go away from Ben. Ben couldn’t tolerate Chris’s force. He released Chris’s arm away and Chris rushed to the entrance that fulfilled with fire. Now firefighter came to Sanctuary club, but inside Chris’s mind. He saw only “Kate”. Now he was mad and wanted to go to the door of hell.

“Sorry dude. Inside Sanctuary club is dangerous.” Firefighter stuffs said to Chris when Chris tried to intrude restricted area of the death after they still block the way.

“My girlfriend is in this fucking hell!!” Chris told reason that he had to go to inside of burnt Sanctuary club.

“Keep calm dude.” Another staff said. “She has already gone to the heaven.”

“So I go to the heaven too.” Chris said and tried to breach staffs of firefighters.

“Fuck!!! You’re committing suicide!!” Nearest firefighter shout to Chris. They still pushed Chris went away from them. For Chris, now he saw some spirit was gazing his eyes. That spirit was “Kate.”. She saw to Chris and she waved her hand for ‘bye bye’ Chris.

“Kate…” Chris said and gazed to that flame from the hell inside Sanctuary club. Now Chris’s mind didn’t want to go away from Kate. He brought his right hand to point to Kate’s spirit. That was Chris’s hallucination.

Finally Chris yelled…


Meanwhile Kate who was sitting in TAXI dialed Chris’s phone number. But Chris didn’t receive calls. Actually Chris’s phone was lost at Sanctuary club. Looked like his phone was burnt completely.

“Chris…” Kate said.

“What?” Jane asked.

“My boyfriend.” Kate answered. “He closes phone. I can’t contact him.”

Jane didn’t say anything. She felt guilty due to she made chaos to Sanctuary club. She didn’t think that action will kill everyone and some Jane’s friend. Now Dock, Dad, Bing was dead at Sanctuary club. Jane couldn’t contact them.


“Jane.” Someone called Jane when Jane was taking a bath. Looked like Jane stopped to think her story in the past. Now Jane saw everything was at her bathroom. Only her selfie photos with Kate at National Book Festival was shown to bring Jane’s memory.

“What are you doing?” That lady yelled to Jane again.

“I’m taking a bath.” Jane answered loudly.

“Really? I already fed your dog Aunchan.” That lady said.

“Thank you.” Jane yelled.

After Jane took a bath successfully, she dressed her cloth and short before she walked to downstairs. Now Kate was watching movie from big LED TV with Aunchan. Actually Kate still was at Jane’s home.

“Kate. Do you have dinner?” Jane asked.”

“Dinner?” Kate asked. “Yeah. I already ate it.”

Jane smiled to Kate warmly and she walked to Aunchan for playing with it. Actually dogs were really kind with owner. Aunchan waved its tail for saying “I want to play with you.”

“Look like it love you a lot.” Kate said.

Part 4

January 17 2009, the day of assassinating Dada.

Next day. Jane’s phone rang again. Now Patrick was at jail due to DSI arrested him because Dada entered to his nightclub, Safe House. So this day assassin called to Jane again.

Now Jane’s phone was at kitchen counter. Kate who just came to dinning room saw to Jane’s phone that rang. She saw it and called to Jane immediately. “Jane. someone call you.”

“Really?” Jane asked and she rushed to her phone immediately. She let friend egg and toasted bread alone.

“Hi.” She greeted to someone who called to her after she rushed to kitchen counter.

“Jane. Don’t forget to do assassinating mission.” Assassin said. “Now target you must kill was Dada, Salvador’s adopted daughter. She was really dangerous because she made Patrick’s nightclub was terminated. Looked like this was Salvador’s revenge plan. His nightclub named Sanctuary Club was burnt by Patrick, now Salvador may revenged Patrick by sending Dada to Safe House. She didn’t burn Safe House, but she used law to terminate Safe House. That was really genius.”

“And what time will I do this mission?” Jane asked to assassin. With “Mission” words, it made Kate suspected.

“13:00 hrs.” Assassin said. “So if you come to Siam Paragon, you call me and I will tell our appointment zone. I will give assassin’s costume that can hide yourself from environment.”

“OK.” Jane said and ended calling.

“What will you do?” Kate asked after Jane put her phone to kitchen counter suspiciously.

“I have a job.” Jane said. “I will go back to my home at evening. Good bye Kate.”

“Hey!!! Answer to me Jane. Where are you going?” Kate asked to Jane curiously.

“I will go to date with Ben.” Jane lied Kate again. “I am being in a relationship with him.”

“Really?” Kate asked. “Ben is gay but…”

“He already knew himself.” Jane introduced. “And… Do you know Ben didn’t have any boyfriend? That’s it.”

Kate believed Jane’s lying and she didn’t ask more. “OK. See you later.”

“Good bye.” Jane said and waved her hand to Kate before she walked out from her home. Now Jane wore as casual cloth as same as another women who wanted shopping at any department stores.

At Siam Paragon 13:00 hrs.

Now Jane and another assassin walked to floor 6. Jane and assassin wore assassin costume with cloaking feature. No one saw to Jane and assassin, except thermal goggle. Looked like this day was many people at Siam Paragon so assassinating Dada must be careful. For Jane, she wanted to do this mission for failure. She didn’t want to kill anybody. Actually her mission was investigating intel from Patrick to know about Tiger organized crime. So this mission she decided to shoot another direction, not Dada.

“Get it.” Assassin who was crouching sent Artemis sniper rifle to Jane who dressed assassin costume. Actually Artemis can knew target’s voice. She heard some conversations between Dada and her 2 guy friends. Now Dada was making sweet moment to Toto at dessert cafe at 5th floor, Siam Paragon.

“Toto.” Dada called Toto. “Open your mouth.”

“What are you doing?” Toto asked.

“Open.” Dada said with simple words and she winked her right eye. Then Toto opened his mouth. Actually Dada wanted to Feed piece of strawberry cheesecake to Toto. She was performing romantic moment to let Toto knew.

“Hey!!!” Toto interjected.

Dada didn’t say anything, she only smiled with her happiness to Toto.

“Thank you.” Toto told. His feeling was so complicated… Or this was love feeling?

“Do with this to me.” Now Dada wanted Toto to feed his brownie cake to Dada’s mouth. Dada waited Toto to opened her mouth. Then Toto fed his brownie cake to Dada. That feeling was so fulfilled with happiness because Dada never had someone fed any foods to her mouth. She couldn’t do anything. Only smiling she was doing. Now her cheeks were so blushed and her eyes saw to Toto’s eyes that she said via her eyes about this was really appreciated very much. She didn’t know could Toto know about this? This feeling was come from Dada’s deep mind of love.

Toto felt weird with Dada very much. He only thought Dada was friend, and what the fuck was this? Dada  was fallen in love with him? Actually Toto felt fallen in love with Dada too, but he didn’t say anything more. He saw to another place among him. Not only another couple or tables, chairs, look like someone wore suspicious armor and he was equipping some sniper gun and point to Dada from 5th floor. Looked like Dada was in danger!!

Dada!!! Sniper!!!

After Toto shouted to Dada, that guy who wore suspicious armor and helmet for covering his face used 3 round burst sniper rifle! He shot to Dada after Dada evaded bullet direction. Bullets from sniper rifle crashed to glass of milk Dada ordered at first time.

“What the fuck is that?” Best shouted to Toto.

“Dada is in danger!” Toto answered with his anxiety.

“Amp run away. I want to take care Dada.” Best said to Amp. Then Amp ran away. She didn’t know what happened with this. Only thing was escorting Dada to safe place. Everyone ran out from milk cafe. Not only customer, waitresses, chefs and cafe manager ran out from milk cafe.

“Go there.” Best said. Then Dada opened her bag to pick her revolver airsoft gun to fight that armed guy. Toto picked his pistol airsoft gun to defend himself too. Only Best that had real weapon, T62 CEW, his taser gun he got from his dad who was police. Actually Toto, Dada, Best usually played BB gun at BB gun field near ABAC, so their skill of using gun was so more expert than another one.

But direction Dada, Toto and Best were running, there was another assassin who was aiming his 3 round burst sniper rifle again.

“Fuck!!!!” Best interjected. “It’s Artemis, 3 round burst sniper rifle!”

“3 round burst sniper rifle?” Toto said to Best that he, Dada and Best were hiding from that assassin. “Is it available in this world?”

“Yes.” Best described. “Look like that got from black market. We don’t have more time. Run to that elevator and escape to Siam Paragon now!!”

“Yes sir.” Toto said as same as he was private soldier before he picked Dada to elevator. Now everyone were running to elevator with chaos. Girls who were pregnant were escorted with many security guards. Many shops in 4th floor in Siam Paragon were closed.

“There are 2 assassins!” Dada said. “How to do next?”

“I have smoke grenade.” Best said. “It help us.” Then Best threw smoke grenade to him for blinding assassin’s vision temporally. Now everything around Dada, Best and Toto was so chaos! Everyone that heard gunfire sound wanted to escape from their intuition. Now Siam Paragon was unsafe. Everyone escaped from every exit. Fire exits were too. Now many security guards went to secret room in Siam Paragon and they armed with deadly weapons, such as shotguns, revolvers, TAR-21 and shields. Every security guards stayed at appointed place such as entrance door to kill that assassin.

For Thailand, news went really fast. Now many reporters came to Siam Paragon for reporting breaking news. At Siam Paragon was so very bad traffic. It was really chaos. Everyone felt stress more more and more. No one wanted this to be happened.

“Breaking news!! Now terrorists tried to kill famous influener’s daughter and their friends. Now everyone at Siam Paragon rushed out from Siam Paragon with chaos.”

Many reporters reported about this and they published on Twiiter, Facebook or many social networks. Everyone who addicted social networks opened it. Then they shared together.

“She is so pity.” Some Facebook users commented to news’s content on Facebook. It mentioned to Dada. Many people knew Dada was Salvador’s daughter. But no one knew Dada was only Salvador’s adoptive daughter.

“How can I help her?”

“Let her die!”

“She is deserve with this.”

Blah Blah Blah…

Thai Facebook users commented and shared this news very fast. It was so viral. Some users wanted Dada would be survive. Some users wanted Dada to die. That were internet trolling who thought Dada to die.

Then Dada, Toto and Best ran to the elevator at 4th floor with their anxiety. They couldn’t do anything right. Only their intuition commanded their body to be survived. But looked like many people were queuing elevator. Couples, oldies, kindergarten were standing in front of elevator for waiting elevator to come. They were so calm and didn’t know what happened.

“There are many people at here.” Toto said when he saw to crowded people were waiting glass elevator. It was really slow to move. But unluckily!! Some aunties saw to Dada and she shouted to Dada loudly!

Fuck off!! You bring trouble to me!!

Dada confused very much!! That auntie was so rude. They saw to Dada for disappointing severely. That made Dada felt bad and guilt instantly. Toto saw to Dada and he said

“Dada. Are you OK?”

Dada saw to Toto and she nodded for saying “I’m OK.” with body language before she said…

“Go left and keep hide from it.”

Then Dada and her friends ran and equipped their weapons to next elevator that was another zone. It was long to reach. Damn it!!! Many people who tried to escape blocked Dada and her friends way. And someone had stink smell until Dada wanted to blow vomit.

“Ah!!!! His smell is really bad.” Dada said to Toto who stayed with her.

“Dada. Look!” Best called Dada to see that next elevator. There were many people who were queuing too. Oh!!

“Shit!!!!” Dada blamed when she saw to that elevator. It was fulfilled with many passengers again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Then Jane triggered gunfire again. Artemis sniper rifle was so unique because its sound was same as video game. But it was so dangerous because if someone was shot with 3 bullets from round burst, that meant you died immediately. Although no record of using this gun, but for experimenting from laboratory of gunfire, scientists researched and confirmed 3 round burst bullet could kill anyone instantly.

But that 3 bullets crashed to pillar. Dada and her friends cheated the death again.

“Run to escalator.” Best shouted to Dada and Toto before they ran to the nearest escalator. There were many people again. But looked like Dada and her friends didn’t have any choices to escape. Dada prepare her revolver to trigger immediately. Although her revolver was air soft gun, but bullets she used can electroshock.

Although security guards armed, but they didn’t help Dada and her friends much. They took care Siam Paragon’s customers more than Dada. They kept everyone went out from Siam Paragon with chaos. After that, at BTS was so crowded. Everyone thought with same thing, so looked like Dada should escape to another place immediately.

Then Dada, Toto and Best rushed to Siam Square, but looked like Jane still tried to kill Dada.

“Kill them!” Jane said via radio communication. But actually she didn’t want to kill Dada.

“Go to Lido cinema.” Dada said to her friends. “At Lido cinema, ways were so complex. Assassins won’t kill us simply. That time you prepare fire to them.”

Now Dada and her friends were rushing to Lido cinema that was far from them with 500 meters. When they were rushing, there were many people who wanted to open flea market at Siam pavement. That was so really annoyed so Dada and her friends escaped to Digital gateway first.

Luckily at Digital gateway had many exits so they could go to Lido cinema immediately. But at Digital gateway had many people who were seeing mini concert from some artists. Yeah!!! audience were in panic again when…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Artemis sniper rifle was triggered again from main entrance of Digital Gateway. That Jane shot to Dada relentlessly. Looked like Jane did mission to bring Dada to the death immediately.

“Fuck that assassin.” Toto blamed. “Why do they want to kill Dada?”

“I don’t know!!” Dada directly answered.

Then Dada and her friends ran to Lido cinema. They ran to Banana Banana cafe that was placed at 2nd floor of Lido cinema. But Jane kicked Dada until Dada floated and crashed to Banana Banana’s wall.


Dada interjected. Then Jane walked to Dada and showed his hidden blade to kill Dada. Dada saw that hidden blade and she was fulfilled with anxiety! That blood smell Dada got. Dada moved her body until her was against the wall.

Jane held her hand at she prepared to stab Dada’s heart. Dada saw to that blade and she temporally fainted. That blade will come to stab Dada!!!!

But Best shot T62 CEW first. Jane shocked from electricity from T62 CEW bullet. She stunted and laid herself to the floor. He couldn’t do anything. Only lying. Her hidden blade was hidden immediately.

“Good!” Best said. “You’re safe, Dada.” and he brought Dada away from Jane.

5 minutes later.

“Jane… Jane…”

Someone called Jane who laid herself at pillar.

“Jane… Are you OK?”

After that Jane opened her eyes. Ah… White was calling her.

“White.” Jane call White.

“Do you get more information about Patrick?” White asked.

“Yes, I get. Inside my USB flash drive. You opened yourself and you will know everything from Patrick. This is top secret. Don’t let CEO know about this.” Jane said with low energy before she picked her USB flash drive to White.

“Thank you.” White answered. “I already transferred your money prize to your deposit account.”

“Thank you White.” Jane said. “Can I asked something?”


“If you know top secret data, can you change your mind?” Jane asked to White.

“What are you talking about?” White asked back to Jane.

“Open it first and you will know.” Jane answered and smiled. But she didn’t smiled much because she was hurt from electroshock.

“Don’t tolerate to smile.” White said. “Look like you’re hurt a lot. Please relax.”

“Thank you.” Jane said.

“So… take off your assassin’s cloth.” White said. “Before someone detect you.” After that Jane pressed secret button and her assassin’s cloth was taken off before she brought all parts of assassin’s cloth to White.

“Assassin’s cloth? Why is it heavy?” White asked to Jane when he carried assassin’s cloth with full metal.

“Usual time it is heavy.” Jane told. “But keep it. It will be evidence of Patrick’s team.”

Then White held assassin’s cloth with full metal to his car. Before he walked away from Jane, he asked “Jane. Are you available? I invite you to have dinner with me.”

“I’m sorry White. My important guy already invited me.” Jane said and smiled to White.

“Huh?” White confused when he just knew Jane had girlfriend.

“I’m sorry.” Jane said. “See you again White.”

“Good bye Jane.”

White carried assassin’s costume to his car for analyzing its technology. Looked like it was so mysterious. Jane could wear heavy full metal suit without blaming anything. Now Jane was walking to BTS Siam Station to go to her home.

Meanwhile White opened some information from USB flash drive he was gotten from Jane. That USB flash drive was metal and blue color. He inserted it into USB socket at iMac in DSI company. Finally USB flash drive’s icon was shown onto Desktop. White double clicked that USB flash drive icon. Finally he saw PDF files named “Phoenix community secret.”

“Phoenix community secret?” White asked. “Not Tiger?”

But with his observing, he double clicked to that PDF file. Oh!!! There were many information about Phoenix community.

He just knew Phoenix community CEO was Salvador. And Salvador had Athena as his girl friend. But he didn’t marry with Athena. With his love to Athena, he didn’t want his girlfriend and his child to be organized crime member so he separated from Athena and his child away from organized crime community. Someday, Athena was pregnant and Salvador knew. Finally Athena delivered a child from her womb. When she heard screaming sound from her child, she cried with happiness that she gave a birth to her child. Doctor saw to Athena’s child and he knew that was female child, so Athena created her child’s name was “Aphrodite”. That was name from goddess of beauty.

“Aphrodite?” White said. “Who is she?”

For another information, that was photo of Aphrodite when she was born… to 5 years old. When she was growing… she was really cute and beautiful very much. From crawling… to walking herself.

Until when Aphrodite was 5 years old, she was coming to Dream World with Athena. But that time Salvador didn’t come together. Athena and Aphrodite came and took some photos. That weren’t photos from digital camera. It was film camera. Every photos was so beautiful and nostalgic. Many photos made White wanted to have a child.

“Why is she beautiful?” White asked about Aphrodite again.

Until he opened to photos that Aphrodite cried a lot after she and Athena went out from haunted house. In this picture had some description about…

“Don’t cry my daughter. In the future you will be the cutest lady ever. Crying a lot will decrease your charm.”

Then White opened more information. Another one weren’t important… Until he saw the letter to Aphrodite that Athena wrote.

Dear Aphrodite

My love Aphrodite. You are born from the love from me and your dad, Salvador. I feel appreciated a lot when you was born in this world. Although I endured to be pregnant and that time I felt fulfilled with massive pain, but… for love, I can endure you. When I delivered a child, I hurt a lot. That was one of the most painful thing in my life. But… the happiness would substitute from the pain when I heard you was screaming. As same as I thought, you were very beautiful since you was just born.

Your real name was Aphrodite, but I have nickname to say easier. I chose name “Dada” to you and I let my boyfriend call you as Dada. Actually your dad was organized crime CEO, but he did for offending the nonsense law. He was liberal guy who wanted to change Thailand with the most balanced. I knew human had white and black, holy and darkness. You can choose you can be good girl or bad girl or good and bad girl in same time. I felt proud to you very much. Do you know?

But… my child was born again. Her name was “Freya.” I didn’t want you to be alone, so I created your sister to be your friend. When you will be teenager, please take care Freya. Because I will fade away from you for more years. I will be right back when you’re adult.

I’m sorry my daughter. I have duty to do. I can’t tell you what duty I do is… But all of time I am far away from you, I also love you forever. You’re my hope. I always miss you.

That’s my fault.


“Dada? Aphrodite?” White still suspected to Dada who had real name “Aphrodite”. And Athena, Salvador’s girlfriend…. One thing he just knew was Dada was Salvador’s real daughter, not adopted daughter.

Although it wasn’t Tiger’s evidence, but White knew the truth of Dada, Salvador’s daughter and Salvador’s girlfriend named Athena.

Japan Expo Day (January 25 2009)

Before this day, Patrick was bailed from imprisoning inside police station by his boss. Patrick’s boss was a lady who was very beautiful, but her cheeks was so round. She was little fat, not slender shape much. Her skin was white and pink as same as Korean ladies. She used red lipstick. First looking she was same as Korean, but actually she wasn’t. Her hair wasn’t black 100%. Her eyes was little big but her smile was so very beautiful. Actually her name was “Athena.” But… another information was classified.

“Thank you my boss.” Patrick said to Athena after he was bailed.

“Look like my daughter was so dangerous.” Athena said…

“Yeah. My boss.” Patrick said.

“Hey!!! Don’t say ‘My boss’ to me. Actually I don’t think you’re employee and I am your boss. Since Route 66 was mine, now our profit was growing up relentlessly.”

“I see.” Patrick said.

“Actually you have Poseidon Entertainment Complex and Super Pussy, so you still have profit from these places.”

“Really?” Patrick asked. “Now they didn’t give more profits to me. Actually nightclub investments are getting more profits. I regret to my Safe House.”

“Don’t worry. Actually I have new nightclub called “Magnitude”. It was at Ram Intra, our influence place. I trust your management, but you must control customer more than at Safe House. Don’t let another one less than 20 years old come to Magnitude.”

Patrick smiled to Athena and said. “Why are you so kind?”

“I’m not kind as you think. I give second change to you and you must do it well. Because I trust you.”

For Patrick, when someone trusted him, that meant he was more pressured. And Athena who was big boss of Tiger organized crime, that built more stress to him. Until Athena felt Patrick was unusual. His muscle stressed a lot and fulfilled with sweat. Until Athena embraced Patrick’s waist and said. “Don’t worry Patrick.” And she smiled to Patrick warmly.

“Big boss…” Patrick said.

“I’m not your big boss, but I’m your friend. When do you stop misunderstanding?” Athena blamed Patrick.

“I’m sorry.” Patrick said. “But can I ask something?”

“Yeah. Say that.”

“Dada is your daughter?” Patrick asked about Dada to Athena.

“Yes.” Athena answered.


Huh? So… that assassination last week, Patrick commanded his assassin to kill Athena’s daughter?

“What’s wrong with you?” Athena asked.

“Nothing.” Patrick said. Actually he felt in love with Athena, but when he knew Athena already had daughter (that have boyfriend), so he felt sad inside his mind. He couldn’t say anything well. He felt stress immediately.

“Hey!!! tell me. Do you love me?” Athena directly asked.

“Yes. Actually I love you, but you have your daughter.” Patrick said.

“Although I have boyfriend and daughter, but I still love you as my friend.” Athena said. “I’m sorry to make you disappointed.”

Patrick cried quietly. He didn’t want Athena to see his tears so he saw to another place. Looked like Patrick was unusual so Athena embraced Patrick’s back to hug him and said. “Actually you already have girlfriend. Don’t lie hahaha.”

“Hahahaha.” Patrick laughted.

“You’re grade B actor. I know.” Athena said. But she didn’t know he commanded his assassin to kill Dada.

Meanwhile Jane appeared again. Now she stayed at another building near Central World. She was aiming sight to Dada who was with Toto and she was talking to her Japanese friends. That assassin still steadied Artemis sniper and it wanted to eliminate Dada and her close friend, Toto. Due to Artemis sniper was 3 round burst, so eliminating 2 targets wasn’t hard.


“Hey!!!” Akiko said to Toto who was wearing octopus costume. “You’re pretty good when you’re octopus. That is really you.”

“Hey!” Toto said. “Why do you think with this?”

Finally Artemis sniper fired. That bullet pierced to Toto’s octopus costume with 3 bullets. Luckily that couldn’t take damage to Toto.

“Fuck! I failed again.” Jane said, but actually she wanted to be failed.


Toto felt interjected when he felt something pierced to his costume. He saw to his octopus costume and he felt weird when there were 3 bullet pierced it. That pierced costume showed smoke from bullet.

“What the fuck is that?” Toto asked.

“What happened with you?” Akiko asked.

“Dada is danger again. Some assassin used sniper rifle to kill Dada.”

“What?” Akiko felt shocked when Dada was targeted.

“Bring Dada to safe zone now!!” Toto shouted to Akiko to let another one knew.

“What?” Now Dada felt herself. She asked to Toto directly. “What happened with you?”

“Sniper!” Toto answered. “Now I don’t know where sniper is. But you’re not safe. Please come with me.”

“Huh?” Dada confused. She didn’t know how to do next.

“What are you waiting for Dada? Come with me now.” Toto held Dada’s hand and ran out from the Japan Expo together. Before he escape, he said to Akiko “Akiko, come here.”

Akiko nodded and she abandoned everything she held before she escaped with Toto. Then Mayumi, Naru and Miyuki followed too.

Now everyone escaped from DJ zone of Japan Expo. High Experiences Polices (HEP) were coming to Japan Expo and tried to fight with sniper from high building. Now Tingting and Chris were in danger.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“What the fuck is that?” Chris swore and he hid himself with Tingting at DJ table.

“I don’t know, but we’re in danger.” Tingting who was hiding from sniper said to Chris. Now Chris saw to exit way to avoid sniper’s shooting. At department store? Not good. Many people are escaping and security guards closed Central World door. The best exit was at pavement and ran to Sky Walk at Ratchaprasong district.

“I will count 1,2,3 and you run with me.” Chris said to Tingting to run together. He held Tingting’s hand.

1…2…3 run!

Chris stood up and brought Tingting to escape to hot zone. Looked like sniper will shoot again. He didn’t trust to sniper. That was so evil. Chris ran and hid with barriers at pavement. Now everyone at pavements were felt chaos. They saw to Chris and Tingting who ran out from Central World with panic. Sometimes Chris crashed to another one on pavement.

What the fuck are you doing?

Many people shouted to Chris and Tingting. Actually they escaped from the death.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another bullets from Artemis sniper rifle fired again. But looked like assassin didn’t wanted to kill Chris and Tingting because it chose to shoot tree.

Finally Jane stopped to use Artemis. It stood up but it was smacked by High Experiences Police team. They kicked Jane and smacked her violently. They only want who was assassin.

Until assassin’s helmet was broken due to HEP no.1 push assassin to smack the wall. Now HEP knew who was assassin and why assassin wanted to kill Dada, Salvador’s adopted daughter. That was so shocked when that assassin was a woman.

“Woman?” HEP no.2 said. “Tell me. Who are you? Who send you to assassinate Salvador’s adoptive daughter?”

“I can’t tell you who send me to kill that bitch. But…. My name is Jane, former psychiatrist from Samitivej hospital.”

“Stop HEP.” Then White commanded to all HEPs and he pulled gun from some HEP down. He smiled to Jane and he said. “She is my alliance.”

“Thank you White.” Jane said.

“But only former alliance…”





But… White shot with his pistol to Jane’s stomach 3 times. Jane fell down to the floor. Now she was bleeding with her pain.

“Fuck White!” Jane swore with her pain. “What the fuck are you doing? Why?”

“You’re wasted, Jane. I can’t let you to know more than I want.” White said. “I like my rival to suffer more than die instantly. Your blood is bleeding and you suffer to the death. No one can help you, do you know?” After that White called to HEPs “Hey!!! Get back to HQ.”

Then HEPs and White walked away from Jane. They went to ground floor and enter to their cars. Now Jane was dying due to her blood was bleeding relentlessly. She wanted to investigate Tiger organized crime with White’s commandment, but he betrayed Jane by killing her for stopping leaking secret information. Only Jane knew was calling to anyone who was near her. Looked like Chris might stay at Central World. She picked up her phone but she couldn’t dial to Chris due to her energy was leaking. She couldn’t do any well.

“Ah…. Am I dying? Will my life be ended because of that motherfucker?” Jane swore to White who shot to her stomach.

“I……. must….. survive….. I……can’t……die!!!” Jane tried to stand up with her pain, but she couldn’t. She crawled to someplace. That was better than staying at same place. Now Jane was dying. Her vision was red and bright. She couldn’t move.













If I die, I want to die on Ben’s lap.









Ben….. Can you hear me?











“Stay with me.” Chris who knew that sniper sound ran to that building. Now he was bringing Jane to ambulance that was at ground floor. Jane didn’t respond anything. She talked slowly.

“Chris…..” Jane said.

“Yeah. I’m Chris.” Chris said. “Don’t worry Jane. You can’t die.”

“Chris…. I never fear the death.” Jane said. “But I fear suffering as same as this. It is really painful.”

“Jane…” Chris said. “What was you doing in this place.”

“Actually……” Jane started to talk her background that Chris didn’t know. “If I say, you promise me first you ain’t hate me.”

“Say.” Chris said.

“There are 2 good or bad.” Jane tried to say to Chris. “Good is …. Kate is alive.”


“Is Kate alive?” Chris asked. Jane answered with her smile without voice.

“And bad?”

“I….. burned Sanctuary club. And I tried to kill Dada.” Jane confessed herself. That was last sentences she wanted to say to Chris before she died.


“Why!!!? Why did you burn Sanctuary Club? Why!!!!” Chris felt angry to Jane a lot. Jane tried to answered.

“I know who command burning Sanctuary club. Actually I did from commandment.” Jane answered.

“Who?” Chris asked.

“White, investigator of DSI.” Jane answered.



Oh!!! Tingting rushed to Chris who was bringing Jane. Chris immediately said. “Tingting. Escort her to the ambulance. NOW!”

“Yeah.” Tingting said and she, Chris brought Jane who was dying to ambulance at ground floor. Now Jane didn’t feel anything. Everything was bright and looked like her spirit will get out from her body.

I am fucking enough…..

She said to myself.

“Jane.” Chris tried to call Jane. “Open your eyes. You’re near ambulance. Tingting, walk faster!!!”

“Yeah.” Tingting said to Chris. Then she said to Jane. “Now we’re in second floor.”

Now Jane didn’t feel herself. Her hand didn’t move.

Finally Chris and Tingting brought Jane to stretcher trolley. Nurses and doctors started to do first aid with Jane. But now Jane was nearing death. She didn’t say anything and she didn’t move her body.

“Jane….” Chris started to cry.

Luckily hospital was near Central World very much. So looked like Jane had a hope to revive from the death.

“Let’s go to the hospital.” Tingting said and she brought Chris to motorbike taxi. Now traffic wasn’t bad as anyone thought.

Now Jane was at emergency room. Looked like Jane didn’t feel herself. Everything was darkness. Doctors and nurse tried to measure Jane’s heartbeat. They put measurement tools to Jane’s left chest and now green pulse with heart rate sound. Now they hurried to revive Jane from the death.

“Clear!!” Doctor used defibrillator to raise Jane’s heartbeat rate. Jane’s heartbeat raised a little, but for 3 seconds heartbeat decreased.


But Jane’s heartbeat was decreased again. Pulse from screen didn’t move and beep sound appeared relentlessly. Jane stopped to breathe in. No hope to revive Jane forever. She farewell from the world. But before Jane died, she brought some letter to doctor. Doctor picked that letter and he will receive it to Chris.

Now Chris and Tingting ran to emergency room inside hospital. That time doctor opened the door from emergency room. Looked like he will give good news or bad news in same time. Chris hoped he will say good news about Jane.

“Doctor how about Jane?” Chris asked to doctor.

Doctor didn’t say anything with 3 seconds. Then his tear dropped down and he said.

“I’m sorry. She was gone.”


“But… your friend give this to you.” Doctor gave letter from Jane to Chris. But now Chris was crying.

Then doctor and his nurses brought Jane with wrapped with white fabric to someplace. That meant Jane was dead successfully. When Chris saw to Jane who was dead at stretcher trolley, he cried relentlessly. Although Jane was only Chris’s friend, but he also felt sad. And… if Ben knew Jane was dead. How can he tolerate?

“Chris….?” Tingting called to Chris who was crying. Then she embraced to Chris’s back and she said.

“Tingting. Read this.” Chris said to Tingting and he gave letter from Jane for letting Tingting read. Tingting opened that letter and she started to read. Looked like this was a reason why Jane joined with DSI and DSI killed her.

Dear Chris, Ben and Kate.

I am a reason why Sanctuary club was burnt. I am guilty. I do everything for investigating who is Tiger organized crime. Finally I see the truth.

Tiger organized crime was another side of DSI. It was built for destroying organized crime system. Looked like it targeted to Phoenix organized crime. Actually I got important Phoenix information. They created organized crime for liberating nonsense law government created to forbid with nonsense logic. He wanted to decrease liquor & cigarette’s tax rate and he want marijuana to be legal, but only thing he can do was dominating Thonglor to be outlaw zone. Actually Phoenix ever dominated RCA, but now RCA was dominated by Tiger and it raised more cigarette and liquor’s tax rate insanely. 

Now nightlife community finally I know behind the scene. That build for luring everyone who will be popular. That is a game of showing your appearance. You must have your feature to show. As same as wearing mask and say hi together. 

I just know only this. But… If you have opportunity to make Dada as friend, do it immediately because since I’m dead, she will be in danger. Now White knew Dada was Salvador’s real daughter. He can’t stop to kill her. Reason to kill Dada because he wanted her as hostage to bargain with Salvador. He wanted to fight Salvador. 

I know some information about Dada.

Real name & Last name : Aphrodite Sangrattikarn
Date of Birth : May 1 1990
Blood Type : B (With special blood with spiritual hormone)
Her best friend : Toto
Studying at : Assumption University with faculty of communication arts 
Her mother : Athena (No last name)
Her father : Salvador (No last name)

And Dada had sister! Name… Freya

Real name & last name : Freya Sangrattikarn
Date of Birth : June 1 1995
Blood Type : O (With special blood with spiritual hormones)
Her best friend : None
her mother : Athena (No last name)
her father :

But for Tiger Organized Crime, I knew only Athena. Looked like Athena was CEO of Tiger organized crime.

Real name & Last name : Unknown
Date of Birth : June 1 1965
Blood Type : B
Her best friend : Patrick

After that I don’t know more. Looked like DSI want to do warfare with organized crime. Beware them. I warn you. And… Special blood with spiritual hormones… I don’t know what is this.

But.. your future is yours.

With love

After Ben read this letter, he cried relentlessly. No one wanted this to be happened. At funeral ceremony, everyone stopped and farewell to Jane. Chris didn’t know why Jane received this job to do. For Patrick, he cried because he lost his friend. For Athena, she cried because she was betrayed.

Looked like new ages of nightlife will be happened.


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